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I've had the appearance of Scorpius Malfoy for just over an hour now, and I'm already sick of it. He's a pale bloke; I miss my tan skin, and he's somewhat shorter than me. He's not incredibly short like Jimmy Peakes. Actually, I wouldn't even call Malfoy short. I guess I'm just tall, but shrinking a few inches is difficult to get accustomed to.

I've been sitting in Jimmy Peakes' office for the majority of the time since I changed into Malfoy, listening to him drone on and on about what I'm to do and what not to do. Honestly, I haven't even been listening. I get the gist of it: don't jeopardize my position, find out what I can, don't be stupid, relay what I hear to Peakes. Blah, blah, blah.

Really, I'm not an idiot. I can figure out what to do in a situation like this. However ridiculously insane it is.

He'd say something to make sure that I was listening, and I would just nod along, mumbling under my breath. I played with my hair the entire time - or Scorpius Malfoy's hair, more like - just running it through my fingers. It was long enough that I could pull it away from my head in front of me and see the tips of it. Those small tips I could see I focused on to make them shoot a light blue, just enough for me to see and to entertain myself. As soon as I let the strands go, they went back to being their light blonde.

They had allowed me enough time to run home and gather what things I needed and to gather my clothes. Luckily, Malfoy and I are about the same size. The only issue is that my jeans are a tad bit too long, to the extent that they wrap around my heels when I walk, but thankfully, Ruckman went out and bought me a few pairs to wear while I'm being Malfoy. However, I snagged a few pairs from my flat just in case I had the opportunity to be me at some point.

I guess Peakes finished what he wanted to tell me because his voice changed and he grabbed his coat from the chair. "Remember, act like Malfoy," he muttered in a serious tone. He was looking at the ground as he made way for the door as if he had little faith in me.

Which I understood.

Even I had little faith in myself with this!

How the bloody hell was I supposed to act like Malfoy? I don't know the guy. If there's some way that Rose is even on speaking terms with him, then this entire operation would be pointless. My actions could be a dead giveaway. I have no idea how to act like Scorpius Malfoy.

Right now, I find the likelihood of Rose being able to somewhat know Malfoy's personality to be fairly high. If their DNA was found together, they have to have spoken to each other in the past.

This was awful. They should just call the operation off now. I would blow it. There was no doubt about that.

"Look, Peakes," I sighed and followed him out of the office. I rubbed the back of my neck in worry. "This is a great plan and all, but I have no idea how to act like Malfoy. And I have no idea what Rose's relationship may be with him, and Malfoy hasn't said a word about what's happened in his confinement."

Peakes dismissed it. "You're a skilled Legilimens. Use that to your advantage."

"Look, Peakes," I began again. "This is going too far."

"This is the murder of the Minister of Magic. Forget that this is your god-father's niece for two seconds and think logically. She's lucky Hermione Weasley abolished the forced use of Veritaserum or this entire operation wouldn't be necessary. Now, straighten up, and be professional. Or do I need to remove you from the case as well for being emotionally connected to Rose Weasley?"

"No," I shook my head.

Peakes didn't need to remove me from the case. More than anything, I felt like I needed to be on it at all costs. I know my god-father's family is tormented over this incident, and perhaps for this case, I would break my contract by keeping my silence with the Potters and Weasleys and give everyone some peace of mind if I learned Rose was innocent. It was good that I had been brought onto the case. I got to work on all sides of it: I would be in confinement with Rose, learning from the source, and I could pass information to her family to soothe them, and even though they found me to be a far enough relation to now persuade the trial in any way, I cared enough for her to do my best to persuade it in her favor.

I needed to be on this case.

"Right," Peakes agreed.

We went back towards the confinement cells near the Wizengamot on the tenth floor and Peakes tossed me into an empty cell to await the faked bold break-out from Ruckman. For the first ten minutes, I paced the room, impatient to begin this whole act.

Then I got bored and tossed myself onto the bed, staring at the ceiling and counting the tiles. 42.

No wonder Malfoy had already seemed out of it by the time I visited him. What the hell are you supposed to do when you're trapped in a small room with nothing to do?

Then I decided I had better figure out what I wanted to act like while first being put with Rose. I had to make it believable, even though I had no idea what her relationship was to him. Were they in love? Hopefully not. Were they friends? Possibly. Were they enemies? Also possible.

I had no bloody idea.

The door finally flew open, and I resided in mumbling under my breath, remembering how Malfoy had acted while I had briefly been in his confinement cell. "I told you, I don't know anything!"

"Shut up. I'm not here to question you," I recognized John Ruckman's voice, and as I lay there, I grinned at the ceiling. Ruckman was a good actor, I had to hand it to him. But then again, he just had to be himself, pretending to do something he actually wasn't.

Me on the other hand. I had to act like someone I didn't even know and seem surprised by the whole ordeal of what was about to happen. When in truth I knew exactly what was behind everything. I was never good at seeming surprised about things.

I sat up to look at Ruckman, standing in the doorway with Rose behind him. She looked terrified. Tough Rose had tears rolling down her cheeks, and she was frantically looking anywhere but at me. Her eyes remained glued to the scratches in the floor or on the 42 ceiling tiles. Immediately I knew she had to be innocent. There was no way she was guilty. That look. It was heartbreaking, and I felt for her. I just wanted to tell her who I truly was and embrace her, tell her that everything was going to be okay.

Her hands were magically bound, but I knew why.

Ruckman was 'sneaking us away,' and while our department knew that, it would appear to the Ministry as if Ruckman were only transferring Rose and I to different confinement outside of the ministry.

When I'm nervous, I get a bit over-the-top, and this was definitely the type of situation in which I was nervous. I was beyond nervous. If I don't act ridiculous, I end up shaking like a madman, so in order to keep still, I end up just talking like a madman.

"Then what are you here for? Who are you?" I blurted out quickly.

Don't make fun of me. There was no such thing as an acting class at Hogwarts.

"I'm breaking you and Weasley out of here. Nevermind my name; I could lose my job for this. There's no way two nineteen-year-olds are behind the death of the Minister of Magic. I'm taking you some place safe," Ruckman said as he approached me.

I knew I should probably still act a bit hesitant, but I couldn't help myself. I said nothing, shaking a little, lips tightly pursed as I just watched Ruckman.

With Rose behind him, his eyes flashed at me as if I weren't playing my role well enough, but he moved past it. He approached me and pulled out his wand, leaving Rose to stand bewildered in the doorway. Ruckman said to me just loudly enough for Rose to hear, "Now, I'm going to bind your hands. Act normally; say nothing. Leave everything to me. The Ministry will only think you are changing confinement locations."

"Then what?" I asked.

"Then you fall off the map, as far as the Ministry knows," Ruckman said as he bound my hands together and hauled me off the bed. I stumbled to my feet, still trying to become more oriented with Malfoy's height. His - or my - hair fell into my eyes, and I shook my head about to remove it from my sight.

"And as far as you know?" The words fell out of my mouth before I could think twice about them, but I figured it might be in the character of Scorpius Malfoy. Why would Malfoy want to put his trust into an Auror who didn't know? "Why should I trust you?"

"No time to explain. Now, do you want out of here or not?" Ruckman said quickly. His thick brow furrowed at me, and I swallowed.

"Of course I want out," I spat in a sour voice, gritting my teeth. I assumed I looked something like what I had seen just a few hours earlier.

Ruckman pushed out of the cell and past a quivering Rose. I followed in his wake, and I wanted to desperately to tell Rose that everything would be okay. She looked miserable. I had never seen her cry. She had always been one of the tough girls. In fact, I had never even seen her upset. She always dealt with her problems by sharing with Lucy and Roxanne or playing Quidditch until sweat drenched every part of her. Rose was energetic, tough, and strong-willed. I didn't know she even had it in her to cry.

I pursed my lips as we got closer. I tensed as I tried to figure out how to act around her. I decided it would be best for her to show the first sign of emotion, give me something to go off of. I paused at the doorway where she stood, my lips closed tightly, and my eyes moved to hers.

They connected, and she said nothing. She only closed her eyes, tears pushing past the corners and rolling down her cheeks. She turned to follow Ruckman obediently, as did I immediately behind Rosie.

Great, so an expression that told me nothing of her involvement with Malfoy.

We continued to not speak to one another as Ruckman led us through the ministry.

It was odd.

To be in Malfoy's body and to be receiving such awful looks. But I wasn't the only one getting them; Rose was too, but she didn't look at them. She kept her head down, eyes averted to the floor as she continued to cry, her hands bound in front of her. I pursed my lips and tried to glower at the people we passed. Malfoy was being ridiculed for being a suspect in the case, and ridiculed whether they believed he participated in the crime or not, and I had to take it because I was Malfoy.

I should be getting paid double for this case. Plus a bonus.

Ruckman took us to one of the fireplace exits, and the three of us walked in together. We were engulfed by the green flames and taken away from the Ministry and the cruel gazes of all at the Ministry. We fell out of another fireplace and landed on the stone floor of the cottage I knew we were being taken to. I hit the floor with a heavy thud and groaned, my hands still bound and currently mushed against the stone floor and my stomach. I turned to see Rose falling, and to avoid a face-smack on the hard floor for her, I quickly rolled in the way of her fall and braced myself. She collapsed on top of me, her face hitting my thigh, and I sighed in relief that she wasn't currently suffering a nose bleed.

She groaned immediately and wiggled on the floor, her hands tied and of no use. She tossed about quickly, sitting up and maneuvering herself off of me. She gave me a disgusted look and grunted to me. "Get off of me!"

I grimaced and hauled myself to my feet, working with the bonds easier than Rose was. She struggled to rise without the use of her hands, so I reached out my two clasped ones in suggestion. I held them out as an offering for her to grab onto and I would pull her up. But she only shot me a dirty look and spat, tossing her long, red hair from her eyes. "I can do it myself."

She didn't though. Ruckman straightened and pulled Rose to her feet from behind. She shot him a reproachful look as if she were angry at him that she hadn't proven to me she could do it all on her lonesome. Before he could give her the smart ass comment like I knew he would, I cleared my throat and projected in a way I thought a Malfoy would. "Would you undo these bonds then?"

And Ruckman looked at me like I had just stopped him from having a very fun moment. When Rose wasn't looking and was dusting off her jeans, Ruckman came to me and shook his head with that cheeky smile.

My hands now free, I dusted off my clothes and repositioned them correctly.

"You'll find all the things you will need in your rooms. The Ministry will be looking for you, so you can't wonder off. No leaving the cottage. Remember, you two; this could cost me my job. I'm relying on you to trust me while I gather evidence against you." Ruckman didn't look at me with that stern and convincing face, but he looked at Rosie. I looked at her to read her expression, and she seemed truly grateful for his actions. I know I would if I were actually Malfoy and in this position.

I'm having to learn quickly from Rose's actions if I want her to believe that I'm actually Malfoy. So, assumed fact #1: Rose Weasley hates Scorpius Malfoy.

But does Malfoy hate Rose? No idea. Great.

With her hands free, she jumped away from me like I was the plague, and she tried to be oblivious about it. I averted my eyes, trying to make the situation less awkward for the both of us, as she strolled to the back door of the cottage. She looked out the window and asked quietly. "Where are we? And what is this place?"

"It's my family's summer house. We only come here for vacation. It's small, but a nice get-away."

Ruckman went up behind her and touched her shoulder, becoming genuinely kind to her. He knew he was scared as much as I did, and from that I knew Ruckman believed that she could truly be innocent in this whole ordeal. "You'll be fine. Just think of your stay here as exactly that: a vacation. Don't worry about the case, don't worry about any of it, and I will keep in touch. I'll let you know if I find anything, but if you do know something about the murder, it would help if you could tell me now."

Rose shook her head, her long waves rippling across her back. "No," she said firmly. "I know nothing."

Strong Rosie. She was the perfect daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley; she had their courage.

Poor girl. She was always the young girl I would have to look after while the parents left the room, the girl who I helped catch her first snitch with when she was still terrified of me because she couldn't understand the concept that I could change my appearance at will. Yes, I hadn't known her as well as the Potters, but she had been a part of my childhood, of my life, and I felt obligated to protect her.

Ruckman turned to me for good measure, making us look like we were playing the part, and he gave me a look that obviously meant he was asking me the same thing. I shook my head, showing I didn't know anything either.

"Right," Ruckman nodded. "I will keep you updated."

I pursed my lips and nodded to him. Then he was gone. Rose continued to look out the window as I stood awkwardly behind her. I didn't know what to say to her. How had Malfoy acted to her in the past? It was something I didn't know; therefore, I couldn't do too much until I knew where their relationship stood if I didn't want to jeopardize anything.

Rose finally sighed and turned to face me. She now had her tough face on, that much I could tell. She had her arms folded across her chest, and she stood strong, unwavering. Her eyes moved to me, and in that glance, I felt as if Rose could see right through me. I had to look at my hands to make sure I was still the pale Malfoy kid.

There was no way I would be able to go through this whole thing without caving.

"All right," she began in a strong voice

Finally. The Rose I knew was back. It was time to be bossed around.

"If this is going to work, we have to set up some ground rules. Deal is, we each have our own room. My bedroom belongs to me only; you will not be getting into it in any way, shape, or form. Don't touch me, and don't talk about the murder."

I had never been so excited to be told what to do. Upon hearing her words, I knew she would be all right. At least, she was putting on the face well enough.

But for Rose to react in such a way, it made me quite curious to learn just what had happened to the two in the past. Clearly there was something.

"Malfoy?" she snapped, for I hadn't said anything.

"I heard you," I retorted back.

"You understand?" she pressed again because obviously my statement didn't make it clear enough for her.

I huffed, trying to act like Malfoy but also partly irritated. "Perfectly."

"Good," she replied and stalked off down the small hallway. She opened a door and peaked inside. Realizing it was hers, she disappeared into it

I called after her before the door could slam, "As long as the same rules go for you. My room is mine, and don't talk to me about the case. I don't know shit."

The door gave a loud slam. "Awesome..." I muttered under my breath once I was alone.

It was true. I really didn't know shit.

But whether the real Malfoy knew shit or not was a whole different story.

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