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 JK Rowling is simply amazing.

Thank you GinnyPotter25 @TDA for the image! :)


Draco stared down at the piece of paper that the recently departed Head girl had just given him. He had actually been serious about the mistletoe. After all, what was a holiday party without mistletoe? The ball was bound to be a bore anyway, so they might as well try to liven things up a bit, what a big load of good that would do… Balls were really just not his thing. Girls spent hours getting ready for something that was only going to last around three hours and guys were under crazy amounts of pressure to ask out some girl before someone else got there first. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to ask out a girl, despite popular belief, especially since they all seemed to travel in packs together, it was very difficult to get one on her own to ask her. That's why he skipped the hassle and just went with Pansy last time. If he got stuck with Pansy again, he gagged at just the mere thought of having to put up with her at a ball, let alone having to dance with her. It wasn't that he hated Pansy or anything, she was actually a very nice and charming girl whom he'd been friends with since before Hogwarts and was still one of his best friends, the problem though, was that she liked him... a lot. He tried to let her off easily, but she very persistent in being with him. He could only hope that she would outgrow this phase and find someone else before her feelings got hurt too badly. She deserved someone nice,even though people thought Pansy was the Ice Queen (something that was not true but she didn't bother to correct people, because, really, she didn't care what they thought). Draco got out the phoenix feather quill that his mother had given him as a present for completing sixth year and started to write:

New Year's Eve Ball

Blue and silver color theme

Tables all around the dance floor

Falling snowflakes

Mistletoe all around the school

But then he started thinking, Hermione had only told him to finish the list, she'd never specified what kind of things they needed... Oh well, he figured he might as well have some fun with it.

Dancing Hippogriffs all around the great hall

Face painting stand (Ask Dean Thomas to be the artist)

'Predict your future booth' with Trelawney

Win a date with 'Pothead'

Ah yes, his list was simply marvelous. Granger would definitely appreciate it. If she didn't, to bad so sad: he'd tried. He got up and put the list away in his desk drawer, now that he was done with his head duties for the evening and had no homework to do, he decided he might as well go down to dinner. Leaving the common room and marching to the Great Hall, he passed by so many strange girls that giggled whenever they saw him. While he liked the attention, being a guy and all, he wished someone with a brain would take a liking to him. The only person he could even think of that was intelligent was Granger. She was also smart, pretty and sharp. She'd always a retort ready to go for him. That was one of the many things he liked about her. Not that he would ever tell anyone but her that he liked her. He doubted she even believed that he, the great Draco Malfoy, could ever like her on a romantic level. Of course that was his own fault for pretty much ignoring her after those confessions had been made. The thing was, he didn't want to lose what he had with Granger. And he was afraid that if they started something between them, it would end badly and then they would be back to horrible remarks and ice-cold fury towards each other. Draco hadn't called Granger a 'mudblood' since before the war ended; he planned on keeping it that way too. He wasn't the same person he'd been before, but sometimes his anger got the best of him and he wouldn't be able to control it.

As he made the long walk down to the Great Hall, he couldn't help but think about her. Contrary to popular belief, he didn't like 'tall blondes'. Granger was the complete opposite. She just seemed so fragile, like she would break in his arms if he was to hold her, not that he ever would get the chance of course, but if the opportunity arose, he would take it. She didn't have the straight locks that every other girl seemed to have. While he may have called her a 'bushy haired beaver'when they were younger, he didn't think that anymore. He liked her curls, they were different: unique. He also thought that she might have used magic some point during her third year to shrink her teeth. That, he thought that was his fault since he was always insulting her teeth. All in all, Granger was beautiful. When he first heard Weasley yell across the great hall to Granger asking if she liked him, he was stunned. It had been like Christmas had come early! Of course, he had to go and tease her a bit about that fact afterwards. He wouldn't be Draco Malfoy if he didn't. He liked how she was such a caring person. Taking his side after Potter had insulted his family. Just thinking about that moment enraged Draco. Stupid boy-who-lived, thinks he's all that with the teachers and students praising him everywhere he goes. Hmph. To say that Draco didn't like Potter would be an understatement. He despised him. He hated how everyone thought he was the greatest thing since butterbeer! How they praised him everywhere he went. What about everyone else? What about everyone else who had fought in the war and had risked their lives? No one followed them around singing their praises.

He checked his watch as he neared the doors to the Great Hall, 6:00. Just on time. He opened the doors and after a quick look around to see who was there, he made his way over to the Slytherin table. The Slytherin table was the table next to the wall and beside the Gryffindor table. It was annoying sitting near them since sometimes he would come down for breakfast, sit down prepared to eat a nice meal, but have his morning ruined by hearing the voices of Potter and his sidekick 'Ginger'. There were those mornings when he heard the sweet melodic voice of Granger, but she didn't speak much during breakfast, he guessed she wasn't a morning person, like him. Another thing they had in common.

Draco sat down next to Blaise and started piling food on to his plate. Bacon, an english muffin, roast beef, roast potatoes and a nice cold glass of pumpkin juice.

"Well hello to you too, sunshine!" piped the always enthusiastic voice of Blaise.

Blaise Zabini was most likely, the only person in the whole world, other than his mother, who could get away unscathed by calling him sunshine or some other horrid pet name. Blaise was just different… he was Blaise. He was just living life one day at a time. After the war he'd realized that you needed to have fun while you could because you might not be around much longer. So he, being the amazing best friend that he was, had decided to make it his personal goal in life to get Draco to loosen up a bit. If he made Draco laugh or smile just once in a day, he felt as though he had made the world a better place.

"Shut up Zabini," Draco snarled.

"Well, aren't we 'Mr. Grumpy' today?" replied Blaise.

Draco just ignored him as he saw Hermione enter the Great Hall and sit down next to Ginny. He was watching her so intently that when she looked up and stared him in the eyes, he didn't realize until a few moments later. As soon as he noticed her looking, he quickly looked away but not before he saw her blush and Weasel's sister bursting into laughter. He looked down the Gryffindor table and noticed the other two-thirds of the golden trio sitting with their dorm mates: Neville, Dean and Seamus. While most people were surprised and curious as to why Harry and Ron didn't seem to be speaking to Hermione, he was one of the few who knew why they weren't. While it was mean, he liked it that they weren't really on speaking terms, the trio had lost the brains of their group and were bigger dunderheads than usual. As he thought about the trio, he didn't notice Blaise looking at him from the corner of his eye. Blaise noticed that Draco's gaze kept drifting to Granger every few seconds and he got a mischievous grin on his face.

"Never knew you liked Granger."

Draco spluttered out the pumpkin juice that he just sipped and was quick to correct his friend.

"WH-WHAT? Who says I like her? You must be delusional, my friend, I think you've taken one too many bludgers to the head, mate," Draco stuttered.

"Sure Drake, I notice you keep looking at her, please don't insult my intelligence. You know you can trust me!" objected Blaise.

"I don't like Granger," Draco protested once again.

"Are we in Egypt?"

"...No?" replied Draco, completely confused.

"Then why are you so in da-nile?"

Draco grimaced. "Blaise, that was just awful."

"Oh shut it, It's written all over your face that you like her, so just admit it. It's not like I'm going to tell anyone, heck, even if I did, they wouldn't believe me," he reasoned.

"True enough," Draco agreed.

"So, do you? Like her?" Blaise asked once again.

"...Yes. And if you tell anyone Blaise, I'll know and I'll make Voldemort look like a kitten compared to what I'll do to you," Draco threatened

Other than a slight shudder at the name of the former dark lord, Blaise just nodded and smiled. He looked over to Granger and the She-Weasel.

"She-Weasel sure is hot. That hair of hers is just so fiery," confessed Blaise

At this Draco turned to look at his best friend, not quite believing what he was hearing.

"YOU have a thing for the She-Weasel?" Draco yelped. He was shocked. It's not that he disliked the youngest Weasley, he didn't have a problem with her. It was her stupid brother that he didn't like and by association he really didn't care for her.

"Keep it down," said Blaise, noticing their house mates turn to look at them. "Well yeah, why not? She's hot, seems intelligent, she plays chaser just like me and she's got a great personality to boot."

"How would you know her personality?" Draco asked, "Have you ever even spoken to her?"

Blaise just shrugged his shoulders as he took a bite of his roast chicken.

Draco just shook his head at his friend. Two best friends liking two other best friends. Why is life so complicated? he thought as he took a sip of his pumpkin juice. He noticed Hermione and She-Weasel get up and proceed to the doors to leave the Great Hall; no doubt they were heading back to the Head's common room for a night of gossip. He saw Weasel turn his head and look after Hermione with an odd expression as she passed. That raised a spark of anger and for some reason jealousy within him. He was confused and didn't know why he was jealous since he knew that Hermione liked him and not Weasel: that ship had sailed long ago and Hermione had gone away with it. While Weasel might like Hermione, she did not return the affections and probably never would again. As soon as she and the She-Weasel were out of the doors, he sprung up out of his seat and left to follow them, his food forgotten. Blaise grabbed an apple for his friend and stepped into line beside him as they too made their way up to the Head's common room.

I'm sorry, I really suck at updating :/ I'll give you two chapters for being patient!


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