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In the cold crisp October air one man walked down one rode in Little Wing fading the street lights as he went. The man stoped when he got to his destination number 4 Privet Drive.
The old man looked over to a short brick wall to see a small tabby "Fancy seeing you here Professor McGonagall" The wise man said.

The tabby looked at him and then transformed into a stern looking woman. "Good evening Professor Dumbledore...Are the rumours true Albus?"

"Yes Professor...The good and the bad.

"And the children?"

"Hagrid is bringing them."

"Do you think it wise to trust Hagrid with something as important at this?"

"Ah Professor I'd trust Hagrid with my life.

A flash of light zoomed throught the night sky and landed on the street before them. It was a large man holding two small bundles with one child in each.

"No problems I trust Hagrid?" Albus asked

"Nope Harry fell asleep just as we were flying over Bristol...Now Elizabeth on the other hand will have the same temper as her mother"

"No need to say any more. Now if you will please hand me Harry...I think he would benifit from being here.

"So if he's here what about our dear Elizabeth?...They can't both possibily both stay here." Menreva said

"Ah I shall take her to Lillys mom and dad...Mary and Marc Evans new house in Canada...It is already aranged."

So Albus set set Harry on the front step of number 4 Privet Drive. He then took Elizabeth out of Hagrids arms patting him on the back. He bid them a kind fair well and apperated into deep Canada

When he got to the ministry of magic of Canada he flewed to one of his dear old firend's house not far from his destination so he could walk over to the Evans residance. When there he softly nocked on the door couse Elizabeth finaly stoped being stubbern and fell asleep. When the door opened it revled two older people.

"Albus thank you for coming we'v only got to meet Harry...So what is this little one's personality?" Asked Mary

"Look's like you'v got another Lilly on your hands...I just got her asleep...So where can I put her?"

"Oh yes sorry...Come on in so we can show you her new room."

Albus walked into the nice and neat looking house with pictures all over the place. The two Evans led Albus up the stairs and into a room. The room was decorated in purple. Purple wall's, blankets pillows, ext.

Albus placed Elizabeth in a small...ish crib and walked out the door

"Now you must keep magic away from her...Well that wont be hard...She is on the list for Canada's school of magic. You must not tell her about Harry or mom and dad and if ask's about her scar on her for head please lie...Well I better get going." He said leaving with out a answer.


Thanks For reading my first chapter I'll try and add more soon

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