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Spectacular CI by Marzipan@TDA 

The battle was long and fierce. They had all fought relentlessly and lost many of their own. Harry had still to give himself up to Voldemort but his dad, Sirius and Remus weren’t making it easy for him. Throughout the battle they somehow managed to keep a close eye on Harry, no matter who they were fighting, and if Harry wasn’t fighting a Death Eater then he was being followed by one of the three.

The battle had been going on for hours and now they were having a break to gather the dead. Thankfully, everyone important to him was still alive, but then again innocent blood was spilt and now Harry had to end it. The only person that seemed to be on his side was Dumbledore, Harry’s great-grandfather. He seemed to encourage Harry to go when the other three weren’t looking but as always, just as Harry was about to escape, someone caught him. Now though it was his chance. Remus, Sirius and his dad were helping the injured and laying the dead to rest. So with a wink of good luck from Dumbledore, Harry, quietly crept out of the great hall and into the entrance hall where he through on his cloak and crept out of the castle.

As he reached the halfway point between the castle and the forest, where Voldemort wanted him to meet him, he heard his dad yell his name. The sound made him stop and his heart wrenched in pain. He turned to see a few people had come out onto the grounds to look for him, so with great difficulty he turned back to the forest and walked at a faster pace.

He reached the tip of the forest and stopped to take a deep breath. He could still hear the distant yells of his father but he still trudged on regardless. This was his destiny, he knew it. After ten minutes, he reached Voldemort and pulled off his cloak, there was some taunting and jeering, Hagrid was there and Harry felt sorry that he had to watch, but before long he was drifting out of this world and into the unknown.


He didn’t know where he was, but he did know he wasn’t alive. He was aware that he was lying on his back naked, he sat up and desperately looked for some clothes and glasses, finding them a few feet away from him. Once he got dressed he looked around and realised that he was in a house. Puzzled he looked around the misty room and found furniture and pictures, pictures of him, his mum and his dad. Harry realised with a great jolt of excitement that he was in his first home, in Godric’s Hallow. He walked out of the living room and his feet seemed to immediately take him up the stairs. He stopped at the top and looked around, before deciding to go into the only room with its door ajar.

He opened the door fully and stepped in. It was misty like the rest of the house but he could faintly see that the room was painted light blue, with a dark blue carpet and white furniture and curtains. A cot, a wardrobe, a changing table and a toy chest was visible, he looked closer and they toy chest had the words Harry James Potter, carved in light blue cursive writing. He looked around in awe at the nursery that looked perfect compared to the wreck he had seen a few months ago on his travels.

Then out of the blue a mist figure began to appear in the centre of the room, growing stronger and stronger with each passing second and Harry could hardly believe his eyes. Standing before him, looking as alive as his dad, was a woman with dark red, wavy hair, bright green almond eyes and a very pretty oval shaped face…his mother.

“Mum?” He whispered, daring to believe.

“Oh my baby boy” she sobbed. “My beautiful, brave boy” she stepped forward and Harry was surprised to find that she was able to hug him, and he was able to hug back. As they hugged Harry, who had longed for this moment for years, finally let out his feelings and cried. “You are such a handsome man.” She smiled, when they had broken apart. “I am so proud of you.”

“I haven’t done a lot of things for you to be proud of.” He said ashamedly.

“I know what you’ve done.” She replied still smiling. “James will forgive you and you will have such a beautiful baby boy.” Harry smiled and then realised what she had said.

“I can go back?” He asked dumbfounded.

“You are in limbo, Harry, when Voldemort turned his wand on you, he only destroyed the part of him that resided in you. You can go back and finally be yourself. Voldemort brought his own downfall when he overlooked my love for you, and it will be your love for your son that brings him to his end.”

“But I have only just found you; I don’t want to leave you again.” Harry cried, hugging his mother tight. “I miss you and so does dad.”

“Oh I know pet, I know.” She said trying her hardest to maintain her composure. “But you have a son now who needs you and, as much as your father denies it, he needs you more than you need him.”

“Will I ever see you again?”

“You will my son, but only when you’re old and it’s your time.” She replied as she faded.
“I love you mum.” He shouted.

“I love you too.” She replied. “Tell your father I love him.” She added and was gone. Harry stood for a minute and cried before concentrating on the forest. He had one last quick look before he was pulled back into the living.


Harry was aware that he was lying on the cold forest floor and that something had happened to Voldemort, it was eerily quiet and the Death Eaters were whispering behind him. He remained still and strained his ears to hear anything. “Are you alright my lord?” He heard Bellatrix ask. “Get away from me; I don’t want your help.” Voldemort hissed in reply and Harry heard someone lose their footing. “Is he dead?” He hissed again and Harry felt someone move closer to him.

It was Draco’s mother and she seemed to hesitate as she realised that Harry was indeed alive, despite Harry’s efforts, she knew. “Is Draco alive?” She asked shocked and frightful at the same time. Harry nodded ever so slightly and she stood up, announcing that he was dead. They all cheered and cackled and Voldemort ordered Hagrid to carry his body bag to the castle. Harry made sure he had his invisibility cloak as Hagrid gently lifted his limp body, howling the whole time. In fact Hagrid was so convinced that Harry was dead that Voldemort silenced him out of aggravation. They stopped after teen minutes and Harry opened an eye just a smidgen to see that they were almost at the castle. Now came the hard part Harry thought as they trudged on.

He kept one eye open as Voldemort called them all out. One by one he could see all the ones he loved file out upset and fear clear on their faces. “Harry Potter is dead.” Voldemort announced and stepped aside revealing him in Hagrid’s arms. Harry closed his eyes and barely remained still when he heard his father scream.


They stood and painfully watched as Hagrid appeared with Harry. James screamed in pain and struggled free from the Death Eaters he rushed to Harry’s body. “Harry no, please no.” James screamed as he cradled his son’s body. “Harry, please wake up.” James pleaded. He felt like he couldn’t breathe, his heart constricted painfully in his chest as he struggled to control his breathing. Harry found it hard at this point to remain still as possible. James reluctantly let his son’s body go and Harry had the strongest feeling that Voldemort was smiling with glee.

“Ah yes, the great and noble James Potter, the one that got away. How does it feel knowing that I finally managed to murder your beloved son?” Voldemort sneered and the Death Eaters laughed. Harry was sure at that moment that James had lost his temper because he could hear a flurry of shouts as, he assumed, his father and Voldemort started duelling. Quietly as he could he slipped on his invisibility cloak and forced himself away from the fight. He ran up to Dumbledore’s office and picked up Voldemort’s destroyed Horcruxes. He was going to enjoy watching Voldemort’s fury when Harry showed him them. He crept down the stairs and ran straight in to Nagini, wishing he had the Gryffindor’s sword, he magically found it had manifest into his free hand and with great delight he chopped off his head.

The crowd gasped as Voldemort fell in pain, James looked startled and the Death Eaters looked worried. At this moment Dumbledore appeared at James’ side wand at the ready for when Voldemort got up. However, the crowd gasped and parted as Harry made his way through, visible. Harry couldn’t help but feel happy at the astonished, elated look on his father’s face along with the enraged and shocked look on Voldemort.

“Not a wise move.” Said Harry as Voldemort lifted his wand. At this James and Dumbledore turned their wands on Voldemort. “Let me explain a few things, shall I.” Harry said in a confident tone. “You see when, sixteen years ago, you decided to kill me after I became too much of a threat, you overlooked one small thing. My mother’s love for me, so powerful was her love, that despite your best efforts my mother would not step aside. So after you murdered her, you turned your wand on me, however, the love my mother had for me left me a protection and your spell rebounded and hit you. You however couldn’t die, because of course you had made Horcruxes and had spilt your soul into six pieces. However, the little soul you did have remaining felt into the only other living thing in that Room, me.” Harry stopped and smiled at the angry realisation that swept across Voldemort’s face at that time. “When you turned your wand on me in the forest, the killing curse hit me and momentarily I was dead, but I was the seventh Horcrux that you didn’t mean to make, so instead of you killing me you destroyed the piece of your soul that was living in me.” Harry stopped again and laughed as the crowd around him clapped and cheered happily. “And as for your other six… well, the diary, the ring, the locket, the cup, the diadem and Nagini” Harry held up all the destroyed items as he reeled them off. Voldemort looked absolutely furious as the crowed behind Harry went wild.

“Very good Potter, yes very good indeed” Voldemort hissed, recovering from his embarrassment. “But you’re forgetting that I am still the most powerful Dark Lord of all time. Avada Kedavra.” Voldemort screamed but Harry was quick and he yelled expelliarmus at the same time. The spells connected and Harry could see the fear in his father’s eyes as Voldemort seemed stronger but then Harry remembered what his mother had said to him. “It will be your love for your son that brings him to his end.” Hermione flashed in his mind at that particular moment, worried and heavily pregnant with his son and it was that, that made Harry push with all his strength until he finally overpowered Voldemort and he fell to the ground dead.

Harry had no time to revel in his glory, as the Death Eaters apparated, his dad swamped him in a bone crushing hug. “Thank Merlin, Harry; I thought I had lost you.” His dad said and Harry could hear the raw emotion and relief in his voice. When James released him he was pulled into another tight hug by Sirius and then Remus, both had tears in their eyes.

“Can I ask you a favour?” Harry said when they had all released him.

“Anything” they chorused.

“Take me to Hermione.” He smiled and they smiled too. So, as they led him through the cheering crowd, all of them wanting to touch him, Harry felt relieved for the first time in his life.

A.N I would like to point out that this isn’t the last chapter, there will be a few more after this one. And I apologise to all my readers for taking so long to update. I would very much appreciate a review.

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