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I closed my eyes as I laid back and sighed. It had been a long day, it was hard being a mother and the Editor and Writer of the Quibbler, but it was always worth it. It always would be. 

I rolled over, my hands coming together right under my head, as I smiled at the man who lay next to me.

Draco was sound asleep after a long day of his own. His bangs fell over his forehead, his mouth was just slightly open as his chest rose and fell with each breath. 

He tilted his head up a bit and brought his arm up from under the blankets. His left arm. His marked arm. 

The Dark Mark was a constant reminder of his past. It had taken him years to get over the guilt. Even now, fourteen years after the war, guilt would still make an ugly appearance every once in a while.

I reached over and entwined my fingers with his. Our simple silver wedding rings shinning in the little light left in the room. 

Draco gave up everything to be with me. His fortune, his reputation, his pride. 

He gave it all up for me, for our love. 

I turned his wrist over so that it faced me. My fingers gently brushed over the black script as I smiled.

His second tattoo right above the Mark. 

This one was different though. He wanted to get it with his whole heart and he felt no regret over it like his first.

It was the day we had officially met, the day that would become our wedding day years down the road.

May 18, 1998.

When everything was over and Harry had gotten some time to himself. I had gone over and given Draco and his family some warm coffee and some blankets. 

Draco had been so shocked by my kindness. He had never known gentleness before. Never known forgiveness.

I knew right then, as his grey eyes looked up to me with confusion and thankfulness, that I loved him. He came to realize he loved me a few months later, after I wouldn't leave him alone.

I smiled and carefully scooted closer to him, making sure not to wake him.

I gently kissed his left forearm and then his wrist before laying back and looking at him. 

He had said he needed something good to counter the evil on his arm. He told me that I had been the good to help lead him from the dark past. 

Still smiling I carefully lifted up the blanket to gaze down at his third design.

I laughed slightly at this one. It looked just like someone had taken a baby's foot, dipped it in some ink, and then pressed it right against Draco's rib cage. 

Well, that is pretty much what he did do. Scorpius had been asleep that day, but what else would you expect from a newborn?

I smiled and gently ran my fingers over his name and birthday. The same script our wedding was written in.

Scorpius Xenophilius Malfoy, July 13, 2006.  

He had been born at 9, just as the constellation became visible for the first time that year. He was now six and getting into everything and anything that would stay still long enough. 

I smiled and looked back up to Draco's face.

The fourth one had to be my favorite though. It was actually his third one, but it was always the last one I liked to look at so I counted it as the fourth.

I gently placed the blanket back down and curled up closer to Draco's side, pulling the blanket down a bit, revealing the final one over his heart.

My signature was inked gently across his skin. My vows to him, written in a smaller case, just under it. 

'I promise to always love you, to always stand by you, for better or for worse.' I whispered, my fingers touching each word individually, 'I love you, and only you, forever more.'

I knew Draco was awake even before I looked up to him. He was smiling, his eyes still closed.
'I promise to treasure you always, to care for you and protect you, I love you, and only you, forever more.' Draco slowly opened his eyes, smiling as he looked down at me, 'You need some sleep.'

I smiled and snuggled into his side. My eyes darting down to where my own heart was, his signature stood out against my porcelain skin with his vows written under it as well. 

We had gotten them on our first anniversary, renewing our promise to each other. 

'Go to sleep my Luna.' Draco leaned down and kissed my forehead, pulling me closer as he did so.

I snuggled into his side, my head gently resting on his chest, 'I love you Draco. Forever, just like I promised.'

'I love you, just like I promised, Luna. Now, go to sleep.' He whispered gently to me. I could feel him smile against my forehead which in turn made my lips smile as well.

I closed my eyes and felt myself relax at his familiar scent. My ears could hear the rhythmic beat of his heart as my breathing fell in time with his. 

Some people don't believe in magic. But I know they are wrong.

Because in this one moment in time. With the one person I love most in life. 

I could feel the magic. 

It was called Love.

Not the fairytale love, with the perfect life and the happily ever after. Or the infatuated feelings of a thirteen year old.

No, this was real love. The kind you worked for and fought for. The Love that kept Harry safe all of his life. The selfless love that was eternal.

It was the most powerful magic of all.

Because this Love conquered all. As it always would.


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