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Hermione waited impatiently in the Entrance Hall for the other three she had left earlier. She hoped to Merlin that they would have forgetting about their curiousity of who the Head Boy is. Harry, Ron and Ginny finally came trudging in the double doors, talking happily. Ginny spotted Hermione as she waved at them and dragged the two boys over quickly.

‘Hi Hermione! Did you find Luna?’ asked Ginny. Hermione panicked slightly.

‘Yep, I found her. Shall we go in?’ she replied indicating the Hall.

‘Of course, my Herms...’ said Ron sickeningly. He took his hands in hers and Hermione cringed.


‘What?!’ he asked defensively.


‘The name, Ron, I don’t like it, I’ve told you!’ Ron sulked.


 The Great Hall was as magnificent as ever. The high rise ceiling portrayed cloudless, deep blue night sky with thousands of twinkling stars. The tables were lined with hundreds of bowls of the most delicious looking food. Gold goblets shined in the light of the floating candles and Professors clad with pointed hats were chatting happily at the front table. If you hadn’t known, - and you’d be pretty stupid if you didn’t, - you would never have been able to tell that the hall had been a war zone a few months previous. It was torture, sheer torture for Hermione being in this room with all the happy faces. If she closed her eyes, she didn’t see floating candles and glorious food, but broken stone and dead bodies. She was sure the others were in physical pain too. This is where some of their family had died. Where Fred had laughed for the last time. Hermione shook her head, as if in attempt to knock the thoughts from her mind.

 ‘Come on, Hermione...’ someone said. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny made their way to their usual spots at Gryffindor table. It felt odd, very odd to be sitting there again together, after they hadn’t done so for over a year. It felt nice though, and Hermione couldn’t help thinking what she had so many times these last few weeks; something normal. She remembered all the other times she had sat in this Hall, waiting for Dumbledore’s opening speech, and then permission to dig into the food. But Dumbledore wouldn’t be giving that speech anymore. Hermione looked up at the staff table. It looked rather unusual seeing McGonagall sitting in the Headmaster, well Headmistress’ chair. Hermione look back at her friends and boyfriend.  She remembered all the times he would complain about his stomach whilst waiting here. As if on cue, Ron said,

 ‘Oh come on…! I’m bloody starving. Only had a few Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans on the train. Merlin…’

 ‘Oh be quiet Ronald! Do you ever think about anything other than your stomach!? Oh what am I saying, it’s you. Of course you don’t!’ said Hermione in an annoyed tone. Ron scowled and Ginny and Harry snickered.

 ‘And besides, the first years still have to be sorted yet.’ This caused Ron to groan. He slumped down is his chair grumpily. Hermione shook her head and scanned her eyes over the Great Hall. Her chocolate brown eyes fell on a mass of platinum blonde hair covering a crouching figure sitting alone at the end of the Slytherin table. Malfoy. Hermione felt a sudden pang of sympathy for him. Why is he sitting alone? Surely his posse want to be with him? 

 ‘What’re you looking at?’ Harry said in a sharp tone. He had noticed her staring. She felt guilt immediately. Hermione still hadn’t told them who the new Head Boy was despite their initial asking. She knew Ron would flip and Harry and Ginny would be furious too. She sighed inwardly.
‘Nothing Harry,’ she laughed off, ‘I zoned out…’ 

Harry laughed too and Hermione smiled in relief. She then realised Ginny was still staring at her knowingly. Hermione had forgotten how intuitive Ginny was. The redhead mouthed ‘what?!’ and Hermione glared at her in a ‘shut up now, I’ll tell you alter way’. Ginny instantly understood and smiled looking rather satisfied. Suddenly, all the commotion stopped in the Hall and heads started gravitating to the front where Professor McGonagall was standing.


‘Welcome, students to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is splendid to see you all back for another year at school.’ Though, we’re not all back, are we? ‘Before I start boring you with the welcome speech, we shall have the Sorting.’

Filch shuffled in from one of the hidden side doors with a wooden stool and tattered, re-sewed hat. Immediately, the double doors opened to reveal a tiny Flitwick leading a group of very nervous eleven year olds. The sorting hat burst out into this year’s song, frighting a few of the small children standing before it.





Oh now the war is over,

And a new era has begun,

You'll study hard

 But don't forget, sometimes it can be fun.

 In this hall, most of you

 Have been here oh so long

 Enough to know the unity

 Present in my song.

 Though I have a duty

 To separate you all,

In this new beginning,

We should stand together and tall.

Gryffindor's have hearts of gold

And many guts of steel

And though polar opposites,

Slytherin should strike a deal.

Hufflepuff’s are gentle

And you can't forget they're kind

And though Ravenclaw's strive for best

They should put forth their mind
Together we can start a new

Tradition in this time

To journey all together,

To not do so would be a crime.

So even though I've asked you

I’ve begged, it’s almost a sin,

I have a job to do,

Let the sorting now begin.



Applause broke out and one by one, the first years were called up to the stool and sorted into their houses. After the last kid, Bethany Stephens, went scurrying to the Ravenclaw table, McGonagall spoke again.

‘Lovely. Welcome to all our new students and we hope you have a wonderful time at Hogwarts. There have been changes this year, due to the war. Some parts of the school have had to be rebuilt but the majority of it is still the same. The seventh year is a rather large one this year, consisting of last year’s sixth years and seventh years that did not attend or did not take their NEWTS.’ She looked pointedly at Harry, Ron and Hermione, and then continued.

‘Now that the war is over, I expect your number one priorities to be your studies and re-building our world. Lives were lost, families were torn apart, but memories live on. Let’s not forget that.

‘I am also extremely pleased to announce our prefects for this year as well as our new Head Boy and Girl. Some of the prefects have remained the same, though some have been changed due to a number of reasons. Gryffindor prefects will be Mr Ron Weasley still and Miss Ginny Weasley will be taking the other empty spot.’

Ginny looked rather pleased with herself. Ron smiled stupidly. There were murmurs around the hall, what about Granger? Hermione grinned inconspicuously and rather smugly. She couldn’t help it.

‘Slytherin prefects shall be Miss Pansy Parkinson and joining her will be Mr Blaise Zabini.’

 ‘What?!’ Ron half whispered, half shouted. ‘She can’t be back, surely they didn’t let her back in, let alone make her prefect still! I mean, she tried to sell Harry to You-Know-Know last year!’

The other three shh’d Ron and Harry grimaced remembering the memory. She shouldn’t be let back in, Ron was right.

 ‘No surprise Malfoy isn’t prefect anymore though is it.’ Said Harry quietly. Hermione turned away quickly and stared hard at McGonagall.

 ‘Hufflepuff prefects are Mr Ernie McMillan and Miss Hannah Abbot, and Ravenclaw is Mr Terry Boot and Miss Luna Lovegood.’ There was polite applause, and then silence. Luna was smiling dreamily.


‘Our Head Boy and Head Girl for this year are Mr Draco Malfoy and Miss Hermione Granger.’

Silence. Then –

A loud round of applause erupted, mostly aimed at Hermione, though Pansy was clapping rather furiously in Draco’s direction, a huge smile on her face. Hermione blushed at the praise and then looked at Malfoy. She smiled briefly at him then turned to face her friends. She saw three mouth’s in a perfect ‘O’. Prepare for Hell.

‘You knew?!’

‘You didn’t tell us!!’

‘Did you seriously just smile at him?!’
‘Have you lost your mind!? One minute you hate him, and then the next your smiling?!’

‘WHY are you not angry with him being Head Boy?!’
Luckily a loud chatter had broken out and people were now eating. They didn’t hear the exclaims from Harry, Ginny and Ron. They all had shocked looks on their face and Hermione glared at them.

‘Shut up! All of you, shut up! He has changed. – No Ron, be quiet! I spoke to him on the train and he apologised. He admits he was wrong. He knows it. He apologised to me, so I’m going to give him a chance. ‘ 

‘No he hasn’t! He is just saying that Hermione! He’s probably up to something, scheming like he always is. I hate him, I do. Nothing he says will change that. Right, Harry?’ Harry nodded.


‘Ronald! Be quiet! I don’t care if you don’t like him, but I’m giving him a chance. If you don’t like it, fine! But we are going to have a SERIOUS problem.'


The three stared at her in disbelief but chose to refrain from snapping back. They bit their lips momentarily, and then sunk into their dinner. The rest of the feast was silent for the four of them. None of them even looked up once despite the time when poor Neville knocked his goblet over, spilling pumpkin juice everywhere. Hermione was ever so pleased when McGonagall stood up, telling them all to get to bed. She muttered a quick goodnight to the three, avoided a slobbery kiss from Ron and walked briskly off to find Malfoy and Flitwick, as by orders of McGonagall.  She found both men standing patiently in the Entrance Hall and approached them, dodging students heading back to their common rooms. 


‘Ah, Miss Granger! It is a pleasure to see you.’ Said Flitwick looking up at her. She smiled warmly at him.


‘And you too, Professor.’ Hermione looked at Malfoy. He nodded and smiled. She did the same.

‘Shall we go, then?’ asked Flitwick.
‘Oh yes, of course!’ Hermione said eagerly and the two Heads followed him up the grand staircase. Professor Flitwick took Hermione and Draco to a part of the castle neither of them had been before, despite all their late night adventures apiece. At first, Hermione thought he was leading them up to the Gryffindor Tower, but dismissed this query when the staircases changed and Flitwick followed them calmly. They were now over the South side of the castle as Hermione could see a part of the lake through a window. She suddenly remembered that they must be near Sir Cadogen, the mad knight that led them up to Divination in their third year. 



They walked up a few more stairs, turned a few more corners and Professor Flitwick marched them up to a rather elegant portrait. Sure enough, next to the portrait, was Sir Cadogen. The portrait was a picture of a man’s body with a lion’s head and man’s head on a serpent’s body. Hermione supposed this changed every year for the Heads too. Professor Flitwick turned to face them


‘Well, this is where I leave you. I have you find your dormitories satisfactory. And you know the password so I must be off! .. Oh! And to get into your separate rooms, just tap the door with your wand, it is the only way that it will open. Welcome to the Heads Tower! Good night!'


They watched him as he toddled off and turned to face the portrait again. Hermione looked at Draco and he said, 




‘IT most certainly is good Sir!’ shouted Sir Cadogen to the Hermione and Draco. Draco looked at him rather taken aback and shot a questioning look at Hermione. 


‘AND good evening my lady!’ he boomed at Hermione giving her a rather low courtesy.  Hermione rolled her eyes at him and told him to shut up. She stropped inside the portrait hole with Draco hot on her heals, but stopped in awe. Draco bumped into her. 


‘Wha-!’ but he too stopped in awe. The Heads Common Room was spectacular. It was a circular room with a medium brown, glossy wood floor. There was a roaring fire stoked in the grand fire place which had intricate patterns carved into it. There was a hearth rug which had the Hogwarts crest upon it. On either side of the rug was two deep brown, comfy-looking sofas that had a mixture of Green, Scarlet and Cream cushions upon them. There were two writing desks in on the back wall that, overlooking the grounds and a brilliant deep blue night sky. On the warm stone walls were portraits of Magical Historians and former Heads. On either side of the magnificent window was a spiralling staircase that Hermione supposed led up to their separate rooms.  This caused her eyes to gaze up to vastly high celling. Hermione let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding.

‘It’s perfect!’ she whispered excitedly.

‘Yeah, it- I mean yeah, it’s good.’ said Draco, nonchalantly. Hermione rolled her eyes a him.

‘Nothing other than good?!’ He shrugged. It was very beautiful and he was awestruck such a wonderful room could exist here, but he wouldn’t show that. He wasn’t prejudice anymore, but he was still a Malfoy.


'I'm a Malfoy, remember!' Draco said as if it was obvious.


He turned away from Hermione and studied the room, looking at all different things. He heard a squeal of delight from behind him.

‘Oh we have a huge book case!’ The brown haired girl had exclaimed.

 ‘Trust you..’ Draco said, though rather amused. She gave him a scathing look.


‘Well, I’m probably going to go do bed now… So I, I’ll see you tomorrow Malfoy...' 


‘Yeah, me too, cya Granger…’ The exchange was very mellow between them and they both turned and headed up their respective staircases, which had their names on a plaque half way up the wall at the bottom. Hermione got to the top and took out her wand, tapped it on the door and walked inside. Her jaw dropped. 


Her room was just as magnificent as the Common Room. The floor was the same honey coloured, glossy wood. Her walls were the same warm brick, but there was nothing to resemble Slytherin anywhere. She had an enormous window clad with deep red, light curtains. Her wooden four poster bed was huge; she didn’t think she had ever seen one so big. The bedding was full of creams, browns, reds and gold’s and the canopy above it was a lovely scarlet.  There was another door, that she assumed would lead to the bathroom, but she was too fascinated to look now. Her room was gorgeous and she loved every part of it. Sighing with delight, she kicked off her robes and shoes. Hermione skipped over to her giant bed, ripped back the covers and sunk down in all the pillows. It was ever so comfortable. Sleep crept up on her faster than she expected, and it wasn’t until the brilliant sunshine burst through the marvellous window that she bleakly opened her eyes. 






A/N: Hey my wonderful readers! Here is Chapter Four up! I hope you like it and review below! Just wanted to say that I obviously dont own ANYTHING expect for the storyline. But I do claim full ownage of the Sorting Hat Song in this Chapter. Look out for Chapter 5 as it will be up soon, ~LadyMalfoyx

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