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He looked at the spine of the book and snorted. He added it to the large stack he held and carried them over to the table. If there was one thing to say about this relationship his grades had improved greatly. Most of their time was spent together studying. Since her apology they had spent more time together but it was back to being more formal. They didn’t hold hands and barely kissed in public or alone. It bothered him not being able to show affection in the way that he knew how but he shrugged it off.

He came back to the table and she looked up from her parchment and smiled at him. He smiled back and opened his book. The words seemed to swim around on the page so he rubbed his tired eyes. It was then the noiseless library was filled with attempted whispers and giggles. Mikko and Lucy came from around a shelf and plopped down next to them.

“Mate what you doing in here?” Mikko asked his arm draped lazily around Lucy’s shoulder.

“Writing a paper.” He said simply pointing at his parchment with an ink stained hand.

“We don’t have any papers due for a while.” Mikko said puzzled.

“I am just getting a head start.” He said simply.

Mikko shook his head and smiled. “She has you properly trained alright. You will be a fine little ministry worker in no time. Pushing parchments about like a pillock.”

Avalon looked up at the two boys a smile playing on her face. In fact she knew he was miserable but he being a stubborn man and would not leave her side well except for Quidditch practice.

“Sorry that I want to be a success in life unlike you.” Leif said redipping his quill and putting on a great show of being busy.

“It’s too bad really.” He said to Lucy knowing Leif would hear. “Now that he is a man with ambition he will miss meeting the scout from the Falmouth Falcons.”

Leif’s head shot up and he looked at Mikko in shock. “If your joking I’m going to bash your head in.” Leif told him seriously.

Mikko laughed. “I am vindictive its true but I could never be that cruel he is talking to Snape right now. That might have its draw backs but I think after seeing you smash Ravenclaw for the opening game you will be wearing those green uniforms.”

Leif stood suddenly and spluttered. “I have to … I have to go do something.” he said then bolted leaving his bag and books still on the library table. Avalon smiled and shook her head looking back to her paper.

“This could change his life you know.” Mikko told her quietly.

Avalon looked up at him seeing that Lucy was now gone leaving them alone.

“I know.” She said “It’s his dream.”

“It doesn’t scare you. If he gets a position he could leave school early. Nothing is really forcing him to be here.” He told her.

“I know that.” She said.

“That doesn’t scare you?” He asked.  

“Why should that scare me?” she said.

“Going off, playing in different parts of the country, partying, and women throwing themselves all over him. Doesn’t that worry you?” He was partially curious and partially warning her.

“Besides the different parts of the country bit the rest sounds about the same as here. And anyway I want him to be happy no matter what that looks like.” she told him surprising him with an odd confidence.

“Even if you’re not in the picture?”

“Even then.” She looked back at her book then ending the conversation.

He nodded and left her to her books.


Leif stood outside of Snape’s office eagerly waiting for either of them to show their faces. Suddenly the door opened and the two men stepped out into the hall way and started walking his direction. He lept off the wall he was leaning on and started walking their direction tall and stiff. As he drew close to them Snape glared but waved him over.

“Leif Haroldson meet Henry Burne he is the recruiter for the Falcons as I’m sure you have heard.” He said introducing the two.

“Hello Master Burne it is a pleasure to meet you” he said putting out his hand which Burne took with a beefy hand gripping it roughly.

“You are a stout lad as they have said.” He complimented. “Keeper they say I hope you live up to your hype young man. We would love to have a new addition to bring up our teams standings.”

“It would be an honor to play for the Falcons sir.” Leif practically gushed.

Snape snorted in disgust. But the Burne beamed at the young man.


Avalon packed her bag and Leif’s as a breathless Leif arrived at the table.

“How was it did you talk?” she asked looking up excited for him.

He nodded quickly “It went fantastic!” he plopped down in his claimed chair and caught his breath. “If we are lucky I will be able to get out of this place and set myself up in Falmouth and start making a living.”

“I am so excited for you Leif but do you really want to drop out of Hogwarts so badly?” She asked.

“Don’t worry love ill still come around.” He joked.

“That’s not what I mean. For example if you got hurt, Merlin forbid, what would you do then? Without graduating you will be stuck,” she explained.

He frowned for a moment. “Damn you and your talking sense.” He looked over at her disappointed.

“I’m not saying it will happen but it is something to think about.” She said patting his hand. “Don’t let me being a wet blanket ruin this for you.”

“I just hate when you’re so damn logical.” He grumbled.

She laughed and stood taking his hand shyly. He stood towering in front of her and looking down into her eyes. “Even if I leave you know I will wait for you to graduate so then I guess you could be my sugar mama.”

“You wouldn’t wait. Not with wall the female fans coming around.” She said looking down.

He took her chin in his and smiled a sad soft smile. “I’d wait. But I don’t know if you would.”

She scoffed.

“Would you?” he asked nervously.

“Would I what?” she asked looking up.

“Wait for me no matter how long we were separated or whatever craziness I got mixed up in or what have you?” He asked.

She looked deep into his eyes then searching him searching his soul it felt like. “I would.” She said quietly. He hugged her slowly but hard as if trying to pull her inside him. They had such a connection that neither understood but that pulled them always closer together. They pulled apart and he looked down at her face and cupped it in his hands and kissed the tip of her nose softly. “Come on lets go for a walk on the grounds possibly around the lake. We always seem to have fun there.”

They lay now under their favorite tree nose to nose but Leif exhausted from Quidditch and from school work had fallen asleep. He slept on his hand so his tattooed forearm was extended toward her. She studied the dancing letters in curiosity. It no longer bugged her to have her name on his arm. It didn’t really feel like he belonged to her but it felt more like she belonged to him. And she desperately wanted to belong to something to someone and here was a person who wanted to belong as much as she did. Maybe that was all this was just their desire to belong. She traced her fingers over his arm thinking deeply. She felt his eyes on her and looked up at him and his tired smile.

“I don’t like when you over think things. It is a bad habit.” He told her pulling her into his arms.

“Someone has to do the thinking around here.” He grunted but merely closed his eyes again.

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