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“Oh, man,” Tyson said, putting his hand over his mouth to show his shock as he held back laughter, “I wish I was there.”

“It’s not funny! He made a crack about Dom not being a part of the family too!” I argued, giving Tyson an annoyed glare.

“He did?” Tyson asked, his face immediately changing from his lopsided grin to a serious expression. “Was he asking for a death wish?”

“That’s what I thought!” I exclaimed. “Dom was about to throttle him I’m pretty sure. And then he started to say more stuff to insult us, but then James like… stopped him.”

“Really?” Tyson asked curiously. “That’s odd.”

“I know,” I echoed back, my thoughts instantly shifting over to James.

As much as I’d hate to admit it, he’d been consuming my thoughts more and more ever since the Quidditch tryouts. I’d been trying to come up with a reason he had for defending Dom and I, and every time I tried I came up with a blank. Why did he defend Dom and I against Freddy? Could it be that he genuinely has changed?

No. He couldn’t have changed. That’s impossible.

But then, what was it?

“Maybe he likes you,” Tyson suggested, waggling his eyebrows at me and smirking. “I mean you two did get it on at Dom’s birthday.”

Ah yes, I had almost forgot about that teeny tiny detail. I tended to shove my thoughts of snogging James into a little invisible box inside my head, and guarded it with five headed dragons so I didn’t have to think about it ever again.

“Bringing up the one thing I regret most in my life while I’m already distraught?" I asked, my voice dripping with disdain, “Your sympathy astounds me.” I then, looked away from him and instead directed my attention to the front of the Potions classroom, where Professor Cosgrove was giving us a lecture. Boriiing.

I learned from the past week that Professor Cosgrove was more of the lecturer type of Potions teacher. He tended to give long rambling explanations about what he wanted us to do, and by the time he’d finished his explanation the bell would ring ending the class. He hadn’t even let us pull out our own cauldrons yet, which Dom and I were none-too-pleased about, seeing as we had bought glittery pink ones for the occasion.

“Coco,” Tyson said, elbowing me in the shoulder as I wrote some notes (aka doodled my name in bubble letters) with my sparkly pink quill, “let’s not be bitter now.”

“Bitter?” I responded sourly, arching my eyebrow at Tyson, to which he seemed to regret his choice of words.

“Oh come off it,” Ty said jokily, pulling my quill out of my hand so that I couldn’t finish coloring in the letters of my name. “Stop acting like you’re upset with me.”

“Who says I’m acting?” I asked, even though I wasn’t actually serious. “I could very well hate you.”

“You love me.”

“I don’t love your attitude.”

“But you love me.”

“I hate your cockiness.”

“Yes, but you looove—”

“Mr. Wittry!” Professor Cosgrove exclaimed with his usual pep while trying to look as intimidating as possible. Instead he came off more like an overzealous chipmunk, “I think we understand Miss Beaumont here loves you, so do you think you could stop interrupting the class?”

I felt my face grow red as the whole class (including a certain someone I refuse to name) all snapped their heads around to look at Tyson and me. Tyson, however, seemed unfazed and just smirked back to the Professor, “Sorry, mate. I’ll try to get her to contain herself next time.”

Professor Cosgrove nodded his head seriously, as if he actually understood, before looking back to the rest of his class and starting to continue his lecture.  As soon as he looked away, I shoved my elbow into Tyson to which he gave a small yelp. I heard Chaise laugh and Dom snort at this, and Tyson turned around giving them a glare, to which Dom just stuck her tongue at him. Tyson then turned around in his seat and crossed his arms, looking like a seven-year-old boy who was just told he couldn’t get a new toy.

“Oi!” Tyson whispered to me, so that he wouldn’t get called out in class again, “you need to stop being so violent!”

“You need to stop embarrassing me,” I whispered back heatedly. “People actually think I’m in love with you.”

Tyson grinned at this. “All the better.”

“You sicken me,” I said, before turning away from him and decided maybe I should pay attention to the lecture. I sure as hell didn’t want another embarrassing situation to happen in this class.

However, I found my thoughts traveling (if only lectures weren’t so boring) and instead of paying attention to the teacher, I started to zone out and gaze across the room. Sitting near the back, I caught sight of Roxy as always paying strict attention to the teacher, while Madison sat next to her, inspecting her nails.

Madison and Elise had managed to worry me throughout the past week. They hadn’t been like they were before, with their constant gossiping while giving me the stink eye, but I still felt like there was something odd about them. The smirks Madison gave me made me feel uneasy, and sometimes when I’d walk into our dormitory they’d give each other these knowing looks that I didn’t quite understand.

Not to mention, it had also spread around the school the fact that I tended to snog guys who had girlfriends. It was totally stilted, and spun out to make me look like a total slag, and I knew that Elise had been the one to start it. They had also started other rumors as well. Like that I cheated on my assignments (which I would never do), or that I was helping the Slytherins win the Quidditch cup by telling them our tactics (despite the fact I didn’t understand Quidditch talk). They were all stupid little rumors that were starting to build up. I’d been trying to ignore it, because as Dom says ‘what do they matter?’ But, I still couldn’t help but be a bit worried about what exactly they were playing at.

And then, there was the fact that Madison was good friends with James. I had seen them hanging out together on more than one occasion, and she always sat with James and his lot during meals along with Elise and sometimes Roxy. It made me question why James had even bothered helping Dom and me out at Quidditch, when all of his friends seemed to hate me. But, James was one big enigma. One that I wasn’t sure I wanted to figure out.

“Hey, Coco,” Tyson prodded, causing me to snap my head away from Roxy and Madison and look back at him.

“Huh?” I asked, as my eyes started to focus instead of remain in the glazed over state they were in.

“Get your cauldron out, we’re supposed to be making the Dreamless Sleep Potion,” Tyson said, gesturing to the board which now had the directions written on it. Professor Cosgrove was no longer giving a lecture and was instead sitting down at his desk, grading previous assignments.

“Oh,” I said surprised, scrambling around in my purse and reaching my hand down into it as far as it would go. Since I had an enlargement charm on my purse, I tended to over pack it, and my cauldron was right at the bottom. I finally felt the familiar curve of the brim, and pulled it out of my purse.

“It’s… pink,” Tyson stated, looking at me as in disbelief.

“So is Dom’s!” I exclaimed excitedly, pointing over my shoulder to where Dom was in fact using her own pink sparkly cauldron to make her potion.

I did notice however, that everyone else in the room was using a standard black cauldron. How boring. I remembered back when I was a first year at Hogwarts, wishing to be a seventh year, because that was the year you were allowed to use colored cauldrons. And now, here everyone was with the chance to have whatever cauldron they wanted, and they chose boring old black? What tossers. 

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” Tyson said, rolling his eyes at me and Dom’s super girly-ness.

“No you shouldn’t,” I said, as I began to squint my eyes and read the directions on the board. “I mean you’ve been my best friend for what, five years?”

“Who said we were friends?” Tyson shot back, pretending to look shocked at the fact that I considered him one. “It’s five years that you’ve been in love with me.”

I shoved Tyson. “I hate you.”

“Nope,” Tyson said, beginning to chop up one of the ingredients that was needed in the potion while keeping a smirk on his face, “I think we’ve established to the whole class that you love me.”



“Lovely weather we’re having,” I stated as I looked up at the ceiling in the Great Hall. The ceiling was composed of gray clouds all interlacing over and under one another, threatening to rain.

“What a surprise,” Scorpius responded back with pure sarcasm.

“It is for me!” I exclaimed. “At Beauxbatons we’re surrounded by beaches, and it barely rains. Ever. ”

“Yeah, but it’s been raining for the past three days,” Scorpius stated, giving me a look.

“But I can always hope, can’t I?” I asked.

The weather was another thing at this school on my never-ending list of what I didn’t miss from Hogwarts. It had been nothing but gray skies and humidity for the past week, and I felt myself growing depressed with the weather. Oh how I longed to feel the sun warm my face and hear the ocean crashing against the shores--

“Hope what?” Dom asked, shoving Scorpius to the side and plopping herself down across from me.

Tyson, Wyatt, Scorpius, and I all looked at her in complete shock as she started to pile eggs onto her plate. Was Dom actually sitting with us?

“Did you get lost?” Wyatt asked, voicing my thoughts.

“Yeah, because I know you did not mean to sit with us when you have a boyfriend you need to devote your whole life too,” Tyson stated bitterly.

“Guys, come on, it’s not like that,” I said, defending Dom as she started to look extremely uncomfortable. While she hadn’t sat with any of us since our Beauxbatons days, she was still my best friend, and making her feel like shit was not at the top of my to-do list.

“It sure seemed like that these past couple of weeks,” Wyatt muttered, to which I elbowed him and gave him a look.

“Contrary to popular belief,” Dom stated, flipping her hair over her shoulder, “I actually want to spend time with you guys.”

“Where’s Chaise?” Tyson asked Dom.

“He’s at Quidditch practice,” Dom responded with a wrinkle of her nose, making it evident she wasn't happy about it.

“Oh well that explains it,” Tyson muttered.

“Explains what?” Dom asked.

“Why you’re here,” Wyatt answered.

“You guys,” I said in a stern voice, my tone indicating that they needed to tone it down. “Stop.”

Dom shot me a thankful look, to which I gave a small smile back. She was still my top friend, above everyone, and I didn’t want her to feel like anything less.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t talked to you guys in so long,” Dom said, inhaling a breath and looking at Tyson and Wyatt sincerely. “I guess I’ve been a bit caught up with Chaise.”


I elbowed Tyson after he said this, which caused him to straighten up and force a pained smile on his face. “I mean,” he started to say as I jabbed him in the side yet again, “I forgive you.”

“Me too,” Wyatt said, shooting Dom a smile. He was always the more forgiving one. “Us best mates gotta stick together.”

“Of course we do!” I said putting my arms around Wyatt and Tyson’s shoulders and grinning hugely across the table at Dom. It was then that I noticed Scorpius seeming to look a bit awkward at our exchange, and I realized that he probably hadn’t been introduced to Dom.

“Scorp,” I said, “This is my other half, Dom. Dom, this is Scorpius Malfoy.”

“Yeah,” Dom said nodding her head at him as an introduction, “You’re Al’s best mate, right?”

“Yup,” Scorpius responded, popping the ‘p’. “You’re the cousin that’s never at the family events, right?”

“Er… yeah,” Dom responded, looking a bit uncomfortable. “I’m not really on the best of terms with them.”

“No need to explain,” Scorpius said. “I’m not on the best of terms with them either. I’m a Malfoy, you know how it is.”

“Yes, I’ve heard Uncle Ron mention you a couple times…” Dom trailed off, as if realizing she shouldn’t have said anything.

“So anyways,” I said, deciding that this conversation was getting painfully awkward, “we were talking about the awful weather.”

“Don’t remind me,” Dom said, seeming eager at the topic change although putting a disgusted look on her face, “there’s absolutely no sun in sight! My tan is fading.”

“Same!” I responded, as we both held out our arms to compare whose tan was in fact fading the most. Dom’s arm was a bit paler than mine, to which Dom jutted out her bottom lip.

“I can feel my brain cells dying,” Tyson stated, rolling his eyes. “Out of everything, you’re worried about it’s your tans?”

“Oi!” I responded, glaring at him. “I worked hard to get to this color, and I don’t want some spotty weather to ruin it for me!”

Tyson opened his mouth to respond, but as he did the morning mail started, and the sound of hundreds of owls entering the school drowned out whatever response he had.

A tawny owl flew towards me, delivering the newest copy of Witch Weekly, while an owl I recognized to belong to Victoire, landed in front of Dom, dropping off a letter. Dom looked at it gingerly, as if worried it would bite her, before she ripped the letter open and read it. After scanning the first two lines, she scoffed and threw the letter down on the table, looking nothing short of pissed.

“What’d it say?” I asked Dom worriedly. The guys, seeming to sense that this was not a conversation they wanted to be a part of, all turned away from us and started their own conversation.

“Read it yourself,” Dom said sourly. “I don’t feel like repeating it.”

I looked at the letter sitting on the table and quickly scooped it up, my curiosity getting the better of me, and I started to read:

                  I have glorious news! Do you remember that flat that we looked at over the summer, the one with the huge windows and the open space and the hardwood floors? Well, I’m writing this letter to let you know that Maman has graciously bought it for me to live in along with Teddy! I’m so ecstatic about it, and I hope you’re not too upset that I will be moving out.
                 Also, maman received an owl from a couple of our aunt's and uncles saying that you haven’t been spending any time with their kids, and that they would appreciate if you visited with them more. Maman thinks it rude for you to be isolating yourself from the family. I know I never went a day without at least talking to one of my cousins when I went to Hogwarts.
                Well, that aside, I just wanted to let you know about how excited I am about the flat! I hope you’re enjoying your first month at school and getting the best grades you can!

“Well... It’s really not that bad,” I stated, after I finished reading the letter.

“Not that bad?” Dom exclaimed. “My passive-aggressive bitch of a sister is getting everything she wants, as usual, and is rubbing it in my face.”

“At least now she’s not living with you,” I reasoned. “You won’t have to see her nearly as much as usual.”

“So?” Dom said. “I still will have to hear about how much better maman loves her for giving her such a ‘glorious flat’, and how much better she is because she went to Hogwarts all seven years, and how much more loved she is because my cousins don’t hate her.”

“Dom,” I said softly, “she is not better than you.”

“But she is,” Dom said slowly, looking down at the perfectly written calligraphy of Victoire Weasley. “She’s engaged to the favorite non-relative of the famiy, she’s beautiful, she’s liked—”

“You’re just as beautiful, and just as liked.”

Dom let out a sigh, “I don’t know. It’s just… Sometimes I think maybe I was the screw up of the family. Like… if they asked random people on the street which one doesn’t belong, it would be me.”

I looked at Dom and was surprised to not see the usual confidence from her. How could she, of all people, with her stunning beauty and bubbly personality, ever feel less than perfect? It almost made me feel uneasy, because I was normally the one to have her pick me back up, and now here she was, crumbling in front of me, and I had no idea what to do. If only I had a glue gun.

“I’m sure nobody thinks that,” I responded to Dom, as she continued to fold the letter from Victoire into the smallest square she could.

Dom scrunched her forehead up as if she was in deep thought, and then smoothed her face out again. “You’re right.”

All the confidence she had lost returned almost instantly after she said these words, causing me to blink. I shook my head wondering if I was imagining this huge personality morph, but nothing changed. Dom was now perfectly composed. “Well, we should get going, Charms calls!”

I nodded my head, confused at Dom’s sudden mood shift, but I didn’t have the heart in it for me to call her out. I wouldn’t know what to say anyway, and Dom was strong enough to put herself back together. However, there was also a small part of me that was scared for her to shift back to her doubt-filled self. I was not ready to play a role where I needed to do the fixing. I needed Dom to be the strong one, and as selfish as that might sound, I felt a relief to have her back.



It was another thing to add onto my list of why I was unhappy to be back at Hogwarts. You see, at Beauxbatons, the sixth year was the most rigorous year in which all the sixth years spent more time studying than anything else. We took NEWTS last year, and seventh year was supposed to be home free. However, at Hogwarts NEWT year was seventh year. And, while we didn’t have to re-take our NEWTS, we had to do copious amounts of homework for our classes as if we did, which I found to be a load of shit. Why couldn’t us Beauxbatons students get an exception?

I was currently scouring through my Transfiguration textbook, trying to write an essay on the steps to become a registered Animagus, but instead I was cursing every person I read about for making this textbook exist.

Curse you, Emeric Switch, for making not one, not two, but seven editions of a bleeding Transfiguration book. I hope he’s satisfied that he has managed to ruin every students’ life, by writing this book. Right when I was about to start cursing the whole Switch family, I heard the chair across from me pull itself out, and looked up to see who it was.

I’ll give you three guesses as to who.

“Hey.” James ran his hands through his hair nervously as I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Hi,” I responded, looking back down at my book, pretending to be fascinated. Oh if Emeric could see me now. Using his book as a safety net between me and one of the people I hated the most.

“What’re you doing?” he asked.

I held my textbook up to him so that he could read the cover, and continued to pretend that this book was nothing short of riveting. You know what Emeric? I take it back. Thank you for writing this book.

“Cool,” James said, nodding his head as if I had just told him. We stayed silent like that for a while, before he opened his mouth again. “Look, I’m sorry for what happened at the Quidditch tryouts.”

I closed my book with a loud thud as soon as the words were out of his mouth and looked at him for a long moment. Two apologies in one month from James Potter. It seemed he was starting a new trend.

“That’s what you’re apologizing for?” I asked, my voice laced with iciness. His eyes widened at my tone of voice and he ruffled his hair again. It seemed to be a nervous habit of his. One that annoyed me to no end.

“Um… yes?” James responded.

“So what you’re saying then,” I stated slowly back to him, making sure he understood what I was saying. “Is that out of everything in the world you could apologize to me for, it’s for something Freddy did at a stupid Quidditch tryout?”

“Quidditch is not st—”

“Just answer the question,” I said, holding a hand up to stop whatever spiel he was about to go into while he crossed his arms and looked miffed, “Is this what you’re apologizing to me for?”

There was a long pause as James seemed to think over what I had said before he opened his mouth. “I guess… I mean—yeah.”

I let out a long breath, blowing the hair that had fallen in front of my eyes out of my face. “You’re unbelievable. Un-freaking-believable.”

“I’m not quite following,” James replied.

“Of course you’re not,” I declared. “You’re James Freaking Potter. Nothing you do ever has consequences. You think the things you do don’t hurt people, and if they do, it’s never your fault. There’s always someone else to blame.”

James’s eyes morphed from confusion to a hint of anger, as if what I was saying was really hitting home. “What happened to you? You’re such a bitch, now.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said sarcastically. “You and your mates pick on me until I can’t even bear to attend this school one more year, and I’m the bitch.”

“Yeah you—Wait…That’s why you left?” James asked, his anger turning into surprise.

“Why sound so surprised?” I asked, as all of my anger at him and Freddy and every other person that ever oinked at me, hit me at once. “It’s what you wanted in the end, isn’t it? You picked and picked at me until I couldn’t take it anymore and couldn’t even bear to return. So you finally got what you wanted. Congratulations to you.”

“But…” James said looking at me with mixed emotions, “we were just kids. I mean, you can’t still be angry about that?”

I felt myself look at him in disbelief. He thought that I had just forgotten about all the shit him and Fred did. He thought I didn’t care about it, anymore. That just because he had been young, he could do whatever the hell he wanted.

“You seriously underestimate my grudge-holding skills,” I responded coldly.

“But that was ages ago!” James exclaimed. “I was a fucked up kid, I was going through a lot of family shit, but I never thought you were actually hurt by it. You never even reacted!”

I thought of every time the kids would oink at me, and I would hold back tears until I was alone, in the safety of my dorm room, with the bed hangings shut. Until I could cry and cry without anybody able to hear me. Until there was nothing left except for dry sobs that would rack through my entire body and the self-loathing would finally set in. Not actually hurt by it? I’d beg to differ.

“Your ‘family shit’ is no excuse,” I stated, letting out a sniff of exasperation. “If every asshole in the world was excused because they had a fucked up family, Voldemort would be a bloody saint.”

James face switched to an emotion I couldn’t quite read. “Yeah well,” James began, “I guess I didn’t handle it the best.”

“Clearly,” I said dryly.

A long silence came between us as James scrunched his eyebrows together, deep in thought. “Look,” he said finally, leaning forward a bit in his seat. “I’m sorry about what I did.”


“And,” he said, looking a bit annoyed at my snooty response, “I want us to be friends. I think it would make everything a lot easier. You know?”

He said it like it was that easy. Like I could just forgive and forget, as if nothing had ever happened. But everything that had happened to me ran too deep, ran into my very core, for me to ever forget what I went through. My suffering was a part of me, something that would never disappear.

But I noticed the guilt on his face and that he really looked like he was sorry. I found myself wondering for the millionth time why he even wanted us to be friends. Why was he trying to push past all the shit he had done to me, in order to form a friendship?

“I… don’t think that would be a good idea,” I responded after a long moment. “I’m sorry for freaking out on you and bringing all this up, as if by you knowing I would be able to forgive you… but I can’t. Maybe one day I will, but I don’t know when that will be, if ever.”

And with those words having been said, I picked up my Transfiguration textbook and walked out of the library, not looking back. On my way out, I noticed Madison staring at me with a pissed off expression, as if she had heard the entire conversation, but I ignored her and kept on walking.

I had thought that maybe I would feel better. That by finally letting James know how much he hurt me, everything would be okay. But it wasn’t. And maybe that was the point. Maybe, it never would be.


“Dom, did you just fart?”

“Tyson, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this but girls don’t fart.”

“Sorry guys that was me.”

“Ew, Chaise, get away from me.”

“Oh come on Corinne you know you like it.”

“I’m choking. I’m literally suffocating.”

“Corinne, quit the dramatics.”

“Save me! Save me!” I exclaimed, clutching at my throat. “I’m dying!”

“Dom, open the door,” Wyatt stated, to which Dom promptly shook her head.

“There… is… no… air!”

“If Corinne dies, can we at least throw her out in the hallway so that we have more room in here?” Tyson asked.

“Yeah, Dom. Why must our first get-together with the five of us take place in a broom cupboard?”

“Hello? I’m suffocating here!”

Because,” Dom stated looking at the four of us, her eyes commanding us to be quiet. I crossed my arms at the fact that nobody seemed to care that I was dying from Chaise’s pass of gas, and were instead all looking at Dom. “One of these broom cupboards is going to be the Room of Requirement.”

“The what?” Wyatt asked.

“Room. Of. Requirement.” Dom stated in a huff. “My cousins told me about it once back when we all tolerated each other. Apparently it’s a room that takes the shape of whatever you want it to be, you just need to pass by it three times, with your thought and then—”

“But, Dom,” I said, interrupting her explanation. “You do realize that this broom cupboard was already here, before you walked past it three times. And that sitting in it, will not suddenly make it transform.”

“Yes, well,” Dom said with a sniff, “I just thought sitting in the broom cupboard would bring us closer together. Sue me for caring.”

“Seriously, Dom?!” Tyson exclaimed, sounding annoyed. “We’re sitting in here for no bloody reason? I was promised a room that would transform into whatever the fuck I want! I’m out of here.”

With that, Tyson pushed himself up off the ground and opened the door to the broom cupboard, illuminating everything with light. Wyatt followed soon after him, along with Chaise and I, while Dom pouted.

“But you guys!” Dom exclaimed, running after us as we all walked down the hallway. “I swear we’re getting close, we’re totally going to find it. And then we can finally celebrate you guys making the Quidditch team!”

Tyson stopped in his tracks and turned around, the rest of us following suit. We all inspected Dom, who had a optimistic look on her face, hoping we would all travel with her to find the Room of Requirement.

We had been searching for it for about an hour now, and we had had no sort of luck. Seeing as I wasn’t the most popular girl at school when I attended Hogwarts, I knew nothing about the location of this room, so we were relying on Dom, which was never the safest bet. The only thing she knew was that it was on the third floor.

“Okay,” Tyson said, crossing his arms. “We’ll look for it for a bit longer. But if dinner starts and we still haven’t found it, I’m leaving.”

Wyatt, Chaise, and I all nodded our heads in agreement, showing that we were serious.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find it, I swear,” Dom said, bobbing her head excitedly and starting to walk the opposite way we did down the hallway, to which we all followed, some of us muttering expletives (cough TYSON cough), and some of us complaining about being hungry (cough WYATT cough).

It was Friday, and this entire week Dom and I had been trying to plan a get-together with the whole lot of us so that we could finally catch up and celebrate Tyson and Chaise making the Quidditch team. Everyday we had planned so far had been nixed, because one of them was always doing Quidditch practice, so Dom had jumped at the chance of us all being available.

For the last few days, I had thought of nothing other than the conversation I had had with James. I had yet to tell anyone about it, because in all honesty I didn’t know if I really wanted anyone to know about it, and it had been eating me up inside and leaving me preoccupied. I kept rethinking how I should’ve said things, how James’s face had looked at my parting words. Had I done the right thing?

“Alright, let’s try this door,” Dom said, walking in front of another door we had come across on the third floor, three times. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the Room of Requirement didn’t have a door from what I knew, and you had to walk in front of a blank wall three times and then the door would appear, but I didn’t want Dom to feel defeated.

Dom stopped her walking and flung open the door, to be greeted with the sound of a girl squealing. Dom’s face turned red, she muttered her apologies, and then closed the door with a slam.

“Maybe you’re right Tyson,” Dom said, her face still beet red. “Maybe we should just go to dinner.”

“You walked in on a couple snogging, didn’t you?” Tyson asked, while the rest of us held back our laughter.

“Maybe,” Dom muttered.

“You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed,” Chaise said slinging his arm around her shoulder and turning her around so that we could all walk to the Great Hall.

“Who was the couple though?” Wyatt asked interestedly, being his usual gossipy self.

“Er… Rohzanadean,” Dom muttered, looking down at her shoes.

“I’m sorry,” I asked, taking pleasure in Dom’s discomfort, “Who?”

“Rose and Aidan,” Dom stated, shooting me an annoyed look. “It’s a thought I cannot un-see, no matter how hard I try.”

“Rose and Aidan?” Tyson exclaimed, looking totally confused.

“Yup,” Dom stated, “Why?”

Tyson suddenly looked really uncomfortable and he muttered something that sounded like “No reason.”

“Because that’s not sketchy,” I stated, which caused Wyatt to laugh.

“Oh let him keep his secrets,” Dom said waving her hands as if telling us to shoo, “I don’t want to know anything more about my cousin than I have to, so I’d prefer not to know.”

We continued walking down the hallway, our banter flying back and forth, and I felt the fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach appear at the fact that we were all together again. It was like old times, only better. We were all just joking and laughing, being the best of friends like we’re used to. There was nothing better than that.

As we walked down the staircases to the main floors, people started milling about, all of them heading into the dining room like the rest of us, ready for dinner. I noticed a couple of them sneak glances at us while we laughed and joked as if we didn’t have a care in the world. But you know what? They could stare all they wanted. I was happy, finally. We were all happy, and nothing could change that.

We neared the doors to the Great Hall, and I noticed that more and more people started to stare at us, although it seemed like they were staring for some completely different reason. Suddenly, I realized they weren’t staring at all five of us, they were just staring at me, and I felt the fuzzy feeling in my stomach twist to one that made me feel sick.

I tried to ignore it, I mean they were obviously staring because of all the gossip that had been running around thanks to Madison and Elise, or they were staring because I mean when weren’t they? This was Hogwarts after all. Everyone was nosy as could be.

However, it was after a group of people passed by, a couple of them smirking and catching eye contact with me, that I realized maybe something was actually wrong. Then, the panic set in.

I mean, why were they staring? And I was pretty sure a couple of them were giggling. Why the hell were they giggling? Am I fucking paranoid? Please, tell me I am.

“Finally, food, sustenance!” Wyatt exclaimed, as we rounded the corner and entered the Great Hall, “I’ve never been hap—”

I wasn’t sure if Wyatt had actually stopped talking, or if it just felt like he had. Either way I didn’t really care. Because finally, finally, I understood. The entire Great Hall seemed to pause, holding it’s breath as I looked around the room, and all of the students stared at me, wondering what I was going to do.

Pictures. They were everywhere. No matter how much I tried to look away they were there, staring me in the face. I felt my face burn as studied each picture. Each stupid sodding picture with the face of myself that I had grown to hate.

It was one from my second year of Hogwarts. I was asleep in my bed, wearing my red flannel pajama set, and around me was what had to be hundreds of candy bars. All of their wrappers were glistening and twinkling, trying to trick me into thinking they were pretty. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst was the peanut butter smeared around my face, my hands, in my hair, and the pig snout that had been charmed onto my nose. I remembered this day well.

Freddy and James had done it, with Madison’s help, just for laughs. I remember walking into class the next day and them asking me how my morning went, their laughs and oinks resounding like gunshots. But this, this was much worse. Because now everyone could see it. One of my biggest embarrassments was hanging around the Great Hall, for everyone to judge.

Yes, but the more valuable thing is what we’re going to do with it.

I looked around the Great Hall, to the people who I knew were responsible for this. Madison and Elise were sitting across from Freddy, flipping their hair and hiding laughs, looking amused and pleased with themselves. I noticed teachers trying to remove the pictures from the Great Hall, but they seemed to have been charmed on with an extra-strong spell. My eyes locked with Madison’s brown ones, and she raised her eyebrows at me, as if saying ‘You really thought people would forget?’ I broke away from her gaze immediately.

 My eyes then frantically searched the room. Each eye I met either looked away from me, or stayed connected with mine as they laughed. I heard squeals and oinks echo throughout the hallway from the younger kids, ones who I hadn’t even gone to school with. When I looked at the Hufflepuff table, I saw Bailey laughing along with everyone else.

I thought I had already lived through my nightmares, but I was sorely mistaken.

Dom’s hand closed around my arm tightly, as I felt my throat close up, a sign that I was about to start crying. I looked at her, and her eyes held more sympathy than I had ever seen. All the guys were looking at me too, but I didn’t know what they were feeling. I don’t think I wanted to. They were probably disgusted with me now. They probably thought the same thing as everyone else at this school. I was a pig, and nobody would ever let me forget it.

I started to turn around but Dom’s arm jerked me back. “You’re not leaving,” Dom said through gritted teeth, her eyes blazing with the fury of a thousand suns. “You can’t let these assholes win and scare you out of this place. Show you don’t give a shit.”

But I knew I wasn’t strong enough for this. I was a game of exploding snap, one wrong card away from caving up. I felt tears sting my eyes, and the sound of laughter ringing through my ears. I just wanted to escape. I wanted to be alone, where the only person that could judge me was myself. Where nothing else mattered except my own shallow breathing, and I could pretend I was somewhere, anywhere but here.

So with this in mind, I turned on my heel, and ran out of the Great Hall, not looking back.



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