A/N- this is one of the less exciting chapters, but it kinda sets up the next part of the story, so it is vital! Oh, and I'm not going to include the part where they take the love potion because thats in like all of the other stories you read, so just assume that all goes well, and nothing happens. But let me tell you things do get a little juicy in the next chap! Previous chapter- As if on cue, my mother, Mrs. Weasley came walking up the steps, headed straight towards us. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Ginny’s POV “Okay, that can’t be good.” Draco took a firmer grip on her hand and stepped in front of me in a protective manner. He seemed to realize that this was not going to be an enjoyable meeting. “Young Mr. Malfoy, I do suggest that you move!” Mother pushed him aside and looked down upon me. Her hair was in disarray and her face was red with anger. Her usually kind and caring face was wearing one of the biggest glares known to mankind; and the look did not suit her. She was standing so close to me that I could feel the heat rising off her cheeks. I tried my best to look innocent. My grip on Draco’s hand tightened. “You, young lady, need to have a long chat with me. NOW!” I cringed at the tone of her voice. She directed her attention towards Draco. “As for you, stay here.” With that my mother grabbed a firm hold on my wrist and tugged hard, dragging me behind her. I glanced back at Draco, who was following at a safe distance. I was worried for his life. I had never seen my mother so angry before. We reached the common room and she dragged me up to my dorm. She shut the door behind her and let go of my wrist. I landed with a ‘thump’ on my bed. It was much of a relief that she had let go, as her nails were about to break my skin, and my wrist was slightly bruising. Mother hadn’t said a word, she was just glaring at me, as if disgusted I was her daughter. I decided that it was probably best to keep my mouth shut for the time being. “Well?” she asked angrily. I looked at her. “Don’t you have something to say Virginia? Funny, I got an owl only minutes ago, telling me something very unusual was going on between you and that Malfoy fellow. Of course I didn’t believe it, so I decided to see for myself and flooed here to see if it was true.” She was glaring daggers at me and her voice was sharp. “Yes, and then I round the corner and what do I see? You and HIM kissing. I thought YOU had more sense than that.” She glanced at my hand and breathed a small sigh of relief as she saw that I still had my chastity ring. She continued. “You know what he wants from you Gin?” She grabbed my hand, and showed it to me, my ring shining in the light from the window. “This, that’s what he wants. He is a Malfoy for God’s sake, don’t think I haven’t heard of his lovely reputation! WE don’t associate with Malfo-” “He is different MOM!” “Oh, really. So he is different, but he had his hands all over you the first day of dating you?” I was fuming. “No, mother, we’ve just been keeping it under wraps. If you just got to know him...” “WHY would I want to know him? ALL Malfoys are the same! He must take after his father Lucius, and then he will become a Death Eater, and that will be the end of our family! All because of your terrible judgment!!!” I jumped up. “YOU’RE WRONG! He isn’t like his father. He is kind and sweet, and he really loves me. And his father started beating him when he REFUSED to become a Death Eater, and he put up with that! I mean, his own mother was run out of the house for Christ’s sake! And if you even gave him a chance, then you would KNOW that!” There was an eerie silence. My breath was coming out in odd patterns, and I was lightheaded from yelling. I sat back down on my bed, to catch my breath, and get my vision focused. “How do you know it’s true Ginny?” She was wearing a look of concern. The look that only a mother has. “Mother, if you saw the way he looks at me then you would know. He’s changed. He isn’t anything like what Ron and Hermione and Harry say. He’s changed for me! And he is trying to be civil towards all of my friends despite what his father taught him. I hate it that you judge him just by what family he comes from, and what other people say about him. I just wish you would give him a fair shot. He is NOT his father.” “You really like this boy…” “Draco. Not this boy, not Malfoy, not Lucius’ son. Draco. And yes, I love him and he loves me back. He would never do anything to hurt me. And I know that you are overprotective because I am your only daughter, but I want you to get to know him before you judge.” My mother seemed deep in thought. I hated her so much for jumping to conclusions. I hated that she didn’t even know him and already she was judging him, marking him as lowly scum, or evil. “I suppose,” Mom took a deep breath, “I suppose that I will have to get to know him, as you seem so captivated by him.” She smiled, and gave me a hug. “I’m sorry dear. So when can I meet him?” “Now. He’s downstairs.” I knew he had followed me, and would probably want to be close by in case we got into a catfight and he had to scrape me off the floor and take me to the Hospital Wing. I walked through my door and sure enough, there was Draco. Draco’s POV- Man, they were yelling so loud, that I couldn’t even make out what they were saying. I heard my name countless times, but beyond that, I didn’t know. I should have expected this. I mean it’s the exact way that my father would have reacted, had he known. I heard footsteps and the click of a door. Ginny and Mrs. Weasley emerged from the room, both wearing smiles. That was a good sign. I straightened up in my chair and watched them both descend. I was thoroughly taken by surprise when Ginny walked over to me, took my hand, and settled herself down in my lap, facing me. The amazement must have shown on my face, because Ginny laughed. “Draco, this is my mother, mother this is Draco, my boyfriend.” “Hello Mrs. Weasley. Pleasure to meet you. I would shake your hand, but as you can see,” I gestured toward Ginny, “I am a bit preoccupied at the moment.” Mrs. Weasley smiled. “Oh, please Draco, call me Molly.” I nodded. We continued to talk. I found that Molly was really easy to talk to. I see where Ginny got her personality. We talked on and on, and had the house elf bring tea and cookies, the whole time Ginny was sitting on my lap, leaning her head into my chest. “Oh, Draco, dear, you simply must come spend the Christmas holidays with us. I know that they are about a month and a half away, but I want to make sure that you don’t make any other plans.” Ginny’ face lit up. Hell yeah! I would love to spend Christmas with Ginny at her house. “I would love to, but I do hope that I am not imposing.” “Not at all dear, not at all.” And with that, she excused herself. I heard Ginny shallow breathing, and smelled the scent of her hair. Roses. She turned to face me. “So what do you think?” It was a rather general question. “About what?” I asked running my fingers through her hair. She closed her eyes and leaned back into my chest. “I dunno, about anything.” “Your mom seems nice.” “Mmmm,” was my reply. “And of course I would love to spend Christmas with you.” “Mmmm.” “And I love you.” “How much you love me Draco?” “I would walk through hell and back for you.” She smiled and kissed me softly. “Hey, I have an idea!” She smiled and looked at me. “Now that’s a first Mr. Malfoy!” “Hardy har har, Gin. I was thinking. Why don’t we throw some kind of party before the Christmas break! I mean it could be like a costume party and we could have it here in the common room, fourth years and up, nothing formal.” “What on earth made you think to throw a party?” “Dunno, I just think it sounds like fun.” “Okay, we should pitch the idea to Dumbledore…but on one condition.” I raised an eyebrow. “I get to help pick out your costume.” She got a mischievous smile. “Okay, and the same goes for you!” I smirked. “Oh, Lord, what are you gonna dress me in? I know how a man’s mind function, remember, I have six brothers.” “Yeah well…” “Anyways, we could get a DJ to play muggle and wizard music, and we could get some of those strobe lights and disco balls that run on magic from Galardia’s in Hogsmeade!” I kissed her forehead. “I love the way your mind works.” And with that I took Ginny’s hand, and led her downstairs to the Great Hall, as the Halloween Feast was about to start. *A/N- Thanks bunches for reading! Sorry it took me so long to update, but I had to figure out where the story was going, but I think I got it now. Thank you so much to the people who reviewed! Things should start to pick up in the story, just had to get all the informational stuff done. Now on with the good stuff! P.S. I really type slopily so if you see any errors, feel free to point them out. Much love, lotrqueen451

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