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                    Their heads snapped to the front door. Harry slowly rose from the table and slowly began to walk towards the door.

                    “Harry no! It could be dangerous! Look through the peephole first.” Hermione was scared.

                    He made his way to the door and looked through the peephole. No one was there. He opened the door and looked down. A small cardboard box was on the doorstep. Harry bent down and picked it up. He looked at it all around. It didn’t really show any signs of containing dark magic.

                    But just to be sure, “Specialis Revelio” Nothing happened. He walked back to the breakfast table where Ron and Hermione were still sitting.

                    “Should we open it?” Ron asked.

                    Hermione shook her head. “We should…”

                    But Harry was already opening the box. Inside it had a little piece of notebook paper. Hermione snatched it from his hand and studied it. She even glared at it.

                    “I don’t trust this.”

                    Harry and Ron groaned. It’s the same thing every time. With Riddle’s Diary- but she did turn out to be right. But with the Half-Blood Prince’s book she wasn’t.

                    “It’s just a piece of paper!” Ron said in desperation.

    Aparecium.” She said while pointing her wand at the paper. Now it was Ron’s turn to snatch this from her hands.

    “Hey! Give! It! Back!” She punctuated every word with an attempt at getting the paper back.

    “No! You always get to read things to us! Give someone else a chance.” Ron said

                    Hermione huffed and slumped back on her chair.

                    “’I know what you want. I can give it to you. The phoenix feather lies in the place where nothing is found, where great treasures are all around. One of you has been there before, where there are still marks of the blood of Dumbledore.” Ron looked at Harry then Hermione, whose face had changed from being angry to deep thought.

                    “The Room of Requirement.” Harry and Hermione said it at the same time.

                    “No it can’t be. It says the place is marked with Dumbledore’s blood.” Ron said as he put the paper down.

                    “It rings a bell. But I can’t lay my finger on it.” Harry said crossing his arms on the table.

                    “I think we should check the Room of Requirement. It’s all we’ve got so far.” Hermione said.

                    “But if we go back the teachers will catch us. They’ll force us to stay in school.” Ron explained.

                    “We’ll use my Invisibility Cloak!” Harry’s face lit up like a baseball stadium.

                    “You have one of those?” Ron’s face showed pure jealousy. “I thought it was your dads.”

                    Harry groaned and ran a hand through his hair. He had forgotten all about his parents. How could they get into Hogwarts without being noticed?

                    Hermione mumbled something that none of them could hear.

                    “What?” Harry asked leaning slightly over the table.

                    “We could break into the house.” She said it as if she were ashamed of it. Harry and Ron just stared at her in disbelief. Hermione asking to break into a house. Weird. What’s next? Stealing Dumbledore’s hat?

                    She flung her arms into the air. “Stop staring at me like that! It was just a suggestion! It doesn’t mean we have to-!”

                    “No no no no! It was good! I’m in.” Ron said.

                    “Really?” Hermione asked.

                    “Well it’s the best we got so far.”

                    “Alright let’s do it. What about you, Harry?”

                    Not wanting to think about the consequences, Harry agreed immediately. He had nothing to lose.

    *                                                                             *                                                                             *


                    The plan was simple, but hard. The three of them would go to the house fifteen minutes before the Potters’ arrived from work and hide anywhere near they house so they could confound them to go back to work. Then, they would climb through the back window because according to Ron, the Potters’ front door was password protected, just like the portraits in Hogwarts were in the normal world.

                    Then, they would search for the cloak in the house as quickly as possible. If they got home and the three of them are still there, then they would have Ron stall them. He would call their cell phone—according to Hermione, all wizards have phones now—and Ron would do his best to disguise his voice to sound like his father, Arthur. He would say that “Arthur” was inviting the Potter’s for dinner. When they left they would continue their search. But if they found the cloak and the Potters’ had not gotten there yet, they would have to try their best to make it seem as if no one were there.

                    Harry gave most of the ideas because he clearly remembered the time when they broke into the ministry. But that didn’t happen in this world.

                    “Alright let’s get some rest.” Ron said as he was about to stand up from the table.

                    “No! Are you mad? Harry has a limited time! And, I looked up the amount of time the potion will take to brew and it’s approximately two weeks. I also found out the exact time Harry’s body will shut off. Stay here. I’ll be right back.” Hermione left the room and came back a few moments later carrying a paper that looked like a calendar. “I carry this around just in case. Today is December 14. Harry has 45 days to live. He’ll die on January 22. We need to start now!” She said as she slammed her hands against the table. Ron held her hands and placed them on her lap.

                    “Hermione calm down.” He stared her in the eye.

                    She shook her head and rubbed her temples. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m so stressed. I’m worried about what Hogwarts will think and my aunt and…and…and…. UGH! It’s too much!”

                    “Then let’s just focus on the potion. That’s all that matters right now.” Harry said gently.

                    “Right.” She nodded. “Let’s do it.” She placed her hand on the table, palm down. Harry and Ron placed there hands on top and they apparated to the house.


                    “Is this where they live?” Harry looked at the big mansion he was standing in front of. A large staircase led to the front door, which was made of glass. The entire outside of the house was made of stone. The first floor was a garage based on the doors. There were two stories on top of it. A three story house. And a huge hedge was surrounding the mansion, as if it was saying, no intruders stay out of my house! What if my parents are stuck-up and rich, Harry thought? He never expected them to be like that. He always imagined them nice and living in a cottage or something.

                    “Yes. Let’s hide before we’re seen!” Hermione pulled the boys behind a nearby bush

                    “Here they come!” Ron said pointing to two people.

                    “That’s not them, idiot! They walked right passed the house!” Hermione said.

                    And so they waited a few more minutes. Ron kept complaining that he had to “tinkle” while Hermione would smack him upside the head. Harry let his thoughts wander. He thought about his parents and how they would seem. Then he started to wonder if Ron was rich. After all, this is supposed to be a totally different world.

                    “I think that’s them.” Hermione whispered. Harry turned his head towards the direction Hermione was pointing at. A white limo was pulling up in the driveway. He saw a woman with her hair tucked into a tight bun carrying a black leather tote bag getting out. She wore a white blouse and a black business skirt with black heels. Helping her out was a man in a tuxedo. He looked like a body guard or a butler. Behind her was Harry’s father. He had the same hair, same glasses. But his face had a look of seriousness that looked like it would never go away. He was in a business suit too. They both looked like they were very serious business workers.

                    “Harold, take my bag.” Lily’s bright red lips said as she handed the butler her purse.

                    “Yes ma’am” He said in a deep and gruff voice.

                    “Confundus” Hermione whispered.

                    “Oh no! I seemed to have left something in the office! We must go back!” Lily said.

                    “But ma’am that’s a half an hour drive.” The butler said.

                    “No we must!” James Potter put a finger in the air. “We both left something.”

                    “I could go and you—“

                    “No, I have a feeling we must all go.”

                    The butler sighed and they made their way back to the car. Since they were confounded, the idea of apparating did not come to the Potters’. When the limo was not seen anymore, the trio shot out of the bush.

                    “That was weird.” Ron said.

                    Harry nodded and stared at the blank spot where the limo used to be.

                    “Let’s go ‘round the back.” Hermione beckoned them to follow.

                    They went around the back of the house which took some time based on the fact that the house was very big. Finally, they reached the back and spotted a window that was big enough for them to fit through. The only problem is that it was a story high.

                    “What are we going to do?” Hermione said in a worried tone.

    Wingardium Leviosa” Ron said it as if he were in a daze.

                    Hermione snapped her fingers. “That could work! But what if we’re too heavy?”

                    “Ron and I could both lift you at the same time and you crawl through the window and find a ladder, since you’re the lightest. Then you carefully put the ladder through the window and we’ll adjust it. Then we’ll climb through the window. But do it quickly,” Harry checked his watch. ”We just wasted seven minutes, only fifty-three left.”

                    Hermione nodded. “Alright. But don’t you dare drop me!” She was glaring daggers at Ron.

                    He held up his hand sin defense. “I won’t!”

                    She sighed. “Do it.” Harry and Ron both said the spell and, together, they both lifted Hermione into the air.

                    “Forward, a little more, no to the left. The LEFT Ron not right!” Her fingers grabbed hold of the lock that kept the window secure. She grabbed the screen and through it aside and opened the window and climbed in.

                    “Alright, take the spell off.” She called from the window. “I’ll be back!” She ran from the widow to go get the ladder.

                    Harry and Ron waited patiently for Hermione to come back. They really hoped she would come back quickly. Only forty-one minutes left! As if on cue, Hermione’s head bobbed out the window. “Here!” She gently slid the ladder out the window and the boys adjusted it. They both climbed the ladder and soon enough they were safely inside the house.

                    “Let’s split up. And hurry.” Harry said as they each went their separate ways. He didn’t even have time to contemplate his surroundings. He raced to the master bedroom, well, at lest he thought it was. He looked in all the drawers and the closet. Nothing. But he did find a photograph. It was Harry and his parents waving cheerily to the camera. Harry looked about thirteen. His eyes became watery. Oh, how much he wished this world was real. A world without Voldemort and with parents must have been a blast. The only disadvantage would be that his parents were…rich. He didn’t like those types of people. But he shouldn’t judge them that quickly. He never really got to meet them.

                    “Harry, have you found anything?” Hermione said as she came into the room.

                    He quickly lowered the picture and looked up. Hermione’s face was full of sympathy as she saw what he was looking at. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Ron yelling from the other room.

                    “Harry! Hermione! I think I found something!” Ron yelled from across the house.

                    Hermione and Harry looked at each other and he shrugged. They went to the guest room where Ron was. When they got there, Ron was holding up a silvery cloak.

                    “Is this it?” He said as he looked at the cloak.

                    “Yes!” Harry grabbed the cloak and was about to say something when they heard the front door open.

                    “I don’t know what we were thinking! I think we had too much firewhiskey at Molly and Arthur’s yesterday.” That was the voice of Harry’s mom. The three of them started to panic and were mouthing commands at each other. Hermione gently shut the door and cast the muffliato spell.

                    “We have to leave!” Ron said.

                    “Oh, nice observation!” Harry said.

                    “We can’t!” Hermione looked really scared.


                    “I left my wand on the coffee table next to the couch while I was looking for the cloak.”

                    “Why would you do that?!?” Ron said in disbelief.

                    “I don’t know! My mind felt clouded and I wasn’t thinking straight.”

                    “Obviously” Ron mumbled. Hermione shot him a death glare.

                    “Are you going to keep complaining or are we going to work to get it back?”

                    “Stop fighting! We don’t need this right now!” Harry said in annoyance.

                    “What are we going to do then?” Hermione crossed her arms.

                    “We could do the phone thing?” Harry suggested.

                    “No. It would take too long and it would be a waste of time.” Ron said.

                    Harry and Ron bickered about the phone idea while Hermione crept towards the door. She opened it a crack and saw no one. Opening it a bit more, she saw the living room and the coffee table that carried her wand. She walked back to stand next to Harry and carefully slid his wand out of his pocket. She walked back to the crack in the door and mumbled, “Accio wand” The wand came zooming towards her as if it were waiting to be held. She grinned and spoke to herself. “Nice work Hermione.”

                    “What’d you say, Hermione?” Harry asked. She smiled and held up her wand to show them.

                    “You’re brilliant Hermione!” Ron exclaimed. She blushed.

                    “Actually, I’m highly logical, which allows me to—“

                    “Yeah yeah, I’ve heard this before. Let’s go.” Harry interrupted. Hermione looked hurt but she forgot about it and grabbed the boy’s hands and together they apparated back to the house.

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