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Since I was the “Hope” to Sirius’ “Sirius,” apparently my attendance at the Marauder’s Annual Halloween Party was mandatory. It involved dressing up, drinking and most likely a lot of dancing and socialization. It was the hushed talk of the school. The party would be held in the Room of Requirement on Halloween night. The boys had been making secret trips for the past few weeks to get everything ready.

“Where are you going,” I prodded Peter – the weakest link – one night while I sat in Sirius’ bed. Peter began to stammer when Remus jumped in.

“No questions, Hope,” he shook a finger at me with a gentle smile. Sirius pulled me back towards the pillows and I let out a sickeningly girlish squeal.

“Where’s Prongs?” Peter asked aloud. Sirius shrugged and Remus looked thoughtful for a moment.

“With Lily, I suppose. Let’s give him five minutes.”
“Are you going on tonight’s outing?” I asked Sirius, turning towards him. He shot me a lazy grin.

“Nope, you’ve got me all to yourself tonight,” he said, casually shrugging his shoulders. My cheeks burned, and I hoped he couldn’t tell. His lips curled upwards in a wolfish grin. “Nervous?”

“I thought Remus was the wolf,” I muttered, messing with my hair out of habit. He laughed. Luckily I had stopped sweating uncontrollably around him, but when he said things like that, it still made me blush.

“You’re right, but don’t forget I’m still a dog.”

“Like I could if I tried,” I smacked him across the chest. He was still wearing his school pants, but had on a ratty Quidditch tee shirt. His hair was pulled back in a low, stubby ponytail and he hadn’t shaved that morning. He was my perfect Sirius – slightly grungy, casual and comfortable.

“We’re going to go find Prongs,” Remus spoke up – snapping Sirius and me back to attention. I saw him shove a random bit of parchment into his back pocket and nod to Sirius. “I assume you won’t be needing this since she’s,” he pointed at me, “here.” Sirius shrugged.

“Take it,” he cooed, “but don’t come crying to me if you catch Prongs-y in a compromising situation with the one and only Head Girl.” The three boys laughed at the macho-joke and I blushed even more.

Were James and Lily having sex?

Sirius and I hadn’t, um, had sex. We had come close a bunch of times last year, and quite a few times this year. But something had always come between us. When we were sneaking around, it used to be interruptions – Marauders stumbling back into the bedroom, students interrupting us in deserted corners of the library, professors coming down hallways. This year, however, it had been that even though we were alone in my bed – safely tucked away by double charms – it seemed kind of… skeevy to have sex when four other girls were sleeping in the same room.

I had done it once. Well a few times, but just with one person. I didn’t bother to ask Sirius if he had done it before. I had gone to Hogwarts for long enough to hear the stories about the different girls. The beautiful, smart Ravenclaw blondes, the feisty brunette Gryffindors, the sweet, gentle and naive Hufflepuffs and the angry, frustrated Slytherins. The boy had made his way across the castle.

My first time, and the next few after that, had been with a Muggle. He was, and still is, my brothers’ best friend. He used to come visit us each summer, and one summer after drinking on the beach one night with them, it had just sort of happened. His name was Johnny Day, and he was just as charming as my brothers and the Marauders. He had been tall, with dark brown hair and eyes. He had been friendly, and we found ourselves sneaking between my bedroom and his guest room for the rest of his visit. Needless to say, my brothers didn’t know about it – as Johnny still had his testicles. And I didn’t really plan on continuing anything with him. Johnny didn’t know I was a witch, and we just told him that I went to the same boarding school my mother went to, as a way to appease my grandparents.

So, after my experiences with Johnny, I figured I knew what I was doing. Ok, well, I was positive that in the grand scheme of things, I didn’t know what I was doing – but I wasn’t a virgin. That had to count for something.

I turned to face Sirius, and saw him smirking back at me.

“Why do you look so pleased?” I frowned.

“They’ll be gone for hours, most likely. The party’s tomorrow.” He shrugged. “It’s nice to have some time alone with you.” Oh, so casual aren’t you Sirius? I thought. Like you aren’t thinking the same thing I am.


Hot, sweaty sex.

Hot, sweaty sex with Sirius Black.

I was going to see him naked! I bit down hard on my bottom lip, and was surprised I didn’t draw blood.

I had actually seen him naked before. Hate me? He had seen me naked too, but since I didn’t spend eleven months out of the year playing Quidditch, I think I was the true winner in the situation.

“Yeah, what do you want to do?” I asked him, my tone teasing. “I have some Potions flashcards we could go over?” I bit my bottom lip and he groaned. Goose bumps popped up on my arms.

“I don’t want to do Potions flashcards.”

“Want to work on the timeline of the Goblin Rebellions for History of Magic? It’s due next week…”

“No, I don’t want to do the Goblin Rebellion timeline either.” He was staring at me intensely at this point, and the shivering tingles I felt all over my body were almost overpowering.

“You want to try and get some of the rats nests out of my hair? Well, really Sirius, I think it’s nearly impossible but if you want to give it a go.”

He pulled me onto his lap and I giggled. I could feel him against my thigh and it made my whole body flush with anticipation. He brushed my hair off one shoulder and placed soft, wet kisses on my neck.

“Fuck no,” he whispered in my ear, “your hair is perfect.”

And that was the lie that Sirius Black used to get me to sleep with him.
To tell you the truth, he didn’t even have to say it.


The next night, I was literally hopping around the dorm room while getting ready for the Halloween party. Lily looked like she wanted to punch me, but Lena seemed pleased by my mood. I had made plans to get ready with Lena for the party – since the Marauders had all ditched out early from classes to prepare. I figured there was a better chance of me actually showing up to the party if I had someone by my side. Lily had just sort of stuck around after her friends had wandered off. I think, after an extremely awkward double date – mainly my fault, I was beginning to grow on her. Plus, I had noticed her and Lena hanging out a lot more. Probably since they were both obsessed with school and such?

“She and Sirius had sex,” Lena explained to Lily – whose eyes grew huge. I smacked Lena and sat down. She pointed her wand at my head and muttered a glamour spell.

“You slept with Sirius?” Lily was seated next to me. I was a little preoccupied to answer her question however, because the charm Lena cast on me had automatically straightened my disastrous hair. It fell past my shoulders and over my breasts. Merlin, I didn’t realize it was that long. I turned towards Lily, who was fastening on the finishing touches of her princess costume.

“Um,” I paused. “Well yes. But, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone.” I brushed a hand over my hair. “How did you do this?” I turned to Lena. She shrugged.

“All girls’ boarding school. France.” It was explanation enough.

I watched Lena fasted a sparkly horn to her forehead. She was dressed up in a sparkly white dress, hot pink boots and she had enchanted her pale blonde hair to glisten with different colored highlights. She was a perfect unicorn.

Between the two of them, I couldn’t pinpoint who was the sparklier one. With my simple black cat ears and tail, black mini dress and black tights, I knew I wasn’t going to be winning any costume contests, but I figured since this was the first Halloween party I had ever been to, I could take it easy.

“At least let me give you whiskers,” Lena prodded me with an eyeliner pencil.

“Oh, and a nose,” Lily handed her a white stick of face paint left over from the girls getting ready earlier. We were running late.

“Fine, fine,” I couldn’t fight both of them off. “Just don’t make me look stupid.” I closed my eyes as Lena painted my face. I felt Lily sit down next to me.

“What was it like?”

“What?” I peeked open an eye at her. She wasn’t looking at me, or Lena. She was actually blushing and looking down at the carpet.

“Sex,” she mumbled. I could barely hear her.

“She’s asking about the sex,” Lena said – much more loudly – in a casual tone. Lily and I gazed at Lena in surprise and she shrugged. “What? It’s natural.” I closed my eyes again and took a deep breath.

“Um, it was pretty great.” This was an awkward situation. I didn’t necessarily want to talk about it, but I couldn’t think of a way out. I figured it was just best to be honest, and hopefully the conversation could end quickly. I hadn’t had girl friends before; I didn’t know how these things worked. I would never talk to my brothers about having sex with Sirius.

“Pretty great?” Lily whispered, sounding overwhelmed. I nodded, causing Lena to tut and hold my head still while she continued to draw on whiskers. 

“Well,” I felt my cheeks flush. “Yeah,” I grabbed a strand of perfectly straight hair and flipped it through my fingers out of habit. “I mean, not to sound overly cheesy but,” I paused. “I love him, so, it was pretty great.” Ew, gross, a voice grunted in my head. Who are you and what have you done with Hope Khol?

Both girls were silent, and I’m sure if my eyes were open I would have gagged on their dreamy looks.

“Plus, Sirius is mad fit from Quidditch and such. So seeing him naked is,” I whistled. “Whoah!”

Aaaaand there I go making things uncomfortable again! That’s got to be a record, what five minutes without me completely embarrassing myself? Lily flushed as red as her hair.

“This would normally be the point where my friends would counter with ‘what’s going on with you and Potter?’” She made a funny face. Lena and I shrugged – though I had to say, I was happy for the subject change.

“If you wanted to tell us, you would.” I explained.
“We’re not really normal,” Lena offered. “She doesn’t even talk to me about Sirius,” she patted my cheek. “You’re done!”

“You guys don’t talk about boys and stuff?” Lily looked amazed.

“We talk about Xeno,” Lena tilted her head. “Because I like to.”

“We talk about Sirius when she brings him up,” I jerked a thumb at Lena. “I’m just kind of a private person. Not a big talker.” Socially awkward and uncomfortable to the point that you’re neurotic, I thought. But I didn’t need to describe myself that well.

“We talk about Care of Magical Creatures. And extra credit assignments,” Lena continued.

“And food,” I added thoughtfully.

“But like, boys?” Lily tried to wrap her head around it. “And you don’t talk about clothes? Or make up? Or other girls?”

It was my turn for my cheeks to flush. I assumed that “other girls” basically translated into “gossiping about girls you don’t know.” I assumed that I was talked about, a lot.

“We’re weird,” I shrugged. “Me especially,” I waggled my eyebrows at her – further emphasizing my point.

“So if you’re in a situation that you don’t fully understand, but you don’t want to talk about it yet, you just keep it to yourself?” Lily continued. “You don’t make each other talk about it?” Lena and I shook our heads in unison. “That’s bloody brilliant,” Lily mumbled.


The Room of Requirement looked pretty amazing, but I wasn’t necessarily difficult to impress on the party circuit. Lena stuck by my side, but Lily got quickly caught up with her friends.

“Firewhiskey?” Lena suggested and I nodded. She grabbed us both a cup and we found a couch with several comfortable cushions that were perfect for people watching.

Frankie Holland was dressed up as some sort of Muggle superhero. Lily and her friends were all different, sparkly, princesses. There were lots of girls in costumes that left little to the imagination, and boys with terrifying masks charmed to scream out at unsuspecting moments. I didn’t know what Sirius, James, Remus or Peter had planned for costumes, so I kept my eyes peeled for them.

I hadn’t been to many parties, this was true, but sitting with Lena wasn’t exactly terrifying. The Marauders had made up the Room of Requirement to seem like some spooky insane asylum and people were definitely feeling it.

And last year, I spent Halloween writing a paper and eating sweets with my cat.

My, what a difference a year makes.

I wasn’t entirely comfortable there, and honestly would have preferred my bed. But, Lena seemed to be having a good time and I had promised that I would stay with her.

Once again, what a difference a year makes. I went from having no friends to having one.

A pair of hands covered my eyes, and a crisp male voice cooed in my hear, “you make an adorable kitten, love.” I shivered, but pulled it together enough to smack away Sirius’ hands. I turned to face him and saw him dressed up as a dog.

“Clever,” I smirked. He laughed, and topped off my glass with Firewhiskey. He nodded a hello to Lena, who waved. James was beside him, with a set of deer antlers on his forehead.

“Wow,” I nodded at him. “You guys really went all out didn’t you?” I laughed. “Are you normally this creative or is this just a good year?” James shrugged.

“Sorry if planning took up a bit more time then previously expected, especially when certain people were slacking away from their duties,” he elbowed a tipsy Sirius in the side. Ah, there was the James Potter that I knew and loved – nice and grumpy, just how I liked him.

“Oy, James, I know I’m new to this whole party thing – but I thought you were supposed to enjoy yourself at a party?” I offered. Sirius took a seat next to me and James stood in front of us, attempting to mess up his hair even more. “Quit with the hair for a second, Potter,” I smiled. “Lily Evans was talking about you while we were getting ready.”

James’ head shot up and his eyes grew wide.

“Lily?” I swear, I half expected his eyes to turn into hearts. “What’d she say?”

“That she’s not really sure how she feels or what is going on and that she doesn’t want to talk to her friends about it,” I offered casually. Lena rolled her eyes at me.

“Nice, Hope,” she smacked me. She turned towards James. “That means she’s thinking about you though. She’s just confused.”  James quirked an eyebrow.

“She’s confused about me?” He repeated. Lena nodded, her horn sparkling in the multicolored lights. “Well,” he reasoned, “it’s better then nothing. She’s dressed as a princess – right?” I nodded and watched him disappear into the crowd. That James Potter, he’ll always have a little place in my heart. Boy has the dedication and determination of a, um, well. An ant.

They’re extremely dedicated.

To their colonies.

“Having fun?” Sirius murmured the question to me and I shook my head.

“Oh, no,” I stammered. “I hate parties actually.” He smiled at me.

“Well, it was nice of you to come.” He took in my costume. “You really do make an adorable kitten.”
“Yes, but look,” I pointed at his get up, “we’re destined to be enemies.”

A squeal shattered my eardrums and I knew whom it was before I saw her.


Vivica was right at her side and together they looked… Well, illegal would be the word I would use. I’m not quite sure what they were supposed to be but they looked like a couple of streetwalkers. I think my poor uncle would have a nervous breakdown if he saw what his darling daughter was wearing in public.

“Siriiiiiiiii,” she called. I checked her out. She was hammered! I had never actually seen Tabitha hammered, but that was mainly because I didn’t socialize with, well, anyone. I’m assuming she probably got hammered on a regular basis, because, you know, she was a popular, well-liked, “hot” psychopath.

She stumbled up to us and squeezed in between Sirius and me, pushing me into Lena – who steadied me with one hand.

“Hopeless,” the nickname dripped from her lips with disdain. I waved.

“Hullo, Tabs,” I lulled. “Hullo Vivica,” Vivica eyed me with disgust. “Have you both met my friend, Lena?”

The girls glared at Lena – since she was about as much competition as I was since we were both sitting with Sirius. I swear, girls are so mental; I didn’t think I would ever understand it.

“Siri, you’re looking amazing tonight,” Tabitha fawned over him, completely ignoring me. That’s a good call, Tabs, make his head bigger. I swear I could see Sirius’ ego inflate and it annoyed me. I was starting to feel hot, and muttered to Lena that, “although this is fun, I think I’m going to take a walk round.”

Lena nodded but chose to remain seated. Which was one of the reasons I liked her so much. She wasn’t one of those girls that constantly had to be around her friends. We would never be “HopeandLena” like Tabitha and Vivica were basically “TabithaandVivica.”

“Enjoy your three way,” I muttered towards Sirius as I walked away. His drunken eyes met mine for a moment, but he didn’t follow me.


I walked up to a magically refilling punch bowl and filled my cup with whatever liquid was in it. I was so focused on sipping it greedily that I didn’t even notice someone come up behind me.

“Do you need me to punch him for you,” a deep voice grunted behind me. I turned around, still sipping from my cup, to see James Potter standing behind me looking ever so dashing and grumpy – a perfect combination, if I do say so myself. His hair was a mess, but his horns must have been magic-ed in place, since they appeared the same.

“Shouldn’t you be with Lily?” I threw my question back at him. I was trying to have a peaceful year but something about fighting with James just felt so right!

“She saw me coming and pretty much dove into her friends,” he shrugged. “And I’m not trying this year, remember?”

“Right,” I mumbled, noticing my cup was empty. “Time for a refill!” James raised an eyebrow at me and I had to admit that he looked quite handsome as a stag. Oh, the alcohol must be hitting you now, a voice cooed in my head. I shrugged it off. False. I always found James attractive.

I mean…

My cheeks flushed and if James noticed, he chose to ignore it.

“What are you doing?” he questioned me and I shrugged.

“Getting drunk. Isn’t that what you do at parties?” I tilted my head at him, imitating Tabitha’s dumb-girl look. James sighed.

“You’re ridiculous. You do other things at parties too, you know.”

“I don’t know. I don’t do parties.”

“Why are you here then, exactly?” James countered. I bit my lip.

Sirius,” I whispered.

“Excuse me?” James prodded. “I couldn’t hear you over the party.”

“SIRIUS,” I shouted at him. “You know that.” James rubbed his temples.

“This is insane, and I can’t believe I’m saying it but,” he paused and grabbed my hand. “You’re my date for the rest of the night.”

“WHAT?” I squealed – not out of delight but out of pure shock and, I’m not going to lie, fear.

“You’re my date,” he muttered through clenched teeth. Was that a threat? Wonderful, just what a girl wants to hear. Disdain from her date. I’m sure every girl wants to be filled with complete and utter terror on her first date.
“First date?” James looked surprised.

Oh, that’s nice. Apparently I was speaking my thoughts aloud again.

“Yes, ok, I’ve never been on a date.” I crossed my arms in front of my chest. “I’m not a Marauder okay? People aren’t exactly lining up to date me.”

“Just a short line, I believe it was made up of Frankie Holland and Padfoot,” James smirked and I responded with a silent glare. “Oh and Peter.” I wished I hadn’t left my wand in my room, because if it were with me I would have shot a nasty hex at James Potter.

“Fine, fine,” I mumbled. “Woo me if you must.” I tried to fill up my cup once more but James swatted it away.

“Hold off on that a moment, would you?” A wicked smirk curled upon his lips. “Wouldn’t want me to think you’re easy – it’s only our first date.”

Blasted. James. Potter. So. Many. Possible. Hexes.

I bit my lip and chose to just glare at him through purple squinted eyes. He held his hands up in self-defense, then grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the throngs of people.

“WHAT ARE WE DOING?” I shouted at him over the music. We stopped in the middle of the crowd. He moved a little to the left, and then slightly to the right. I titled my head to the side and stared at him. Was he? “DO YOU HAVE TO PEE? I’M SURE THERE’S A BATHROOM AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE…” I was drunk.

“Oh, shut it Hope,” James grunted. His ego looked bruised. “I’m dancing,” he paused, “obviously.”  I spun my head around to see loads of my fellow students also moving around like fools.

“I don’t,” I swallowed. “Dance.”

“Shocking,” James muttered. “You probably don’t even know how.”

That list of hexes was getting longer.

“I know how,” I spat, stubbornly. “I just choose to save these moves,” I wiggled my hips, “for private.” James laughed.

“Uh huh,” he said casually, but I noticed his cheeks flush slightly. Had I said something inappropriate?

“Yeah, you see,” I wiggled around some more and added in a jump for good drunken measure, “I don’t want people to get so jealous. They’d be coming up to me in the hallways asking for lessons.” I danced around some more, making a complete and utter fool out of myself. No one seemed to care though. Everyone was too involved in their own dance moves to notice me.

It was awesome.

It took about five songs for me to be completely soaked in my own sweat. James was jumping around to the music when I finally was able to beg him for another drink. He stopped manically dancing to give me a simple once-over.

“Yeah, I guess you could handle it now.” He took my wrist again and pulled me out of the crowd. I started to make my way to the punch bowl, but James stopped me.

“Where’s your friend?”

Excuse me?” I didn’t have friends.

“The unicorn?” He prodded. I blushed. Wow, I was a horrible friend. I scanned the room and saw Lena chatting with Remus. I pointed her out.

“Oh, with Mooney! Excellent!” James exclaimed. “That will make this more fun.” My left eyebrow shot up.

“What are you planning?” I poked his chest. “I don’t want to participate in any…” I dropped my voice to a whisper, “group sex.” James burst out laughing.

“Shots, Hope,” he smirked. “We’re going to do shots.”

We walked over to Lena and Remus, who both had trouble hiding their surprise at seeing us together. I laughed out loud when I saw that Remus was dressed as a sheep. A wolf in sheep’s clothing!

“Clever costume,” I whispered to Remus and poked him in the shoulder. “We’re on a date,” I pointed between myself and James – realizing I was drunker then I had previously thought.

“Clearly,” Remus mused with a thoughtful smile. James made four shot glasses and a bottle of firewhiskey appear magically, and poured one for each of us.

We did a few more, before I started to turn green with nausea. Lena and Remus pulled back from me, but James stayed at my side, guiding me to some comfortable cushions.

“Having fun, Hope?” He was doing that thing – watching the crowd but talking to me. Classic James Potter. I shrugged.

“I guess it’s a nice first date,” I gave him that. “I think I might hurl though.” I watched his nose wrinkle. Then I remembered that it had been a while since I had seen my, um, well. Sirius. “Where’s Sirius, James?”

James scanned the crowd, stoically, and I noticed a muscle twitch in his jaw.

Bad sign.

Bad, bad sign.

“Where’s Sirius?” I whimpered it now. I was drunk, I wanted my bed. I had put in my time at the party, and figured I could sneak off to my dorm without being deemed “anti-social.” I wanted my not boyfriend in my bed. To snuggle with me, and my cat.

“I’ll be right back,” James muttered and I watched him cut through the crowd. I saw him, just barely, walk up to a black haired boy who was currently dancing with two streetwalkers.
That’s strange, I wondered. Why does he care about some random…



I had just connected the facts when James’ fist connected with Sirius’ eye. Screams shot out across the dance floor and James stormed back over to me.

“Hey, EVANS!” James shouted and Lily jumped from where she had been sitting a few feet away with her friends. She carefully walked over to him, meeting him directly in front of me. James kneeled down in front of me, and took my hands in his. My bottom lip was trembling, and I felt tears begin to water.

“Now, Hope,” James began, looking directly into my eyes and speaking in a calming tone. “He wasn’t necessarily doing anything wrong. We were just dancing too, right?” I nodded and James continued, Lily watching him with a sort of adoring interest. “But he was being a right prat by ignoring you when you don’t like parties. That’s why I gave him the black eye.” He shot me a gentle smile. “So, he didn’t cheat. He was just being a drunken ass. So when you give him hell tomorrow, I just want that to be clear, okay?” I nodded – feeling like a sad little girl.  “Evans,” James’ tone switched to a gruff mutter that he usually reserved for me. “If I carry her back to the Common Room, can you get her settled into bed?”

Lily nodded mutely. I reached my arms out to James, who wrapped them around his neck, and then lifted me up. I nestled my face into his neck and before I knew it,

I was out. Like a light.



Thank you all so much for reading! When I started this story I had no idea that this many people would like it. Your reviews are really great, and really inspire me to keep writing – keep them coming! I’m sorry I don’t respond to them, but working full time and school keeps me really busy. I do most of my writing on the weekends from my bed. Anyways, enough from me. Would you like a preview of the next chapter?


“Could I bother you to speak with me for a moment?” he asked me politely in a quiet, smooth tone.

“Me?” I pointed to myself and grabbed my bag. “Why?” His mouth set in a firm frown.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bother you,” he was taking my answer as a ‘no.” I felt my hand reach out on it’s own to grab his retreating figure.

“No, I didn’t mean,” what was I doing? “I didn’t mean no. I have a free period.” I saw a quick smile flash across his face. “Maybe down by the Black Lake?” Regulus nodded.

This was so weird.


It just wouldn’t be right to do a Sirius/OC fic without a little bit of Regulus action – right?  Also, this story will be ending soon when Hope finishes her final year of Hogwarts, but don’t worry – I’ve already been brainstorming on working on my outline for the next one! And we all know that stuff starts to get a little crazy when everyone graduates…

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