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Chapter 5 ~Questioning Draco's Father~
arry came up to Draco's Father's house, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!! "Harry!" he said as he opened up the door. Harry looked up at him, for he was......mmmmm.......sort of a lot taller than him. Harry gulped, "May I come in?" "Of course you may." Then Harry walked in. "Where were you last night?" asked Harry. "Why do you ask?" "JUST ANSWER!!" Harry yelled. Draco's Father hissed like a cat, "Just teasing." he said. "I don't mind THAT MUCH to tell you where I was. It's not like I was out kidnapping someone. Harry's eyes got as big as the planet Jupiter. "WHAT WAS THAT?" Harry yelled as his eyes shrunk down to Neptune size. "CHILL, I was joking, I wasn't kidnapping anyone! I mean come on! Who would I steal, Hermione?" Harry's eyes got as big as the sun, "WOW!! Harry, it seems as if your eyes are as big as the sun!!" "Don't worry about the size of my eyes, sir. It's not like they are going to burst, it's just every once in a while, my eyes get really big!" Harry said. But they really felt like they were about to burst. "AAACHEW!!!!!!!!" Draco's Father sneezed RIGHT into Harry's eyes, then they were tiny, tinier than Pluto's moon, Charon. "OOOOW!!!!!!!" Harry yelled......wait, Harry screamed, LIKE A GIRL!!! Yes, like a girl, high pitched and everything. "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU SON OF A FEEMALE DOG (Author's Notes: LOL)!" Harry screamed. "You're at my house, why don't you just leave?" Draco's Father said/suggested. "FINE!!" Harry had his fists all doubled up and his hand over his eye. "This is SOOOO gross. Snot, in my eye." yelled Harry. Then he thought to himself; Next, Myrtle from the bathroom! Oh, great, I hate her, she's is so annoying, but I'll get over it! She's not that annoying! Then Harry kept walking towards the bathroom. Author's Notes: The next chapter is going to be my favorite, I LOVE Myrtle, she's hilarious! It's going to be (fairly) LONG!!!

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