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 Chapter six – Skylar

 The next morning’s potions class was going to be far from enjoyable. I just knew it. It was just my type of luck to get partnered with the one person I really wanted be around, only to have him break my heart. Typical.

  As I had hoped, Draco and I had finished the actual potion – making part of the project in our first lesson. However, unfortunately for me and my heart, each pair still needed to sit together in order to compare notes, which would help them to each write a suitable essay on their respective potions. Slughorn also had to check and analyse each potion and essay before we would go back to our original places in the following lesson.

 I entered class and slid into my seat, doing my very best to avoid the looks and glances that Draco was throwing in my direction. It only took a few minutes, however, for me to crack:

 “What?” I demanded, “What is it that you want now, huh?”

Draco stared at me still, “Sky – Skylar – I’m sorry. I really and truly am.”


I put up my right hand, “Forget it, Malfoy.” He flinched noticeably at the use of his last name. I pretended not to care and went back to my essay writing. Draco continued to stare.

“Sky -” he began

  “No!” I hissed, “I do not want to hear it, alright? Do not speak to me!”

  “Anderson! Malfoy!” The two of us raised our heads, “Have you finished already?” Slughorn asked us, impatience showing on his rather round face.

  “Er – no sir.” I said, “We are getting there, though.”

 “Well, then” He replied, “I suggest you continue. And please refrain from talking more than is strictly necessary. Unless you want a detention, that is.” Slughorn raised a pair of very grey eyebrows.

I gulped. I could practically hear my face burning a violent red, “Sorry, sir. It won’t happen again.”

 Slughorn humphed and turned back to a piece of parchment he’d been writing on.

   “For Merlin’s sake!” I whispered, “Can you not go one minute without getting yourself and anyone with you into trouble?”


 A few moments passed. Draco tried to say something else.

 “Don’t.” I hissed in response, “Don’t even think about it.” After that outburst, he turned back to his sheet of parchment.


  We managed to get close to last minutes of the lesson before a small, folded scrap of parchment appeared before me. Carefully, I unfolded it:

Can we talk? Please?


 I looked at the note, then across at Draco (who was acting as if nothing had even happened), then back at the note again.


 I quickly scribbled a reply:


 Five minutes in the Room of Requirement is all you get. Make it worth my time wasting.



 I passed the note back to him and then proceeded to watch out of the corner of my eye as he read it.


 Draco turned to me, “Thank you.” He mouthed

 “Shut up.” I replied.


Draco looked away, but I could tell, without even seeing it cross his face, that he was smirking. I shook my head and put the finishing touches to my essay before standing up and handing it in to Slughorn. I then promptly collected my things, whilst whispering a barely there ‘five minutes’ to Draco, before I turned on my heel and headed towards an empty corridor where I created the door to the Room in my mind and stepped through.

When Draco entered, barely a minute later, I cornered him.


  “So?” I asked him, “What did you drag me here for?”

 Draco looked at me, a smirk plastered on his perfect face, “Actually you dragged me here, remember?”


I gave him my best death glare, “It’s only been a day, Malfoy.” I said, purposefully using his last name and hoping for a flinch. I was rewarded, “You are definitely not in my good books yet so don’t push it.”

Draco nodded solemnly, “I wanted to apologize I didn’t intend to hurt your feelings.”








 “Well, you did, so let’s leave that there.” I snapped. Draco looked at the floor, silent. I put on my best fake – sympathy voice, “Aw, what’s wrong, Malfoy? Run out of insults? Run out of your signature ways to hurt people? Don’t have anything more to contri -”


 He kissed me, cutting off what would’ve been a very long speech. It was rough and hard, but it contained such love and passion and – well – meaning, that I couldn’t help but kiss back.


 However, I barely had time to before he pulled back rather sharply.


 “Umm…Err…I – I – I…what?” I stammered, “I don’t understand! I thought ‘Fourth year was a mistake’! You said it was a mistake! And then you go do that! What even was that?”






 Draco took a moment to rake his hand through his white – blond hair. Then, realising I’d stopped talking, he took my pause for breath as an opportunity to answer, “Ah…well…it’s…” he looked over to find me glaring at him. He got the message, “Ummm… well…let’s just call it my way of expressing the fact that you were, in fact, right all along.”






I frowned at him, “Right? About what?”


 Draco looked at me imploringly, “Do I honestly have to answer this?”






  “If you ever want me to forgive you, then yes.” I snapped.


 Draco sighed, “Fine. You were right. I shouldn’t care what people think. About how I appear to them or anything else. You don’t, Skylar.” I felt he was mainly referring to my style at the moment, “So why should I?”


 I laughed and clapped my hands together, “Yes!” I was practically dying from laughter, “Yes! This is epic! Draco Malfoy, the Draco Malfoy, just admitted that he was wrong about something! Ladies and gentlemen!” I called in a presenter – type voice, “This is one for the history books! Somebody call the Daily Prophet!”


The two of us burst into fits of laughter at my outright hyper – stupidity. It felt nice, almost normal, acting like this.




 “Alright, calm down.” Draco whispered, having recovered from his particular laughing fit, “It’s cute, very cute. But let’s not go overboard, okay? You’ll probably die of a heart attack at this rate.”


I laughed again and rolled my eyes at him, “Overdramatic much? I’m perfectly fine.”


Draco arched one perfect blond eyebrow, “You so sure? I wouldn’t be so sure about that if I were you.” The playful jokiness of his voice was made obviously clear and I tossed a cushion from the bed, which was directly behind us, at him. He grinned, “Seriously, though. Calm down. You’re causing a scene.”




 “Am not!” I retorted, “And there’s no one here anyway.”


Draco rolled his eyes in such a way that it set me off again, but only for a few moments. He just grinned boyishly at me.


I brought myself closer to him and he wrapped his arms around my waist, “I never saw this side of you before." I whispered, "Not even in fourth year.”


 “I was more reserved, fourth year. More cautious.” He replied. I nodded. I understood that he’d been worrying over something as trivial as a reputation, “I suppose after that I was simply figuring things out.”


I stroked his arm casually – well as casual as that movement can be, “And this year? Have you figured things out yet?”


He smiled down at me, (I say down because, although I’m fairly tall, he just happens to be the slightest bit taller), “Yeah,” he breathed, “I think I have. You see, this year? Well, I think I can be more of myself – my real self – with you this year.” I grinned and he bent himself closer to me, “You’re changing me, Skylar Anderson. And I’m not sure how to cope with that.”


I smiled at his last, breathtaking comment. And then, with slow, deliberate motions, I put a hand at the nape of his neck and brought my mouth to his. And this time? This time our kiss remained unbroken and lingering. He moved forwards, still holding my waist, until I was pressed up against a wall. There we stayed. With each movement of our lips the kiss deepened, pulling me even further into a waking subconscious that seemed almost too good to be true. And when we finally did break away, our foreheads still touching, I was filled with a leftover satisfaction and happiness that the slightest of sighs escaped my lips and the smallest grin flitted across my face.


 “I believe your five minutes just timed out.” I whispered, positively breathless.


Draco pulled back slightly and lifted his wrist to check an imaginary watch, “Bugger.” He said trying his best to fake a frown but not succeeding. This made me smile, “I think you’re right.”


 We smiled at each other for what seemed like an eternity, but was truthfully less than a minute, before, very gently, Draco slid his arms up from my waist and wrapped them around my body.


I gasped inwardly. It was the oddest thing; I’d kissed him, held his hand, had an arm or both around my waist, but this – this was a whole new feeling of closeness and, to be frank, I was slightly shocked by it.


 For Draco, however, it seemed to be the easiest, most natural, thing on this earth. This sudden affection coming from a boy who, until fourth year, I’d assumed had no heart was simply incapable of feeling anything but hatred. I could not have been more wrong.


 I leant into him, pressed my head to his chest, relishing this feeling of newness that came with every moment in his arms. I listened to the soft steady beat of his heart as it pulsed next to my own. I breathed in the scent of him; spices and wood smoke. Everything was real. Everything was perfect.


 “Tomorrow?” he whispered, pulling my mind back to reality.






I took a long, deep, shuddering breath, "Tomorrow."



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