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Flying Backwards by webeta123
Chapter 2 : Oliver vs Kaitlyn
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**Three Days Later**

Kaitlyn slowly used a bright yellow ribbon to pull her black hair into a ponytail, using the elastic on her wrist to help the hair stay in place. She always had an elastic on her wrist so that she could pull her hair up if ever the need arose. She then pulled on an old t-shirt and a pair of running shorts, after making sure her shoes were tied up tight, she set off from the Hufflepuff common room to the Lake, where she began her run.

She always ran five laps around the lake, rain or shine, injury or none. While her ribs were healed thanks to Madame Pomfrey and her arm was at full use, they were still slightly tender from the muscles that had been ripped when the injury happened. Her cat Athena was running beside her, keeping her company. The black and white cat had been with her since first year, and many a time had helped Kaitlyn out of a pickle. Her normally white paws were stained with dirt as she sprinted alongside her master. As they made the third lap of their laps, Oliver began walked up to his girlfriend and asked, "Kaitlyn, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Kaitlyn asked, rolling her eyes and continuing on, Athena taking a moment to hiss at Oliver. The cat could not stand her master's choice of beau.

"Kaitlyn you fell from almost thirty and a half meters! You broke your arm and three ribs-"

"Two ribs thank you." In actuality it was four ribs, but who was counting?

"Nothing should have been broken! And you are just irritating it." Oliver snapped.

"Well I'm sorry for having a need for being ready for the match on Saturday."

"You are not flying on Saturday." Oliver demanded.

"Who are you my mother? I'll fly if I have to do it blindfolded and with a faulty broom." Kaitlyn snapped back, irritated that her boyfriend would think of her not flying. It ironically kept her grounded in this magical realm that she was a part of for almost six years of her life. Oliver stamped off after this, leaving Kaitlyn to continue her run.

Fred had been watching from the sidelines this little debacle and began to jog in time with Kaitlyn. "Everything not well in Oliver and Kaitlyn land?"

"What's it to you Weasley?" Kaitlyn snapped, still upset about the little fight that she had had with him. Athena ultimately made things worse, actually weaving in between Fred's legs and purring contentedly. Kaitlyn sped up, angry at her pet's betrayal. Fred also sped up, not ready to give up this conversation. Kaitlyn blew at her bangs that were hanging in her eyes. Fred noticed this and commented, "Why don't you get those barrette things that Muggles have?" Kaitlyn gave him a ludicrous look.

"Yeah and then I'll start wearing frilly dresses and drawing unicorns in my notes." Kaitlyn said with a snort. She nodded her head to the side, her hair flipping slightly with it. "If I ever do, please slap me over the head repeatedly with my Beater's Bat, at least until I lose consciousness. And then throw me into the Black Lake so the Giant Squid can throw me in the air like a Quaffle." Kaitlyn said.

"How do you have such a detailed description of what you want me to do to you if that were to happen?" Fred asked

“I have an active imagination.” The Hufflepuff said simply. Fred nodded in agreement looking down at the cat that was still trotting next to him. “So what's this one's name?” He asked her.

“Athena, you know Goddess of knowledge and such.” Kaitlyn told him. “Had her since first year when she followed me on my first venture in Diagon Alley.” Her head lolled to the side as that memory overtook her.

Kaitlyn was walking to the bookstore, twirling her wand in her fingers. She rather liked the feeling of her wand in her fingers. While she had always played with her mother's wand, having one of her very own was kind of nice. So as she walked, she felt as though someone was following her. She turned around quickly and saw no one. Just a random cat that was just sitting there. Kaitlyn turned back around and continued walking. Again, she felt a presence. She hastily turned around and again saw that cat, except it was closer. Kaitlyn knelt down and looked at the cat. “Are you following me you silly cat?” She asked it.

It crawled towards her and sat on her bent thighs. “Do you want to be my cat?” She asked the cat. It meowed and curled itself into her stomach. “I'll take that as a yes.” With that, she picked up the kitten and turned around to go to the pet store.

“My father hated the fact that I had gotten a pet without his permission, but then Athena learned how to bring butterbeer from the icebox.” Kaitlyn slowed down and finally took a seat on one of the rocks next to the Lake. She took off her socks and shoes before dipping her bare feet in the water. She sighed contentedly. Fred followed suit, also taking off his shoes, to Kaitlyn's fake choke. He stuck his feet in the Lake, sticking his tongue out at her.

“You know you forgot to take off your socks.” Kaitlyn commented. Fred squawked, jerking his feet out of the Lake and pulling his now waterlogged socks off his feet.

“Thanks.” Fred said simply but with plenty of contempt in his voice. She stuck her tongue out at him, signaling that she didn't care that his socks had been thoroughly soaked.


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Flying Backwards: Oliver vs Kaitlyn


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