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"Er, hello?”








Then just painful, awkward silence.


It was the worst kind of painful, awkward silence too. The kind where you just sit there painfully and awkwardly staring at each other in the most painful and awkward way possible.


I mean, we’ve had girls at the flat before, but most of them were various female relatives bringing us food and making sure that we weren’t dead, or different birds that we brought home smashed in the middle of the night from our favorite bars or clubs.


This…this situation was definitely a first.


Louis was the first one to speak after about five minutes of throat clearing, uncomfortable neck rubbing, and glancing around pretending to look nonchalant.


“So, um, Charlotte…”


“Charlie, I go by Charlie.” She corrected instantly. Her nose wrinkled slightly when he said her full first name.


Louis cleared his throat, and started flipping through her application to live in our flat. “Right, sorry. It says here that you’re from the United States?” She nodded, and Louis asked curiously, raising an eyebrow, “So what brings you to London?”


Charlie frowned instantly, and it instantly made me panic that Louis said something wrong.


If there is one thing that I learned about females over the years by having a little sister and having a rather large collection of girlfriends, it is that you have to tread waters very, very carefully.


See, girls are like sharks. You can be around them as long as you don’t make too many sudden movements, and normally you’re fine.


But if you do something wrong (like start bleeding or kicking your legs like a maniac), then they bite.


…Or, you know, start hysterically crying and then slapping you across the face.


Okay, maybe the shark analogy wasn’t the best, but you catch my drift.


You have to watch what you say and do around girls because they are more terrifying than Voldemort with the Elder Wand when they are pissed.


For real, it’s honestly difficult to count the amount of times my poor face has been subjected to a fierce slap by an angry female.


Sorry, that I overslept and missed our date, which to be fair, didn’t sound like that much fun in the first place. I mean, seriously, who the hell actually enjoys going to Madam Puddifoot’s? Find me one straight bloke that likes getting pink glitter thrown on him while attempting to pretend he still has his manhood while drinking pink tea. Find me that bloke and I will go to Madam Puddifoot’s happily.


Sorry, that I accidentally told the whole school that it was your time of the month and that you were going to bite everyone’s heads off unless they gave you chocolate and tampons. I mean, I was trying to give the fellow students at Hogwarts a fair warning before their heads were detached from their necks in some kind of lady problem induced rampage. Excuse me for wanting to protect my classmates.


Sorry, that I stepped on your gray pygmy puff because I mistook him for huge arse dust bunny. I’ve explained a thousand times that I did not bloody do it on purpose, and that no one likes an animal named Herman, but you just don’t seemed to believe it.


Girls are pretty much the most frustrating and temperamental creatures to walk the face of the universe, and they scare the absolute shit out of me.


Surprisingly though, Charlie didn’t slap my favorite cousin across the face or burst into miserable tears.


Instead, she sighed and said, “I’ll give you the short version.” She took a deep breath before continuing. “I graduated from Salem, Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that is, last year. I moved in with my boyfriend who I had been dating for four years, and everything was going perfectly until last month, when I came home from work to find him fucking my best friend on our kitchen counter.”


Aidan, my other flat mate, Louis, and I all took a collective breath, and exchanged glances with each other that read a mix between wow, what a complete arse hole, and, damn, poor girl, and finally, someone like her got cheated on? What a stupid bloke.


If you took a good look at Charlie, then you’d be pretty damn shocked that someone would actually ever want to be with someone other than her.


Other than her freakishly pale skin, which somehow kind of worked for her, she was hot.


She let her silky looking blonde hair grow a few inches past her collarbone, and it was straight on the top, but then was all waves and curls at the end.


Her eyes had green in them, but not like Al and Dad’s solid emeralds. It was if her irises were having an epic battle between a milk chocolate brown and a light grassy, green, but neither won so they found a mix between the two.


Charlie somehow looked delicate, but at the same time not because the way she carried herself and her personality outweighed the fragileness.


She also had nice boobs.


Charlie gave a grim smile that made her look slightly constipated. “Yeah, it’s not exactly a treat to see the guy that you thought was going to propose soon nailing the girl you’ve shared secrets with your entire life right next to the stove that you fried their eggs on earlier that day.”


She started to absentmindedly play with her hair, and I tried not to laugh when Aidan whispered, “Damn,” under his breath in a dumbstruck voice.


“So basically,” Charlie continued. “I had a complete freak out moment and moved to London where my mom grew up, but then I realized that I had absolutely no place to live. I’ve been staying at the Leaky Cauldron for a few weeks now, looking for a place that didn’t have psychotic, practically rapist roommates, which I’ve come across in quite a few places so far, actually.” She frowned to herself, and scratched her forehead as if she was contemplating on why there were so many psychotic people in London, which almost made me smile.


“Then I found the flyer that James Potter, Louis Weasley, and Aidan Wood were looking for a young, fourth roommate in a nice flat right in the heart of downtown London. So I did my research to make sure that you weren’t going to rape me in my sleep or something and here I am, I guess.” She finished with a real smile that Louis just had to go and ruin.


“Did you notice on the flyer that we’re looking for a male roommate? No offence, but we need someone that isn’t going to spend an hour in the bathroom every morning and that-“


“Look, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t desperate.” Charlie interrupted with a serious, intense, and slightly scary expression on her face. “Granted, you’re all extremely attractive, but I have two older brothers, so I know how disgusting most men are, and I don’t have an desire to live with one after my ex, let alone three, but I need somewhere to live.”


Merlin, she certainly is blunt, now isn’t she?


“And I know you three are desperate too. Aidan,” She said turning to my surprised-at-being-addressed-by-a-complete-stranger, best friend. “I know you’re going to be playing for the Tornados this season, which doesn’t make too much money yet considering that you’re on the reserve team. I’ve seen you play briefly on the Wiz-Telly back at home, and you’re brilliant. I have no doubt that you’ll be on the regular team soon, but for now, you’re pretty much broke, being on your own at the moment.”


“Louis, you’re studying to be a Healer, which is fantastic, and I commended you greatly on that, by the way. My mom was a Healer,” She said, smiling at him, and Louis nearly smiled back, but seemed to have decided against it. “But let’s face it, Healer school is expensive. You probably don’t have the largest amount of galleons in Gringotts at the moment, which is okay, because soon you’ll be making some serious bank, but for the time being, you need money.”


“Finally, James Potter,” She said, turning to me and grinning. I tried very hard to look like I wasn’t about to piss myself, rather that I was calm and cool and collected and you know, calm.


It was difficult to tell whether or not I was succeeding.


“You, very nobly, decided to follow in your father’s footsteps and decided to become an Auror, like me. You could get all the training for free, couldn’t you?” She said, raising an eyebrow, but I remained unresponsive, and let her continue. “You wanted to break away from Harry Potter though, right? Well, not necessarily break away, but just be cast as a different person rather than be one of ‘The-Chosen-One’s’ children so you wanted to pay for training yourself, which I also think was a very noble thing to do. And like Healer school, Auror training is expensive so you too need the money.”



“No nineteen year olds could afford a place like this, that’s why you need the fourth roommate, and that’s why you need me because unlike most other ‘fresh out of school kids’, I can actually put up my share of rent. So, what do you think?” She said finally, looking at each of us with a slightly apprehensive expression on her face.


I looked at Aidan and Louis to see if they also pretty much shit their pants on how well she knew us even though we just met.


Louis was staring at Charlie with his mouth open slightly, and his eyes wide…pretty much looking like a complete git.


“Looks like we got another fan girl,” Aidan groaned with an aggravated expression on his face.


“I’m not a fan girl.” Charlie snapped instantly. “Like I said, I did my research. I had already met too many creepy potential roommates before you guys, and I didn’t want to have anymore repeats. It wasn’t hard to get information about you guys either. One of you is the son of the star Keeper of Puddlemere United, and two of you are Wotters. A monkey could learn your life story in ten minutes.”


“Look, America-“ I started, running my hands through my hair.


Charlie.” She said in a slow voice as if I hadn’t heard her the first time she told us her nickname.


She didn’t seem to grasp the fact that I just made up a new nickname for her.


America.” I repeated, mimicking her slow voice causing her to narrow her hazel eyes slightly. “I don’t understand what makes you so sure that you can afford your share of the apartment when you have to pay for Auror training also. Like you said, we can barely do it, so what makes you think that you can do it?”


“Well, Britain,” She said, causing me to grin. “Like I told you earlier, my mom was a Healer. She died a few years ago, and left a good amount of money to me, which is paying for training and most of this place. Plus I’ve been saving my money from working in my dad’s restaurant my whole life so that’s where the rest of the money is coming from.”


“Oh.” Was my beautiful and well thought out response to finding out that this girl has a dead mother.


I’m not the best consoler in the world. Not that Charlie seemed like she needed consoling, but still.


“Listen, I have two sisters. Two Veela/Werewolf/French sisters. They’re vicious. I don’t know if I can take living with a girl in the flat…” Louis said, shuddering slightly, causing me to laugh.


I do feel for the bloke though. I don’t think I could live with Dom’s banshee like wails and Victoire’s constant bitching over how Teddy keeps knocking her up.


It really isn’t a hard concept to grasp. If you don’t want to get preggers, then you either a) go on birth control, b) make Teddy wear a condom, or c) just cast the damn protection charm.


Sometimes I wonder if uncle Bill dropped those girls on their heads when they were little munchkins because Louis is normal…Well, fairly normal, at least.


As normal as a bloke can be growing up with Victoire and Dominique as sisters. That’s a feat that is definitely difficult to accomplish.


I feel like I lucked out when it comes to siblings. I mean, Al can be a git on occasion like being best friends with a Malfoy and letting said Malfoy date baby Rosie. There he majorly fucked up, but other than that he’s a decently unpratty kid.


Lily, other than certain PMS-y times of the month, is pretty much the best little sister that any bloke could ask for. She’s sarcastic, obsessed with quidditch, and just all around adorable.


Yes, I love my baby sister. Try to get her in bed and I’ll rip your eyes out along with other choice parts.


“You act like I’m going to come crying to you three with my problems,” She laughed. “I have friends for that, you know.”


“Who? Your boyfriend shagged with your best friend.” Aidan said stupidly, and I elbowed him in the gut causing him to grunt in pain.


What a git. Honestly, could you be any thicker? 


“Gee, thanks for pointing that out, Aidan.” Charlie said sarcastically, but the corners of her mouth twitched upwards.


“My pleasure,” Aidan grinned, and I rolled my eyes.


“I also promise that I won’t go painting everything pink or leaving stuffed animals on all the chairs. You can keep the flat looking ‘manly’ if you want. I won’t interfere.” She said with a slight smirk on her face.


“I like her. Let’s give her a chance,” Aidan said, turning to Louis and me and Charlie grinned.


“As long as you don’t come complaining to me that you’re suffering from ‘monster cramps that could kill an entire village’, then I’m fine with it.”  Louis sighed, and I cringed because I could totally see/hear Dominique screaming that so loud that she actually would kill an entire village.


“It’s all down to you, James.” Aidan declared, patting my shoulder in an annoyingly patronizing way.


I considered the fact that I probably wouldn’t be able to walk around in just boxers anymore or that I wouldn’t be able to chug orange juice straight from the carton anymore…Who am I kidding? I’d still do those things even if I was living with a thousand girls.


I looked at Charlie’s hopeful smile, took a deep breath, and asked, “So when do you want to move in?”



A/N: NEW STORY, YAY!!! The idea for this was inspired by that new show on television called New Girl. (I don't own that by the way) I hope you like it so far. It will, hopefully, get funnier after the first chapter. Three blokes and one girl living on the same premises… It has to be pretty entertaining.


I’m not entirely sure that this will continue to be in James’ POV though. I’m debating between having it alternate between James’ POV and Charlie’s or just having the rest in Charlie’s. I haven’t decided yet, but the next chapter will definitely be in Charlie’s.


Please leave a review and let me know what you think! Do you like it? Hate it? Let me know! :D 

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