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James’s Plan

“Come on Pete you can do it!”

Peter scrunched up his face in concentration and then let out an exasperated sigh.

“It’s no use James! I’m hopeless!’ Peter sat down on his bed and threw his wand across the room.

It had been two weeks since they had found out about Remus’s little secret and suffice it to say, James’s plan was blowing up in their faces. Peter had been having the most trouble coming to terms with what Remus was, and it was taking it’s toll on his magic.

“Peter, I know you can do this, I saw you do it two weeks ago, come on!” James hoisted Peter up off the bed and retrieved his wand.

“You’ll need to master this spell for phase 1! And I know you can do it!” James said this with as much enthusiasm as possible and all Peter wanted to do was crawl in a small hole and never come back out.

Peter had never been the best at anything, and his friends knew it. He didn’t know why he had ever become friends with the rest of the boys in his year other than the fact that he didn’t want to be alone. But was that reason enough to be someone’s friend?

Peter was hesitant about almost everything, Remus’s ‘furry little problem’ being one of them. He didn’t say any of this to Remus’s face, but where he once saw a friend he now saw a monster in waiting. He was nervous around Remus now, thinking that any little thing would set him off and he would snap. Peter had been having vivid nightmares in which his friend turned into a horrible beast and killed everyone he knew.

Peter of course knew that this was only a dream, and that his friend had no control over what happened to him, but it was hard to separate the beast from the man. And Peter wasn’t so sure he wanted to go through with this plan to ‘help’ Remus.

James was brilliant, everyone knew that, but everyone also knew that James’s plans often ended in disaster, and if they weren’t careful, they could wind up dead. Peter had been horrified when James explained ‘The Plan’ in detail, he still couldn’t believe that they were going to go through with this.

All his doubts aside, he knew that if he didn’t do this, he could possibly lose all his friends, and if there was one thing that Peter didn’t want, it was to be alone.

He summoned his courage once again, concentrated hard and cast the perfect transfiguration spell.

James whooped and clapped him hard on the back. Phase one was now complete.


3 Years Later…

Peter pressed his tiny paw to the knot at the base of the Whomping Willow and the tree froze. Letting two teenage boys through to the tunnel at it’s base. Peter shifted back into his human form, frowning a bit in concentration and straining from all the effort it took.

He had finally managed to transform, with a lot of help from his friends. He wasn’t surprised that he had turned into a rat, but his was a bit embarrassed about it and his friends teased him endlessly.

Tonight was the first night, the crucial moment. They had planned and planned and it all would conclude tonight. The three teenage boys shivered, out of fear or cold none of them would admit. James and Sirius led the way down the tunnel, Peter following slowly behind. He knew where this tunnel led, and he also knew what waited for them on the other side.

He was terrified. Mostly because of how calm his two other friends seemed. Didn’t they realize they were still in danger? Didn’t they know this could all end very badly for all of them? Peter’s fear was written all over his face as they neared the end of the tunnel.

They paused for a minute and listened. It was hard to hear, but a faint moaning sound alerted them that Remus had in fact begun to change against his will and was now fighting the transformation.

They waited.

Remus’s instructions had been clear. They were not to enter until he had fully transformed, and under no circumstances where they to enter human.

Sirius and James paced in the small space available. They could hear their friend and knew he was in pain and it was driving them crazy. Peter was more scared than ever, the noises coming from up ahead weren’t….human, not entirely anyway. He sat down on the hard ground and put his head in hands. Trying to block out the noises.

A warm hand landed on his shoulder and he jerked away from the touch. James half smiled at him, “He’ll be okay Peter.”

James had mistaken Peter’s posture as fear for Remus, when really it was fear of Remus that had him nervous and jumpy.

A long howl emanated from above them and all three boys shuddered. It was now or never.

Peter concentrated and felt his body shrink and change. He still wasn’t totally used to the foreign sensation, but he was getting better at adjusting.

A stag and a scruffy black dog filled the space in front of him. Peter wondered how a full grown stag was able to fit, but his thoughts changed when James stepped forward and in a single leap, stepped into the room. Sirius followed quickly behind. Peter took a deep, calming breath, and scurried after his friends.

The sight that met his eyes astounded him. Remus…or the werewolf, he couldn’t really tell, had noticed their arrival and seemed to be sizing them up. After what felt like an age, he moved forward and nudged James hesitantly. Sirius gave a loud bark and the three of them tumbled around together.

Peter wasn’t quite sure what to make of this. Was Remus attacking them? Peter stood still as stone, pretending he was a misshapen rock as he watched.

A small smile escaped his lips as he realized what was going on. His friends were playing with each other.

He scurried over to join the action and hours later the three boys tumbled into their beds in Gryffindor tower and promptly fell asleep; tired, but happy as can be.

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