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Draco stood in the Heads Compartment at five to twelve. It was much more luxurious than the ordinary compartments. It had plush scarlet seats, gold trimming on the door and windows, intricate details on the midnight blue carpet and the Hogwarts crest on one wall bearing the Lion, Serpent, Badger and Raven. Wow, he thought looking around. For him to be impressed, it had to be something special. He was, after all, a Malfoy.

Professor McGonagall walked in shortly after he had sat down and greeted him with a smile. 


'Good morning Mister Malfoy and how are you?'


'Fine, thank you.' Draco replied in his most sincere voice. McGonagall nodded. 


 'It’s good to see you here early of course; we are now waiting for the Head Girl. ’

Malfoy nodded curtly and turned to face the window in which he saw the English countryside flashing by. He had a funny feeling who the Head Girl was going to be, though he wished it wasn’t, kind of. I mean, who wouldn't pick the brightest witch of our age and insufferable know-it-all, Miss-


'Ah! Miss Granger! It's a delight to see you here. Good summer I trust?' Draco whipped his head around and sure enough was the girl he had just been thinking of. Though, she didn't look much like a girl anymore. He hadn't seen her since sixth year, and now, well. Her hair was no longer bushy, but fell in soft curls and was honey brown in colour. He could see she had developed curves and she seemed to have filled out in all the right places. She didn't have any make up on as far as he could tell but her milky white skin was flawless spare a few freckles upon her nose. And then he stopped, what am I thinking?!



 Hermione stood in the doorway and looked around the magnificent compartment. Professor McGonagal was standing to one side, and sitting to the seat on the right was a platinum blonde hair, pale skinned boy. And boy, he is pale. Hermione greeted McGonagal warmly and nodded towards the boy.

'Malfoy.' she acknowledged him. He replied with a simple 'Granger'. Hmm, no Mudblood? Surely he can’t have forgotten our little meeting only an hour ago. It’s probably because McGonagall’s here.


 She's looking at me, gazing. It’s almost like she's picking out every detail. Ha! Malfoy smirked and turned to the stern woman still in the room. McGonagall coughed.

'Well, now that we are all here, I can brief you. The reason your letter did not arrive with the normal post was because we were in serious consideration about the Head Boy and Head Girl this year. Also due to the fact that we were not entirely sure the school would be ready to re-open this year. There have been many parts of the castle that have had to be repaired. If only 'reparo' would do... Anyway, your duties! You are to be the head of the Prefects, organise meetings, sort out patrol time tables, set Hogsmeade dates and this year, plan an annual celebration ball.


'Celebration ball?' inquired Draco.


'Yes Mister Malfoy, a Celebration Ball. It shall be held on the evening of May the 2nd.' Suddenly, Draco understood. He nodded, not wishing to say anything as it may bring up and awkward subject. He chanced a look at Hermione and she quickly whipped her stare away from him and her head again faced McGonagal. The professor continued.


'As the Head Boy and Girl of Hogwarts, it is an honour and a privilege. You shall not abuse it in anyway or your badge will be stripped from you and another candidate will take your place. You will be responsible for many things this year, and on top of your NEWTS this may be overwhelming. The staff believe that you are capable of these responsibilities. Yes?'

They both nodded.

'Excellent. If you would please remain in here for the rest of the journey, I shall have someone escort your trunks.' And with that, she was gone. Hermione turned to face Malfoy who had nodded at McGonagall’s last words, not really caring. However, Hermione had died a little inside. Another six hours with Malfoy, ugh!
 Draco looked at the girl sitting across from him who had just taken out a book. Typical Granger. He scrutinised her every move. The way she brushed a fallen piece of her eyes, the way she pouted her lips whilst reading and the way her eyes rapidly whipped across the page. Draco could hardly keep up with them. He was so up in his thoughts that he didn't even realise that Hermione had looked up.

'Malfoy, what do you want?' This took him by surprise.
 'I... er... well.' What am I doing! Malloy’s don’t stutter or stumble on words! 'Nothing, Granger.'


'You were staring at me.' she's good. Now what? His Malfoy instincts took over. Just deny.


'No I wasn't. Why would I want to stare at a - at you?' He had almost called her a Mudblood again. Not a good idea, Draco. He remembered the guilt that had overcome him the first time he had done that today. Hermione bottled up in anger at what he had been about to say. 'A what exactly, Malfoy? A Mudblood?'

 'No, I didn't say that!' He replied, not exactly keeping his cool anymore. She raised her eye brows. Oh Merlin, the war is over, I might as well...

'I'm sorry for calling you that earlier, it was a slip of that tongue. I didn't mean it.

'Ha, and why you should I believe you, Malfoy. You don't exactly have the best track record with honesty.'

 'Look, Granger...' He sighed. He couldn’t really believe he was doing this. His father would kill him. Wait, I don’t care anymore, do I? 


 'The war is over, and yes, my family was on the wrong side but I'm over that now. I may still be a cold, arrogant git, but I’m not going to call you, or anyone for that matter a Mudblood anymore. You’re a witch, I’m a wizard, you may come from a different background, but we're both magical, right? I'm a pureblood, and look where that’s left me. Ashamed of an imprisoned father who abused magic and left alone by a mother who is currently afraid of it. '

Hermione sat frozen in her seat, eyes boggling. Was this seriously Draco Malfoy? The pureblood and Slytherin Prince? He was saying this? I don’t believe it.


'What happened to you during the war?!' Hermione exclaimed in shock. Draco looked at her carefully, not surprised at her reaction at all.

 'It made me realise what actually matters and what doesn't. It matters to stay alive, but not to feel superior to someone just by calling them a name. It matters to protect the people you care about, and not to piss people off just for amusement....No matter how fun that is...' He replied, nonchalantly. Hermione looked back at him in disbelief, trying to work out where he was going with this. She decided to just accept it, for now.


'Right…Well, I'm glad you've seen sense.' Hermione said, still not believing this. Draco attempted a smile, but it ended up in a sort of wiggle of his lips. He nodded ad looked away. Did I really just say all that?! She's going to think we're friends now! Ugh! As if Hermione could read his mind, she said,


'This doesn't mean we're friends right?'


'Of course not Granger, please.' Draco said. Hermione was slightly relieved and smiled. At least he's still Malfoy, some comforting normality. Though it wasn't very comforting at all. Hermione couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed, even though she partly still detested him. After this, she had seen a different side of him, and wanted to find out more. Her thoughts swam in and out of her mind as she finally fell into a light sleep. She’d have plenty of time to find out more. Hell, I’ll be living with him this year.


Draco watched her fall asleep inconspicuously. Of course not Granger, please. But what if half of him kind of wanted to be? Draco shrugged off the thought. Is it time for this to change? He too, drifted into a light sleep.




The darkness was like a switch and Hermione's eyes snapped open. She noticed Malfoy asleep too, across from her. Hermione looked out the window, but she could only see the reflection of the compartment her and Malfoy were in. We must be close to the school, shit. She jumped up and saw two trunks in the middle of the two seats. Someone had dropped them off whilst they were asleep.

 One trunk was black with silver lining and the other was brown with scarlet lining. She grabbed the brown one and heaved it onto her seat and then quickly changed into her robes. Once finished, she looked over at the still sleeping Malfoy. What am I thinking?! She approached him and shook him awake.

 'Wha- What?!' He mumbled aggressively. Hermione rolled her eyes.

'Get up, we're going to be there any minute, you need to get changed!' He did so, begrudgingly. She tried not to notice his slim, nicely built body he was now covering with his robes. Stop it, Hermione! She forced herself to look away and in doing so, she spotted an envelope on the window panel with neat handwriting on the front. She picked it up and found it quite heavy for a letter. Opening it, she held out her hand and out felt two newly polished badges. One was gold with red trimming and had the words Head Girl on it. The other was silver with emerald trimming and had the words Head Boy across it. She smiled at them and pulled out the letter.

Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy,


Here are your badges; you are to wear them on your robes at all times. I forgot to give them to you when we met earlier.
Also, you are both required to ride in the Heads Carriage to the school. This is located at the front of the cue and has a Lion and Serpent on the door. 


After the feast, please meet Professor Flitwick in the Entrance Hall and he will escort you to the Heads Dorm, of which the password is 'Comradeship'. You are permitted to change this should you wish.

Best Wishes,


Professor McGonagal.


When Hermione looked up, Draco was looking at her quizzically.

‘What’s that?’ He asked. She handed him his badge and the letter. He looked at the badge and let out a low whistle, Head Boy, he thought smugly. He read the letter quickly, and then discarded it. The two new heads felt the train slowing down until finally, it came to a complete stop. 

'Shall we go to our carriage then?' Draco asked Hermione/


'Oh, yes sure. Come on then.'


Hermione and Draco stepped off the Train into the busy station of Hogsmeade. Hermione looked desperately around for Ron, Harry and Ginny but couldn't spot them anywhere. She followed Draco half-heartedly to their carriage which, like McGonagal had said, was right at the right of the line. The carriage was a handsome black with a Gryffindor Lion holding a Slytherin Serpent in its mouth. Draco opened the door and they both climbed in.


Wow, were both of their initial thoughts. The interior of the carriage was decked out to be Scarlet and Emerald, representing the houses of both the Heads. It must change very year according to who the Heads are, thought Hermione. One seat was Gryffindor Red and the other Slytherin Green. The roof was enchanted like to Great Hall and currently showed a clear dark blue sky emblazed with soft twinkling stars. The carpet was exactly the same as it had been in the Heads compartment on the train. After a few moments, they both took their respective seats and were silent. The gentle thestrals started pulling the carriages towards the castle. Hermione supposed everyone could see them now, or at least those who had fought in The Battle of Hogwarts. Everyone there had seen death.

 The silence continued for the rest of the short journey and the duo occasionally stole glances at each other, curious. When finally they arrived at the school gates, they climbed out of the carriage and looked around. Hermione searched the crowd for familiar faces, and she spotted a fair few, but not the ones she wanted-

'Hermione! Over here!' She noticed the three she was looking for call her over and she started to leave the carriage to approach them. Ron put his arm around her waist and she walked with him begrudgingly.

‘Hermione?’ Harry asked, ‘Who’s the new Head Boy?’


Hermione panicked and searched around rapidly. She spotted Luna in the distance, a mass of dirty blonde hair against blacks and browns. 

‘Oh I’m sorry, I have to see Luna..’ trying not to sound too guilty, she climbed out of Ron’s arm and rushed off. Hermione suddenly remembered and turned around the say goodbye to her fellow Head, but he was already long gone.

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