While in Charms class, Professor Flitwick was explaining a new charm, and Quinn was working on her poem to Snape. The four Gryffindors felt their watches warm. They all looked down to their parchments, and read what was written on it.




Indeed! And the teacher has been shouting about cross-dressing and how it's wrong since the second I walked in! He even took 10 points from Gryffindor! Anyways, it's my turn… Hermione! Nobody's picked you yet! T or D? ~George


T. Of course. I saw the dares you all gave! ~Hermione


Hermione… Er… Which of the people in the class your in would you want to snog over all the others? ~George


Er………… ~Hermione


Come on Hermione! Tell us! ~Harry


I already know. ~Quinn


Shut up Quinn ~Hermione


So.. Who is it! You have to answer! ~Won-Won


Unless you want a chicken! ~Fred


Fine. It's… Ron. ~Hermione


Hermione looked at the reddening face of the ginger sitting next to her.


OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo! ~Fred


Won-Won! Looks like you got yourself a lover! ~George


Go get some, bro! ~Fred


Quinn and Harry looked over to Ron, wanting to see his face. Ron was blushing until he was almost as red as his hair. So 


was Hermione, who looked away from him.


Shut up you guys ~Won-Won


So……. Hermione! Ask someone T or D! ~George


Okay. Ron, T or D? ~Hermione


Ron needed to think about this a bit. She's Hermione! If she gives me a dare nothing bad will happen! She might even dare me to snog her! He started writing his answer on the parchment.


D ~Won-Won


Woo! Finally! ~George


Never thought you'd get the guts to do it! ~Fred


Shut up you guys. What's my dare, Hermione? ~Won-Won


I dare you to… Finish every sentence you speak, (not write,) with the words "in my pants," for the rest of the day. ~Hermione


Ron looked disappointedly at the paper, while Quinn chuckled quietly, but loud enough for Flitwick to notice.


"Do you think that my lesson about the charm Engorgio is funny, Miss Urie?" Flitwick said to Quinn.


"Err… No, Professor," replied Quinn.


"Were you listening to a word I said? Because you don't seem to be paying attention," Flitwick responded.


"Yes, I am paying attention actually," Quinn fibbed.


"Well, then you can answer this question: What does the charm 'engorgio' do?" Flitwick asked her, as Hermione raised her hand violently.


"Er… I don't know, Professor," Said Quinn, but an evil idea struck her, "but I think Ron would know. I'm pretty sure he payed attention to every word you said."


Flitwick raised one brow, then turned to Ron, who was looking at Quinn with an expression that said "I am going to kill you someday," and asked him, "Well, Mister Weasley, do you know what engorgio does?"


Ron muttered something very quietly, before Flitwick asked him to repeat what he said.


"It makes things bigger, in my pants," Ron murmured, as the whole classroom except for Flitwick and Ron burst into laughter.


"Excuse me, Mister Weasley? Do you think this is some kind of joke!?" Flitwick yelled at him.


"No, sir, but it's just that the spell really does make things bigger! I'm just answering your question!" Ron shouted back, but after receiving a glare from Quinn, remembered to add, "in my pants."


"Ten points from Gryffindor for this tomfoolery! Now as I was saying…" Flitwick trailed off.


Oh my god.. That was hilarious! ~Quinn


I agree! ~Hermione


Best charms class ever! ~Harry


Shut up you guys! ~Won-Won


What happened? ~Fred


Yes, tell us! We are dying in DADA and the teacher is STILL yelling at me for wearing girls clothing! ~George


Well… Flitwick asked Ron what engorgio does ~Hermione


And Ron still has to finish every sentence with "in my pants" ~Harry


So put that together! ~Quinn


It took a few seconds for one of the twins to reply.


Well… Freddie and I just started laughing in the middle of class… The teacher yelled at us… and took away 20 points from Gryffindor. 10 points each, actually. ~George


It was worth it! ~Fred


Really guys? I hate you! ~Won-Won


Come on Ron! It was funny, admit it! ~Quinn


"Miss Urie! Pay attention! Stop writing whatever you're writing and listen to me!" Flitwick yelled at Quinn.


"Sir, I think it's time to go, in my pants," Ron said, making students snicker.


"Well they go to the bloody bathroom, Mister Weasley, but don't interrupt my class!" Flitwick screamed, making the snickers go silent.


"Damn, short people have really bad tempers!" A boy behind Harry said.


"What did you say mister Potter!?" Flitwick roared, whipping his head, showing his red-with-anger face, around to face Harry and Quinn.


"It wasn't me sir," Harry told him.


"Yes it was! I heard you! That's it, I've had enough of you all! Twenty more points from Gryffindor!"


"But sir! It wasn't him!" Ron yelled, "in my pants…"


"Mister Weasley! What did I say about interrupting my class! And I don't care about the contents of your pants and what has been in them! Fifty points from Gryffindor! And detention, Mister Weasley!" Flitwick snapped, "I'm sick of this bloody class! Class dismissed! Everyone get out!"


Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Quinn were the first ones out.


"Well that was awful!" Ron complained, "He took a total of eighty points from Gryffindor, all in one class! In my pants!"


"And if you include how much the twins said were taken away because of them, that's one-hundred points! Gone!" Hermione wailed.


"We only had about one-hundred-twenty to start with!" Harry whined.


"And we have Potions next! Snape always takes away at least fifty points from our house each lesson! It's going to be even worse with this game in my pants!" Ron griped.


"Hey, at least there's one good thing about Potions!" Harry said, a tone of happiness appearing in his voice.


Harry looked over to Ron, elbowing him, then looked back to Quinn.


Ron smirked as he told Quinn, "Oh yes! Quinn, you better have that poem ready, in my pants!" 


"Don't worry, I have the poem. I was working on it in Charms," She said depressingly, pulling it from her pocket.


"Lovely! Now let's get to Potions so we don't lose points for being late!" Hermione said.

They all ran off to the dungeons after that, and  Quinn clutched the embarrassing poem in her hand. 

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