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    The war was over. Over. Harry was standing in the middle of the circle of cheering people. Happy people. How could they be happy when hundreds of people died tonight? How? Harry untangled himself from the mass of people and ran. He ran away from the happiness. Away from desire and into loneliness and sadness. He had no feeling in his bones. He was dead inside and out. It was his entire fault, his fault that Fred died, his fault Collin died. Everything was his fault. He broke into a sprint and heard faint echoes of Hermione’s voice

    “Harry, come back!”

    Ron’s voice, “Mate? Where are you going?”

    Everyone’s voice, “Harry?”

    This made him continue even faster. But he could hear footsteps behind him. He felt a slight prodding in his back. His vision became blurry. What was going on?


    Then the world became black.


                       *                                                                                          *                                                                             *


                    Harry woke up in a restraining jacket where he could only lift his head a few inches. Studying his surroundings, he realized he was in a kind of science lab. People in white lab coats were inspecting a heavy red liquid. Wait…is that my blood? He thought in bewilderment.

                    “He’s awake!” One of the men in the white coats said. He had glasses like Harry’s and even looked like him. It looked like…his father. Man, he was going crazy. All of a sudden, the man to Harry’s left shot a needle into his arm through the restraining and into the white flesh of his skin and he escaped into nothing.



                    Harry felt like he was dreaming. But the dream was real. He could feel, hear, taste, see, and smell. He saw he was in the Hogwarts corridors and he was walking with Ron and Hermione.

                    “Where on Earth am I?” He said looking around.

                    “Hogwarts mate! Have you gone mad?” Ron asked. Harry stared at his friends in wonderment.

                    “What about Voldemort? He’s gone now, right?”

                    Hermione looked at him weirdly. “Who are you talking about, Harry?”

                    “Voldemort! Who-know-who! He-who-must-not-be-named! The one that killed my parents!”

                    “Harry, your parents are not dead. We’re all spending Christmas with them together.”

                    “What about Ginny?” Harry said as the image of her suddenly flashing into his mind.

                    “She’s dating Dean.” Ron said darkly. This was so confusing! What happened to defeating Voldemort? And the Horcruxes? And dating Ginny? Harry rubbed his temples and took a seat in a nearby bench.

                    “Care to explain what’s going on?” Hermione asked as she joined him on the bench.

                    Harry explained everything from when the night his parents died to where he defeated Voldemort to where they injected the needle in him. He even added his romance with Ginny. When he finished, Hermione had a face of deep thought while Ron looked at Harry as if he had three heads.

                    “You went out with my sister?!?!?!” He hollered.

                    “Yes I did! And I still love her!” Harry said. Ron was about to say something when Hermione interrupted him.

                    “I’ve heard of this! They probably injected Parrelelomaxo into your body when they put the needle in you!”

                    “What’s Parrele-?”

                    “It’s a really rare potion that makes you go to sleep and transports you into a parallel universe where everything is different.” Hermione continued, “But apparently it didn’t have full effect, this means you’ll be stuck here forever, Harry! Oh no. That’s not good.” Hermione’s worried face took over.

                    “Why not? He has parents now. And he probably still has a chance with Ginny! This is good!” Ron said.

                    Hermione shook her head.

    “Because if we’re still friends then that means the effects weren’t fully in him, then he only has a limited amount of time to live. After a while his body shuts down completely.”

                    “How long do I have until this happens?” Harry asked.

                    “Based on how big of a part our relationship is,” She gave it some thought. “Maybe a month or two. Or more. I’m not sure. I have to check the library to see if there’s a solution and how long you have. I’ll be back.” And then she walked away to the library.

                    “This is terrible. I hope Hermione finds something.” Ron said in a worried tone.

                    “She’s Hermione when doesn’t she.” Harry laughed and Ron joined in too.

                    But they weren’t laughing because it was really funny. They wanted to relieve the tension and pressure they felt right now, for one of them was in grave danger.


                    *                                                                             *                                                                                             *


                    Hermione came back in an hour. None of them even realized they were skipping class. They were only focused on this drastic situation. They went into an empty classroom to discuss this. Sitting down on a desk, Hermione opened the book and began to read out loud.

                    “’Parrelelomaxo is a rare potion that transports whoever takes this potion to a parallel world. This potion is very dangerous. Seldom does this take you to a world where everything is what you want.’ Blah blah blah. ‘If the taker of this potion is transported to a world where there are some things that remain the same as the normal world, this means the potion did not have full effect. This caused the body to shut down completely in a period of time. When the body shuts down there is no turning back. But you can get rid of this problem in advance. Create the antidote (page 473) according to how long he has to live. To figure this out, see how minor the non-change is. The higher priority the shorter he/she has to live. The minimum amount of time is three weeks.”  Hermione looked at Harry. “Well, our relationship is pretty important right? Maybe medium. I would say you have about three weeks to a month to live.”

                    Harry sighed. “Alright. Turn to the antidotes page.” He said with no emotion. He watched her as she flipped through the pages.

                    “Aha! Here it is! ‘The antidote to Parrelelomaxo consists of:

    3 unicorn hairs

    1 Phoenix feather

    1 Hair from the victim

    5 porcupine quills

    1 eel eye (any)

    1 Leaf from the Tree of Iris’”

                    “Where on Earth will we find these things?” Ron asked taking the book and staring at it.

                    “Well, thankfully, my parents got me this PIF for me!” Hermione said. She took out a sphere from her pocket.

                    “Hermione, this is not Muggle geometry.” Harry said staring at the blue sphere.

                    “I know Harry! Talk to it.” Hermione held up the sphere to Harry’s mouth.

                    “Have you gone mad?” Ron asked. Hermione sighed and put the sphere to her mouth.

                    “Unicorn hairs.” She said.

                    All of a sudden, a hologram popped out showing a map of the world with highlighted areas. We were a black star on the globe. Ron pointed to a place near the black star.

                    “I think that’s the forbidden forest.”

                    “Yes it is Ron! I remember seeing a unicorn in my second year when I got detention!” Harry exclaimed. Hermione smiled.

                    “Nice work guys. Let’s go.” She leaped up and bolted out the door, running. Harry and Ron followed suit.

                    They raced down the halls of Hogwarts never stopping. They whizzed by portraits saying things like, “Hey where do you think you’re going?” or “Kids out of class? Oh, this won’t do.” But they ignored them and continued their journey.

                    Finally, they reached the large space of grass containing Hagrid’s hut and to the right was the forbidden forest. They raced towards the bushy trees and exotic plants. Ron was always the first to get there, as for Harry and Hermione, they got there panting and gasping for air. When they calmed their breathing pattern, they started walking into the forest

    They walked until their feet screamed for help. They were dying of thirst and hunger. Hogwarts and school were long out of their mind as they searched for a unicorn. They were about to give up when Ron yelled, “Hey guys! Look at this!” He said, beckoning them over.

                    Harry and Hermione walked over with caution. You never know what you could find in this forest. As they reached the spot Ron was talking about, they could see a full grown unicorn down on the ground. Dead. It looked like a horse who was about to give birth or a sick horse. Hermione sniffled and kneeled down and stroked the unicorn’s horn. Ron was about to touch it when Hermione yelled, “Stop!”

                    “Why? You’re touching it too!” He sounded like a two year old.

                    “I’m touching the horn. The horn is impossible to bewitch as it has too much positive magic in it. You don’t know how it could’ve died. It could’ve been a powerful dark curse that-”

                    Ron put a hand up to stop her, “Please don’t go into some five minute lecture about this ‘Dark Curse’” 

                    Hermione rolled her eyes.

    “Then how will we get the hairs without touching it?” Harry asked.

                    Hermione stood and reached inside her pocket. Out came a tiny purse from which she pulled out a vial.

                    “Undetectable Extension charm. We’ll store the hairs in here.”

                    “You’re not helping.” Ron said.

                    “Are you a wizard or not? Use the accio spell!” Hermione said

                    “Accio unicorn hair!” Harry and Ron said. Now they had two unicorn hairs. They needed just one more.

                    “Accio unicorn hair.” Hermione said. She placed the three hairs inside the vial carefully and gave a shaky breath.

                    “Let’s go back.” Ron whispered and they walked back to Hogwarts.


    *                                                                             *                                                                             *


    They were on their way up the hill that led to the school when Hermione stopped.

    “Did any of you realize we’re skipping school right now?” Hermione said in a worried tone.

    The boys rolled their eyes. Harry put his hands in his pockets. “Hermione, given the circumstances we are in, I really don’t think that’s important right now.”

                    “I think we should leave Hogwarts. We need to go now, his time is limited and who knows how long it will take to find the ingredients.” Ron said.

                    “But-!”  Hermione began.

                    “Now.” Ron said sternly.

                    She nodded. “Fine.” She grabbed hold of Harry and Ron’s hands and they apparated.


                    They landed in front of a glamorous Muggle hotel with fountains in the front. Harry stared at Hermione in disbelief

                    “Really Hermione?”  Harry asked. She shook her head and apparated again. This time, they landed in front of a small but decent home. It was a brick house with black shutters. The porch was large and had two wooden chairs facing each other for long nights of talking and laughing.

                    “Let’s go in.” Hermione said as she led the way into the house. “Alohomora.” She said as she pointed her wand to the door knob. The living room looked nice and cozy. A large fireplace was to the left with a rug in front and a peach colored loveseat with a coffee table behind it. The walls were a cream color and the floor was wooden. To the right was a large bookshelf next a living room chair with a lamp to its right. In the back wall there were three doors and an arch leading to the kitchen. Harry imagined that two of the doors led to bedroom and the remaining one was a bathroom. This situation sounded familiar. He chuckled silently. It was like the time they went to the Ministry in Fifth year and they had to solve the riddle with the doors.

                    “Should we put the protective enchantments, then?” Ron asked

                    Hermione giggled, “There’s nothing to hide from Ron.”

                    “Oh, right.” He blushed

                    Hermione walked to the bedroom farthest to the right. “Well, I’ll be claiming this room. The other one on the far right has a bunk bed so you two can use that one. There are good snacks in the kitchen so help yourselves to anything you like.”

                    “Hermione, how do you know this place?” Harry said as he picked up a picture from the coffee table. The picture had a little girl with beautiful brown curly hair and blue eyes on a swing smiling next to a woman in about her thirties who looked very much like her. He put down the picture and faced Hermione. She hesitated when she began talking

                    “My Aunt Irene used to live here. But one day she suddenly fled with Uncle Victor and their child. No one’s ever seen them since. Apparently they went to the United States, but I know they are not there. They did not like the United States” She had a lost look in her eye as she stared at the picture Harry had been holding from the door.

                    “Oh I’m sorry Hermione.” Harry said.

                    “Oh it’s alright. We never really connected.” Hermione’s eyes suddenly became more focused and she moved her gaze to Harry’s face.

                    “What do you mean?”

                    Hermione gave a shaky breath. “I always felt like she was keeping a dark secret. She would never really talk. And when the whole family would come over, she would always have to leave so suddenly. And one day, when I saw her leave, I followed her. She was walking to a forest. Then she suddenly stopped and kneeled down in front of a tree. It looked like she was praying. She was mumbling some sort of incantation. But that was the past. Let’s just get settled in.”

                    “Hm. That’s weird.” Ron said.

                    “Yeah. Well, it’s not like it’s anything important to us, right?” Hermione said unconvincingly.

                    “Right.” Harry carefully said as he led the way to his and Ron’s bedroom and Hermione went into hers.

                    Together Harry and Ron walked into the room. It was a fair size. There was a bunk bed to the right with green blanket and white pillows. A desk was to the left of the room, close to the door and a bookshelf was next to it. Farther against the back wall was a wardrobe. Ron walked up to the dresser and tapped it. “Doesn’t look like we’ll need this.”

                    Right when Ron tapped the wardrobe its door flew open revealing a bunch of outfits.

                    “Nice.” Ron grinned and reached inside. He pulled out jeans and a white t-shirt. He placed them on top of the wardrobe and changed into pajamas. He crawled into bed.

                    Harry inspected the bookshelf. It contained many different books, from where to find beasts to Muggle styling tips. He stood in the middle room and looked around. He yawned and stretched and then he too crawled into bed with his fluffy pajamas.

                    Harry woke up with an aching feeling in his stomach

    Grrrr. He placed a hand on his stomach. I sure am hungry, he thought. He walked out of the room and into the kitchen and found Hermione sitting on the round wooden breakfast table with Ron munching on brownies.

                    “Oh hi Harry. We were just trying to find out how to find the next ingredient.” Hermione said while studying the wrinkled paper.

                    “Did you rip that out directly from the book?” Harry raised an eyebrow.

                    Hermione blushed, “Maybe.”

                    “Whatever. What’s the next ingredient?” Ron asked.

                    “Well it’s a rather short list but it has rare and difficult ingredients. So, I ordered them from easiest to find to the hardest one.”

                    “Alright so what’s the next step?” Harry was getting impatient. Hermione suddenly reached up and yanked a hair from Harry’s head.

                    “Ouch! Why’d you do that?”

                    “The next ingredient is a hair from the victim. You’re the victim. So two down,” She popped the cork off a vial she took out from her pocket and placed the hair inside. “Four to go.”

    Then someone knocked on the door.


    Did you like it?? Please review! I personally like it better than The Notebook. :/ But I will try to improve The Notebook’s quality! I will write both at the same time. The only problem is I have school soon, volleyball, drama, and guitar. I am a busy girl. (: But please bear with me!

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