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~Alexis' POV~

Oh joy. Who doesn't love detention with the Marauders? Me. That's who. I dragged my feet along the corridor, dreading what we would have to do.

At least I had detention with Filch, apparently he just made you clean things without magic.

"Miss Rose, never thought I'd see you here," Filch leered at me. You're not alone, Filchy."Go on in then. The others will explain," 'others'-Marauders, ewww. "Chop, chop! The trophies won't polish themselves! And no magic!"

I walked into the trophy room and my jaw dropped.

There were trophies everywhere.

They were stacked in shelves and piled on the floor. There were huge ones that came up to my hips and tiny ones that could have fitted into my palm. There were plain metal ones to lavishly jewel-encrusted ones.

I stood there gapping.

"Alexis? Are you going to just stand there or actually going to do something?" Black's voice rudely interrupted my thoughts. He actually thought that I was going to do a detention for something that I didn't do?

Nuh uh, no way.

"I don't think so, Black, seeing as though you're the reason I'm in here!"

"Hey! I'm the one who blew up Snivellus' potion! Why does Padfoot get the credit?!" Potter whined. I was fed-up with these idiots who thought making fun of people was cool.

I mean, sure, it's not like Snape was nice or anything, but that doesn't make a good excuse for blowing potions up in his face!

"Him, you, Lupin, Pettigrew, two of you, all of you: what difference does it make?" I shrugged.

These guys were all the same. They swaggered, yes swaggered, around the school like they owned it. They had a throng of girls following and their own personal fan club. And they thought they could get away with anything.

They were really starting to piss me off.

"I didn't do anything to deserve being here, so I'm going to sit here and watch you scrub these trophies." I sat down, leaning against the wall. Sirius looked like he was going to explode. Ooops. Sirius angry is not the prettiest sight, especially when he decided to start hexing you.

Potter interrupted before things got ugly,

"Padfoot, dude, chill. Alexis is right. I guess this is my fault. You and me, mate, can clean these trophies. Merlin knows how expert we are at it." Whoa, who knew that Potter could be reasonably nice?

"Sorry for landing you in detention, by the way." Maybe both Lily and I were wrong about him.


The time slowly passed. The only measure of time we had was by how many trophies the two idiots had cleaned.

Slowly, I felt myself drifting to sleep. I heard James and Sirius talking about the Slytherins and how they thought pure-bloods were superior. This jolted me awake,

"But aren't you both pure-blood?" I interrupted. Both their heads whipped around to face me.

"Yeah, but my parents aren't into the whole blood status thing," James replied. Sirius was uncharacteristically silent.

"What about-"

"Are you are pure-blood?" James cut me off.

"Nah, I'm half," I replied.

"Who's the magical one?"

"My mum. She was pure-blood. She used to tell me how shocked Dad was when he found out he was a witch," I said, smiling at the memory.

"Used to?" My smile faded.

"I don't want to talk about it," I mumbled, not looking either of them.

"She was a pure-blood. She got labelled as a blood traitor for marrying your dad, didn't she?" stupid Black thought he knew everything, "She would've been stalked and eventually hunted down." I felt tears prickle the back of my eyes. Black was slightly off the mark.

"No, you're wrong," I said but even I could hear my voice wobbling.

"Your mother was a blood-traitor, wasn't she? She was probably killed by her own parents," Black sneered. He was so close to the truth. I wish that he was actually right because the truth was so much worse.

I will not cry. I will not cry. I haven't cried in years so why cry now? I will not cry.

Well, not in front of these two, I wouldn't.

I felt the first salty tear make its way down my cheek. James and Sirius looked at me in twin horrified expressions. I don't think they knew what to do with a blubbering girl.

So I ran.
I ran right out of the Trophy Room, praying to Merlin that I wouldn't run into Filch, all the way to the Gryffindor Tower.

I yelled 'forte' at the Fat Lady and sprinted up the stairs.

Luckily, the others were all asleep. I curled up into a ball on my bed, and cried the hardest I had in years.

How dare he think that he understands what happened.

How dare he talk about it like it was nothing?

He knew nothing. Abso-fucking-lutely nothing.


I woke with my eyes raw from the tears.

"How was detention?" another girl, Alice, from my dorm asked. Lily must have told her about it. She was quite nice, but I'd never really talked to her.

I closed my eyes as I thought of the previous night.

"What happened?" Lily cried as she emerged from the bathroom and saw my face.

"I don't want to talk about it," I whispered, hoping that my voice wouldn't crack.

"Was it Potter? I swear, one day I'm going to kill him!" The other two girls in our dorm, Mary and Dorcas, looked at us. I glared at them; this was none of their business.

"No. No, it wasn't James," I said softly.

"Then what was it?" Alice asked gently. Her kind brown eyes were almost willing me to tell her.

"They were just talking about something that really upset me and they pretended they knew what happened," I said, telling a half truth.

"That's it, I'm going to hex them," Lily got up. I grabbed her arm,

"No, it's alright. I mean, he and Sirius polished the trophies. I just sat there and then ran out when they upset me"

"You ran out? As in you didn't complete the detention?" Alice's eyes widened, "Do you know how much trouble you're going to be in if they dob you in?"

"Yeah, but no one saw me. So it's okay as long as Potter and Black don't report me. I'm all good." Wasn’t I?

"I wouldn't put it past those two," Lily muttered.

"Why do you hate him, Lily?" I asked.

"Why do I hate him? He is an annoying little prat who walks around with those bloody friends of him like their top shit!" I had never heard Lily swear before, but I couldn't exactly disagree with her, "And he doesn't ever leave me alone. He thinks that just because he's the best looking guy in the school-" eh, Lily thought James was the best looking? "-that he can get any girl he wants-"

"Well, he can," I interrupted, "Except for you," I added hurriedly. She sent me a death glare.

"And he constantly tries to impress me with those pathetic pranks of his, which aren't even funny!" She finished her rant.

"You know, most girls would kill for that kind of attention from him," Alice voiced.

"But not me. I just wish he'd leave me alone."

Damn Lily and her need to compare Transfiguration notes with Remus.

She dragged me and Alice to sit with him and Sirius, James and Peter where no where in sight. Somehow I ended up sitting next to Sirius. I was staring at my plate and trying not make any sign of recognition of him.

"Yo, Pads! Move your derriere," James appeared with Peter and shoved Sirius to make room for himself. Sirius dramatically swept his arms as he was pushed closer to me and in the process dumped pumpkin juice all over me.

"Oh Merlin, Alexis! I'm so sorry!" he exclaimed. I stood up and a whole river of juice streamed onto the floor.

"I-uh...I'm going back to the tower to change. “'Bye Lily. 'Bye Alice!" I didn't wait for their responses, before running out of there.

That was the second time in a week I have been humiliated by Black. Why me? I just wanted to be my nobody-self again. Where people only knew my name, sometimes not even.

"Alexis, wait up!" I heard him yell. I just walked faster. I did not want to be around Sirius any longer.

"Don't you think you've done enough, Black?” I hissed as I spun on my heel to face him. What was he going to do next? Point his wand at me and say 'levicorpus' for a big finale?

"Geez, I'm just trying to help. No need to get grumpy," Sirius said as he threw up his arm in defence. I didn't dignify what he said with a response. I rolled my eyes. How does landing me in detention and then spilling pumpkin juice all over me count as 'help'? I noticed that he was still walking with me.

"Why are you following me?" I asked, quickening my pace to try and get rid of him, but he continued to just stride along.

"Well, I'm coming with you to the tower to make sure you're okay." Damn him and his freaky long legs to hell.

"Why? It's not like I'm covered in petrol." He looked at me with a confused expression. Right, he was a pure-blood, he wouldn't know what petrol is.

"Don't worry. Oh, forte," I said as we reached the Fat Lady.

"I'll just wait for you, then," Sirius said as I walked up the stairs to my dorm. I had left a tail of sticky pumpkin juice all the way from the hall. I pitied the house elf that had to clean it up.

~Sirius' POV~

What is her problem? It's not like I purposely chucked pumpkin juice all over her. I would only ever do that to a Slytherin and even that was lame. Speaking of Slytherins, I've got to convince old Prongs to help me prank them tonight.

I let out a laugh as I thought of my ingenious pan. Naturally, the other two had already agreed, albeit Remus was a little reluctant.

But James had said no. James didn't want to in case Lily found out. He thought it would reduce his chance with her.

I hated Lily: I hated her for stealing my best friend away from me. I hated that for hours on end, James would talk about just her eyes.

In those hours we could have planned and pulled so many more pranks and thrown parties for the sake of them!

We could have been practising to help Remus with his 'fury little problem' as James put it.

Merlin, we could have been out on the Quidditch pitch.

But no, we were stuck listening to James ramble on about some girl who didn't want him.

I could understand the thrill of the chase and all that, but it had been almost 4 years. Just watching James fail to get her attention was tiring.

Alexis came down the stairs in a fresh skirt. She swished past me without a word. Again, what is her problem?

"So where're you going?" I attempted at conversation.

"Divination," she replied curtly. Why was she doing divination?

I always thought she smart enough to not need an easy grade.

"What do you have?" she asked. Dear Merlin, Miss Snobby was actually interested in me? Maybe I should take her to the Hospital Wing to get Madame Pomfrey to look over her? I realised that Alexis was staring at him, waiting for an answer.

"Oh...I have Herbology...I think," I continued cautiously so she wouldn't snap at me, "But why do you do Divination? Don't you just listen to some crazy saying 'look through your inner-eye'?"

"Actually, Professor Trelawny says to 'look into your inner-eye'." Whoops, maybe I made her angry again. Oh, she's just joking with me. "And is that really what people think of Divination? It's actually really fun. We do all this really cool stuff."

"Like...?" I asked sceptically.

"Well, like...we do tea leaves."

" leaves? Isn't that kind of painful?" I joked.

"Painful? Why would it be-oh, you have a sick mind, Sirius Black!" she laughed as she got what I was saying. "We drink the tea and then read the tea leaves!" No shit.

"Well, Divination is this way," Alexis said as she gestured down a hallway.

"I'm this way," I pointed the other way.

"'K. I'll see you later then."


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