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Chapter 6: Green with Envy


Danielle awoke the next morning with a slight headache. Apparently firewhiskey had a lot more alcohol than regular muggle whiskey. She turned to the side and noticed that Hermione and the rest of the girls had already gotten up and were getting ready for the days events. Today was Saturday and it was the second trip to Hogsmeade. Today was when Danielle was finally going to see George again, and she and Hermione were going to look for dressing robes for the ball that was only a few days away.


Danielle dragged herself out of bed and walked slowly over to her trunk with her hand held on her forehead. The room seemed to be spinning wildly. She heard Lavender Brown snigger, but she was in too much of a state to think of something clever to say.


“Late night?” asked Hermione quietly so that the other girls wouldn’t hear her.


“Huh?” she played dumb. It must have been about 3am when Danielle had finally gone to bed.


“Well you never came back from the restroom and when I went looking for you, you weren’t there. I heard you come back late. Are you sick?” She asked with a worried expression.


“No, I just needed to go take care of something that’s all.”


Danielle pulled open her trunk and knelt down in front of it to rummage through her clothes. She pulled out her favorite black and pink floral dress with the zipper front and pink tights to match and her black riding style boots. It was her favorite outfit and she wanted to look good for her date. Hermione wore her usual smart attire, which consisted of a gray skirt and brown thin belt with a white blouse and a light pink cardigan over the top and her black maryjanes. Both girls left the room to meet Ginny downstairs. Ginny was meeting Dean in Hogsmeade for her own date and Hermione was going to go off on her own to shop for her usual odds and ends.


Ginny was waiting impatiently downstairs pacing back and forth.


“Finally! You two took forever getting ready.” She exclaimed.


Hermione and Danielle cast each other a look. Ginny was normally the one to take forever getting ready. The three headed off towards Hogsmeade. As they entered the village, Danielle’s heart gave a leap as she saw George standing by himself in front of Zonkos. He had obviously gone there first to get some supplies for his own joke shop that he and Fred ran. It was rare when George was not accompanied with Fred, so he looked rather awkward standing by himself.


“I’ll meet you two after lunch with George” she said with a smile. Ginny rolled her eyes, while Hermione was happy for her friend. The two girls walked off towards a small café at the end of the village.


“Well hello there Beautiful. You’re looking smashing today, as always.” George said with a famous wink. Danielle blushed at his comments.


“You don’t look so bad yourself Weasley.” She replied.


“So where shall we go for lunch my dear?” he asked.


“How about the three broomsticks?” she suggested.


“That sounds splendid.” He agreed.


The two walked hand and hand to the Three Broomsticks and took a seat in a small booth in the back of the restaurant.


Lunch was awkward. Neither Danielle nor George didn’t really know what to talk about. It seemed that they didn’t have enough in common to keep small talk going.


“So how is the joke shop going? Everything working out ok?” she asked. Truth was that she had never been to the joke shop. She was supposed to go when she had first arrived at the Weasley’s, but they had never made it there. With school it was difficult to visit.


“Its good, business is slow with all of our best customers at school.” He said with as must charm as he could muster in the situation.


“Right, understandable.” She agreed. Her attention was starting to falter. Suddenly someone walking in the door caught her attention. Draco Malfoy was walking into the Three Broomsticks with his friends. Danielle’s stomach was instantly filled with butterflies. She had no idea why, but she suddenly sat up straight and began to primp herself. George seemed to notice, but he believed that she was doing it all for him, because he started to blush.


Draco seemed to not to notice Danielle right away, but suddenly his eyes found hers and they held each others gaze for a second before Draco noticed who was with her. He quickly had a look of disgust. The slytherins took seats at the bar and all began to drink there butterbeer. Pansy sat right next to Draco at the bar and slid her hand onto his upper thigh. Draco thought about shoving it away, but glanced in Danielle and George’s direction again. Danielle was talking to George, but he noticed that her eyes kept sneaking looks in his direction.


He smirked. ‘That’s the way she wants it, let the games begin’ Draco thought. He slid closer to Pansy and put his hand on her side. Pansy didn’t seem phased at all. Danielle however felt something different in her stomach. It was like she was going to either get sick, or scream out in rage. She knew what game he was playing, but he was not going to win. She shot her gaze back to George who was looking awkwardly out the window.


“Say George, I was wondering what I should wear to the ball. What color do you think looks best on me, red or black?” she asked. He looked uncomfortable answering.




“It must be hard to picture it huh? Well how about this then,” she grabbed his hand and began to massage it gently, “picture us dancing at the ball, and I am wearing a very tight dress. What color is it?” she asked very loudly. Her eyes sneaking peeks at Draco, who was pretending not to listen, but it was hard considering that everyone else in the Three Broomsticks was.


George blushed but got his smile back.


“Red I guess, it matches our hair.” He laughed awkwardly and then turned away and blushed again. Danielle was disappointed that he hadn’t answered at all how she wanted. She could have sworn that she saw Draco laugh to himself. Draco moved even closer to Pansy and whispered something in her ear that made her giggle and look their way.


Danielle knew that she had lost. She let go of George’s hand.


“You know what George, I don’t feel very well. I think it was the food.” She said, which wasn’t exactly untrue. The food really was awful. George looked concerned.


“Maybe you should go back. Go shopping with the girls another day.” He said


Danielle felt horrible. George really was trying and he was very sweet.


“You’re probably right.”


The pair got up and George put his arm around Danielle as they exited the restaurant. Draco watched the two leave and then immediately shoved Pansy away. She looked alarmed and pissed at the same time.


Outside Danielle and George said their goodbyes.


“I’ll see you at the dance then.” He said. She nodded with a smile. He turned to apparate away, but not before placing a gentle kiss on her lips.


Danielle stood alone in Hogsmeade. She couldn’t quite figure out what had just happened. She had felt something strange back there. It couldn’t be jealously could it? She didn’t feel that way about Draco. She had a great boyfriend, so why feel jealous about what Draco does with Pansy. Nothing was making any sense. And with that she headed back to Hogwarts to think it all through.


Back at the castle Danielle was on her way to the Great Hall for supper. She hadn’t found Hermione or Ginny to tell them that she wasn’t going to be shopping that day, but she assumed they thought the date had run over. Everyone was already there and waiting for the food to appear. Hermione looked up when she saw Danielle walking towards them.


“What happened? Date run over” she asked, confirming Danielle’s suspicion.


“I didn’t feel well so I left early. Sorry I couldn’t find you guys to tell you.”


“That’s alright. Are you feeling better?” Hermione asked with a genuinely worried expression.


“Yes, a lot better.” She lied. She had been thinking about her encounter with Draco at the Three Broomsticks for hours. It was driving her crazy.


“Hermione and I found the perfect dressing robes! I’d be glad to go back with you to look if you want.” Ginny said excitedly.


“No that’s alright, I think I want to surprise everyone.” She decided. “I want to give everyone something to remember” Danielle said as she cast a glance at the slytherin table.


I hope you all liked the update! The next chapter is….the Yule Ball! I have a lot planned for this so I am getting started now. Please review!!!

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