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Hermione woke the next morning to blazing sunshine and Mrs. Weasley knocking on all the doors, screaming. She lay there silently, not wanting to get up. The serenity was perfect, and she didn't want to escape from it. However, Mrs. Weasley's shrill voice pulled her violently out of her calm state.

'Get up! You'll miss the train!' Hermione assumed she was saying. However, it sounded more like a loud blur of noise. Hermione groaned and rolled over, looking at the bed next to hers that had bright red, long hair sprawled over it. Ginny groaned too and mumbled something Hermione couldn't make out, but she was sure it was something Ginny would never say in front of her mother. Ginny looked over at her.

'It’s too early!' she exclaimed, clearly frustrated. Hermione looked at her with empathy and nodded. It was always difficult getting back into the daily routine of getting up early, especially after summer.

'I know… ugh!' Hermione said sleepily. She huffed and sat up. Woah, she waited for the blood to rush from her head and climbed out of bed. 'Come on, Ginny. With you lying around, we actually will miss the train!'

Ginny scowled and snuggled her head deeper into her pillow. Haha, Hermione had an idea. She grinned broadly and walked over to Ginny's bed.

'What are y- Arghhhh! Hermione!'  Hermione had lifted the mattress, causing Ginny to topple off of the bed. Hermione was overcome with a laughing fit.

'Come on, woman, this year won’t be that bad! And besides, you’re in the same year as us now, remember!' Hermione said gleefully. All the six years that had attended Hogwarts the previous year whilst Snape was Headmaster, were all free to proceed to the seventh year without the end of year exams. Considering the majority of them fought in the battle of Hogwarts, that was enough. Though most of last year's seventh years were returning to take their NEWTS so they could get jobs.

Ginny grunted in acknowledgement at this news, but did look slightly more cheerful so Hermione, now satisfied, went to get dressed on the other side of the room. Pulling on a pair of jeans, top and a jumper, she magically fixed her hair to fall in soft waves and waited for the red haired girl. Ginny was still pulling on her socks halfheartedly.

'Oh come on!' said Hermione, impatiently tapping her foot. Ginny glared at her in return.

'I'm coming, I’m coming!' she said exasperated. When they finally had both all their clothing on, they closed their trunks with magic and headed for the door. Hermione turned around and muttered, 'locomotor trunks' and both of the girls trunks bobbed down the stairs behind them. The sight in the tiny kitchen of the Burrow was amusing to the girls. Harry was lying with his head on his arm, a spoon hanging in his hand. Ron had a mouthful of what appeared to be egg and toast. He looked asleep with his head in his hands, elbows propped up on the table. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were closed. Ugh, that's disgusting!

'Ronald Weasley!' Ron jerked awake and Harry stirred, looking up at Hermione. 'That is disgusting! Close your mouth!'

Ron started to say something but Ginny got there first.

'I can't beleive i have the misfortune of being related to someone so disgusting. Can you Hermione?!'

Ron glared at them both and muttered something along the lines of 'Bloody hell, alright mother!' Hermione shook her head and sat down at the table, grabbing a piece of toast. She had just only realised how hungry she was, and considering she wouldn't eat again untill the train, she grabbed a bowl of cereal too.

'Mor'n Ginny, Mione..' said Harry sleepily. Ginny went over and kissed Harry on the cheek before doing the same. They are so lucky to have each other, and actually love each other, Hermione thought. She looked over at Ron whilst chewing carefully on her toast. He looks reproachful eating like that. Ugh. How is it that I don’t feel anything for him, but I’m still dating him, ugh! The word made her cringe.

'Hermione!' someone snapped their fingers in her face. Ron.

'Yes, Ronald?' she said, coldly. Though it wasn’t intended to sound quite that mean. Ron looked taken about and she forced herself to smile.

'Do you really have to call me that?' he moaned. 'Anyway, i was just wondering if you had gotten Head Girl?' Hermione's heart quickened and she started to panic. Oh no, she thought, I didn't get it.

', well it didn’t come with my letter, so I’d assume no.' she said sadly. She had suddenly lost all her appetite and pushed her food away grumpily. She blocked out all sound around her and sat with her arms folded. Strangely, she was trying to hold back tears. It wasn't that much of a big deal was it? .. The honest answer? Yes it was. From the first time she had read Hogwarts; A History, all she had dreamed of achieving was getting Head Girl.  I was so preoccupied it didn't even cross my mind! It was clearly Ron's fault. Why did he have to bring it up?  Yes, lets just blame Ron...   Her thoughts were disrupted by Mrs. Weasley half running down the stairs.

'Come on, we have to go! Arthur's outside with the car!'

They all jumped up, leaving their discarded plates and Hermione's foul mood on the minute table. Mrs. Weasley hastily waved her wand and they flew to the sink and started washing themselves up. Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny were ushered out the door by Mrs. Weasley and they walked over to the car that Mr. Weasley was standing by, beaming.  Mrs. Weasley looked at it skeptically.

'Oh, don't worry dear; I haven't tinkered with this car.' He said, 'It's completely like an ordinary Muggle’s, how exciting!'

Hermione and Harry stifled a giggle and they all piled in to the back seat. Mr. Weasley might have said he hadn't messed around with any of it, but Harry and Hermione, knowing the normal size of a back seat, knew he had. It fit the four of them comfortably with room to spare. Mr. Weasley climbed into the driver’s seat, turned around a looked at them with a satisfied smile on his face.

'Undetectable Extension Charm!' he whispered with a wink before Mrs. Weasley got in the car. The journey to Kings cross was slow due to the traffic in Muggle London, so it was a good job they had left early. Harry filled the silence with his new Quidditch tactics for the Gryffindor team, and conversations with Mr. Weasly about relatively oridinary Muggle items. The current topic of conversation was a discussion about a totally unamusing device known as a traffic light.

'Wow, so they change colours accordingly, that right Harry?'

'What? Oh , yes, Mr Weasley.'

'Fascianting! Truly Fascinating. You see that, Molly dear? Red... Orange... Green...'

'Arthur!' exclaimed Mrs. Weasley/

'Ooops, sorry dear.' Mr Weasley replied, apologetically as the tiny car left the junction. After they finally reached the station, they headed towards the platform. Goodbyes were said and the four left Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and ran full on into the barrier for Platform 9 and 3/4. 


Draco looked around his handsome room, making sure he had everything packed. He couldn't see anything else, so he closed his trunk with a flick of his wand. On the top was DM stamped in silver lettering. With another flick of his wand, the trunk was following him as he made his way through the eerie manor. I can't wait to get away from this place, he thought, all I can think about is him here.

Draco's mother, Narcissa, was waiting in the Entrance Hall for him. She had arrived back this morning to take her son to the platform and then was returning on her escape retreat. He made his way down the stairs and walked up to her. Narcissa rushed forward.

'You ready, son?' She asked, fussing over his collar. He dodged from her hands.

'Yes, thank you Mother.' The two grasped hands and apparated immediately to the platform. It was bustling as soon as they got there. Narcissa fussed over Draco more and he kissed her goodbye. He turned around and walked into the crowd, passing lots of families. Whom all of which had fathers. Your fathers aren't locked away for being a disgrace to the wizarding world, he thought miserably. He remembered the first and last time he had visited his father in Azkaban, just a week after he was imprisoned and what his father had told him.

'I want you to be on your best behaviour this year, you understand me? Just because the war is over does not mean you sink to the level of people inferior to you. You are a pureblood and you will act like one. I am disappointed you were not appointed Head Boy, but you will show them up anyway. You will not befriend any of the wrong sort.'

 Draco glared at his father, unclenched his jaw and said coolly,

'I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks.' He turned abruptly on his heel and stormed off. Only when he got to the end of the corridor did he realise what he had just said. The sudden realisation was almost comical, and he had to let out a hollow laugh. He flashed back to first year, his second conversation with Potter. He had told Draco the exact same thing. How ironic. Draco smirked. He could hear his father calling his name angrily over through the bars of his cell, but he was long gone now. 

That was the last time he had saw his father and he didn't plan on ever going back. Truthfully, Draco was ashamed at what his father had done during the war and prior to it. He was free at last from his clutches, from the clutches of Dark Magic, and he was going to make the most of it.

He boarded the train quickly, and immediately bumped into someone familiar. He scowled when he realised who it was. He was about to say something, but instinct took over,

'Watch it, Mudblood. Can't you just keep your bushy head out of things?' He walked off, laughing silently at the look on her face but he also felt rather guilty. He brushed off the unusual emotion and made his way down the train, trying to find an empty compartment. A brunette first year rushed up to him, looking nervous. Oh, here we go...He thought.

'Er, Mr. Malfoy?' the kid asked looking up at him.

'Yes.' He said coolly. The kid pulled out an envelope and handed it to him.

' My name's Edwards.. Luke Edwards..'

'What do you want, Edwards?'

I was told to give this to you...' The kid squeaked and ran off. Malfoy laughed after him. Shrimp, he thought. He looked down at the envelope and sure enough, it was addressed to him. He opened and read,

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed the Position of Head Boy for this year. Would you please join myself and the new Head Girl in the Heads compartment at twelve o clock for a meeting and discussion of your duties.


Professor Minerva McGonagal


Draco looked down at it gleefully. Suddenly, he wasn't pissed off at Matthew Edwards. Ha, well would you look at that Father..

'Hey...' he said quietly, but trailed off, realising he had no one to tell. He sighed and checked his watch. It was eleven o’ clock now and the train had just started moving. He still had an hour before he had to go. Draco reached into his bag, pulled out a book and started to read.



Hermione stalked away from Malfoy fuming. Stupid pureblood, you'd have thought after the war that the whole Mudblood thing wouldn't matter! Once she had found the compartment that the other three were in, she walked inside, slamming the door behind her and took a seat across from Ginny. Ron looked scared.

'What's got your wand in a knot?' asked Ginny, slightly amused.

'Malfoy, that’s what!" exclaimed Hermione. Harry looked at her with sympathy.

'What he done?' he asked.

'He's just being an arrogant git like he always is!'

'Did you expect much else with Malfoy?' Ron asked.

'Well no, but after the war, you'd think he would tone down a bit...' Hermione trailed off, in thought. They all nodded, and muttered in agreement. After a few moments, a first year girl opened the door to their compartment looking very scared.

'Hermione Granger?' she asked. Hermione looked up.

'Yes?' she said kindly. The girl handed her an envelope. Hermione thanked her and she scurried out of the compartment.

'What's that, Hermione?' asked Harry. Hermione opened it and pulled out a letter. She read it not believing her eyes.

Dear Miss Granger,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed the Position of Head Girl for this year. Would you please join myself and the new Head Boy in the Heads compartment at twelve o clock for a meeting and discussion of your duties.


Professor Minerva McGonagal


She squealed and showed the letter to them excitedly. They offered her congratulations.

'See?!' said Ron loudly, 'I knew you'd get it! ... Didn't I tell 'er Harry!'

Harry looked up and nodded, amused. Hermione didn't care though, she was ecstatic. Oh Merlin, I'm Head Girl! 




A/N: Hey lovely readers! Chapter 1 was validated this morning and now Chapter 2 is up! How did you all like this chapter? Or dislike? Feedback please, positive OR negative! Thanks for reading, LadyMalfoyx

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