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An Elegant Script by lluviaphoenix
Chapter 5 : Resolve
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Draco was becoming impatient. Every morning when the post was delivered he became more, and more frustrated. He knew that he had asked his mother to do something extremely difficult, but they were Malfoys, and money bought almost everything. Money most definitely would buy what he wanted, albeit it would cost his mother a fortune, but that was merely an oversight.


He watched as the birds flew above them, and he easily spotted his mother's white and black owl amongst the other less polished birds. He scowled at it as it landed in front of him on the Slytherin table. The package it carried on it's foot was not nearly large enough to contain what he had been waiting for.


The owl nipped at him impatiently holding its leg out for Draco to remove his Mother's letter. He did so, then gave the owl a piece of bacon and a rub under the wing before the owl flew off again. He tore open the envelope and unfolded the parchment within.




For the life of me I can't understand why you would ask me to get those for you. I hope you understand that acquiring them is going to take some time. Your father is pulling quite a few strings to even locate all of them. From what he has found, several of them are in Muggle museums, or archives. They're being extremely difficult about us purchasing them. As your father says though, everything is for sale, if you know the right price.


Are you certain that you need all of them? There are thousands of them as I'm sure you know. I only ask because not all of them are in the best condition, and I would think that getting them would be a waste of time and resources.


I would think though that at the pace things are progressing we should have them all by your winter holiday. Be patient, or at least try. I know that it's not in your nature to be so, but in this case you have no other choice.



Your Mother


P.S. Your father wanted me to tell you that you won't be receiving your allowance this week because of your recent request.


Draco folded the letter back up and put it in his pocket. He knew that it would take time to get every one, because owning every single one of something took a lot of time and effort. That didn't mean that he had to like it. His mother was right, being patient was not in his nature. He wanted instant gratification.


He finished his breakfast quickly so that he could go to the owlery to write his mother a reply. He needed to tell her that no matter what the condition, he needed every one. He wasn't sure which one was her favorite, and he didn't want to run the risk of it not being in the collection. It had crossed his mind to simply ask her, but he didn't want her to be suspicious of him in any way. She was very perceptive and he didn't want her to know that he was giving them to her.


Luna stepped though the portrait of the Fat Lady into the Gryffindor common room. It was a Hogsmeade weekend so it was pretty much deserted. Luna had told Harry to go without her, so that he could spend time with Ron. Hermione was staying behind as well because of Head Girl duties, so Luna thought it would be a good opportunity for the boys to hang out by themselves. Of course that meant that she was left alone to find something to do, but she was okay with that. She intended on spending the day curled up in the Gryffindor common room reading while she waited for Harry to return.


Luna walked toward the comfiest couch nearest the fire. This was bound to be a long day, and she was determined to not spend it concentrating on how uncomfortable she was. Reaching her destination she was glad to see that it was not occupied. Luna quickly settled against the arm of the sofa,,opening her bag and reached inside. She grabbed the journal out of habit and opened it to find that there was nothing new for her to read. Sighing she settled for reading one of her favorite books; a collection of poets ranging from Byron to Dickinson.


She sat the journal next to her on the cushion. She knew that it was not likely that she would find a new poem in it today, because it was a Hogsmeade weekend and it was likely that her Poet was also out of the castle, but she also knew that he surprised her often with the sudden appearance of his written word. She then opened her book and settled back propping it up on her knees.


She wasn't even through reading the third poem when the portrait swung open, and a familiar red head poked through. Ginny had stayed in the castle instead of going to Hogsmeade as well to avoid seeing Harry and Luna together. She had no way of knowing that Harry was with Ron, and Luna was a few steps away from her. Without noticing Luna hunched down on the sofa she made her way over to her and sat down on the other end before starting into the fire.


Luna didn't wanted to say anything to draw attention to herself because she didn't want to see the hatred she knew would be in Ginny's eyes. It was an inevitability that Ginny would notice her sooner or later, but Luna wanted to prolong the silence. If she continued reading she could almost pretend that they were friends again. She sighed softly to herself smiling a little at the memory of Ginny and her doing this very thing a few months ago.


The small sound was enough to catch Ginny's attention and she looked over at Luna before scowling at her. “What are you doing here?” She inquired.


“I'm reading.” Luna responded lightly. She straightened up slightly, but stayed facing Ginny.


“Why aren't you in Hogsmeade with Harry? I'm surprised he let you out of his sight for such a long period of time.” Luna frowned. She hated the tone of Ginny's voice.


“I told Harry to spend the day with Ronald. Hermione is doing Head Girl duties so I thought that they could have boy time. They're both so busy, I thought it would be nice for them.” She had always told Ginny everything, and the habit didn't change because Ginny was upset with her.


“How nice of you.” Ginny sneered. “Why are you spending your time here? Don't you have your own Common Room?”


“Yes, I do.” Luna closed her book and put it in her bag before standing. “I was going to wait for Harry to come back, but if you want me to leave I'll go.” She grabbed the journal up off the cushion where she had laid it and made toward the portrait hole.


“Luna stop.” Ginny said.


Luna turned at her request and stared at her. Ginny's faced had changed. Where there had been hatred before now there was pain. Luna wanted to console her, but refrained from doing so. “Yes Ginny?”


Ginny hesitated obviously struggling with what she wanted to say. “I don't forgive you.” Luna's brow furrowed. “Don't expect everything to just all of a sudden be okay either.” She paused a second. Whether it was to give Luna time to process what Ginny had said, or whether Ginny was figuring out what she was going to say next Luna wasn't sure. “I can't handle being in the same room as you and Harry. It hurts too much.” Luna didn't quite understand where this was going. She hoped the conclusion was a positive one. “But I miss your friendship, and if you want to study, or spend time together, just the two of us I'd be willing to do that.” Luna smiled suddenly, but didn't say anything in case Ginny was going to continue. “You can't talk about Harry, or your relationship. In fact we'll act as if Harry doesn't even exist. If that's alright with you?”


Luna nodded eagerly. “Of course. I wouldn't want to do anything else to cause you pain. No Harry.”


“Good.” Ginny said. “Did you want to work on our Charms homework?”


Luna made her way back to the sofa in front of the fire rejoining Ginny on it. “Okay.” Things were on their way to being normal again Luna could feel it. The joy that spread through her bones was warming. “How far have you gotten?”


They exchanged small talk. The conversation was awkward at best and mostly about the Charms homework, but at least they were talking again. Luna said something offhand, and even though it wasn't meant to be funny Ginny found it amusing and laughed. Luna beamed at the easy laughter that escaped Ginny's lips. Luna was at that moment completely resolved on fully fixing things between her and Ginny. She knew that it would be difficult, but she was sure they were on the right path to do so.


Later that evening after telling Ginny goodbye and spending time with Harry, Luna found herself back in her dorm room in Ravenclaw. She was laying in bed going through the journal which had become almost an addictive habit when she noticed a new entry. She couldn't help but think that finding a new entry was the perfect ending to the day.


I look to the day

when courage and I

will walk side by side,

but I am no lion, and

bravery finds no seed

in my heart.


Being a lion is not enough

because you are too familiar

with the lion's ways.

I strive instead to be something--

more vital.


I will be the very air

that you breathe.

So listen as I whisper,

and feel the warmth of me

as I surround you.


You will not simply be mine,

or I yours.

Instead breathe me in,

and we will be one.


Luna was about to close the journal and go to bed when she noticed words appearing on the pages. Her Poet was writing at the moment in his journal, and he was writing her a letter.




I'm going to give courage a chance to weave it's way into my heart. Please come to see me. I will be in the stables tomorrow evening at 7.


I'm looking forward to seeing you, and you finally seeing me.


Luna found a sudden moment of frustration because she couldn't not answer him through the journal, but that was quickly replaced by nervousness. All these months he had just been words in a journal. She wasn't sure she was ready to make him flesh. She would go to the stables tomorrow regardless of her nervousness. She simply had to know who had been writing her this entire time.


Luna went to bed that night for the first time in months feeling like everything was right in her world.



AN: Such a short chapter I know, and I apologize, but lots going on : )

And as always I do not own anything from Harry Potter, the only thing I own is the poetry, completely orginal.

Update:  Sorry for not posting, this story isn't competely dead I swear.  I've had a lot of life changes lately,  the biggest being my son who was born last month.  So it could be a bit before I learn to balance a new little one, working, and other responsibilites.  So hang in there.

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An Elegant Script: Resolve


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