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   "Have you told her?" Harry sighed, every day Hermione asked him the same thing, every day his answer was the same.


  He decided to ignore her. "I wonder if it would be cheating to double my life insurance."


  Hermione gave a dry laugh, "I still don't understand what idiot would give you life insurance in the first place, but you didn't answer my question, did you tell her?"


  "Not yet." He said, picking guiltily at his fingernails. Three weeks had passed since Harry found out, but still every time he tried to tell Ginny, he choked. 


  "Harry, you could be down to only a week." 


  "You think I don't know that, Hermione!" He snapped, then looking over at his friend regretted it instantly. "Sorry." He murmured, then continued picking at his nails. It wasn't Hermione's fault, she was just trying to help him, he knew that. But he was feeling crappy enough without her consent pestering. Suddenly a sharp burst of pain went threw his arm, he grabbed it and let out a breath of pain before he could stop himself. Hermione was at his side in a second, her brown eyes frightened.


  "I'm fine." Harry told her quickly as soon as the pain subsided a bite. 


  "It's gonna happen more and more frequently now." She said, "The curse is started to escape the confines the Healers set, it's just going to get worse. "




  "I've had worse pain." mumbled Harry.


  Hermione sighed, obviously knowing he wouldn't budge, she handed him a stack of papers, "I'm finished," she told him heavily, "Everything is set. I have to get back to work, but if you need anything else, just call me, okay?" 


  "Thanks." Harry said, he could see from the look in Hermione's eyes that she wonder whether or not she'd see him alive again. That was not an easy thing for Harry to see, guilt clawed deeper at his belly. After she left Harry put the papers in his rucksack and started out onto the streets. He couldn't go home yet, Ginny was growing increasingly suspicious with his early arrivals home, so he decided walking around would clear his head. 


  As always London was busy, no body noticed him. At least, not until he ran into her. He had just passed a harassed looking woman walking several dogs and a couple making out in a phone box when he hit someone head on, causing her to fall backwards onto her bum.


  "Hello, Harry." Said an airy, un-bothered, unconcerned voice from the ground, "Fancy bumping into you."


  "Luna!" Harry said surprised, putting his hand out to help her up, but she didn't take it, she seemed perfectly content on the sidewalk, in fact, she was now observing an ant that wondered by, "I thought you were in Norway studying your...whatever it was you were studying."


  "Four eared snumple nuffers, they are quite fascinating." She said, "But I did get quite lonely at times, so I decided to come visit my friends here in Britain."



  "Er...okay." said Harry.


  "Something's bothering you, Harry." Luna said, unconcerned.


  For some reason Harry felt comforted from Luna, he didn't feel like lying to her. The words came out without him even deciding he could confide in her, but he knew instantly it was the right choice. "I'm going to die."


  "Of course you are, silly." Luna told him, nonchalantly. "Everybody is going to die." 


  "No," Harry said, "I'm going to die in a week."


  "That's to bad," said Luna as casually as if they were discussing tea flavors, "You're quite a good friend, I'll miss you."


  Harry wasn't sure whether to feel comforted or slightly insulted by Luna's lack of concern, it was a nice change from Hermione's looks of worry and sorrow, so he decided he would feel comforted. "I'm afraid." He admitted.


  "That's alright." said Luna, she was observing an ant that was crawling from one finger to another, "I would probably somewhat frightened as well, but dying is the most normal thing in the world, people do it every day."


  Harry sat down on the sidewalk next to her, "But I have Ginny, and a baby on the way, I could do so much more still."


  "Yes, that is unfortunate, but Ginny is strong, and your child will be strong. They will miss you, we all will, but they will remember you as you are, brave." 


  "I suppose." Harry sighed.


  "What did Ginny say when you told her?" Luna asked, conversationally, unlike Hermione's interrogations.


  "Nothing, I haven't told her yet." confessed Harry.


  "Why not?" Luna asked, "I imagine she might want to know."


  "I just can't tell her."


  "You told me." she pointed out.


  "You're easier to talk to this stuff about." Harry sighed.


  "Telling her would make you feel better." said Luna. She stood up, "Godspeed, Harry, I will miss you until we meet again."


  "Thanks, Luna." murmured Harry, "Oh, and can you do me a favor?"




  "Ginny's going to have a baby in about six months. Make sure they believe in Nargles."


  Luna smiled, she understood what he meant. "I promise, they will." 

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