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~Alexis' POV~

Some witches and wizards are special. They may be born exceedingly talented in Charms or Potions or Quidditch. They may have a knack of finding trouble or perhaps trouble finds them.

On the outside, I am nothing special. Not atrocious at anything and not astoundingly amazing at anything. I'm not ugly and I'm not pretty. I'm neither fat nor skinny. I'm not dumb but at the same time I'm not smart. I?m just average.

But on the inside, I'm special in my own way. I have the Second Sight, which means that I can see the future, for all you muggles reading this.

Nobody knows that I'm a Seer except for Dumbledore, Professor Trelawny and a few teachers. My father doesn?t know, although my mother probably knew before she died and Merlin forbid any of my friends find out.


"Stupid James Potter. I think I could murder him. In my five years at Hogwarts, I have never gotten a detention. Ever.

"I could curse him into next week, if you like," the pretty red-head, Lily Evans, said beside me. I wouldn't exactly call us friends. Well, we were. Sort of.

She had that stupid Potter boy constantly following her and with him came the rest of them. And by 'them' I mean Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew- the Marauders, as they called themselves. What kind of people call themselves the Marauders?

Anyway, I found them maddening. They thought they owned the school, and I guess they did.

Sirius Black, with his black hair flopping lazily into his stormy grey eyes, had half the female population (and by my reckoning, quite a few of the males as well) drooling over him. And he knew it.

Potter was also up there on the drool-worthy list but he was infatuated with Lily so the girls fawned over him less.

Remus Lupin was the quite studious one with sandy brown hair and almost golden eyes. He had his fair share of girls hanging after him, but he didn't date. He was the only bearable one of the Marauders.

And then there was Peter. Poor Peter. He didn't know it, but he definitely wasn't in the same league as the Marauders. He was very tubby and had frizzy yellow hair with watery blue eyes that had a tendency to dart around a lot.

"It's alright Lily. At least seeing Snape's face when that potion blew up in his face was worth it." Even though it really wasn't. I inwardly winced as I remembered that she and Snape were friends. Lily sighed.

"And here I was hoping that I would have another chance to curse him! And Sev's not that bad, Alexis. He's better than Potter by any measure!"

"Hey! That really hurt, Evans!" James whined from behind us. Where'd he come from? Wait, if he was here it meant that-

"Did you see his face, Prongs? It was like-" Black contorted his face. Unfortunately, he got the expression just right and I could feel the laughter welling up inside me.

"Sirius! Leave Severus alone," Lily almost shrieked beside me. I couldn't contain my laughter any longer.

"Think it's funny, do you,?" Black said lazily at me, "Well, at least you have more spirit than Evans here." Lily harrumphed and walked off.

"Wait! Evans, will you go to Hogsmeade next weekend with me?" Potter yelled after her. I sighed inwardly. When, in Merlin's name, was he going to realise that acting like a 5 year old was not the right way to get her attention?

"James, maybe she'll go with you if you start to act alright towards her? Or maybe if you don't give her a reason to hate you?" Peter suggested. Wow, I never knew that kid even spoke, let alone had brains.

"Who are you?" Potter suddenly blurted at me.

"James!" Remus gasped. At least he had the decency to look appalled.

"What? I don't know who she is, so I asked. There's nothing wrong with that!" I rolled my eyes, of course they wouldn't know who I am and I would prefer to keep it like that.

Of course, things never go quite as planned.


I was sitting in our common room finishing my Transfiguration homework when Lily plopped down next to me.

"He is infuriating! Do you hear me, Alexis? Infuriating!" she sighed.

"Who?" I asked, even though I already knew who she was referring to.

"Potter! That's who!"

"What'd he do this time?" I can't say I wasn't intrigued.

"Stupid git put a Furnunculus Curse on Severus for absolutely no reason other than that Sev was 'in his way' as he put it. I feel like punching him!" She explained while making violent gestures with her hands.

"Ugh, I need to forget about him. Come to dinner with me?" She said as my stomach grumbled. I nodded and got up: Transfiguration homework could wait.

We made our way to the Great Hall in an uncomfortable silence. Lily and I were sort-of-friends, but we didn't exactly have much in common.

"Sooo...." Yeah, I'm a great conversationalist.

" is your Potions essay coming along?" She asked.

"Potions essay? Isn't that due in, like, 2 weeks?" She raised one of her eyebrows at me. How did she do that?

"Yeah, but have you started?"

"Uh, no. You?"

"Yeah," She has started an essay due in 2 weeks? Who would start an essay 2 weeks before it's due? Oh right, Lily Evans. Anyways, the awkward silence soon descended upon us again.


Lily and I sat down to eat.

"Hello, ladies," Potter said in what I'm sure he thought was a smooth voice. He sat next to me, coincidently opposite Lily. Why did he have to sit there?

"Potter," Lily greeted him, "you got Alexis a detention." Oh Merlin, she was going to draw the attention to me. I wished the floor would just swallow me whole there and then.

"Alexis? Who's Alexis?" he said cluelessly. I've been in your year and in the same house as you and have been for the past 4 years. Are you blind?!

"As in Alexis who got blamed for blowing up Snivellus' potion in his face and now is doing detention with us tonight?" Black hinted.

"Alexis as in the girl sitting next to you?" Black said. Realisation dawned on Potter's face.

Unfortunately I had just soaked in what Black was saying.

"What? You've got detention to? For what?" I panicked. This day has been horrible and now it just got a whole lot worse.

"For hexing Slytherins last week."


Not only did I have my very first detention, but I had it with the Marauders.

Like I said: stupid James Potter.

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