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Harry's scar was blinding him with pain. Dimly, he knew that they had moments, seconds before Voldermort was with them.

''Ron, catch- and GO!'' He yelled, throwing one of the wands; then he bent down to tug Griphook out from under the chandelier. Hosting the groaning goblin, who was still clung to to the sword, over one shoulder, Harry seized Dobby's hand and he spun on the spot.

As he turned into the darkness, he caught one last vied of the drawing room: of the pale, frozen figures of Narcissa and Draco, of the streak of red that was Ron's hair, and a blur of flying silver, as Bellatrix's knife flew across the room at the place where he was vanishing-




Harry landed on what appeared to be a street.

'Harry! Ron!' He heard Hermione cry.

'I'm here.' Harry said, getting up.

'Thank goddness.' She cried,hugging him. 'I was so scared. Where's Ron?'

'In here!' They heard him shout. He had landed in someone's hedge. Harry and Hermione rushed over to help him out.

'Where the hell are we? this is not shell cottage.' Ron asked looking about.

'This is Godric's Hallow!' Harry said,he knew the place had looked famaliar.

'Merlin's beard, so it is.' Hermione said, in a state of shock.

'Would someone like to explain what we are doing here?' Ron asked, in a state of confusion.

'Harry, you didn't-'

'No, I was thinking of Shell cottage.' He told her. 'By the way, where's Dobby and Griphook?'

'I don't know.' Hermione said. 'Dobby! Griphook!'

They searched for at least fifteen mintues but  there was no sign of the Goblin or the house elf.

'This day could not get any worse.' Ron moaned, sitting down on a wall.

Harry saw the Daily prophet lying on the ground; he picked it up, maybe he could find out what was happening in the wizarding world.

'Your not going to like this.' He told them. 'We're in 1979!'

'What!' Hermione said, taking the paper of him. 'We must have went through a time loop!'

'But how come Dobby and -' Harry began, but Hermione spoke over him.

'Magical creatures can't come through time loops, Harry. '

'What about Luna and the others?'

'They could have went through a time loop as well, but it maybe a different one from ours.'

'Ok, how do we get back?' Harry asked, surely Hermione would know.

'I don't know,Time travel is very dangerous and very difficult to do.'

'We just prove it's not; we went through a loop and wham! we're in 1979.' Ron said.

'We didn't mean to go to 1979!' Hermione snapped.

'Wait a mintue, If we're in 1979; that means my parents and Dumbledore are still alive.' Harry said.

'Harry, we can't-'

'Hermione, this could be my only chance at changing things. My parents died because they trusted the wrong person. Sirius went to prison for something he didn't do. Hermione, if your parents had died and you came back to a time when they were still alive; would you not want to save them?'

'Harry, I understand, believe me I do. But, you could make things worse.'

'I can't see that happening.' Ron mumbled, but fell silent at the look on Hermione face.

'Hermione, what if we could change all of this. Voldermort, my parents death, Sirius's imprisoment and your parents wouldn't have to go to Australia .' Harry begged her.

At that moment, someone or something landed in front of them.

'Oh my!' Herminone squealed.

'It can't be!' Ron gapsed.

'Sirius?' Harry asked.


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