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 As much as Melora tried to hide it, when March rolled around, it was clear she was pregnant, and very much so. She had gained nearly a stone and looked as though she had a small quaffle under her shirt.

The only bonus was her nausea was subsiding, although that might have been the leading factor to her weight gain. Once she no longer felt everything she ate was going to come back up, Melora was ready to eat anything.

“You know Shepard’s Pie isn’t meant to be a dessert pie, right?” Bea asked as she sat down next to Melora at the Ravenclaw table one afternoon.

Melora ignored her friend and continue to scoop whipped cream onto her lunch.

Bea grimaced and pushed away the plate she had begun to fill up for herself. “You make me sick.”

Melora grinned and nodded towards the book tucked under Bea’s arm. “Another lender from Remus?”

The brunette flushed and shoved the book into her bag. “We’re just friends,” she insisted.

“I didn’t say you weren’t,” Melora replied with smirk.

“How’re things with Sirius?” Bea shot back.

Melora narrowed her eyes at her friends. “You play dirty.”

Bea smiled triumphantly. “On second thought I think I will eat some lunch,” she said pulling her plate back towards her, “Have you reached out to the Wrights yet?”

Melora nodded, “We’re meeting at the Three Broomsticks next Hogsmeade.”

“Sirius coming?”


Bea pushed her food around quietly. Melora sighed.

“Oh go on then.”

“I’m just saying, you could do a lot worse. He clearly fancies you!” Bea exclaimed dropping her fork.

“I could say the same of you!” Melora retorted, “There’s a reason Remus keeps giving you these books and it isn’t to discuss them.”

Bea fell silent and looked away. “It’s not the same,” she said softly.

Melora frowned, “What happened?”

Bea shook her head. “It’s nothing,” she insisted.

“Bea, I’ve known you since we were five. I know when something’s nothing and this is definitely something,” Melora said.

“It’s just,” Bea shook her head, “I asked him, okay?”

“You asked him?”

“Yes!” Bea groaned and hid her face in her hands, “I asked Remus on a second date, since it turned out our first one was mostly a plot to help get Sirius and you to finally talk. And he said he’d rather remain friends.”

Melora’s jaw dropped, “No.”

Bea sniffed and nodded. “Yes. He said his life was complicated enough and I could do better than him.”

“Well obviously,” Melora rubbed her friend’s back sympathetically, “Do you want me to get Sirius to beat him up for you?”

Bea chuckled, “Sirius wouldn’t beat up one of his best friends.”

“I don’t know about that,” Melora smiled, “If I tell him Remus insulted the baby he might. Did I tell you what he did to Nott when the prick tried to trip me last week?”

“The whole school knows what Sirius did to Nott,” Bea was grinning now, “Sirius must be the only one in all of Hogwarts who knows how to punch so hard Madame Moffat can’t heal the bruise.”

Melora rubbed her swelled stomach. “Yes, strength’s definitely something the baby’s inherited from Sirius.”

The two girls laughed. “You don’t have to worry about me Lora,” Bea said, “I’ll get over Remus.”

But Melora didn’t miss the way Bea clung to the book the Gryffindor boy had given her.

“So you have no idea why Remus would say something like that to Beatrice?” Melora asked Sirius as the two reached the Ravenclaw common room.

They had been studying at the library (or at least, Melora had been studying while Sirius flicked bits of parchment at the ceiling and various passing students) and Sirius had offered to walk Melora back to her common room as he often did.

Melora accepted, mostly to ask Sirius about her conversation with Beatrice this morning. But the Gryffindor boy had simply declined any knowledge as to why Remus had blown Bea off.

“He is pretty swamped with classwork and Prefect duties,” Sirius said, when Melora repeated the reasoning Remus had given to Beatrice.

“Well could you ask him about it?” Melora pleaded, “Bea’s so torn up about this, and Remus seemed to like her so much.”

“We’re blokes Mel, we don’t talk about things like that,” Sirius shook his head.

Melora pouted, “Please?”

Sirius looked away, he had no idea how she managed to look so cute sometimes. “Fine,” he sighed, “I’ll ask.”

Melora cheered and gave Sirius a tight hug. Sirius tried to ignore his flip-flopping stomach.

“Thank you so much, Sirius,” Melora said when she released him.

Sirius waved off her gratitude. “S’no problem. See you tomorrow at breakfast?”

“As if I could avoid you,” Melora replied.

Sirius smiled back cheekily, “Well you know how I hate to let a good thing go to waste.”

Melora rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless. “G’night Sirius,” she said with a small wave.

But just as she turned, Sirius caught her arm and spun her back towards him, their lips meeting as he took a step closer. Melora leaned into the kiss, her pulse racing. He tasted delicious, far better than Shepard’s Pie with whipped cream. Her arms wrapped around his neck and his hands settled on her hips, but just as she was about to open her mouth to let Sirius in, the boy pulled away.

“Sorry,” he said, slightly breathless, “I just…”

“It’s fine,” Melora said quickly, dropping her arms and taking a step back.

“I just…”

“It’s fine,” Melora repeated, this time with a small smile.

Sirius’ eyes widened, “Yeah?”

Melora leaned in again, kissing his cheek softly. “Yeah,” she said, her own cheeks slightly flushed, “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast Sirius.”

She turned and headed up the stairs to the Ravenclaw common room, leaving a dazed Sirius behind her.

“Yeah,” he said softly, rubbing his cheek where Melora had kissed him.

A/N- Aww the flufff

Right now, the story is planned out to be 32 chapters, including the epilogue. You know, in case you were curious

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