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In the morning Hermione headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Just before entering she stopped and took a few calming breaths. With her blue mask that covered just her eyes and was made out of swirls was firmly in place she walked into the Hall with her head held high.
“HERMIONE! Over here.” Ron bellowed for her to join him, Ginny and Harry.
“Hey guys.”
“Hey. How was the first night in hell?” Ginny asked out of curiosity
“Alright, didn’t actually talk so I can say it was a pretty good night to be honest.” Hermione took her seat and joined in with her friend’s conversation. After breakfast Ron, Ginny and Harry went out to the Quidditch pitch and Hermione went down to the Black Lake to read her book. She over looked the lake and saw that a few people were still risking the cold water. The lake had a section cornered off so that you could swim and be safe from the giant squid. In summer it was filled with swimmers and people enjoy the fun of the water. The weekend passed without a hitch and Hermione soon found herself sitting at the Gryffindor table on Monday morning about to get her timetable. The seventh year students soon discovered that there was a new subject they could choose, Drama. Hermione loved to act so instantly said she would take it. Harry and Ron both decided that they would take it. So first period every day the students taking Drama would meet in a new classroom that had a stage and seating.

Hermione walked into her first lesson of Drama to find only 30 people had joined out of the whole 7th year students. Amongst these students were Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini. Hermione sighed at this but told herself that she wouldn’t let this bother her.
“Alright Guys, I’m Professor Veatupu but you can call me Professor V. Umm so how many of you have actually taken some sort of Drama?” A few hands went up, Hermione and Draco’s amongst two others. “Okay that’s good. Can I get those of you who have done Drama to stand up on the stage and we will see what you’ve got.” The four students went and stood on the stage waiting for their instructions.
“Gee Granger, didn’t know you could act?” Came the long drawl of Draco Malfoy
“I could say the same to you Malfoy. You’re obviously not that good seeing as you can never act nice to anyone!” Hermione retorted. Just then Professor V came and stood on the stage.
“Now I want guys to pair up” at this Hannah and Dean went and stood next to each other leaving Draco and Hermione to be partners “and you will be reading Scene Two Act Two from the famous play Romeo + Juliet. I know it’s not going to be perfect but I just want you to get a feel for what you may be doing and to show the rest of the class.” Hermione groaned as she knew this scene. It was one of the most famous scenes from the whole play, just her luck to get stuck with Draco.
“Alright, Hannah and Dean here are the scripts and you two will be going first I will give both pairs a few minutes to quickly read over the scene while I go and talk to the rest of the class.” Professor V turned and left, leaving Hermione and Draco to stand there awkwardly.
“Look Granger, just read the script in your head and when we get up there I’m sure my talents will be able to outshine everyone.”
“What makes you think I have no talent when it comes to acting?” Hermione knew very well that she could act; she’d been doing it her whole life. First pretending that she had a happy home life and now putting up her bookworm act.
“Just read the script.”

Hannah and Dean performed really well, now Draco and Hermione were standing on the stage waiting to start. With script in hand they started:

“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon"

Draco and Hermione continued with the scene. Both were shocked at how good the other could act. 

Once finished the whole class erupted into applause and even the professor was clapping. Hermione blushed at attention and jumped off the stage to go and sit with her friends.
“Now that is what I call a performance. This is exactly what I wanted to show you guys, the passion that both actors had even though they had only read the script a couple of times was just... wow! So for today you guys are excused and I want you to think about the many different ways you can portray emotion.” The students stood and left the classroom and made their way to their next class. The whole day there were whispers of Draco and Hermione’s performance and by the time Hermione got back to her common room she was sick of all the stares. Her mask was cracking and she needed to repair it.

Walking in Hermione went straight to her room and got changed into some comfy cloths. Once back in the common room Hermione went and made herself a cup of tea then went and sat on the couch to read. When Draco arrived an hour later Hermione ignored his presence and focused on repairing her mask. After one day and she was already cracking, how could I be so weak? Don’t let your emotions show. Stay strong! These thoughts swarmed Hermione’s mind as she tried to read but failed. Getting angry she slammed the book shut and closed her eyes.
“Calm down Granger, no need to be angry just because I’m better at you when it comes to acting.”
“CALM DOWN! You want me to calm down? Well here’s a news flash, I won’t do anything you tell me to do because I am sick and tired of having to live up to everyone’s expectations. Has anyone actually stopped to think that maybe I'm not okay, that I'm not happy with the way things turn out? No! No one thinks about it. As long as their happy then Hermione must be happy as well. She may not be skipping and dancing down the halls but who cares? NO ONE! So don’t you dare tell me to calm down!” Hermione turned and left the room, leaving a very stunned Draco in her wake. She didn’t mean to get so angry but her mask had fallen and he was in the firing line.

Hey guys! So here is the next chapter. A wee bit of a cliffy, but oh well. I do not own anything, only the plot. The play is one of William Shakespeare's and characters belong to the lovely JK Rowling.I'm most of the way through the next chapter so it shouldn't be to far away. Please review, this is my first story so what you guys think would be a HUGE help. Love always xx

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