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The Great Hall was filled with students and teachers. Hermione was sitting with Ron, Harry, and Ginny. They were waiting for Dumbledore to finish saying the names of the graduates. They would clap between each name.

                “Hermione, why aren’t you sitting with Malfoy?” Harry asked. She looked at her hands and just shrugged. She didn’t want to say anything because she knew how Ron would react if he knew what happened.

                “What did he do to you Hermione?” Ron’s hands clenched into fists.

                “Nothing.” She clapped and looked away to prevent tears from flowing down.

                “I swear if he did something-“  Ron snarled. Dumbledore was about to call Hermione up to the podium so she could say the speech when she burst.

                “Nothing happened Ron! Leave it.” Her voice cracked for she was on the verge of crying. She looked around her to see everyone staring at her including Draco. But Draco’s face showed sadness. Hermione couldn’t take it. She ran from the Great Hall and was aiming for the Black Lake. She heard footsteps behind her. Looking back she saw Draco following her. She spun around to face him.

                “What do you want?” She glared.

                “Don’t act like this is my fault.” He glared back.

                “Then how am I supposed to act?”

                “Fair! It’s not my fault you’re going to Paris! It’s not my fault!” Draco pointed to himself with every word.

                “This isn’t about whose fault it is! I don’t want to leave you!” Hermione let the tears stream down like a waterfall.

                “Me either but I love you so I’m letting go and it’s about time you do too.” He felt horrible

                “I hate you!” She screamed.

                “You know you don’t mean that.”

                She ran up to him and smacked him then walked away then came back again and shoved him. They stared at each other.

                “Fine then! Leave! Run away from your problems like you always do!”

                Draco turned around and walked away. Hermione stared at his back in disbelief. Wasn’t he supposed to crawl back to her? This is how it always is! She ran to him.

                “Wait, this is just another fight right? We’re going to make up after this, right?” She tried to grab his arm but he ignored her and continued walking. He paused for a moment and turned around to face her.

                “Goodbye, Hermione” He said and walked to the train as the bell rang that signaled it was time to board the train.
                He left her standing there all alone doing nothing. It started drizzling. She walked towards the train and tried to find the first empty compartment she could.

                Walking down to the last compartment, she went inside and shut the curtains. She sobbed her eyes out. She cried until she was positive there were no tears left, but there were. There would always be more. She didn’t even give a flying pig if she left her luggage in her dormitory, or if her friends were worried sick about her, or if she missed the speech that was probably meant for her. Then there was a knock on the door. She lifted the blinds a bit to check who it was. Ginny. She opened the door.

                “I brought your trunk.” She said cautiously. Hermione nodded and took the trunk, placing it above her. She and Ginny sat down. After a few seconds Hermione burst out and told Ginny everything that happened. Soon enough, Hermione was sobbing into Ginny’s arms.

                The train ride was anything but fun. Hermione was having a miserable time. Most of this was because of Ginny. She had forced her to go sit with Harry and Ron because it would make her “feel better”. It actually made things worse. They boys, being the insensitive idiots they are, made her talk about what happened. Then they would joke around about Draco and insult him. And this made her burst out crying in front of the boys also. She felt like such an idiot. Be strong Hermione! She would tell that to herself in order to feel better and get a grip. No such luck.

                After a while of “time to make Hermione feel better” she excused herself and went to the loo. Well she didn’t really have to go to the loo, she just wanted to get away. “Please get ready to stop at King’s Cross. The train will get there in ten minutes.” The train driver said on the intercome. Hermione passed many compartment and as she did, she looked in them to see if she could find Draco in any of them. She finally found him. No. That was not him. It was Blaise sitting by himself. She walked into the compartment.

                “What’d you want Granger? Why are you here?” He sneered. It was almost a growl. She winced at his menacing tone.

                “I need you to tell Draco something, tell—“

                “Have you been crying?”

                “Never mind that! Just, please, tell Draco I love him. Just do it. Do it, despite of what my blood type is. Do it for Draco. Tell him. Tell him I love him and that I’m sorry.”

                They stared at each other for a moment. Blaise could sense the despair in her eyes. He knew Draco loved her very much. But he wasn’t about to show he was a softie.

                “And why should I do that?”

                “For Draco. Please.” She repeated. And it was because of how scared and sad she looked that he nodded and she sighed in relief.

                “Thank you.” She left and she could’ve sworn she saw him smile.


                Draco came back from the restroom to see all of the students carrying their luggage out. He went into the compartment and he got his trunk from the top rack.

                His eyes searched for Blaise as he stepped off the train. But he knew he wasn’t the only thing he was looking for. He was looking for Hermione. She seemed to have left already. He sighed and began to walk as Blaise popped in front of him panting.

                “She says she loves you!”

                “Who?” Draco looked at him weirdly.

                “Hermione you idiot! Now she went that way. She’s in a small blue car with her family. Go get her.” Blaise smiled

                Draco smiled back, left his luggage, and thanked Blaise and ran to go catch up to Hermione. He pushed past people and when he finally reached the street he spotted her car. He sprinted as fast as he could. The window was open and Draco could see her hair blowing in the wind. The car was too far away. He had missed her. He missed his chance to get her back.

All was lost.

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