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Melody by Marissa
Chapter 13 : When In Hogsmeade
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When In Hogsmeade 

Valentine’s day arrived with the sun shining brightly, the birds chirping merrily, the scent of fresh pine in the air and Chanel Emmanuel muttering curses under her breath.

“Look at it, it’s disgusting! Even mother nature’s rubbing it in my face!”

Melody raised her bleary eyes to frown at the sulking blonde. “Will you stop being so bloody miserable! If you’re going to be like this the entire day, I would rather go to Hogsmeade with moaning myrtle!”

Anna chose that moment to flounce into the room- a towel wrapped firmly around her torso, bringing with her the light scent of strawberry and vanilla. The heat from the bathroom wafted out and Chanel moaned. “Someone just kill me now.”

Melody’ head fell back on the pillow, but not before muttering. “I’d like to.”

Chanel ignored this and grimaced at Anna. “Where are you and lover boy headed today?”

Anna shrugged. “I don’t know, probably just the usual haunts; you know, Honeydukes, Zonko’s, so on.”

Chanel nodded glumly.

“What about the two of you?”

Melody huffed and sat up with a stretch. Clearly she was going to get no more sleep. “Probably the same, though with her attitude we’ll most likely be sitting at the Three Broomsticks while she shoots glares of death at every couple who happens to walk through the door.”   

Chanel scowled. “It’s not my fault. I mean, as if I didn’t feel bad enough, now even Sirius Black managed to get himself an actual girlfriend! The world has clearly turned upside down.”

Anna rolled her eyes. “It won’t last. Sirius doesn’t do relationships. Trust me, they’ll kiss and hold hands for a week until he gets tired of her and then he’ll dump her.”

Melody twisted her face in contemplation. “I don’t know. Why would he go through all the trouble then? Why not just ask her on a date? Who is this girl anyway?” She huffed. “I hate not knowing things.”

“Whatever, do you honestly think Sirius has the willpower to remain in a relationship? With one person - that would require limited sex, with limited people?”

Melody shrugged. “You never know. He did it with Marlene.”

“Marlene is Marlene. He’s known her a long time. Their love was like something from the stars. There’s no way that this girl is another Marlene. Trust me, she won’t last two days.” Anna pressed.

Chanel eyed Anna curiously while Melody shook her head in defeat. It was useless arguing with her.

The girls headed down an hour later. Although it was a sunny day, the winter air was still cool and biting, so they dressed warmly. Chanel’s version of dressing warmly, however, was a slight bit different from everyone else’s.

“You’re going to freeze in that.” Melody had commented dryly as she observed her leather skirt and sweater combination.

Chanel frowned. “What? I’m wearing a sweater, besides, not all the blokes are taken. I’ll need something to reel them in.”  

“Do you think James is going solo?” Chanel asked as they descended the moving staircases.

Melody’s expression faltered a bit. Anna flicked her hair back. “Who knows.”

As it turned out, James Potter was, in fact, solo. Even so, he was his usual bubbly and merry self as he joked with Remus and Peter, occasionally barking with laughter in between spoonfuls of porridge- no female companion in sight.

Sirius on the other hand, was a different story.

The girl was pretty, nothing extraordinary; comparatively bland to some of his other conquests and as Anna had insisted, definitely no Marlene, but she was pretty nonetheless.

The disappointed feeling she felt was startling. Anna frowned. Shouldn’t she have been happy for them? After all, Sirius was one of her good friends.

Chanel’s eager eyes were glued onto the duo as her mouth widened slightly. “That is...slightly weird.”

Melody nodded, equally mesmerized by the sight; however, her eyes travelled magnetically towards the raven haired boy sitting a few seats away. He seemed to feel her gaze, raising his head to look directly at her. His eyes narrowed momentarily and then relaxed. He shot a look at Sirius and then back, his lips quirking up at the corner.

A dark haired boy poked his head out from under the table and smiled when he caught sight of her, his grey eyes lighting up. “There you are, come here.” He whispered, gesturing wildly.

Melody glanced around the room dubiously and then walked over towards the table. As she crouched down, Sirius moved back and Melody saw James sitting against the wall, popping Bertie’s Flavored beans into his mouth carelessly. “What are the two of you doing under here?” Melody asked exasperatedly.

“This, Mel, is our new hiding place. No one can find us here.” Sirius exclaimed proudly.

Melody frowned and raised a brow. “I found you.”

“No you didn’t, I called you.” Sirius replied, shaking his head.

“Whatever, I’m bored, can we do something?” Melody scowled.

Sirius glanced over at James who smirked and popped another bean into his mouth. “What do you want to do?” James asked, speaking for the first time. Melody sighed and crawled over beside James, leaning against him. “Anything, Uncle Sylvester is back... I don’t want to go home.”

Sirius furrowed his brows in concern and James stiffened. “What does he want?”

“Probably money.” She trailed off and chewed lightly on her lip. James noticed this and frowned, turning the full force of his hazel eyes on her. “What are you not telling us?”

Sirius leaned forward, his eyes narrowed.

“I heard them talking...about me; about, an arranged marriage.” Her voice was soft, fearful and she winced as she saw anger flash across James’ youthful face. It was an expression one hardly- if ever- saw him wear. “Are you kidding me?!”

“I wish I was.” Melody sniffed, furiously wiping away at the traitorous tears. James quickly set aside the box of jelly beans and pulled her closer, wrapping his arm around her shoulders protectively. “Hey, it’s not going to happen alright. I won’t let it.”

And Melody believed him.


Melody was startled back to the present as Chanel snapped her fingers in front of her glassy eyes impatiently.

 “What? Sorry.”

She rolled her eyes in exasperation. “C’mon, if you don’t want to miss breakfast, I suggest we dig in sometime before our death.”

Melody felt like she’d been sucker punched. With a bitter taste in her mouth, she followed the girls to the far side of the table.

James had long since turned away.  


“Good Merlin, it’s cold!”

Melody rolled her eyes. “I believe it was you who decided boys were more important than body warmth.”

Chanel blew wisps of blonde hair away from her glossy lips and huffed. “I am wearing a sweater!”

Melody refrained from responding. They were walking through Hogsmeade, admiring (begrudgingly in Chanel’s case) the picturesque view of the small village, as it lay under a blanket of thin white snow.

“Where do you want to head next?” Melody asked in between licks of her strawberry flavoured lollipop. Honeydukes had understandably been their first stop and neither had been shy to grab everything in their sight, save the earwax flavoured beans, for obvious reasons.

“Three Broomsticks, I’m practically salivating for a butterbeer.”

Melody’s face twisted and she gave a reluctant glance at her lollipop before flinging it into the nearest trash can.

“It’s always so bloody cramped in here, as if there aren’t about a dozen other places to visit in Hogsmeade.” Chanel huffed, cranking her head this way and that for a glimpse of any spare seats.

“Oh there- never mind!” Chanel shut her mouth and looked away quickly. Melody raised her brow. “What? Did someone take it? Where? Oh...”

She frowned.

“Its fine, we’ll find something else and if not we’ll just head over to Madame Puddifoot’s. I’m sure she has plenty of space.” Chanel blathered.

Melody gave a heavy sigh. “Don’t be daft, we don’t have to go all the way to Pudditfoot’s and we’re not going to find anything else.” She motioned towards a horde of people standing by the washrooms looking around desperately for a seat.

“Are you sure, I mean, we really don’t have to.” Chanel said hesitantly.

Melody nodded. “Yes, it’s fine. Let’s go, they won’t deny you a seat and I’ll just sit on your lap if nothing else.”

Chanel rolled her eyes. “They won’t deny either of us a seat and if they do, I’ll punch them.”

Melody gave a nervous laugh and Chanel pulled her through the throng of people. “Come on.”

They approached the table and Remus looked up just as they stumbled out of the crowd. “For fuck’s sake, you people are insane!” She screeched at the students.

Some of the braver ones shot her the bird while others tried to catch a peek under her ridiculously short hemline.

“I see you two made it through alive.” He smiled. Chanel glowered. “I swear there’s another perfectly good restaurant down the road.”

Sirius’ face twisted. “Are you talking about Puddifoots? She’s not talking about Puddifoot’s is she?” He shivered.

His girlfriend gave a cute laugh and rolled her eyes. “It’s not that bad once you get past all the pink.”

James mimed throwing up and Peter snorted a laugh.

Chanel pulled Melody down into an empty seat at the table. Remus, sensing her unease,gave her a warm smile. “You look cold Mel, I haven’t touched my butterbeer yet.” He pushed the mug towards her and Melody gave him an appreciative smile. “Thanks Remus, it’s freezing outside.”

“Yet you’re feeling the need to wear a mini leather skirt why?” Sirius asked, directing his question towards Chanel.

“Boys.” Was her answer. She gave a casual shrug.

The pretty girl beside him laughed. “It’s a wonder why you’d need it. Blokes seem to gravitate towards you.”

Chanel grinned. “I like her, what’s your name love?”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Don’t tell her, she’ll stalk everything about you, from your family to your bra size.”

Melody’s lip quirked up and Sirius shot her a small smile.

Chanel on the other hand settled for a heated glare before turning back towards the girl. “How do you deal with it? You seem like a nice girl, what are you doing with him?”

Melody elbowed her friend in the side before beaming at the girl. “Ignore her. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Melody and this loud mouth here is Chanel. I don’t think we’ve met before.”

The brunette grinned. “Angelica Addison, I’m in your herbology class.”

Melody blushed. “Sorry, staying awake in Herbology is a struggle.”

Angelica nodded. “Believe me, I know.”

Chanel scowled. “Ugh, boring! Can we talk about something other than Herbology?”

Remus rolled his eyes fondly. “Yes, why don’t we talk about you Chanel.” He answered, sarcasm oozing from his pores. This was lost on her as she grinned, giving a happy nod.

James snorted and groaned. “Where is your head love?”

“Up Diggory’s pants.”

Suffice it to say, Sirius would wake up very sore the next morning.


 “So how are you? I feel like we haven’t really spoken much.” Melody asked Remus as everyone else at the table fell into easy conversation.

He gave a sad smile. “We really haven’t, have we? I’m alright, how are you. You seem more tired these days.”

Melody frowned. “I suppose the weight of the course load has gotten to me.”

Remus gave her a dubious look. “Is that all?”

She stiffened. “Yes, what else would it be?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, I mean I know James and Sirius miss having you around, so it must be a little tough for you as well.”

She visibly relaxed. “I guess people sort of drift apart. We’ve all gotten older, it’s understandable.”

Remus raised his brows. “I pride myself on being slightly smarter than the average person Melody, but I won’t pry. I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

Melody’s eyes were downcast as she answered. “I really hope so too.”


“Happy Birthday!” Melody squealed, hopping on the second bed to the right, listening in satisfaction to not one, but three groans- Peter was harder to wake than a comatose patient.    

James propped his head up and shot a sleepy smile to the bubbly raven haired girl, before giving her a lingering kiss in appreciation. “Thanks love.”

“Was it absolutely necessary to wake everyone else up as well? It’s his birthday, not the whole of Hogwarts!” Sirius grumbled from the next bed over.

Melody stuck her tongue out at the mountain of blankets and pillows. “Exactly, it’s his birthday and as his best mates, it is your duty to be up early and prepared to shower him with love!”

James chortled with laughter as Sirius’ head appeared from under the sheets, an expression of disgust plastered on his face.

“The only thing we’ll be showering him with is dungbombs!”

James’ arms snaked around Melody and he pulled her against him. “Ignore him, besides, the only love I need to be showered in is yours.”

She smiled and placed butterfly kisses across his face. “Well then, prepare to be soaked.” She purred.

Melody smirked as Sirius groaned.


“So how was the date with lover boy? I want details. I’m talking nitty gritty!”

“Merlin you’re deprived! We’ve got to get you a boyfriend.” Anna scowled as she perched atop the arm rest of Melody’s chair. Chanel huffed. “That’s what I keep telling you! I need a nice shag!”

Several boys turned around hopefully and Melody grimaced. “Lower your voice, you’re going to create a riot!”

Chanel watched Anna expectantly. “Well?”

Anna huffed. “Fine! It was very nice. We went to most of the shops and then we visited the shrieking shack where he proceeded to pull me close and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Then we walked to the Broomsticks where we had a lovely romantic lunch. After that, we walked around a little more, snogged here and there and then came back to the school. Detailed enough for you?”

Chanel wiggled her nose. “The only part about that even remotely interesting, was the snogging part. You guys didn’t do it in the shrieking shack? Or shag in the Broomsticks bathroom?  I’m disappointed in you Anna. Have I taught you girls nothing?”

Melody rolled her eyes. “Ignore her, I think it sounded lovely. I suppose you really like him?”

Anna shrugged. “I don’t know. I mean he’s very sweet, but I don’t feel that...spark, with him. Does that sound stupid?”

Melody shook her head. “Not at all.”

Chanel nodded and answered simultaneously. “A little bit.”

“Anyways, how was Sirius’ date? Has he dumped her yet?”

Melody smiled. “No actually. They were very sweet together. They only snogged once in front of us and mostly they talked. It was a nice change. She’s a nice girl too, nothing like his usual girls.”

Anna considered this with a resigned scowl. Chanel and Melody exchanged wary glances. 

AN Two flashbacks in one chapter? Do I deserve cookies for that or what? :) So Sirius, James and Melody are making headway towards repairing their friendship, but will it ever be what it once was? Let me know in one of those wonderful things you lot leave - what is it called again? Ah yes, a review! ;)



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Melody: When In Hogsmeade


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