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Hermione Granger knew what she wanted and how to get it. Or so she thought... She liked the thought of being better than anyone else. She tried her hardest to be that way. She hoped people would notice and they would appreciate her for that. People noticed, but no one understood her. She was, indeed, the best in her class, but the other children didn't appreciate her for that. They said she was a freak. They didn't want to be friends with her, because she was a freak.

She really got to believe that herself when, one day, she just wished she could be free like a fly and she found herself flying. Her parents saw her flying near the ceiling and got scared immediately. Seeing them gazing at her like that, all that Hermione wanted was to get back to the ground – and she did. Slowly, elegantly, her feet got back on the floor.

Still, her parents were speechless and Hermione knew why. She was a freak. The children in her school were right. She was a freak. She would never have friends, because no one would ever want to stay near such an odd person like her. Normal people do not fly. That's what they parents told her. They asked her not to tell anybody about what she could do.

She continued being the best and study really hard, hoping they would eventually notice she was a normal person, but they still treated her like a freak. She didn't know what to do anymore. People were always avoiding her, so, as soon as she learned how to read (with the help of her mother, she did it before anyone in her class and was considered a freak), she started taking more and more books from the library. Someday, she was going to get to read anything in the library. She would know anything there could be known and people would appreciate her.

One day, though, some people came at her door. They were dressed with oddly, with normal clothes, but combined in a strange way. They wanted to talk with Ma and Pa about her - so they told. They were probably from her school. They probably noticed she was a freak. What have she done this time? Ma and Pa were going to be mad at her. She knew it. She had done something odd and Ma and Pa would be very upset about it.

She left the odd people talk to Ma and Pa. They talked much time. There were probably many complaints. Oh, God! What bad thing has she done?

Soon, they invited her in, too. She looked around shyly. Ma and Pa weren't mad. They were smiling at her. Ma had tears in her eyes. They told her she was special. She was a witch! There was nothing odd about her. As they told her, it was a privilege for someone non-magical to be admitted at Hogwarts (that was the name of the school... a magic school! A school for wizards and witches! And she was one of them!).

That's why no one ever liked her. That wasn't her place. At that school, with many others people like her, she would be accepted. She would be appreciated. She would have friends.

Just from the very first moment, she tried her best to be perfect. She dressed perfectly, talked perfectly and acted perfectly. She has even read all the books. She couldn't just go there without knowing a thing! There were a lot of real wizards and witches in there and they probably already knew all those things. She had much to learn yet.

After two months of school, she still hadn't friends. She couldn't understand why. Why? She tried and tried! She was doing everything perfectly! Why wouldn't they like her?

"There's no wonder she doesn't have any friends."

She ran into the first bathroom she could find and spent the whole day there, crying. How could that red-headed boy tell something like that? She was way much smarter than him and knew much more spells than he did! And she did them perfectly! Perfectly!

She heard the door opening, then slamming again. Someone entered into the bathroom. They must have been at diner! Who was there? Raising her eyes, she saw it. It was a big, disgusting, horrid creature! Oh, God! She couldn't hold the scream coming up her throat.

She had to do something, anything, or the creature was going to kill her... eat her! Maybe both! S Giant Squid... She read about it... Ugh, what did she read? She couldn't remember any spell! She was going to die! She was so going to die! She screamed one more time at the realize.

The door slammed open. The redhead boy, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter came inside, trying to punch, distract the giant. What were they doing? The creature was just going to kill them, too! Harry Potter was now in real danger and Ron Weasley was trying hard to pronounce that spell. How could he not know that spell?

"It's Wingandum Leviousa!" she yelled to him.

He finally made it right and the giant got hit, falling on the floor. Finally, she could breathe normally. Those boys have just saved her life. They cared of her life...

Teachers walked it, horrified at the sight of them sitting near the fallen giant. The boys were now in trouble... They could have been expelled. They weren't even too good students, so the school could easily get rid of them. She was safe. Professors always like her, despite the fact other children didn't. She had to help them. How? Lying. She told lies to the Professors. If they would think it was only her fault, the boys would be safe.

Professor McGonagall was very disappointed. She took five points from Gryffindor. She never lost points until then. She was always trying to win some... Though, the boys took five points each other and she felt better.

After some minutes, they were free to leave. Following them, she knew a single thing: the boys cared about her. She had people who cared about her. She had friends.

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