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Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny sat together around the fire place in the Gryffindor Common Room. The sun was starting to set out the window and the common room was relatively empty. The Gryffindor students were retreating to the quietness of their dormitories. It was now late September and the air was starting to cool outside. The landscape was turning into the browns and golds of the falling leaves. And the Giant Squid could no longer be seen sun bathing on the banks of the Black Lake. Ginny, who was situated in Harry's arm on the chair, yawned.

'Well,' she said sleepily, 'I should probably get to bed. I'm knackered...'

Untangling herself from Harry, she kissed him goodnight and mumbled goodbye to Hermione and Ron.

'Night Ginny.' said Hermione, whilst Ron waved halfheartedly. Harry watched her go, smiling. There was a few minutes of comfortable silence in which the trio just enjoyed each other’s company. It had been a while since they had done this. Yes, they’d spent the entire previous year together, but there was never a time to relax, not when you’re hunting down Horcruxes. Finally, Harry yawned too and jumped up.

'I should probably go to, we have practice in the morning.' He said, walking towards to boys dormitories. 'Don't be too late, Ron!'

Harry waved nonchalantly and marched up the stairs. Ron snickered and called after him,

'Try not to, Captain!' he said sarcastically. Hermione rolled her eyes in amusement and looked around the Common Room. Empty. Her heart sank, this couldn't mean anything good. She and Ron had not been alone since the moment on the stairs back at the Burrow. And after all, that encounter hadn’t turned out well. She only hoped he didn’t have any of the same ideas in his mind. She turned to face Ron again who was spread out on the other side of the sofa. He looked very ignorant and egotistic. Ron sat up a bit and looked at her. After a few long moments…

'Hermione, what are we doing? ...' he asked slyly. Hermione shifted uncomfortably.

‘Er …Ron?'

'Well, it’s now nearly October right, and we've been dating since, June, yeah?'

'Mmmm...' mumbled Hermione nervously, she had a guess at where this was going, but she hoped she was wrong. Ron sat up completely, looking at Hermione quizzically. She sat frozen in her chair, not daring to move. Oh god, he's not going to... Is he? Ron stood up and walked over to Hermione's end of the sofa and sat down extremely close to her. He put his hand on the side of her face roughly and began to kiss her. To Hermione, it was revolting. She pulled away quickly.

'Ron!' she gasped. 'What do you think you’re doing?!'

'Oh come on...' he pleaded and attempted to wriggle his hand up her skirt. Hermione jumped up in outrage. Her guess was right.

'Ronald! I am not going to let you touch me under any circumstances and how dare you try to without asking me first!'

Her face was hot and blotchy. How could he do something like this?! I thought he had a lot more respect for me than that... Obviously not. Ugh! She grabbed her bag and stormed away from Ron. She turned back to face him before leaving the portrait hole. He had a gob smacked expression on his face.


'Goodnight, Ron.’ She said hotly. Hermione whipped around and stormed out of the portrait hole. The castle was quiet and it was rather unnerving. After being out in the cooler air for several minutes, she started to calm down. She was tired though, and her legs were sore from walking so quickly. She slowed down her pace and looked out the window, the sun was just disappearing over the horizon. The end of another miserable day. Another day of ignorance from Dra-Malfoy, another day of putting up with Ron, another day of feeling alone and another day of nothing normal. Hermione sighed miserably and backed into the cold, stone wall. She slid her back down it and sat in a curled up lump on the floor. Nothing was right.



Draco sat moodily at the empty Slytherin table in the eerily quiet Great Hall. Everyone had left a while ago, but seeing as he had no one to see, nothing to do and nowhere to go, he stayed. Draco spent the last half an hour, or whatever it was, glumly poking at his untouched food, not quite sure what had initiated his foul mood. Intervening his thoughts, a handsome, midnight black owl soared from above and landed softly in front of him. It held out his leg promptly. Startled, Draco unfastened the letter attached to it and it flew off. He looked at the thick, bold black ink on the front of it. He knew that hand writing. He felt himself stiffen in anger. Father.

Draco tore open the envelope. Just to add to my perfect mood, thanks Father.


Dear Son,

I was pleased to hear the announcement of your Head Boy-ship. I was informed by a ministry official visiting the prison yesterday. He also told me that a certain Mudblood girl had been appointed Head Girl. Son, I don’t want you to have anything to do with such filth and I have expressed this opinion strongly before. If you should wish, I could write to your daft Headmistress and demand you have separate sleeping quarters to the Mudblood. No son of mine shall be interacting with the disgraces of the wizarding world.

On another note, I shall be expecting you to return home to your Mother this Christmas and you will be visiting me. There is something we must discuss, but it has to be done in person.

Remember what I have said about the Mudblood, keep your head and your pride.

Your Father, Lucius


Draco stared at the letter, utterly shocked. How dare he call Mu- Muggleborns the disgraces of the wizarding world when he is locked up in Azkaban for the misuse of magic! And there he goes again trying to control every part of my life. I’m not visiting him, not if my life depends on it!

‘Keep my pride…’ Draco muttered. ‘Yeah, keep the pride you lost.’

Furious, he crumpled the letter in his fist and jumped up from the table. Crossing the hall in about five seconds, he stormed through the empty castle. It took him shorter than usual to get back to the Heads Common Room, or it might have been that his mind was too pre-occupied to notice how long it took. His feet carried him there instinctively without him thinking about it. He almost shouted the password at the portrait, of which had been changed to Felix felicis.



Hermione was pacing back and forth muttering angrily whensomething big and hard crashed into her. She whipped around to see a very angry Draco Malfoy. His face was red and his usually perfect blonde hair was messy. It looks kind of nice like that… Shut up! He looked furiously at her.

‘What do you think you’re doing Granger?!’ He shouted at her. Hermione was shocked.

‘What do you mean?! I live here too!’

‘But not right here, in front of the portrait!’

‘Oh shut up Malfoy, just because you’re in a mood!” She exclaimed, fighting back her tears. He was not helping her mood.

‘Don’t you dare speak to me like that! You filthy Mudblood.’

Hermione gasped quietly and Draco went pale as he realised what he said. He was just angry, he hadn’t meant to… And now there’s tears in her eyes. Well done, Draco. Just destroy the little peace you’ve made. You haven’t spoken to her for weeks and when you do, this is what you say?!

‘I- Grang-‘ she cut him off.

‘I see I was wrong to put any faith in you that you’ve changed. It seems the others were right.’ She said coolly and turned on her heel leaving him there idly. Hermione stormed up her staircase, tapped the door with her wand furiously and jumped on her bed fully clothed. She didn’t know why she cared so much. It was Malfoy and he had ignored her for the past few weeks. She supposed the Ron situation didn’t help as well. Stupid git. He would have to go, she decided, it just wasn’t making her any happier being with him. How and when, she did not know. Right now, she didn’t care. All she wanted was to fall into a deep sleep and escape the world. With tears etched onto her face, she did just that.



Draco stood rooted in the same spot, dumbfounded. Why had he just done that? Stupid, stupid, stupid! You could see she was in a bad mood too but did you think? No! And after you had just gotten mad at your father for using that word. He ran his hand through his messy blonde hair in frustration. He breathed deeply for a few moments and then walked up his stairs briskly, wanting to get away from the common room. His room was messy, as usual but he was too bothered to even attempt the clear it at the current time. He grabbed his dark green leather arm chair and pulled it towards the window. He flopped down on it and swung his feet up to rest on the window sill. It was dark outside now and grey clouds were covering the perfect dark blue sky.

Twilight was one of his favourite times of the day. The end of all the mayhem, the start of serenity. Until the next day started. He tried to forget the past few moments. The letter, Granger, and the hurt look on her face. He didn’t succeed. Giving up, he climbed out of the chair and walked miserably over to his trunk. Grabbing a pair of silk boxer shirts, he stripped off his robes and changed into them. He felt comfortable for the first time during the whole day. Draco ripped back the covers of his bed, hopped in and tried to escape reality for a few short hours.


A/N: Hello my lovely readers, how did you find this chapter? I hope you liked it, Review below please! All your comments and support keep me writing! ~LadyMalfoyx

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