A/N: My first attempt at third person... *hides* I almost always write in first person, it's easier for me.

Dumbledore's quote "for the best-played game of chess Hogwarts has seen in many years, I award Gryffindor house fifty points" is from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, page 305, U.S. Edition, by J.K. Rowling.

Disclaimer: I don't own HP. HP belongs to the one and only JKR.

"... for the best-played game of chess Hogwarts has seen in many years, I award Gryffindor house fifty points," Dumbledore announced. As everyone cheered, Ron remembered the first time he had ever played Wizard's Chess.

"Ronnie, we're going to visit Grandad Septimus today. Hurry up!" Molly said, waiting for her youngest son, who was six years old.

Ron walked into the sitting room, and his mother gave him the flowering pot. He reached inside and took some silver Floo powder. After Ginny went through the emerald flames, he threw his Floo powder into the fireplace, said his destination, and was swallowed by the green flames.

Ron stepped out of the fireplace. Percy was busy reading a big book, while Fred and George were flying around indoors using their toy broomsticks.

"Ronnie, come here," Septimus said. "Today, I'm going to teach you how to play Wizard's Chess."

"Really?" Ron asked. "I've always wanted to play Wizard's Chess. Percy's awful at it."

Septimus took out an old Wizard's Chess set and started to show him the black and white pieces. Ron watched as his grandfather slowly set up the chessboard.

"This piece is called a rook. It moves from side-to-side and up-and-down. This piece is called a bishop. It only moves diagonally," Septimus said. He went on the explain the rest of the pieces and the rules of the game, like how pawns can move forward two spaces on their first turn.

"Do I get to go first? Do I get to go first?" Ron asked.

"White always goes first, Ron. You are white, so you get to go first. Just call out the square and the piece you want to move."

The white chess pieces started to shout at Ron, giving him lots of conflicting advice.

"Grandad, what do I do? I don't think they like me," he said.

"Ronnie, you can ignore them. They know that you are new."

"Okay. You," he pointed at a pawn, "move to B5." Ron said. The pawn slid to the square B5.

The game went on and on. Ron was shocked when he saw the chess pieces destroying each other. Eventually, he lost.

"Checkmate!" Septimus said.

Ron pouted. "I lost!"

"Don't worry, Ronniekins. You'll get better at this game soon. I'll let you have my Wizard's Chess set."

Later, Ron was busy playing with Percy. It was his turn, and he ordered his queen to attack Percy's knight. Percy countered Ron's attack by using his other knight to get rid of Ron's bishop.

"Check," Ron said as his queen moved closer to Percy's king.

Percy blocked his king by ordering his rook to stand in the queen's path.

"Check," Ron said as his queen attacked and destroyed the rook.

Percy moved his king out of harm's way.

Ron decided to move his remaining bishop closer to Percy's king. "Checkmate!" he said as Percy's king was knocked down.

Percy frowned at Ron, who was grinning with happiness. He had finally won his first game of Wizard's Chess.

Gryffindor continued to cheer for Ron. He heard Percy bragging to the other prefects how it was his youngest brother who got past McGonagall's giant chess set. Then he listened and cheered as Hermione and Harry were both awarded fifty and sixty points, and as Neville was awarded ten points for his Gryffindor courage. Gryffindor was the winner of the House Cup! Ron grinned as he saw Draco Malfoy's face.

He had never predicted that learning about Wizard's Chess would help him stop You-Know-Who and earn him fifty points for Gryffindor.

A/N: So this is my awful attempt at third person. I liked to play chess when I was little, so this did bring back some memories. Hoped you liked it! Please review! :)

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