The last chapter I did both Hermione’s and Draco’s POV for the same part, but in this one I have that half way. So, sorry for the confusion. Dumbledore and Snape don’t die, because I couldn’t take it.


Chapter 2

[Hermione’s POV]

         The train had pulled up to Hogwarts and everyone was trying to get on a carriage. Just as I had picked up my bags about to leave, Malfoy’s long, warm, firm, fingers wrapped around my hands. I jerked my hand away, and reached for my wand he wasn’t going to get away with it this time. “Relax Granger, all I wanted to say was that lets meet in front of the gate so we can go together.” I was still dumbfounded, I nodded because that was the only reaction I was capable of performing. I exited the compartment and walked over to Harry, Ron, and Ginny and we left to the carriage. On the ride, I decided not to tell them because I know I’m part of the Golden Trio and all, but I don’t need their help for everything. When I got out I saw Malfoy, and he gave me the most despicable smirk. What was going on?

[Draco’s POV]

          The train had finally stopped and I couldn’t wait to get away from “her”. Just before I left I decided to play with her a little, I held her arm. I guess she was a little pissed off because she was getting red and ready to take her wand out. I had to do something because I knew she would love to hex me to the next oblivion. “Relax Granger, all I wanted to say was that lets meet in front of the gate so we can go together.” Again with that ignorant expression, she moved out of the compartment. I met up with Blaise and Nott, of course having Pansy following behind. “Pansy do you mind getting my bags.” I said in a voice that would make any girl melt. Since this was Pansy, I didn’t need to try at all. I told Blaise and Nott about my plan to manipulate Granger. How I would make her hopelessly fall for me and then when she least expected it, crush that giant ego of hers.

Blaise spoke clearly awkward by the silence. “Well mate, Granger is a tough one, and she always has Potter and Weasely behind her.”

“I know that, but I have her all alone in the common room; face it what girl can resist me.” Nott and Blaise gave me a smirk and we walked to the carriage where Pansy had put our stuff. The ride there we talked about Quidditch and whatever else that seemed appropriate at the time. When we arrived Granger was waiting at the gates, it was the perfect opportunity to give her my famous Malfoy smirks. That would really mess up her mind.


 [Hermione’s POV]

 My head was spinning from all that was occurring. I had a feeling Malfoy was up to something, but I couldn’t quite get my finger on it. So, I waited for him like he asked, I still don’t know why, but when he walked toward me something happened; my heart was beating so fast I swear I thought it was going to fall out. It felt as the world stopped suddenly and we were the only two left. I never noticed, but putting aside that obnoxious smirk and all those snide comments he actually was quite attractive. His grey eyes were sucking me inside making it impossible to look away, and his blond hair looked brilliant with the sun hitting them in that angle. Luckily, he lost the gel in his third year and his locks fell wherever they pleased, adding a sort of mysterious look to go along with his bad boy image. His skin was pale, but just enough to make him look like a sex god. His figure was well sculpted, toned actually. I had this urge to go over and rip off his robe, exposing his chest, and running my hands down feeling every muscle in the process. Wait a minute….why am I thinking this, sure he is a masterpiece and it would feel so good to…stop Hermione Jean Granger! That is the stupid ferret you hated since the first-year, and you cannot start thinking like that. When he came over I just stood there ogling him a little longer. I immediately snapped out of it and turned around. I was so embarrassed, how could I do that to Malfoy? There was an awkward silence, since I hate those so much I just spoke up with my Gryffindor courage. “Let’s go.” He obeyed and walked along. It was silent all the way to Dumbledore’s office, though not awkward.

“Hello Ms.Granger, Mr.Malfoy.” he said in his usual cheery voice.

“Hello Professor.”

“Hello Sir.”

“I am glad to have you back this year, with all the things that happened I am sorry. You both have lost someone and since of such a young age I am utterly sorry for that to occur in Hogwarts.” He truly did have a look of sadness which made me feel guilty.

“No professor, you don’t have to be sorry though we lost many people they did not die in vain.”   I said, Draco was silent

“Thank you, Ms.Granger well Mr.Malfoy I am sorry to you too.”

“It’s okay Professor I personally think they got what they deserved, well my family did.” He had a tone of hatred which made me want to change the conversation, but the professor beat me too it.

“I called you hear to discuss an important matter. You will be responsible to put together a Christmas dance, which surpasses all. The students here need to celebrate and get there minds of what occur. Here is a note that has the password to your common room and I believe you know where it is. Now you may leave.”

“Goodbye professor” we said simultaneously

We walked out of the office and toward our rooms. When we got there there was a painting of a lady holding a bird. “Hello there dears I suppose you two will be staying here from now on.” I nodded “Very well than, password please.” Malfoy read the note. “Password.” “All right then, have fun.” There was something in her voice which I decided to ignore. “Dumbledore really knows how to pick his passwords, doesn’t he.” He snickered. We walked through the portrait and I was amazed at the sight. The common room was the same size as the Gryffindor common room, just much more elegant. There was a beautiful fire place at the center wall. Two couches where placed opposite of each other, with a coffee table at the center of the room. A small TV was on the left side of the entrance, and the best part of all was the fact there was a giant bookshelf filled with books I had yet to read. Just at the far end was a staircase which led to two directions. I went right when Malfoy went left. I stopped at the sight of my name on the door. I was amazed that the room was bigger than the one I had back home. A king sized bed was placed right in front of me with velvet colored sheets. Heck everything was either velvet or oak, not that I’m complaining. I already knew Malfoy and I had to share a bathroom, yet it was still uncomfortable. I walked in admiring how lovely everything looked when I was interrupted by a cough. Malfoy was standing there looking at me.

 “Granger… you should get some rest, I know it will be hard knowing that a hot guy is sleeping next door, but try to.”

 “Not even in your dreams Malfoy.” I scowled.

 “Then how about in yours.” With that he left. I also went to my room, but was doing exactly what that ferret expected. I was thinking about him Ugh… can my life get any worse?

 [Draco’s POV]

  I had a pretty decent sleep; it was nice not having to deal with Crabbe’s snoring. I got up and ready, class would start in 30 min and I had enough time to get a quick snack. I was exiting the common room, when I saw a figure moving. When I got closer I noticed it was Granger, she was sleeping on the couch with a book on her head. Did she actually sleep there the whole night? Since she looked pretty decent she must have gotten ready first and then dozed off. I nudged to wake her up and she was yelling the second she opened her eyes.

“Malfoy what in the world are you doing in my room?”

“Well Granger, if you cared to look around then you would not have chosen those exact words.” She turned her head and quickly fell quite.

“Sorry.” She mumbled, I bet she wished those words were in an inaudible tone, but that didn’t happen.

 “Did the Gryffindor Princess just say sorry?” I said in my normal sarcastic tone. She didn’t respond and left toward the portrait, most likely headed to the Great Hall. I fallowed behind, without saying a word; though I wanted to say  something so badly [you can take that in any way you want]. We entered together and the hall broke out into whispers; most likely having seen the Slytherin Prince with the Gryffindor Princess. She dashed off to her table, and I went to mine. Blaise and Nott both nodded and I did the same.

“So how’s operation Granger coming along, mate?”

 “It’s a start.”

 “Nott here doesn’t believe that you’ll be able to do it.”

 “Yup” he added.

“I see you want to make a bet.?” I striked up an eyebrow.

“Winner tells the loser what do.”

“You’re on.” Now getting Granger would be more interesting.

“See you then.”

 “Where you going, mate?”

 “To work on my plan.” I walked away and soon as I exited the hall, the damn bell had to ring. At least I had a class with her. Since, Snape became the new DA teacher, potions was taken over by a new teacher Flitcook. I didn’t care about how the teacher looked or acted, I just finished my assignment and left. The rest of the day was the same, me doing my work and leaving. That was until Defense against the Dark Arts, where I finally got to see her. Hermione was the first to get there, as usual, and Potter and Weasely were nowhere to be seen.  I saw this as my chance to sit next to her, who cared if it looked peculiar I needed to win that bet.  She looked confused and worried at my arrival and I took that as an okay thing. Since she would never start I decided to, “So Granger, since we are head boy and girl we should act civil from now on. I know we haven’t gotten along in the past, but I’m trying to change that.” I’m pretty sure she was taken back because she never responded and at the end of the class bolted out the door. I went to the common room to make Granger some food; I had to soften her up a little.  When she finally walked in, she made a run for the stairs, but I had to stop her.

“Granger I made you something.” She came over and struck up an eyebrow.

“Did you poison it?”

“What kind of question is that?” I said calmly, even if I wasn’t doing this to win her over I would never poison it… maybe. She reluctantly came over and cautiously took a bite. Almost immediately, her eyes popped out [literally].

“How is it.” I asked.

 “It’s good.”

  How I knew she would never admit that that was the best she ever had.  I watched her as she ate and how her jaw was a perfect v-line, she obviously saw that. “Seeing something we like, Malfoy.” “You wish Granger.”  “Thanks.” With that she finished up walked upstairs. I couldn’t help but notice those curves, and when did she get that ass?” I admit the summer had done her some good. I was one step closer to having Nott become my slave for life, because when she got to her door she was blushing like crazy. 

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