Chapter 3


Something drastic happens to change the course of recent events. There is only one question in people’s minds and on their lips…how?

James POV.

“Did you find out anything?” Lillian asked as I sat beside her, handing her the very heavy book she had requested.

“Only that Hermione is in love with Harry,” I replied, shrugging.

“So you were right about half of it, but how are we going to find out if Harry feels the same?

“I don’t know, maybe you could tackle Harry and I can tackle Hermione?” I suggested.

“Would it not be better the other way around? She asked.“I mean we are both girls, she would maybe feel comfortable talking to another female about that sort of stuff?”

“Look at who her two best friends are, are you sure she’d be more comfortable with a girl?”

“Your right,” she nodded agreeing. “Man this is going to be hard; finding out if a boy is in love is much harder than finding out if a girl is.”

“Unless it’s you Lilykins; then it’s about equal,” I said and she retorted by hitting me on the back of the head as she passed to go to her room.




Harry POV


I walked slowly towards him, through the crowd that seemingly parted easily. It did not happen. No. I had to have imagined it. Yet, the pale complexion, unblinking eyes of the body that lay before me, and the dark mark hovering in the sky told me that I hadn’t imagined it. It was real. Dumbledore was dead. I couldn’t hold my grief any longer as I felt his warm hand that lay on the dirty ground. I felt the tears trickling down my cheeks as I lifted a shaky hand and closed those pale blue eyes that had lost their sparkle, lost their life. I collapsed onto his chest after that, crying. I had been there, yet I was useless, even powerless, to save him.


I began to shake due to the shock and the anger. Hatred surged through my body and I swore to myself then and there that he, the beast who took my mentors life, would pay.


Another one, gone.

After what seemed like mere minutes to me Professor McGonagall gently pulled me from his body as the coroners came to take him away. As I stood up I realised that McGonagall had sent the other students to bed, and only Hermione, and Ron were left.


She gently guided away from my mentors body, and as I turned I looked into Hermione’s eyes I saw grief clouding them. I felt sick when it dawned on me that I was going to have to explain it to everybody. Over and over again I was going to have to tell them how Snape callously murdered our beloved Headmaster.

An hour later, and the worst was far from over as Hermione, Ron and I quietly walked up to the Room of Requirement. I had just told the teachers and Ministry Officials what happened. Recounting ever detail, I found it hard to keep my emotions in check, and my story straight. I was surprised they didn’t suspect me of murdering Professor Dumbledore.


Now though, as Professor McGonagall gathered the students to tell them, I solemnly walked to where Jamie and Lillian were staying to retell the Headmaster’s fate to them. After knocking and waiting for a few minutes Lillian cautiously opened the door and my jaw dropped, she looked like her normal self, her dark ginger hair and bright green eyes had returned. Upon seeing that it was safe she let us in.

“Harry, what happened?” Jamie asked, he too looked normal again. Their sudden change, I realised, must've been directly linked to Dumbledore's death, and it had sparked worry within them, they both looked highly stressed, and edgy.
“I need to tell you something.” I began and they looked at me expectantly. “Professor--” I began and my voice quivered. “Professor Dumbledore is dead,” I whispered. “He was murdered.”

“That’s impossible!” Jamie said, but comprehension dawned on Lily's face. She knew that something had went wrong to have caused Dumbledore's concealment charm to disappear.

“I wish it was,” I murmured.

“How?” They asked. I sighed and looked around. Not only were Jamie and Lillian looking for an explanation, Ron and Hermione were too. I momentarily forgot that they did not know.

“I can’t say. I am not allowed to because of the circumstances, but it was a Death Eater.”

“Who?” They all chorused and I shook my head.

“I don’t know,” I lied I saw Hermione and Ron share a look and I caught Hermione’s eye. She seemed to understand that I knew but could not say.

“How do you know all this?” Hermione asked curiously.

“I – I was with him. We were working closely together. Voldemort had made Horcruxes, we we’re looking for them.”*

“Horcruxes? They are extremely advanced, dark pieces of magic. Who would do such a thing?” she asked. “Never mind,” she said when she realised what she had asked.


"But, how come you're unharmed? Lillian asked timidly. "If you were with him, why didn't the death eaters hurt you?" She worriedly cast a glance at Jamie, and he swallowed hard. They seemed to be concerned that I was possibly close to being killed.


"We..." I paused to collect my thoughts. "He concealed me. I was stuck, I couldn't move nor speak. They had no idea I was there." I explained.

“What happens to Jamie and myself now?” Lillian asked after a short pause.

“You'll have to go back the way you came.”

“No Harry.” Hermione said and I looked at her expectantly. “They were brought here for a reason; they’re on a mission, they have to stay.”

“But, I can no longer stay at Hogwarts!”

“Why not?”They all asked.

“I have to finish this mission that Dumbledore and I started. I can’t just abandon it now that he’s dead. It’s the only way to kill Voldemort,” I said desperately.

“Then you need us with you,” Hermione said as a matter of fact.

“It’s too dangerous.”

“Harry, you have no idea where to find these Horcruxes, nor do you know how to destroy them. We are going to need to have strategies. Put all our ideas together and plan courses of action. I could take months since we have nothing to go on. We’re in this together.”


"What if something goes wrong? You could get hurt."


Everyone noticed, except himself, that he spoke directly to Hermione.


"I have been dealing with that possibility from day one. After almost seven years, I'm not backing out now." She replied. I sighed, frustrated.

“What about Jamie and Lillian? What happens to them, may I ask?”

“They’ll have to come too. We can’t leave them here for Merlin knows how long, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next year, and they may be able to help.”

“OK, but we do everything on my terms. These things are dangerous. The piece of Voldemort that was hidden in that diary tried to kill me.” I said caving in and Hermione smiled triumphantly. “How do we sort out their appearance?” her smile faltered, “they can't go round looking like themselves, even if we're not going to be at Hogwarts.”

“Well, Hermione can do the charm, can't you?” Ron said confidently.

“I could try, but it's an extremely complicated piece of magic. I may make mistakes,” she sighed, “we could try Professor McGonagall?”

“Involving another person? Just great!” I snapped

“It's our best shot,” she snapped back.

“So, how many have you found? Horcruxes, I mean?” Lillian asked. Trying to break the tension.

“Three.” I replied. “The dairy, which I destroyed, the ring, which Professor Dumbledore destroyed, after he tried it on. That's why his hand looked burnt, and this,”** I said holding up the locket I turned it over in my hands before unclasping it and was confused when nothing happened.


I opened it fully to discover a note inside it. “It’s a fake,” I spat angrily passing the note around.***

“There’s a name. It’s not much but it’s a start. I may be able to find out who R.A.B is from a book in the library.”

“There’s no need for that,” Jamie replied solemnly and I looked at him quizzically. “Regulus Arcturus Black, it's Sirius’ brother.”

“Jamie, are you sure?” I asked heart hammering. He nodded.

“He was very proud of his heritage; he most likely became a Death Eater. Get someone to talk to Sirius about it, he'll probably be able to confirm it for you.” he said innocently. My heart constricted in my chest.

“Harry, you know what this means, don’t you?” Hermione asked enthusiastically.

“We have a lead.” I replied. I managed to choke down my emotions, but my effort didn't go unnoticed by Hermione


“We’re going to have to go back to Grimmauld Place.” She said sadly.

“That’s Sirius’ old house. How do you have access to Sirius’ house?” Jamie asked.

“Sirius and Harry were close, and he left the house to Harry in his will.” Hermione stated.

“Hermione!” I yelled.

“How else were we supposed to explain it to them?” She snapped back.

“Sirius is dead?” Jamie asked astonished.

“Yeah,” I replied solemnly.


Jamie saw a flash of pain flickering through Harry's eyes and knew immediately that Sirius was more then just his father’s friend.

“He was your Godfather? Wasn't he?” I looked at him surprised. “Look I already know that I am your father. Which wasn't hard to figure out considering you're my carbon copy, and believe me, it's just as weird for me, as it is you. Sirius was – is my brother, I know he would've been your godfather,” he rambled off and looked me square in the eyes, as if daring me to make up a lie.


"Yes." I managed to ground out. "Sirius was my godfather. He escaped Azkaban to save my life. Thirteen years he waited to get free, he finally did, and died anyway!" I stopped, and realised that my breathing had become hard and my voice had got louder as my emotions took over. I bent my head, not daring to look at my father in the eye and excused myself.



Hermione waited for the door to click shut behind Harry before she spoke.


"I'm sorry he got angry." She apologised. But Jamie just shook his head, he understood. "Talking about Sirius is a hard subject for him."


"How long as it been?" James dared to ask. She paused momentarily before deciding it was safe to answer his question.


"Just a year. He died saving Harry's life, again." Oddly, that bit of information gave Jamie peace. Because he knew that dying protecting someone he loved was the only way Sirius wanted to go.


"It seems that Harry's life has been saved a lot of times." Lillian stated, and Hermione could hear the fear in her voice.


"The hazard of being hunted by the most dangerous, and powerful dark lord of all time." She replied simply.


"It's been happening since first year." Ron added. Jamie and Lillian stared, horrified.




The next few days were hard for the trio; Harry seemed to be under fire from the grieving students, who wouldn’t leave him alone to grieve. They all wanted answers and Harry wasn’t able to give them, which angered them somewhat. Professor McGonagall had specifically asked Harry to tell no one, as she wanted to do so on the day of his funeral. ‘To lighten the burden on you,’ Hermione had reasoned.


The day of the funeral and the mood of Hogwarts was a sombre one, even peeves the poltergeist seemed to be on his best behaviour. Harry had felt bad at the fact that Jamie and Lillian couldn’t come to the funeral, but as Hermione pointed out, they couldn’t grieve for their dead Headmaster when he was living in their time.

All through the ceremony Harry thought solely of Jamie and Lillian and how they would have to go on this mission with him, it was dangerous, he didn’t know what he was doing and he didn’t know where he was going to hide them for the next few months. Maybe they could remain hidden here for the entire year. But then a voice a lot like Hermione reasoned that it was pointless and a silly idea. He was pulled from his thoughts when Hermione lay her head on his shoulder, he felt a tug of his heart when he saw how upset she was and rested his head on top of hers to show that he was there for her.

A couple of hours later and the trio walked up to Dumbledore’s office to talk to Professor McGonagall, she had been somewhat surprised to see them, particularly since they had heard her sobbing into a handkerchief.

“How may I help you three?” she sniffed stowing away her sodden handkerchief.

“Well, it’s a bit of a difficult subject Professor; you see it has to do with Professor Dumbledore,” Hermione started a bit nervously.

“The mission he has gave Potter to do,” she sniffed and they looked at her surprised. “Yes, yes he told me all about it. Well, not what it is you have to do, but that it’s dangerous and you’ll not be returning for your seventh year.”

“You mean to say that he knew he was going to die?” Harry asked baffled.

“I suppose he thought that the damage that the ring he had destroyed, that had subsequently poisoned him, was going to kill him. I don’t think he suspected for one second that it was Snape that was going to kill him,” she spat angrily.

“Snape killed Professor Dumbledore?” Ron and Hermione asked.

“You hadn’t told them?” Professor McGonagall asked shocked. Harry just shook his head.

“That’s awful,” said Hermione totally aghast.

“Yes well, the coward fled after it happened. I’m surprised you didn’t notice his absence,” she replied.

“We weren’t really concerned about him, to be honest.” Ron replied hoarsely.

“There’s something else Professor,” Harry began after five minutes of silence. She looked at him expectantly. “A while ago, two people travelled from the past to here. Professor Dumbledore sent them here on a mission. They’ve been hiding in the Room of Requirement for the past month or so.”

“What? Who? How far forward?” She asked obviously confused.

“He sent them twenty years forward, to help Harry on this mission. Their names are James Potter and Lily Evans,” Hermione explained.

“James and Lily, are here? This is unbelievable; I must see them at once.”

“They have been hiding under false names and identities, until recently, when the concealment charm, or whatever it was Professor Dumbledore used to change their appearances, stopped working. When he –”but Harry couldn't finish his sentence.

“I see,” she whispered. “But why bring them twenty years into the future, just to endanger their lives?”

“Professor Dumbledore seemed to think that in order for Harry to be born, they needed to be sent here to fall in love. Something will apparently happen that makes Lillian realise that she loves Jamie,” Hermione explained.

“How much do they know?”

“Not a lot. We have remained very tight lipped,” Harry replied.

“Do they know what Snape done?”

“No. That's why Ron and Hermione didn't know. I didn't want to say and take the risk of Jamie doing something stupid."


"Knowing your father, that was a wise choice." McGonagall nodded.

“What we need is for to transfer them to a safe hiding place until Harry, Ron and I are ready to leave for the mission. And change their appearance, because I'm not confident enough to do that.”

“I can certainly do that, but I don’t know anywhere that’s safe enough.”

“I was thinking about Sirius’ old house,” Hermione said. “It will just be until after the Weasley wedding.”

“Very well, bring them to this office tomorrow night at midnight and I will change their appearances and give them a portkey to transport them out of here.”

“...and you will keep it a secret that they are there?”

“You have my word, Mr Potter.”

“Thank you Professor. We better be going no it’s getting late,” Hermione said, they got up and headed for the door.

“Mr Potter,” McGonagall called stopping them in their tracks. “Come back to us alive, all three of you.”

“We’ll try our hardest Professor." Harry replied, he nodded a goodbye and closed the office door leaving McGonagall crying.

“When did you decide that Grimmauld Place would be best? What about the order?” Harry asked as they walked briskly back to the Room of Requirement.

“I thought about it a few days ago, but I never had the chance to run it by you. Now Professor Dumbledore is gone the order will not continue. Professor Dumbledore was the one person Voldemort feared and with Snape now a fleeing murderer it would be unwise to continue the order, suicidal in fact. Besides it’s your property, no one can legally use it without your permission.”

“I don’t think you-know-who is worried about legality,” Ron replied. Hermione rolled her eyes.

“But, what if Snape tells Voldemort and his Death Eaters where Sirius’ house is?” Harry asked frantically, completely ignoring Ron’s comment.

“That’s the thing; I overheard a conversation once between the order. Professor Dumbledore made all the adults take an unbreakable vow so that if they ever gave the whereabouts of the Headquarters away then they’d die.”

“That’s mental!” Ron said.

“That’s Dumbledore,” Hermione replied. Harry smiled faintly and entered the Room of Requirement that he hadn’t realised he stopped in front of. He knew she was right; the Headquarters was the best place for them.

“How did it go?” Jamie asked them when the door was shut. They all sighed and prepared themselves for the recount of their day.

A.N. So another chapter completed. Tell me what you think of this one, it was really hard to write without completely following the sixth book. Due to copy writing I can only put in a small amount of information on Dumbledore’s death.

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