Albus and I stood in the compartment staring at each other. I think we both couldn’t believe that he just apologized.

“How do I know you’re not just saying this because your mum or dad or James or whoever is forcing you too?” I asked.

Albus sighed. “I figured you were going to ask me that,” He smiled at me. The weird thing? His smile…it made me smile back. It wasn’t one of his cocky smiles or his signature jerk-smirk (a name I made up myself) but it was a real smile. And it made him look happy and when he looked happy he looked more attractive.

…Did I just say that?

“Addie,” Albus said. “If I was forced to apologize to you do you think I would do it?”

His smile was still there and I couldn’t help but notice that it lit up his whole face. It wasn’t a full on smile; more like a laid back smile. This boy had some good genes.

…Again did I just say that?! Sure, I’ve said he was hot but I have never felt so… attracted to him. Like I was really, really attracted to him. I didn’t think I had ever been this attracted to anyone. This could be a problem.

“Well I guess that’s true,” I said back. “You probably would’ve just said it but still be rather mean about it.”

Albus laughed at this. A small laugh but a laugh nonetheless. I couldn’t help but notice that this was the first time we’ve ever been smiling at each other, talking to each other, and not insulting each other. (Also the first time I had been this attracted to him but that is beside the point).

This was a first for us.

“Yeah, probably,” he said. “Addie, I am so, so sorry about what I said.”

I looked into his eyes again, which were brilliantly emerald green, and the messy black hair and the smile and just everything. I could see why tons of girls fell for him and why I was currently going insane with attraction to him. And, who knows, maybe if we hadn’t fought all the time, I could’ve fallen for him.

Wait, what was wrong with me?! The entire time I kept finding him more and more attractive and thinking about how I could’ve fallen for him. It was Astoria’s fault. Her and her stupid idea that we liked each other.

“I know you are,” I said, ignoring my brain talking about how hot Albus was and how stupid Astoria was. “Maybe we could make an effort this year to not fight? Because I know Rose and Scorpius hate it and I’m sure it makes them feel awkward and I feel like it would be easier on everyone if we just tried to make an effort. At least while they’re around. And who knows maybe we’ll become…friends.” Even though that seemed very unlikely.

“That sounds like a good idea. But friends?” Albus said. “That might be a little difficult.”

“Maybe we should look at this as a challenge,” I said. “Whoever starts a fight first, loses. And they’d have to…” I looked at Albus for help because I couldn’t think of anything.

“Um,” Albus said thinking. “They’d have to...have to…ugh...Have Veritaserum and tell the school who they like?” He phrased it as a question like he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not. But it was. It so was.

Because if Albus lost, he would have to suck up his pride and humiliate himself. It would be awesome. And hilarious. And if I lost…well the boy wouldn’t even bother saying if he liked me back because Scorpius would beat them up! Besides I embarrassed myself all the time so saying that wouldn’t be a big deal. This was an awesome idea!

I was a sad person that this gave me so much joy.

“Yes!” I said. “Albus, that’s a great idea!” And then, for some strange reason, I hugged him. Maybe it was my hormones taking over because they couldn’t stand how attractive he was or something. But once I realized what I did, I was about to let go and pull my arms back but I felt his arms come around my waist and (maybe I was imagining this) pulled me closer to him.

“I’m glad you think so,” he said and I felt him rest his chin on my head.

I was about to let go, when all of a sudden the train lurched and we fell onto the seats. (Keep in mind that we are STILL hugging, so we fell while hugging) I landed on top of him, my arms still around his neck, and he laid below me, arms still around my waist (again, maybe this was my imagination, but he seemed to be holding me rather tight like he didn’t want to let go. Maybe his hormones were being weird too). My face landed on his chest, and I couldn’t help but notice that he smelled really nice. Not like some sort of aftershave or cologne, but he smelled like…something that smelled really. really good. Like a fresh grass smell…and pine trees…and maple syrup…

I decided that maybe I should stop smelling him because he might get a little creeped out and looked up. Which is when I noticed how close our faces were. They were very, very, very close. I could feel his breath on my face and I’m sure he could feel mine on his (thank Merlin I brushed my teeth this morning, so my breath smelled all minty fresh as opposed to smelling like morning breath) and again realized how close we were. (And okay maybe I realized how hot he was too).

A strand of hair fell in my face and I was about to remove an arm from Albus’ neck and get up so I could move it, but of course my arms were stuck and I couldn’t move. But before I could even process it, Albus removed one hand from my waist and pushed it behind my ear. And then, his hand didn’t really move from my hair. His hand started playing with my curls and again, I noticed how close we were. At this point, when two teenagers are lying on the seat, in each other’s arms, the boy playing with the girl’s hair, I would think most of them were making out. Which was what made this entire thing so weird. Because Albus and I wouldn’t do that. Not in a million years or when my life depended on it.

Okay so maybe if my life depended on it I would. I didn’t want to die.

“Your hair is really soft,” Albus said quietly, almost as if he couldn’t believe that I had soft hair. Or that he never noticed it before.

And of course, as life would have it, while we were there, in that position, Albus playing with my hair, the door to the compartment opened and I heard a male voice say, “Right in here, oh, wait someone’s in here. Sorry for disturbing-ADDIE?!”

Of course James had to walk in right then. At least it wasn’t Scorpius.

“ADDISON MALFOY, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING YOUNG LADY?” James yelled, as he walked in. “I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL WHO EVER THIS IS-“ He pulled Albus’ hands off of my waist and pulled me off of him. “DO YOU HEAR THAT YOU BASTARD? YOU’RE GONNA – ALBUS?!”

James looked from me to Albus and then back at me.

“Um, James?” We heard and we all looked at the door, where a petite seventh year Hufflepuff stood.

“Not now,” James said sternly (and rather scarily too). “I need to deal with these two, Mary.”

“It’s Margie-“


Poor Margie. She walked away looking rather afraid, (I’m sorry SHE was afraid?! I was probably going to be killed for doing…NOTHING.)

James went over and slammed the door with a great amount of force.

I was frightened for my life.

So it turned out that the compartment that Albus and I were in was the hook up compartment. It was where seventh years went so they could hook up.

I was appalled that they had such a thing.

I was also angry with Albus for taking us to that compartment but he said he didn't know. Normally I would've started a fight with him for being so stupid but I don't want to lose the bet with in an hour of making it.

James yelled at me, saying that as a girl, I couldn't go into compartments with boys and start making out. It made me look like a whore and I was not a whore. If I turned into a whore like Dominique, he would kill me and then have Scorpius come and kill me again. I was not becoming a whore no matter how badly I wanted to because he wouldn't let me. (Not that I wanted to become a whore anyway).

James told Albus to use protection.

I was pissed. I got told off for not doing anything and that if I start whoring around, then he would kill me but he just told Albus to just use protection?! It was unfair! And sexist! I was almost so pissed at that, that I almost forgot that James thought we were hooking up.

I set him straight. I won't go into detail. But lots of yelling was involved. He was convinced we weren't hooking up. Or so I thought until he walked with us back to the compartment where Louis was, Rose and Scorpius had rejoined him, along with my other roommate Alice Longbottom. She was Professor Longbottom's daughter, but apparently she was nothing like he was in school. Well at the beginning of school. Rose's parents said he was a badass by the end of school, especially during the Battle at Hogwarts. Yeah, Alice is pretty badass, I guess. When I want to do badassy things (because I myself was quite the badass of course) she was my girl. She snuck into Hogsmeade regularly, pulled pranks all the time and stood up to all the teachers. We're not super close but she's awesome for that stuff. She was actually really quiet and didn't have many friends. She was a quiet badass.


So the three of us (me, James and Albus) walked into the compartment and Albus and I sat down, me next to Louis and Albus next to me. (Scorpius and Rose were sitting next to each other!! And they were kinda talking with only minimal blushing!!! YAY!!!).

"Hey James," Louis said. "Why did you have to chaperone these two back here?"

"Well actually there's an interesting story behind that," James said. Oh shit. He wouldn't. We didn't do anything. I convinced him of that. Didn't I? "I walked into a compartment and found them in a..." James thought for the right word. "Compromising position."

So you know how Scorpius and Rose were kinda talking to each other? Well once James said we were in a compromising position they stopped giving each other longing looks and snapped their heads up to look at James. Scorpius looked pissed about the fact that I was in a compromising position with a boy.

"What?" Scorpius said in his deep, overprotective voice. I was pretty sure Albus shrunk away a little. "What do you mean a compromising position?"

"Well," James said. I was trying to decide if I should try and slip out of the compartment, attack James, or just stay still. I saw that in Albus had his dad's invisibility cloak in his pocket. "I walked into the compartment and they were lying on the seat, arms around each other, going at it."

Okay, so if I put the invisibility cloak on then I wouldn't have to deal with this until later. However, that meant I had to reach into Albus' pocket. Oh well. It was just his pocket.

"Damn!" Louis said. "So who was on top?" See, while Lou is chivalrous and wonderful, he had a very sick sense of humor and disgusting mind.

I think Albus noticed my hand in his pocket because he tensed up and looked at me. I just mouthed, "Cloak" and nodded to the door. He seemed to understand. So he let me continue to put my hand in his pocket to reach for the cloak. I must say, I had never had a civilized conversation with him until today and I've made more physical contact with him then any of my boyfriends. (Actually just that one who transferred after Scorpius punched him. I didn't blame boys. I wouldn't want to deal with Scorpius either).

"Lou!" Rose said. "That's disgusting!"

I managed to get a good grip on the cloak and started sliding my wrist out.

"It's not disgusting!" Louis said. "Alice, do you think it’s disgusting? Its just curiosity to see who's the dominant one in their relationship!"

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. My bracelet was stuck on something hard inside Albus' pocket. The one day I decided to wear this stupid bracelet it got stuck in some boy's pants.

Ironically, Scorpius gave me this bracelet.

"Well it is disgusting," Alice said. "But then again, you are curious so no harm in asking right?"

I tried tugging and pulling on my wrist but it was hard to not draw attention to the fact that your hand was in some boys pants. Albus must have noticed because his hand came and grabbed mine and started trying to pry my wrist free of his pocket. Keep in mind that we were trying to do this without drawing attention to ourselves. Almost everyone was looking at Alice and Louis, who were going back and forth about something about curiosity and dominance or something. Scorpius was just looking at the ground with a very pissed off look on his face.

And of course, while Scorpius has a very pissed off look on his face, he has to look up and see my hand in Albus' pocket and Albus' hand in his pocket.

"What," Scorpius said, in a low, scary voice. "The. Fuck. Is. Going. ON?!" Scorpius got louder and louder with each word and on the last word stood up. He was just staring down at my hand in Albus' pocket. (Albus removed his hand. Arse.) "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK AL?!" HA! Albus was getting in trouble this time! "AND WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING ADDIE?!" What?! No! Go back to blaming Albus! "GET YOUR HAND OUT OF HIS FUCKING PANTS."

Now everyone of the compartment was definitely looking at us, if they weren't before. Lou made some sick joke, Rose sat there in shock while looking at Scorpius and Alice was very calm, just looking out the window. And James...well...


Yeah. That was James.

"Well, I can't," I said. "My hand is stuck."

Louis and Alice burst out laughing. I was glad they found amusement in the fact that Scorpius's eyes turned into demon eyes and he started huffing. When Scorpius gets really, really, really, mad and overprotective, he turns into the incredible Hulk.

"That better be a bloody joke Addie," Scorpius said between huffs.

I wish it were a joke. Because then I would be allowed to live.

"Scorp, it's not a joke," Albus said. "Her hand is really stuck in my pocket."

James was sitting down talking to himself about how he was supposed to watch over me and how could he fail me. But Scorp...Scorp got even madder.

"No one said you could talk, Potter," Scorpius said. I could tell that Albus was taken aback. But unlike when he argues with me, he just sat there. "How could you do this? You made her cry and then you hook up with her and now her hand is in your pants? Aren't you my fucking best friend? I should've killed you a long time ago, but now it's time to make up for lost time-"

I was fully prepared for Albus to get killed by Scorpius. But as always, the lovely Rose stepped in and saved the day.

"Scorpius!" Rose said. (In a shockingly similar way to her mum said "Ron!” Apparently Hermione's brains weren't the only Rose got from her). She came in front of him and PUT HER HANDS ON HIS CHEST. If I weren't so scared for my life I would definitely be freaking out more. Scorpius looked at her, and you could tell he was taken aback by the fact that Rose was touching him. In a soothing tone, she said, “It’s Albus and Addie, Scorp. They wouldn’t do anything together. You’re letting your overprotective side get the best of you.” Rose removed her hands from his chest and put it on either side on his face when she saw he wasn’t calming down (although I think he wasn’t calming down because she was touching him and he wanted to jump up and down but he couldn’t). For a few moments, they just looked at each other, and I totally thought they were gonna kiss. (They didn’t though. Insert Addie’s sad face). I managed to loosen my wrist a little by letting go of the cloak but it was still stuck on something. “I know you don’t want to see Addie hurt again. But remember, she doesn’t forgive easily, just like Albus doesn’t say sorry easily. It’s very doubtful that they were hooking up. They probably fell when James walked in. You’re a great cousin, but Addie isn’t that dumb. Neither is Al. They wouldn’t ever go near each other.”


Scorpius seemed to believe her, because he calmed down a lot (Rose was still holding his face but then slowly put her hands down. If Scorpius didn’t know that she liked him before, then he definitely would’ve known now). I managed to pull my wrist free of whatever was holding it back.


“Oh!” I said. “That’s why my bracelet was stuck. It was stuck on your wand! I was wondering why it was so hard.”

I saw Alice and Louis share a glance and bust out laughing. Everyone looked at them.

“Oh, come on,” Louis said. “Her bracelet was stuck on his wand, no wonder it was so hard? You guys get what she’s saying right.”

So the calm Scorpius? Yeah he disappeared and went back to being the incredible Hulk.

I have been scared for my life way to many times on this train.

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