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Dangerous Love by sweet_lovely_girl
Chapter 3 : Tears and Brownies
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Hey guys, sorry you had to wait so long, but here it is: the third chapter! (I know it's a bit short, but I promise the next chapter will be longer!)
I entered this story for Liberate60's "Creature Challenge".
Hope you enjoy it!

He looked at her hand and hesitated, but not for long.

"Nice to meet you, Liz."

"Well, pleasure is all mine, Scorpius." She smiled.

"So, can you tell me why you... Why you turned me and brought me here?"

"I will, later. You don't need to know now," she said mysteriously. "But let me show you your room."

"My room?" Scorpius asked, confused.

"Yes, your room. You need a place to stay right? And you can't just go back to your own apartment now, where you live with your friend. You won't be able to resist the smell of blood all around you. So you will be staying here for some time."

"How... How do you know, where I live?" Scorpius asked surprised.

"Well, lets just say: we have been keeping an eye on you," said Cas and he winked.

"Now, lets go to your temporary room."

"But what about..."

"Your food?" Liz said. "Don't worry, we'll take care of that. I mean, we have to eat too, right?"

"Okay, thanks," Scorpius said, "I guess."

"Lily, I'm home!" Rose took off her jacket and walked into the living room. She looked around her and it seemed that Lily wasn't home yet.

'Hmm, lets see, I have some free time now. I need to wait for Lily and then we'll go to Dom's. What shall I do now?' she thought. Then a thought came to her. She went to the kitchen and collected everything she needed. Then she started to work.

An hour later...

She stared at the oven. 'Come on, come one... Ugh, I hate to wait.' But one second later it started to beep. 'Finally!' She opened the oven and took out a tray full of brownies. 'Homemade and without using any magic at all. Oh, they smell wonderful!' Then she heard a sound.

"Lily? Is that you, Lily?" Rose asked, walking to the hall, but no one was in the hall. She looked in the living room, but there was no one there either. Then she heard a noise upstairs. She ran up the stairs. "Lily, are you there?"
She stopped in front of her sister's room and listened. She heard a faint sound and opened the door. She saw her cousin lying on the bed, her eyes red and swollen, and a thousand used tissues around her.

"Lily, what's going on? How long have you been here?" Rose asked, sitting down on the bed next to her cousin.

Lily grabbed her cousin and hid her face in her lap. She cried and Rose felt her clothes getting wet, but she ignored it and said; "Shhh. It's alright, Lily. Tell me what happened?"

Her cousin murmured something, but Rose couldn't understand anything of it. "Come on, Lily. I can't hear what you're saying. Let me dry your face. Shhh."

After some more tears, Lily finally raised her head. Her face was completely wet and her eyes were even redder than when Rose had just entered the room.

"Chr- Chris, he- he broke up w- with me!" And then Lily fell into her cousin laps again.

"He broke up with you? He would dare to break up with a Weasley and break her heart just like that? Who does he think he is?! Don't cry, Lily. He's not worth it."

"But h- he is worth it, R- Rose. You d- don't get it. He w-was per- perfect! H- he is hand- handsome and- and- " And then she collapsed again.

They sat there for a while, when Lily suddenly sat up. "What's that smell?"

"Oh, that. I made some brownies, before I found you here. Do you want some? It's good to eat some chocolate when... Well, shall I get some for you?"

Lily silently nodded.

Rose went downstairs and took some brownies and a glass of water.

"Here you go," she said, sitting down again on the bed. She saw that her cousin had dried her eyes and was looking a lot better.

"Thanks, Rose."

Rose smiled. "Well, you're my cousin and I can't bear it to see you like this. Shall I cancel Dom's party?"

Lily thought for a moment. "No, I think I need something to distract my mind from Chris."

"Alright then! I'll leave you now and get ready, if that's alright."

"Yeah, sure."

Rose stood up and walked to the door. "Oh, and just call me if you need anything."

"I'm fine, Rose," Lily said.

"Alright, just asking." Rose stood in the doorway for a moment and then said: "I'm glad you're fine."

"You're sure about this, Lily?"

"Yes, I'm fine, Rose. Now if you don't ring the doorbell, I will."

"Alright, alright, I'll do it." Rose rang the doorbell and a moment later a blonde woman opened the door.

"Rose, Lily, you came!"

"Hey Dom, we weren't sure whether we could come or not because Lily -"

"But lets just go inside now," Lily interrupted her cousin, giving her an angry look.

"Yes, of course. Come on in. Almost everyone's here already," Dominique said, not having noticed anything.

They all walked into the house and Dom said: "Well, I still have some things to do, so just see for yourself now. Everybody's in the living room."

When she had left the hall, Rose asked Lily: "What was that about?"

"I just don't want everyone to know yet," Lily explained. "I mean, they might treat me like some poor girl, who can't get over her perfect ex-boyfriend."

"Alright, I know you will get over it, but he wasn't that perfect at all."

"Rose, I tell you he was!" Lily argued. "He was handsome and kind and popular and then he just -"

"Okay, I get it. But lets just have fun now, okay?"

Lily nodded and they went to the living room. They met Albus, James, Hugo and all the others. It was a great night and no one knew about Lily's break-up, until-


"Ah, that must be Lea. Hey, James, can you open the door, please. My hands are full."

"Yeah, sure!" Everyone followed him with their eyes and waited for him because no one had ever heard of that person called Lea.

Then James came back to the living room, staring at a woman in front of him. A moment later, every man was doing the same thing. No one could blame, for the woman in the doorway was a true beauty. She had lustrous dark hair, clear blue eyes and a figure that even the best models didn't have. Then she said, with a voice that could make you feel like you're in heaven: "Hello, everyone. My name is Lea."

So, did you like it? Or not? Tell me! Leave a review! :D

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Dangerous Love: Tears and Brownies


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