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Ginny leant gracefully against the kitchen counter and clutched the steaming mug of tea in her hands. Hermione, standing opposite to her, leaning against the kitchen island, couldn't help but notice how effortless she made everything look. She was dressed in a pair of tight jeans, a plain blouse and her hair was pushed up into a sleek ponytail. You could almost tell she belonged on the quidditch pitch. But today the red-head looked more agitated than she had since the war. It was as though she was battling with herself to say something. 

Hermione took a sip of her own tea and tried to ignore the way Draco tapped his fingers against the counter where he sat swinging his legs gently.

“I don't really know if I should be the one to tell you this,” Ginny finally said, “but Ron refused, even when Harry shouted at him....” the girl trailed off and looked at Hermione, her eyes full of tears. This must be serious, Ginny hardly ever cried.

“Ginny, tell me what's wrong,” Hermione urged. The girl took a few moments and then launched into an explanation.

“This morning at breakfast Lavender turned up at the door saying she needed to speak to Ron...she's pregnant Mione.” 

Hermione's cup shattered on the floor and tea split over her shoes. She couldn't move.

“WHAT!” Draco cried jumping down from the counter and glaring at Ginny.

“It's why she left school, she couldn't hide it any longer from the girls. Mum's beside herself, she was screaming at Ron so much I thought she was going to explode. She was saying stuff like it was bad enough he had cheated on you but to get Lavender pregnant was the last straw. I swear she was going to kick him out if Dad hadn't stepped in telling her that that had already lost one son they didn’t need to loose another, then she burst into tears and told him that he had better sort it out.” 

Hermione couldn't breath. Lavender was pregnant, pregnant with Ron's child. She had convinced herself so long ago that she would be the one who would give Ron a child, that they would be family. She loved Draco and she didn't want to be with Ron but the idea that something that had been engraved on her mind for so long had been taken away from her shattered her insides. 

“What did Ron say?” Hermione asked tentatively.

“He was just quiet and when mum was talking about how much he had already hurt you I though he was going to cry. After lavender left he did start crying, saying that he would never be able to get you back now. He still loves you,” Ginny replied. 

Hermione glanced over at Draco who took the hint immediately and mumbled something about needing to nip to the shop. He left quickly and the two girls were alone. Hermione couldn't help but let the tears fall.

“She's having his baby,” Hermione sobbed, “I can't believe he got her pregnant.”

“He's distraught Hermione, he really loves you, the first thing he said when Lav told him was 'what about Hermione?'”

“What about me?” Hermione cried, “he should have thought about that before he started screwing her behind my back shouldn't he! How dare he! I swear when I get my hands on him...” she was angry and hurt and upset and she felt like grabbing the boy by the throat and strangling him! “if he hadn't cheated on me then he wouldn't have to think 'what about Hermione' would he, he would ….” 

Hermione stopped, he would what? Still be with her? Well yes he would but her and Draco would have still had that weird connection. Would she have left Ron for Draco anyway? Would she have even cheated on Ron with Draco if he had made a move on her? Draco was her Romeo...Draco was like her Lancelot, the one she was fated to be with whereas Ron was like Arthur, the one she would always love but never lit her world on fire. 

Draco was her Romeo, her Lancelot and her Fate. Ron had been her best friend and now Lavender was pregnant with his child. It was as though her world had turned on itself and she was left not knowing where she stood in the world. 

As thoughts ran through Hermione's head the red-headed girl shifted uncomfortably and bit her lip. It was though she had something she wanted to say, something she had wanted to say for a long time and eventually she plucked up the courage. 

“Look Mione, the thing is...well I know you're with Draco and you don't love Ron any more but I hate seeing him like this...I know what he did was wrong and I wont forgive him for that but I think you should tell him so he can move on.”

“I know I should,” Hermione said with a sigh, “but it can wait, until this lavender thing has died down.”

If she was honest with herself she was putting it off. She didn't want to tell him about Draco but she knew it was inevitable, he would find out eventually and it was better for her to tell him herself rather than have him find out his best friend and sister had been lying to him. 

Ginny nodded in agreement as Hermione wiped her tears. She stood up straight and her bossy air broke through. It was her defence mechanism.

“I hope he realises that the press are going to have a field day with this!” she snapped, “and what is that going to look like and of course I’m going to be involved and mobbed by them even more than I am now! Oh that boy does not think sometimes!”

“You sound just like mum,” Ginny giggled.

“Well he doesn't” Hermione replied sharply, “he doesn't think about anyone but himself!” 

Hermione slammed her fist down on the counter and sent a mug flying across the room. It shattered on the tiled floor of the kitchen and the cold tea leaked towards the two girls. Hermione's tears were angry now. Angry that he had done it in the first place, angry that he still loved her after all she had done to get over him and angry that he hadn't come and told her himself. He was an idiot and Hermione wanted to tell him that herself! 

“What is he going to do?” she asked Ginny through her tears. Ginny shrugged.

“I don't know, Lav says she's keeping the baby even though her parents don't want her too. They kicked her out and she's been living in an apartment in muggle London working as a waitress. Mum is bringing her to live with us, she says that no brainchild of hers is living in the muggle world. So I guess he's going to have to step up and be a dad. Fleur is not happy though. She's at home and her baby is due in just a few weeks, I think she thinks lavender and Ron are trying to steal her spotlight.” 

Ginny scoffed as she finished her sentence. It was no secret that Ginny didn't like Fleur but the baby had brought them closer, Ginny being more maternal than she would ever let on, but there was always that small side to the French girl that bugged the hell out of the red-head. 

“So he's going to be a dad,” Hermione whispered to herself. Ginny nodded and put a comforting hand on Hermione's arm.

“It will be alright...he's been asking after you, he wants you're advice. He asked me to bring you back after I had told you, of course I'm going to do no such thing, if he wants you he can come and get you himself! But he thinks your the only one that’s going to be able to help him.”

“Well you're right I’m not going anywhere near him until he comes to me himself the coward!” 


Ginny left Draco's apartment with a message for Ron to tell her himself, if he wanted to meet her he should send an owl and arrange a meeting place, if not then she wasn't coming after him and he could deal with it on his own. 

By the time Draco returned, Hermione was curled up on the sofa scribbling into a notebook, re-working her books so she could send them off to be publish. She was so immersed in the pages and her brain was racing with thoughts about the fact that she was going to have a book on the shelves she didn't even hear him walk through the door.

“Hermione?” he said as he came up behind her. The girl jumped and then smiled when she spotted Draco standing there with a bunch of lilies in one hand and a stack of books tied up with string in another.

“You have been shopping,” she laughed. Draco shrugged and placed the gifts on the table in front of Hermione.

“I can spoil my girlfriend can't I?” 

Hermione flushed red as the words left his mouth. Ron had never bought her gifts out of the blue. Draco saw the surprise and embarrassment on her face.

“I can take them back if you want?”

“No no, they are lovely, thank you, just the thing I needed to cheer me up actually.” She beamed at him and Draco left the room to put the flowers in the water as Hermione flicked through the books. All old and all a little dusty. There were a few old spell books in there and one or two diary's (that looked handwritten) by a girl named Olivia Reed. 

“Where did you get these from?” Hermione asked astounded as Draco returned to the sofa and sat down.

“Just a little place I know,” he smiled back at her, “maybe one day I will take you to see it.”

He looked at her intently with his silver eyes that eventually Hermione had to raise an eyebrow and ask what he was staring at.

“I'm just worried about you,” he said. Hermione couldn't help but laugh.

“I hope you realise how ridiculous that sounds. You telling me that he is worried about me. I swear if you had said this time last year that you were going to be worried about you I would have called you crazy.”

“This time last year I was worried about you...” he trailed in reply. Hermione just looked at him.

“What do you mean?” she asked astounded.

“It was about this time last year my aunt was...well you know. I know I didn’t say anything but...I didn’t want her to kill you, I didn’t want her to kill any of you...” 

Silence hung in the air as the memory was dragged back and the realisation that Draco hadn't wanted her hurt even then hit Hermione like a bullet and she couldn’t help but lean in and kiss him softly.

“You don't need to worry about me.”

“But all this stuff with Ron...”

“I'm a big girl, I’ll get over it. It hurts and I feel like I could kill him but I’m okay. And anyway, I have you now, I don't need anyone else.”

“Well all I can say to that is that if you had told me this time last year that I would be kissing you now I would have said that you were crazy,” he said before he leaned in and kissed her again. When he pulled away he was smiling. 

“But...there is a more pressing matter at hand,” he said as took Hermione's hand.

“And that is?”

“I want to take you to dinner and your little red-haired friend...”

“She has a name.”

“Okay, Ginny gave me an idea. I bumped into her in the ally as I was coming back and she mentioned that seeing as I can't go out with you and you can't be seen with me...maybe your Romeo might be able to make another appearance.”




Hey Guys =)

So this is my next chapter, hope you all liked the big secret but i figure that you prob guessed it anyway =) I feel like my chapters have been a bit more dark, depressing an uneventful recently but the next one is going to be a bit lighter and fun...more running away from the press and George get's to meet 'prince charming.' Please Read and Review =) Ta, Secret Passion xxx


Here's a little taster of Chapter 25 =)


The questions and camera flashes started as soon as they spotted her. Who was this mystery man and were they officially an item? Why did he wear a mask? How did Ron feel about this? Over the shouting male voices there came a small feminine voice pushing itself to the front. Hermione breathed a sigh of relief as the reporter who first asked her what she was wearing came up near her, she was asking the same question again. Hermione stopped and held up her hand. Everyone fell silent. She looked at the woman and her smile grew, Ginny was going to LOVE this.

“Ginny Weasly,” she said simply, “she designed and created this outfit for me.”

“Ginny Weasly?” the reported asked excitedly, “Harry Potters girlfriend, your best friend and sister of your former boyfriend.”

“Yes,” Hermione beamed, “she has quite a collection for me as I understand.” And with that Hermione and Draco turned into the restaurant and left the crowd of reporters behind.

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