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'Great! Now what are you going to do about it?' Theodore asked, a smirk playing across his face. Some how no matter what the boy said he always seemed to make it monotone and add a smirk in. Typical Slytherin.


Draco rubbed at his eyes and moved backwards as he shook his head. When his back touched the wall he sunk to the floor, 'No, no, no.'


Theodore scoffed, 'What's no now, Malfoy?' He walked over, his arms crossed like a parent about to chastise their child.


Malfoy pulled his knees up and draped his arms over them. His head fell back to hit the wall, 'I can't be in love. That is not allowed.'


Smirking, Theodore took the seat next to his friend, 'Rules have never stopped you before.'


Draco gave a slight smirk. A small door leading to his past.


A frown stretched across Draco's face. He didn't want to live in the past any more, he wanted to move forward. Like Luna said.




Draco took in a steady breathe, 'I can't tell her.'


'And why the bloody hell not?' Theodore sighed, his head tilted in frustration and his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. He felt like a girl at this particular moment. And he wasn't enjoying his gossip time with Draco.


Draco rolled his head to the side, giving Theodore a hard look, 'I don't'


'How to what?' Theodore ran his hand back threw his hair, clearly annoyed. Mostly for the fact, however, that he was starting to pick up Potter and Malfoy's annoying habit.


Draco crossed his arms atop his knees and let his chin dig into his forearm, 'I don't know how to love her.' Draco pulled up his sleeve, looking at what was left of his Dark Mark. Theodore nodded. He understood that part. His father had tried hitting him into getting one, but ended up just disowning instead. Theodore now lived with his Aunt in London.


Draco kept his eyes tightly shut, his lower lip quivering ever so slightly. He was upset, and failing at trying not to showing it.

Theodore sighed, touching his forehead.  He didn't know how to deal with upset people.


'Well...the love's not just going to go away because you don't know how to love her. You'll learn.' Theodore offered. He rolled his eyes with a half-smile. He felt like a gossiping friend and a parent in one, maybe a little therapist in there as well.


When had he started to care about anyone but himself?


When had he gotten so soft? He felt like molding fruit.


Theodore had seen Malfoy getting mushy the first time Luna came and sat with him, but when had it happened to himself, Theodore Regulus Nott?


The tall Slytherin smirked, Luna was changing him as well and she didn't even know it!


Theodore laughed a bit and let his head fall against the wall as well, 'We're bloody screwed, you know this, right?'


Draco laughed as well, 'I guess I do.' Theodore watched as the boy let his hand trail down till his fingers gently brushed the dribble plum.


Theodore smirked. It really was love. And he was going to have to help it along.




I followed Teddy's advice. I seemed sincere in wanting to help so I figured why not?


I let Draco alone for the next day, giving a slight smile and wave but kept to myself mostly for the next couple of days.


It was Friday by the time Draco came over to me at dinner. It was actually surprising, since I was sitting with Gryffindor.


A lot had changed about the once labeled dark Slytherin Prince. Like that he was walking towards the Gryffindor table, where Harry and the Trio sat.


I frowned. Draco looked as if someone had stolen his pride as he walked closer. He would turn occasionally to the side and catch someone staring at him.


Draco walked with shoulders slumped, his hands buried deep in his pockets. He looked up and met my eye.


I gave him a smile and moved down a bit to make room for him.


Draco gave a half-smile in return and continued to make his way towards me.


He awkwardly folded his long legs under the table and stared at his plate.


I didn't exactly blame him. Ron was throwing daggers with his eyes and Hermione looked horror-struck.


'Hermione, you might want to close your mouth lest you catch a frog in it!' I smiled and took a sip of my soup.


Hermione's jaw snapped shut and she continued to look at Draco with her wide eyes.


Harry was the only one who was trying to hold back his glare. I snuck a look at him from the corner of my eye and gave a thankful smile. He, begrudgingly, returned it.


'Attention! Attention all students!' Headmistress McGonagall called. Everyone turned to the Teacher's table.


'To continue the celebration of the War, and as a way to continue to hold strong to the memory of those lost,' Headmistress McGonagall sighed, trying to keep the tears back, 'Well...we will be holding a ball in memory and in victory. It will be the first annual Memory Celebration.' Everyone started to clap even though they had absolutely no idea what it was.


'The Celebration will be November 31.' Headmistress McGonagall said, 'It will be a time of memories and laughter, as well as dancing.'


People started to clap at that. Girls started whispering and boys started to turn ash white.


I tilted my head, 'What's wrong with everyone?'


Hermione, who had finally ripped her shocked eyes away from Draco, 'Because they want to know whose going to ask who, the girls do at least, and the boys are panicked because they have to ask a girl.'


'They don't have to though.' I asked, tilting my head the other way. I could feel my eyebrows knitting together.


'It's embarrassing if you don't.' Ron said, his eyes still staring at Draco.


It took another spoonful of my soup, 'Well that seems odd.'


Draco perked up a bit at that and leaned closer to me, getting glares from people even farther down the table.


I felt my lips purse and eyes widen, what was with everyone tonight? I know there had been rumors running around about our kiss but the past few days should have cooled it off a bit.


Draco seemed more relaxed, why wasn't everyone else?


'Go for a walk with me?' He whispered just loud enough for me to hear and close enough for his breath to tickle my ear.


I nodded, and turned to the rest of the group with a smile, 'We're going for a walk, I'll see you later tonight.' I stood up first and swung my leg over the bench. Making sure to give Draco enough room to get out.


Draco got out, a lot easier then he had gotten in, and we walked to the doors. I skipped and Draco shook his head, smirking as we went.


I turned around, skipping backwards. Just happy that Draco wanted to talk and that he seemed better.


'What? They are going to stare anyways! Might as well make a show of it!' I took Draco's arm and continued to skip, Draco clumping awkwardly behind me.


I smiled. I brought out Draco's soft side, and he seemed to be bringing out my backbone.


Even though it was in my back and he technically couldn't see it.


He was still bringing out my strong side. And it felt good.



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