Quinn was sprawled on the sofa in the Gryffindor common room, scribbling as much as she could about how Potion-making has evolved over the years onto a piece of parchment. Hermione lectured her about not turning it in on time, while she studied for a quiz in Charms that was a month away.



"Hermy, I'm so tired... Can't I finish this tomorrow?" Quinn questioned her, yawning as she spoke.


"The essay is due tomorrow! Honestly Quinn, I can't believe you pushed it to the last minute!" Hermione told her angrily, as she closed her spell book and dropped it down onto the coffee table.


"Well, I can," Ron Weasley, who sat next to Harry Potter or the sofa across from them, said.


"Ron is right, Quinn's always doing her homework last minute," Harry added, rubbing his glasses with a corner of his robe.


"Yes, and now I'm going to finish it," Quinn said, looking back down to the essay.




"Not nessecary!" Two voices chimed in unison from behind the sofa Quinn and Hermione were relaxing on.


Jumping over the back of the sofa, with one leaping next to either side of Quinn, the Weasley twins landed on the sofa.


"What exactly are you two talking about?" Quinn sighed, still scratching the quill on the parchment.


"We have exactly what you need!" Fred announced, "Tell her, Georgie!"


"Well, this right here," George said, pulling a roll of parchment out of his robe pocket, "Is the essay I wrote for the same assignment last year!"


"Made with a few edits of course," Fred finished, "so that it looks like your handwriting!"


"All yours, so that you don't have to waste tonight writing it!" George said, dropping the parchment onto Quinn's lap.


"Fred! George! That's cheating!" Hermione yelled.


"So?" They replied in unison, smirks across their lips.


"Yeah, so?" Quinn asked, taking the parchment and putting it in her robe pockets, "I really don't want to do this essay."


"Fred, George, what'd you do that for?" Ron asked them, "How come you've never given me completed homework assignments?"


"Well, Ronald," George started.


"It's because tonight is special," Fred added.


"Fred has come up with a brilliant plan," George told everyone, "for something we can all do together."


"And we couldn't have poor little Quinn missing out on the proposal of it because old Snapey-poo assigned her work she didn't do."


"And what exactly is this plan?" Hermione asked, straightening her posture.


"It's that we play a game," George said.


"A game that George and I usually do each year with friends in our year," Fred announced.


"But, we've decided to pass it on to all of you!" George exclaimed.


"Oh bloody hell... Not this game," Ron muttered.




"What game?" Quinn wondered.


"It's sort of like a muggle game, called truth or dare," Fred said.


"Oh! I've played that before! It can be loads of fun, but can also be horrible," Hermione exclaimed.


"So, who wants to play?" Fred and George asked everyone.


"I will!" Quinn immediately shouted.


"I will if Quinn will," Hermione added.


"I guess I will," Harry said.


"Ugh... Fine," The last person, Ron, grunted.


"Okay! Now you'll all get parchments with the rules," Fred said, as George stood up and passed a parchment to each player, "and you will need the parchments for the game itself."


They all looked at the parchment, and begun to read what it hailed:






The person who suggested to play the game, (in this case, Fred) goes first. They must pick someone and ask them Truth or Dare. The person asked MUST ANSWER. They must answer their truth or do their dare. If they don't, the person who gave them the dare may come up with three alternatives with NO RULES and then they will be voted on by the others. If that is not completed, they will go a day stark naked. Yes, that really is a rule. These parchments have been charmed so that the moment your quill touches the paper you will have an urge to comply to the rules.


The Game will last for an entire week, never ending (YES, that is twenty-four hours!) Ask your questions/give dares using this parchment. If one person writes something, it will appear on everyone else's, also. Don't worry, Hermione, If a teacher (or anyone else) looks at the parchment, it will simply look like notes from the subject you are in at the time or that you last had. Yeah, it took us ages to find that spell. You will receive a watch which will become warm when someone has written something on the parchment. It will also wake you up during the night if your name is written on the parchment. The time on the watch is not the time, but the amount of time left until the end of the game. (See rule #12 for more info)


The rules are written below. If you break the rules, the punishment is the same as the chicken.


Have fun!




1. You cannot pick the person who picked you.


2. You cannot play in teams; that is a different game.


3. You cannot give a dare that includes being completely naked (unless it is a chicken)


4. You cannot harm anyone physically.


5. You cannot permanently change some-ones appearance or damage any property.


6. For the duration of the game you can't tell anyone you are playing a game or doing a dare.


7. Truths can't be repeated to any person not playing.


8. You can't let anyone else see your parchment.


9. You must complete (or at least start, if it is a long one) your dare within an hour of receiving it, unless it is a dare that can only be performed at a certain time, say, lunch, or if the darer says 'after classes finish' or something similar.


10. You must wear your watch at all times.


11. You must pick someone else within five minutes of your dare/truth ending.


12. If someone is put in detention, the game pauses and the extra time is added to the end.



13. An option for a dare is that you may ask someone a "would you rather" and the one they pick, they HAVE to do.




"What? A whole week!?" Hermione yelled.


"Don't worry! Next week is Christmas break, and we're all going to the Burrow!" George said.


"So everyone needs to meet at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, promptly at eight," Fred told everyone.


"Tomorrow morning," added George


"That is when we will all get our watches and the game will begin," Fred said.


George said to everyone, "I think we should all get to bed now.  We all wouldn't want to be late tomorrow morning and get a chicken!"


"Come on Ron," Harry said, pulling him to the boy's dormitory.


Hermione and Quinn walked silently up to their dorm, where they tried not to wake Parvati or Lavender.


"The next week is going to be fun," Quinn told Hermione, winking.


Hermione rolled her eyes, and jumped into her bed.


Quinn woke up that morning, then walked to the mirror to brush her hair. Hermione was behind her, getting dressed.


"So, you ready for this?" Hermione asked Quinn.


"Yes!" Quinn told Hermione, "Although I hope we don't get dared to do anything too awful."


"Like what?" Hermione asked, but she was already thinking of the awful dares the boys, mostly Fred and George, could come up with.


She shuddered suddenly, saying, "Well... This is going to be interesting..."


Lavender woke up and started asking them what they were talking about.


"Oh nothing," Hermione lied, "just some stuff about Arithmancy class."


"Ew, boring," She said, yawning, "Hey, what time is it?"


Quinn checked her watch, noticing it was only five minutes to eight.


"Oh shit! Hermy we gotta get to breakfast now! It's five to eight!" Quinn said, quickly pulling on her skirt and zipping it up.


Hermione and Quinn started running down the stairs so they could get to the Great Hall. Quinn was trying her best to button up her shirt while she was running. They skidded into the hall, right in front of a waiting pair of Weasleys.


"Good! You two are here, now all we need is Ron and Harry," One of them said.


They all sat down at the far end of the Gryffindor table, far away from the teachers, and it was one minute until eight. Harry and Ron entered the hall, then slid into the seats between Fred and George.


"Right on time boys! I'm impressed," Quinn joked.


"Okay, now that we are all here, we can give out the watches," George told everyone, grabbing a bag from his pocket.


"I hope you all brought your parchments!" Fred said, as he passed out the watches, "Once you write on them, they will show your names after what you write."


Everyone pulled their parchments out, Ron's looking as though it's been crumpled up, Harry's had a footprint on his. Hermione, Quinn, Fred, and George all took out parchments in perfect condition.


All six of them now had watches, courtesy of Fred, and were clasping them to their wrists. The watches looked like Muggle digital clocks, and were paused at one hundred sixty-eight hours.


"Now, we all need to start our watches together, at the same exact time," Fred said.


"So everyone get your wands from your pocket," said George, "and we all tap our wands to our watches on three."


Everyone whipped their wands from their robes, holding the tips near their watches. Fred and George practically exploded with excitement, while the girls looked nervously at each other.


"One, two…" Fred whispered, "three, now!"


Everyone tapped their watch with their wand, and the watches all started counting down. Fred immediately took his quill and started writing on the parchment beside his plate.


"Oh no," Ron muttered, as they all decided to look down onto their own parchment.


Harry, T or D? ~Fred


Knowing Fred, you probably should say T ~Won-Won


Agreed. ~Hermione


"Okay, who made my name Won-Won?" Ron yelled, while Fred and George snickered.


"Come on, don't be a baby!" Fred said aloud, with a smirk on his face, "Say dare, Harry!"


T ~Harry


"Aw come on!" Fred complained, "I had the perfect dare!"


Fine. How often do you... Snog Ginny in the Room of Requirement? ~Fred


George and Quinn started snickering, as Harry started turning red.


About four times a week ~Harry


Gross! That's my sister! ~Won-Won


Quinn, Fred, Hermione, and George started laughing, but Hermione tried to stop herself.


Fred and I don't really mind! ~George


Yeah, we think that it's rather lovely Ginny and Harry are "having fun" together! ~Fred


"Guys, really?" Harry said, rolling his eyes, beginning to write on the parchment, Fred and George snickering, while Ron looked in disgust at the parchment.


Er... Quinn! T or D? ~Harry


Quinn had to think about this for a little. It's Harry, she thought, he's one of my best friends! But then again, it's Harry, he's pretty clever.


D! ~Quinn


"Alright Quinn! Harry, make this a bad one!" George told Harry


"Harry, do a really bad one for revenge!" Ron whispered to Harry, but not too quiet for Hermione to hear.


"What did Quinn do?" Hermione asked them.


"She put a dung-bomb in our cauldron during Potions! Snape made us do detention every day for a week!" Ron shouted.


"Quinn! That was you?" Hermione yelled at her.


"Nice!" Fred and George said, high fiving her.


"Er... I don't think picking dare was a good idea anymore" Quinn said, as she saw Harry starting to write with an evil grin on his face.


Quinn, I dare you to write a poem declaring your love for Snape and sing it to him in the middle of Potions class. ~Harry


Quinn read it, her eyes wide open, staring at the dare. Fred and George could not contain their laughter. Harry looked up at her with an evil smirk on his lips. The twins were still laughing their bums off.


Harry! Ron! How could you be so mean! You know she hates him just as much as you do! ~Hermione


"Hey, she pranked us! We're only getting her back!" Harry said, trying to justify his dare.


"On the parchment, Harry," George told him, tapping his hand on his parchment.


Fine. ~Harry


Oh, this is going to be funny! ~Won-Won


So, are you going to chicken out? ~George


Quinn had to think about this for a bit. Deciding that anything Harry will come up with that the group will vote on will be a lot worse, she wrote her reply on her parchment.


Fine. I'll do the dare. ~Quinn


"Are you mad!" Hermione yelled.


"No, I just don't want to do anything else they'll think of," Quinn replied, then thought, I can come up with much worse dares anyway.


"I think Snapey-kins will return the feeling!" George joked, causing laughter from everyone but Quinn herself, who only let out a slight, obviously fake, chuckle.


"Better start working on that poem!" Fred said, trying not to laugh as he spoke.


Quinn rolled her eyes at them. An idea struck her dirty little mind. Taking her quill, she started writing very quickly on her parchment.


Fred, T or D? ~Quinn


D! Of course! ~Fred


I dare you to… Jump up on top of the table, and while I start playing a song, you need to start doing a strip-tease. When a teacher starts yelling at you, you need to wink at them, and say something like "This is for you." You need to keep doing it until you are down to only your pants, socks, and underwear on. ~Quinn 


Everyone but Fred looked at the dare and started cracking up.


"Nice one, Quinn!" George said proudly, high fiving her.


"What?" Fred said, spraying some of the fried egg from his mouth onto his brother, Ron.


"Bloody hell! Fred, that's disgusting!" Bellowed Ron as he tried to wipe the chewed up bits of toast from his robe.


"Sorry, Won-Won," Fred said, swallowing the rest of his food.


He looked down at the parchment and snickered. 


"Nice dare. I'm impressed!" He said, slowly getting up from his seat, "And I bet you'd love to see that."


"Sure," Quinn said sarcastically as she reached for some toast and picked up her wand, "Now let's start the music."


Quinn flicked her wand, and as the music started playing, Fred jumped up onto the table. Bursting out loud was a song called "From The Bottom of the Love Cauldron" or something equally as disgusting.


Everyone in the group of players started laughing, and everyone else in the room became silent. Fred took of his shoes slowly using either feet, then tossed each one over to the Ravenclaw table. As he swayed his hips, he pulled his robe off over his shoulders, then tossed it down to Quinn, who was laughing so hard her stomach hurt. He grabbed the bottom of his sweater and pulled it off over his head, dropping it on top of a rack of toast. Ron, Harry, Hermione, George, and Quinn couldn't stop laughing. Everyone else was either very confused, or very disgusted.


"Mister Weasley! What in the name of Merlin are you doing!" Yelled Professor McGonnagal, who started up from her seat down the side of the table, as Fred began working on the buttons of his shirt.


Fred, trying to make his best sexy face, turned his head quickly to McGonnagal, making sure his hair whipped smoothly behind him. 


"This ones for you, Minnie" He said, winking, then slowly tearing off his white shirt. The two remaining buttons popped into a pitcher of milk. He tossed the shirt to her feet, and then jumped back to sit in his spot again. McGonnagal was looking at his with an expression that was a mixture of "You disturb me" and "What the hell is wrong with you!"


"Mister Weasley! I will see you in my office at seven for detention!" She yelled at him.


"Sure, sweet cheeks," Fred said longingly to her, blowing her a kiss.


"And please get your proper clothes back on! This is not acceptable!" She yelled at him, "And whatever you all are doing, I'm going to find out!"


"Whatever," Fred said, Grabbing his shirt from in front of her feet and re-buttoning it. 


She walked away quickly, then Quinn joked, "She so wants you."


"I know!" Fred said sarcastically, "Now may I have my robe back? Unless you want to keep it. I know you want it, to put on your shrine of me."


"Yeah, the one I don't have, you can have it back," She told him, tossing it across the table. Fred caught it before it landed on his plate.


George, Hermione, Ron, and Harry were finally ending their laughing fit. 


"That was hilarious!" Hermione said, gasping for breath between each word.


Fred started writing on the parchment.


Ron, T or D? ~Fred


Ron yelped, then shouted at the watch "Bloody hell! It really does warm up! That scared me!"


T. Do you take me for an idiot? ~Won-Won


I'm not going to answer that. ~George


Quinn snickered, as she reached for some toast.


Ron, what is the craziest thing you've ever done naked? ~Fred


What kind of question is that? ~Won-Won


Just answer it ~Fred


Fine. I've danced to the song "Milkshake" by Kelis completely naked before, while Harry sang it. ~Won-Won


Dude! Don't tell everyone that! ~Harry


Everyone but Ron and Harry were bursting with laughter.


"Ow, my stomach! It's killing me!" Fred yelled, clasping his arms around his ribcage.


Everyones watches warmed again, but nobody freaked out the way Ron did.


George, T or D? ~Won-Won


D! ~George


I dare you to… Go into Moaning Myrtle's bathroom with Quinn, stand in a stall, then take off your clothes except for your underwear and shoes, then swap clothes with her! Then, you both have to wear each others clothes until the end of the day! ~Won-Won






I'm proud, my little apprentice is learning well. ~Fred


Really? REALLY? ~Quinn


Yes, Really. ~Won-Won






I think you and Harry are still trying to get revenge on me. ~Quinn


Yes, yes we are. ~Won-Won


Oh come on! You didn't think the poem was bad enough? ~Hermione


Stay out of this, Hermione! ~Won-Won


"Fine, let's go!" George said to Quinn, jumping up from his seat and walking to the corridor.






"Fine," Quinn muttered, as she shuffled to the corridor with George.


About ten minutes later, they both came back. Quinn wearing George's trousers that were much too big for her, she had to hold them herself to keep them from falling down and was wearing his oversized white shirt and sweater. Fred was in a skirt much too tight for him, he could barely walk correctly! Quinn's white button-up shirt was way too tight for him, you could see the buttons about to pop! The only thing that fit well was each others's robes. 


"Does this skirt make my bum look big?" George asked in a high pitched female voice, as he wobbled over to the table and turned around to show his rear end to the group.


Ron and Harry snickered, while Hermione said, "Oh my god… I feel bad for Quinn."


"I don't know! I think that she looks good in Georgie's trousers!" Fred announced jokingly.


"What about me? Don't I look sexy?" George said in the same female voice, attracting a laugh from everyone, even Quinn this time.






"Guys, it's already eight fifteen! We need to get to Charms class class now!" Hermione said to Harry, Ron, and Quinn.


"You're right! Come on Georgie, off to Defence against the Dark Arts!" Fred announced, standing up, then going over to the Ravenclaw table to ask for his shoes back, then they all went to the first class of their first day playing The Game.

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