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Chapter 11: The Grangers


A/N: I do not own the characters, locations, or anything else you recognize. They belong to the amazing J.K. Rowling.

1984 belongs to the also amazing George Orwell.


Enjoy :)


Hermione sat in the common room replying to a letter from her parents when an owl flew in to the common room. Taking the note attached, she read it over.


Miss Granger,

Please come to my office at 7:00, as I would like to speak with you about something I thought you might like. Also know that I enjoy lemon sherberts.



Albus Dumbledore


Hermione looked over at the clock. She had fifteen minutes. Quickly finishing the letter, she thought of why Dumbledore would want to speak to her. She couldn't think of anything. Lemon Sherbert was undoubtedly the password to his office. Attaching the letter to her owl, Hermione got up to leave justas Draco walked into the common room wearing his sweaty Quidditch uniform.


"Where are you going?" he asked, hugging her.


"Dumbledore wanted to see me. No clue why."


"Have fun then" Draco said smiling. "I'll get something ready to eat, don't feel like eating in the Great Hall today."


As Hermione walked into Dumbledore's office, she was greeted by Fawkes cawing.


"Ah, Miss Granger. Have a seat." Dumbledore said. Hermione sat quietly. "Have you started filling in job applications for when you graduate?"


"I was actually waiting for an application from the Magical Law Enforcement from the Ministry to come for me to apply. I'm thinking about a couple of other jobs, but some don't have any open positions."


"Good, good.  I wish to offer something though. I was wondering if maybe you would like a job here at Hogwarts. Your Ancient Runes grades are outstanding, and our current professor is retiring in four years time. The Ministry has a four year post in Law Enforcement you would like, and by the time that ends, you will be old enough to teach and take our professor's place."


"Oh yes Professor! I think that would be brilliant. Thank you so much for the offer!"


"Wonderful Miss Granger. Here is the application for the Ministry job, I am positive that you will get it. And thank you for accepting the offer." Dumbledore said smiling. Hermione took the application, and, thanking Dumbledore once again, went back to the common room. Draco had already set out everything for dinner.


"So what did Dumbledore want?" he asked, placing a piece of chicken on both plates.


"He offered a job!" Hermione said excitedly, throwing herself into Draco's arms.


"That's great! What did he offer?" Draco asked as they sat to eat.


"First a four year job at Magical Law Enforcement, and then Ancient Runes teacher! I can't wait!"


"Wonderful! I just got a letter that tryouts for the Montrose Magpies are in five weeks. If I don't make the team, maybe I'll try for an Auror at the Ministry. Can't wait for tryouts though." he said smiling.


"I'm sure you'll make the team, you're a brilliant seeker. Also, I was wondering if you wanted to spend the Easter holidays at my house. My parents are okay with it, and we've got a spare bedroom. Besides, they want to meet you." Hermione said. "What do you say?"


"Well if they want to meet me, I don't want to keep them waiting. Thanks for the offer, the Manor was lonely enough during the summer."


"Draco, what did you do at the Manor during the summer?" Hermione asked quietly.


"I wished that I would have made better choices. That I wouldn't have chosen to satisfy my father, even if I didn't mean it. That I wouldn't have allowed anyone to talk me into doing what I did in sixth year."


"Did you ever get the..." Hermione trailed off, not sure if she should finish asking. Draco looked down at his left arm. Hermione noticed a bandage wrapped around the lower part of his arm. She had seen it plenty of times before, but paid little attention to it thinking it covered a simple scratch.


"I didn't want to. He made me. He said he'd kill me and my family. I didn't want any harm to come to them, even to my father. He forced me to swear I'd serve him, and by doing that, I had to be branded with it.". Tears started slowly flowing down his face. Hermione hesitated, not knowing exactly what she should say or do.


"I know you didn't. You're not a bad person Draco, no matter what you did. You were unable to do what you were supposed to, and that proves that you aren't your father, or a horrible person. You are a brilliant, wonderful, loving person. No matter what you did or tried to do. And I love you." Hermione said. Draco looked up, smiling.


"I love you too. For forgiving me. For being a brilliant person to me. I didn't have much love when I was younger, except from my mother. She tried to make me a better person that the generations before me."


"And she succeeded." Hermione said, kissing him.



Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Harry, Astoria, Blaise, Luna, Neville, Hannah, and Ron all sat in one compartment on the Hogwarts Express. Theodore had gone into a separate compartment with Daphne, who didn't really spend much time with the rest. Ginny, Harry, Ron and Hannah were all spending the break at the Weasley's; Neville was staying with Luna and her father; Blaise was staying with the Greengrass' while his mother was traveling, and Draco was staying with Hermione and her parents. Though the compartment was very full, they had fun on the ride to Platform 9 3/4. After they said their goodbyes, Hermione spotted her parents. She took Draco's hand and led him to them. She hugged both of them, and then introduced them to Draco.


"Mum, Dad, this is Draco." she said, smiling widely. Draco extended his hand to both Hermione's parents.


"Pleasure to meet you sir, ma'am." he said.


"So polite" Mrs. Granger whispered in Hermione's ear. "Please, just call me Jean."


"And you can call me John." Hermione's father said. "We're going to get to know each other soon." Draco nodded to both of them. As they neared the Grangers' car, Draco froze.


"Hermione, what is that?" he whispered in her ear. Hermione gave a light laugh.


"It's a car. Muggles use it to travel. You should be okay, seeing you do everything you do on a broomstick, I don't think you'll throw up."


"People throw up when they're in that thing?"

"Only sometimes. Trust me you're going to be okay." Hermione told him. On the drive to the Grangers' home, Draco squeezed Hermione's hand as if he were to fall out. When they got out of the car, Draco seemed relieved to finally stand on the ground again.


"That seemed like the most unsafe form of transportation in existence." he said. Hermione just laughed and led him into the house. She showed him the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, her room, the backyard, the small library, and the room he was going to be sleeping in. Draco looked around it. "Cozy" he said, flopping down onto the bed. Hermione dragged him up.


"You're coming down to dinner now so my parents can get to know you." They went downstairs for Mrs. Granger's famous lasagna, and Hermione's parents began to ask Draco questions.


"So Draco, what do you plan on doing after graduating Hogwarts?" Mr. Granger asked.


"I'm trying out for a professional Quidditch team in three weeks. I'm currently Seeker for the Slytherin team."


"And what do you plan on doing if you don't make the team?" Mr. Granger inquired further.


"I'll probably train as an Auror. I do however hope that I do make the team."


"Draco is a brilliant seeker" Hermione said. "He's got a huge chance of making the team."


"Hermione, you haven't told us how your job applications are going." Mrs. Granger said.


"I sent out an application for a four year job at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement two weeks ago."


"Four years? Why four years? Hermione if-" Mr. Granger started.


"Dad, no one here has anything to do with the four year job." Hermione said, knowing immediately that her father was going to say that Draco was messing with her job possibilities. "Dumbledore offered the four year Ministry job. After that, I'm taking the post of Ancient Runes teacher at Hogwarts."


"That's brilliant!" Mrs. Granger exclaimed. "You're going to be a brilliant teacher! I think-"


"Mum, we can discuss this while we're washing the dishes. I think Dad wants a private talk with Draco."


"Of course, let's get this cleared up then." Mrs. Granger said happily. Mr. Granger led Draco into the living room.


"Now you seem okay, but I want to get a couple of things straight. You will not hurt my daughter in any way shape or form. You will not touch her in any inappropriate way. You will not threaten to do something to her if she doesn't do as you ask. You will not do anything associated with harming her or abusing her. If you do any of that, you'll regret it." he said.


"All understood sir. Wouldn't dream of doing any of that. My main priority is to keep Hermione safe and happy. I love her, and I'm not about to go and hurt her. I promise to be the best I possibly can to her."


"Wonderful. Now what do you say to me showing my book collection. I think you might like some of them."


"It would be a pleasure sir."




"It would be a pleasure John." Draco said, slightly awkwardly.


"You're okay kid." Mr. Granger laughed, leading him to the library.


Meanwhile, in the kitchen...


"The job offer's wonderful Hermione. I'm sure you'll love it." Mrs. Granger said.


"I know. I wasn't expecting it, Dumbledore just offered it one day, and I took it."


"You and Draco are going to have such wonderful children." Mrs. Granger said.


"I thought we were talking about my job offer?"


"We were, but now we're talking about you and Draco. What's he like, when he's just in the common room with you?"


"Erm... Polite, caring, funny, helpful, always trying to keep me happy-"


"You know what I mean, have you-"


"Mum! We've been dating a couple of months, we're not engaged, and you know I'm not that kind of person! You can't possibly think-"


"I was just wondering, you will have wonderful children, and your wedding will be lovely-"


"Who said anything about a wedding? Mum, you're going way too fast-"


"I'm not going to fast, I'm just planning ahead. He's obviously going to propose to you."


"You're planning way ahead. Draco will propose when he's ready. We aren't even engaged yet and you're already planning our wedding. Have you chosen the cake flavor yet?" Hermione said sarcastically.


"I was thinking maybe chocolate-vanilla layers-"


"I was joking!"


"Oh. Right."


"Just wait a while. No one is hurrying except for you."


"All right, but when you are engaged-"




"Sorry dear" Mrs. Granger said, smiling to herself.


"It's great here 'Mione. Really beautiful. Your parents are nice too." Draco said as he lay on his bed reading one of the books Hermione's father had lent him.


"I know. Its nice to call this place home. Especially since its not in the city, but not in the middle of nowhere either. What are you reading?"


"1984. Your father lent it to me. It's really good."


"One of his favorites. He's probably read it million times." Hermione said. Draco gave a laugh.


"And how many times have you read Hogwarts, A History?"


"Probably the same." Hermione said laughing. Draco gave her a kiss.


"Your father told me a load of stuff I shouldn't do. I told him I wouldn't dream of any of them. And I wouldn't. He likes me better now."


"My mum's already started planning our wedding and can't wait until she has grandchildren. We're nowhere near any of that yet."


"Hermione, I have every intention to marry you. I won't marry you yet, but I will when we're both ready. I just want to be sure that when we are ready to be actually married, you'll still want to... I asked you father, and..." Draco fumbled nervously as he reached into his pocket and dropped onto one knee. "Hermione Jean Granger, I love you with my whole heart. I would do anything for you, I would do anything to keep you safe. I will never let anyone harm you. You are the most beautiful and wonderful person I have met in my entire life, and I never want to leave you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? When we're both ready, will you, Hermione Granger, marry me?" He said this as calmly as he could and before he could open the box he was holding to reveal the ring he had gotten her, Hermione was kissing him, saying 'yes' between each kiss. When she finally stopped kissing him, Draco slipped the diamond ring onto her finger. A wave of relief washed over Draco and he spun Hermione around. Hermione looked at the ring.


"It's beautiful. Thank you." Hermione said before kissing Draco once again. "You know, you'd think my mum was psychic, the way she was talking earlier. When she finds out we're engaged, she's going to start planning our wedding right away, she'll have everything arranged before we're even ready to get married."


"Always good to plan ahead" Draco said. "So, your dad knows that I was planning on proposing, but he didn't know when. We'll tell them over dinner tomorrow, all right?"


"I'm fine with that, when are we telling our friends?"


"Hogwarts Express?"


"Not sure, I have a feeling Ron might not take it too well..."


"We'll see then, no ones in a rush" Draco hugged Hermione. "Besides, with the ring, they'll figure it out for themselves." Hermione looked at the ring again. A golden band with three diamonds in the center, it was simple but beautiful.


"Thank you. For everything." Hermione said.


After a pleasant day spent in the park and walking around London, everyone settled down for dinner. Hermione had kept the ring in her pocket for the day in order for her parents not to see. She quickly slipped it on under the table right before they started eating. Draco stood.


"Hermione and I have an announcement to make." He said this in the same nervous tone he always had when he wasn't sure exactly what he should say. Mrs. Granger immediately jumped to a conclusion.


"You're pregnant! I always wanted to be a grandmother. I told you that you'd have wonderful children but why-"


"Mum, I'm not pregnant! Draco and I are engaged." When a look of excitement appeared on Mrs. Granger's face, Hermione continued. "But we won't get married for a while, so there is absolutely no reason to start planning our wedding for a long time."


"That's wonderful! I can't wait! Where do you want to-"


"I just said we don't have to start planning yet!"


"Right, sorry." The expression of excitement on her face however, did not fade. Mr. Granger was shaking Draco's hand.


"I'm thrilled that Hermione will get married to a man as good as you Draco."


"Thank you for giving your blessing. I'll be forever thankful for your approval."


Mr. Granger went over to hug Hermione while Mrs. Granger hugged Draco so he lacked breath.


"I can't wait! It's going to be beautiful! I'll be overjoyed to plan everything!"


"Thank you Mrs. Granger, I'm sure you'll do a brilliant job. But as Hermione said, we're going to wait a while until we actually get married." Draco said. The rest of the night was spent celebrating, and when Hermione went up to her room and Draco to his, they were both tired, but both were happier than they had ever been before.




A week later, everyone met at platform 9 3/4, ready to go back. The moment Ginny saw Hermione, she gave her a bone crushing hug that nearly reached the standards of Mrs. Weasley.


"Congratulations!!" Ginny screamed excitedly.


"What the hell... How do you know this already?" Hermione inquired, confused.


"It was obvious that Draco was going to propose to you, so the first thing I did was check for the ring. That ring may be simple, but I can see it from across the platform." Ginny said. "Get Draco and tell everyone else! They'll be so excited!"


"I don't think Ron will take it too well." Hermione said.


"He will, and if he doesn't, I'll deal with him and next time you'll see him, he'll have more than just a black eye." Ginny dragged Hermione to Draco, hugged him quickly, and shoved the two over to everyone else. "Draco and Hermione want to tell you something!" Ginny chimed happily. Everyone looked expectantly at them. Hermione hesitated, and Ron jumped to a familiar conclusion.


"If that got got you pregnant, I'll-"


"Why does everyone thing I'm pregnant? I'll say it one time only, and you better remember it. I. Am. Not. Pregnant. What I was actually going to tell you guys is-"


"HermioneandIareengaged." Draco said quickly.


"Sorry mate, didn't catch that." Blaise said.


"Hermione and I are engaged." Draco said, slower this time. While Blaise, Harry, Ron, Neville and Theo were standing there slightly shocked, Luna, Astoria, Hannah, and even Daphne immediately went to congratulate the two hugging both of them.


While Neville, Blaise, Theo, and Harry also went over to congratulate them, Ron stood rooted in place. Harry noticed this, and went back to him.


"Ron? Are you okay?" he asked.


"She's engaged to the slimy git, do you think I'm okay?" Ron hissed.


"You said you accepted them, said that Draco's okay. What the hell are you going at?"


"She's bloody engaged to him!"


"She's happy! As her friends, that's all we should want!" Harry whispered to him, making sure that no one overheard the conversation. Ron relaxed a bit.


"Yeah. You're right. 'Mione's happy, I'm happy. Right." Taking a few breaths, Ron followed Harry and went to congratulate them.




After dinner, Draco and Hermione invited their friends to the Head Dorms for a short party. Harry was asking Draco questions while Blaise, Ron, Theo, and Neville listened to them. Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Astoria, Hannah, and Daphne were talking amongst themselves. Hermione looked over, seeing how Harry was inquiring Draco and how intently he listened to the answers.


"Ginny, I think that soon we're going to be celebrating your engagement party." Hermione said. "Harry's obviously asking Draco about how he proposed. And he's playing with something in his pocket. Probably already got the ring." 


"I think he might wait a while more, I've still got another year."


"Just because you're engaged doesn't mean you have to get married right away. Draco and I are waiting a while, until we're ready." Looking back at the guys, they saw Harry get up.


"Oh look, Harry's coming." Luna said in a very relaxed voice. "I think he's going to ask you something." Harry came over, and the other guys were coming too. Harry quickly asked Hermione if he could ask her something.


"I know it's supposed to be your special evening and all, but I've been wanting to ask Ginny for a while, and Draco told me everything, and how you two are waiting until you're ready to actually get married, and I was wondering if maybe-"


"Harry, you know what the only thing that could make this night better would be? To share the joy of engagement with my best friends. Go for it. Actually, you two can quickly go and get the official thing done in private, and come back to celebrate with us. It's great when you're alone and then go to the people that mean a lot to you." Hermione said, smiling broadly. Harry smiled back and went over to Ginny. Taking her hand, he led her out of the common room. Hermione went over to Draco.


"Where do you reckon he's heading for it?" he asked.


"Room of Requirement, probably. It's not far, private, and I'm sure he'll get it to look splendid." the group sat to talk, and about twenty minutes later, Harry and Ginny returned. Hermione hugged Ginny immediately.


"Told you so! Don't question me." Hermione said jokingly. Everyone congratulated Harry and Ginny, and after that, they celebrated both engagements, happy to be sharing the joy with friends.



A/N: There it is, chapter 11 :) Quite a bit going on, but as I said previously, just a few chapters remain in this story. The next chapter is going to be different, mainly for two reasons. A) It will be in first person, and B) It will be in Pansy's POV.

Also, please keep letting me know what you think I should do next (Draco/Hermione or Next Gen.) Thanks, and I'll get back here with chapter 12, Mudblood Granger, ASAP.

Cheers :)




































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