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Draco woke the next morning rather suddenly. He yawned loudly, stretched and sat up in his new bed. Brushing the sleep out of his eyes he looked sleepily around his room, and was still as intrigued by it as he was last night. The room was decked out in warm creams, light brows and Slytherin green. Though it didn't have the feel of a dungeon; it was comfortable. The large window streamed in sunlight, and the light weight, green curtains filtered it, making the room glow green. He blinked a few times, trying to wake up properly.

Draco swung his legs off of the bed and let his feet touch the warm, honey-brown wood floor. He strutted over to his trunk and pulled out a fresh shirt, trousers and boxers. He threw them on his bed. As he was doing so he caught whiff of himself. Ugh, I need a shower...
Draco looked around to see the door he hadn't noticed the night before. Gotta be the bathroom. He walked over to it and opened the door. The bathroom was as magestic as the rest of the Heads Dormitories. The tiles were warm browns and creams and there were two gigantic windows, which showered the room in glorious sunshine. There were two basins, with two mirrors each that had Head Boy and Head Girl plaques above them. There was a bath in the middle of the room. Well, a swimming pool. It wasn't really a bath at all. It was similar to the one in the Prefects Bathroom, but much more grand. And much more big. Draco remembered all the times he had snuck out in the middle of the night during his sixth year. He would go to the Prefects Bathroom, seal the door and just try to relax. Try being the operative word. It's not that easy to relax when Voldemort has signed your death sentence, he thought. Stop, Draco, you're not going to think about that! He told himself harshly.

Infront of him, he saw another door and walked over to it swiftly. He put his hand on the door knob and froze. This is Granger's room, his mind subconciously told him.

'Great...' he muttered to himself, 'One bathroom...'

He turned around and murmered 'collorportus' to the door. He heard a family squelching noise and was satisfied. Safety precautions, don't need any awkward situations. He turned around again and spotted the showers, one on either side of the room. He went to the one closest to his door. After a thorough inspection of it, he stripped off his t-shirt and boxers, turned the water up hot and jumped in.

By the time he had succesfully washed his hair and body, the entire bathroom was very steamy, he could barely see. He tip-toed, dripping over to the basin where two fluffy green towels sat neatly folded. He grabbed one, ruffled his hair, and then tied it around his waist. Taking the charm off of Hermione's door, he walked out into his rather cooler room and over to the window. The morning sun was rising, and the lake looked spectacular under it. His eyes wandered and he saw the huge Hogwarts clock. Six thirty, wow. Seeing as it was so early, and Hermione would most surely not be up, Draco crossed the room to the main door and half ran down the stairs. The Heads Common Room looked even more wonderful in the morning sun as it complemented the browns and creams. He walked over to the book case that Hermione had so excitedly pointed out the night before. His eyes scanned some familar titles and some not. By the looks of some of them, they had to be Muggle books.

He pulled out a rather large one, that was definitely magical and as he did so, his towel slipped from his waist. Oh, shit. He dropped the book and scrambled up the towel, thrusting it violently around his waist. As he went to pick up the fallen book, he heard a small cough from behind him. He whipped around to face a brown haired girl clad in a purple dressing gown. She was a red as a tomato and looking at him nervously.

'I. er...'

'I, didn't mean..'

'No, really-'

'Im sorry, Malfoy, I didn't realise you were down here...' Hermione blushed even more ferociously and ran back up her stairs. Great, spectacular, no awkward situations huh Draco?! No, she just happens to walk in on you completely naked. Fantastic. He chucked the book back into the bookcase, stormed across the room in less than strides and ran back up his staircase to a door he had luckily left open. He angrily chucked on his layed out clothes, grabbed his cloak, bag and wand and stormed out of his room and the Heads Dorm. The castle was silent, but he liked it that way.


Stupid git! Why on earth would he wander around a
communal area in just a towel?! What an idiot! And now he's gone and made everything awkward between us! ... Though he does have a nice bum.. Oh what am I saying, shut up Hermione! Stupid Malfoy.
Hermione's internal rave was consumming her so much, she hadn't realised how long she had been in the shower. She turned off the water and stepped out into the marvelous bathroom that she had discovered earlier. It truly was beautiful. She ran over to her basin and grabbed both of her Scarlet towels, putting one on her head and one around herself. She dried off quickly and climbed into her skirt, shirt, tie and robes. She took the towel off of her head, tapped her head with her wand and her hair fell into dry, small waves.

With one last look in the mirrow, she walked out into her room, grabbed her bag and headed out to the rest of the castle. Most of the students were heading down to the Great Hall for breakfast and Hermione saw familar faces on the way. The Patil twins came up and greeted her, giggling of course. She also came across Luna, but she was too busy talking to Michael Corner, so Hermione let her be. She found Harry and Ginny eating breakfast in the Great Hall. She walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down opposite them.

'Morning!' she said brightly. They both looked up and seeing her,  their faces cracked into smiles.

'Morning Hermione, how are you?' said Ginny. Good, their not still mad about last night.
'Yeah good, how about you too?' They both said good in unison.

'Where's Ron?' she asked quizically, noting nis absence.

'Still in bed the lazy git, isn't he...' said Harry not looking up from the spread out Daily Prophet in front of him. Ginny and Hermione giggled.

'Lovely...' said Hermione saracastically and she started to pile egg and toast on to her plate. She ate quickly as she was rather hungry and only stopped when Flitwick started handing out NEWT time tables.

'Ah, Mr Potter... Miss Weasley, here you go..' He said placing theirs in front of them. He turned to face Hermione.

'And our new Head Girl! I trust you like your Common Room?' Hermione blushed.

'Of course, its lovely!' Flitwick smiled with a twinkle in his eye and handed Hermione her timetable.

'Thankyou,' she said quickly. The three looked at theirs earnestly.

'Ooooh, Hermione! Look, we're in all but one classes together! I'm not in Arithmacy. And we have Potions first together!' her voice changed from excited to disappointed, 'Oh... but with the Slyth-'

She caught herself and Hermione knew why. Malfoy would be in the class and Ginny didn't want to tak about him right now. To change the subject, Hermione turned to Harry.

'What have you got first Harry?'

'Same as you, Hermione, me and Ginny are in all the same classes, and you are in most of mine...'

'Oh, good! I wonder where Ron's been put...' Ginny and Harry murmured their agreements, but thruthfully, Hermione really couldn't care a less. She sighed at her cold-heartedness, but she really couldn't help it. When finally it was time for lessons, she walked happily with Harry and Ginny, listening to them tease each other. Slughorn was already in the dungeons classroom when the three walked in. Hermione also noticed a mass of white-blonde hair. Malfoy was here too. She blushed inwardly, remembering their incident this morning.

Harry led the two girls over to a table near the front. Away from Malfoy. Good. Typically, Ron came in late and plinked down in the seat next to Hermione. He whispered in what was his attempt of huskily,

'Good morning, lovely.' Hermione smiled in return. But this was an improvement. Atleast it was lovely, instead of Herms, seriously. Slughorn stood up from his desk and started talking to the class. Hermione tried to focus on his words. Potions passed quickly, and the potion they were making, a love potion remedy was very simple. The lesson was uneventful but Hermione did feel a pair of startling grey eyes heavy on the back of her head for some time.

'Do I put the Armadillo bile in first? Or the Fluxweed? And when does the Billywig Sting go in?' Ron said. This was the fourth time this lesson.

'Ronald, will you look at the blackboard. It clearly says, you put in the Billywig Sting and Armadillo bile at the same time, stir counter-clockwise four times and then add the Fluxweed. Now be quiet!'

'Okay, okay...'

Hermione rolled her eyes. This was getting too much. And it wasn't just because of his lack of comprehension of instrustions. No, she really didn't like him much more than a friend. It sickened her that he expected them to be romantically involved, kissing and cuddling, ugh...

The rest of the day consisted of the same routine; simple lessons, Malfoy staring, Ron's bothersome ways. Infact, so did the rest of the week, recalled Hermione. Hogwarts was the same as it had ever been. Harry had held try outs for the new Gryffindor Quidditch team, and Draco had done the same for his. Even though Hermione didn't see him much in the common room any more due to the towel incident, she knew he was rarely there in the eveings anymore due to practice. She now spent the majority of here evenings in the Gryffindor common room with Harry and Ginny, and occasionally Ron, if he wasn't telling everyone about his fabulous adventures in great detail. On the other hand, the usually boastful Malfoy hadn't said a word. They hadn't had any communication at all since that morning and Hermione wasn't sure she wanted to. Though a part of brain told her otherwise. She had like it when they were acquaintances, even if it was for only a few hours. She supposed they still were, sort of. Nothing really bad had happened to make them hate each other, had it? No, Hermione told herself firmly. But she would have to speak to him soon and it wouldn't be in the way she intented. Acquaintances now, but-

A/N: Yes I know this chapter is quite short and I'm sorry for that! But its really more of a filler Chapter before the next one which is going to big, in a number of ways.  Also, sorry for the Cliffhanger, but all shall be revealed soon, and not in the way you might think!  Oh and I know the awkward scene in this is so cliche' but i tried to make it my own, by having it in the Common Room instead of the bathoom. Thanks for reading and review below! ~ LadyMalfoyx



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