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My teeth started chattering and Draco stood up, taking my hand and pulling me up as well, 'We should get you inside.'


All I could do was nod, I was too cold to say anything.


The heated air inside the castle burned a bit when we walked in.


'Luna?' A familiar voice called, but this one was sad.


'LUNA!' I could hear Harry running towards me but I kept my eyes shut, they stung a bit from being outside.


Harry pulled me into the warmth of his body and just crushed me with his arms, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell I was just...I'm sorry—'


'No thanks to you, Potter. She could have frozen to death.' Draco snapped. I turned to look at him and was startled by what I saw. He was seething, so much so I wasn't cold any more thinking about how hot he was. His lips were set and his eyes were slanted.


'I'm alright Draco.' I said, seeing if that would calm him down. His eyes softened when they met mine but he instantly went back to glaring when he saw Harry pull me farther from him.


'You can go Malfoy.' Harry said, his eyes harsh as well.


'No, I'm going to make sure she gets safely to her Tower. I don't want her to get hurt, again.' He placed all the blame on Harry and none on me. Even though I was the one that ignored the advice of a very close friend, really hurting Harry in the proses. That was the only reason he got mad.


I had over reacted. I could see that now.


'Draco, it's alright. I think I need to talk with Harry, see you tomorrow?' I offered a smile. His grey eyes grew hurt.


Draco looked like he wanted to argue as well, but instead he huffed and stormed off. His shoulders slumped.


I watched as he left, wondering if that was the right thing to do. I know I needed to talk to Harry but...Draco had been there for me. I felt guilty for dismissing him so easily when he had been so kind.


I looked down at my hands and saw Draco's cloak covering it. I flew my head back up, 'Draco!' I called.


He turned and looked at me. Harry did as well.


I sprinted over to him, thankful I was finally starting to get warm, 'Your cloak.'


I started to undo the clasp but his hand stopped me. I looked up to him with confused eyes.


'Keep it. It's going to be a cold walk up to your common room.' He mumbled, not really meeting my eyes.


I nodded, 'But won't you be colder walking down to the dungeons?'


Draco just shrugged, not giving an answer.


I tightened it around me, liking the roominess of it, 'Give it back to you at breakfast tomorrow?'


Draco looked up to me and gave a half smile, 'Yeah.'


'I need to talk to Harry, but thank you...a lot.' I gave a smile. A slight blush creeping across my face and I couldn't figure out why.


Draco nodded and continued on his way and I went back to Harry.


'What was that about?' Harry nodded his head towards Draco.


'Just didn't want him to go to bed upset.' I said, keeping me eyes on him until he disappeared around the corner.


Harry turned to face me, 'So you are really determined about making Malfoy your friend?'


'No, I'm determined to make Draco my friend, Harry. He doesn't seem to care for being associated with his father so please don't call him Malfoy.' I said, not adding that I thought it really hurt him when people did that. Draco could pick on people, but he couldn't stand to be picked on.


Harry shrugged, 'Alright then.'


I turned to him, my head tilted, 'Alright to what?'


'No more Malfoy.' Harry gave a smile, 'It's one way I can start to make it up to you.'


My smile grew and I linked my arm with his, 'You're forgiven already Harry, but thank you.'


Harry nodded and we started on our walk to the tower.




For my name being moon it was funny how I always seemed to be getting up with the sun.


It was Monday so I threw on my black skirt and white shirt and tie before grabbing my cloak. I had fallen asleep in Draco's because it was so warm, but I couldn't go walking around with it on when everyone was up. Draco would get embarrassed.


So I tucked it under my arm and headed towards breakfast.


The Great Hall was as quiet as usual so I took my usual seat and started eating. Today I had wanted some porridge and thankfully there was some, I added a few strawberries and chives for texture and mixed it all together before digging in.


I felt someone sit next to me and looked up. My eyes widened, 'Draco? What are you doing at the Ravenclaw table?' Draco was dressed in his school cloths, but his tie was crooked and his sleeves were rolled up.


'Oh, here's your cloak. Thank you, again.' I handed it to him and he nodded before placing it in his lap, 'So why are you sitting here?'


He simply shrugged, 'I figured you always sit at the Slytherin table, I owe you one. And I wanted to tell you something.'


'What?' I tilted my head. Curiosity filling my entire body.


'You want to start your training today?' He said, pouring himself a glass of pumpkin juice and taking a sip, 'Try outs are in a two weeks.'


I started to bounce in my seat, 'Really? When?'


Draco laughed, 'Well, today of course.'


'Oh...' I stopped bouncing and looked down, feeling stupid. But it quickly passed and my smile returned, 'After school? Where do you want to meet? At the Pitch, oh! Maybe at the Lake? It's all open there and we won't be bothered! What do you think I should try out for? I was thinking maybe Keeper, I'm good at distracting people and—'


'Whoa, Luna. One question at a time.' Draco held his hands up and leaned back in his seat, 'Start out with the basics, do you even have a broom?'


My smile fell again, 'No.' I said sheepishly.


'There are a few spares, I can snag you one. As for what you'll try out for, let's go with what you're good at.' Draco said, taking another sip, 'Let's meet at the Pitch right after school. As far as I know everyone is taking today off.'


I nodded, to happy for words.


Draco chuckled a bit, 'I'll see you then, I might want to make myself scares. They are coming.' Draco pushed himself up from the table and moved out of the bench.


I looked towards the door to confirm that he was right. Harry, Ron and Hermione were walking in and Harry was heading towards me.


I nodded, I knew Harry was going to lighten up but I didn't know his definition of 'lightening up' so I wanted to take the safest route, 'See you this afternoon, Draco.' I gave a small wave as he gave a quick nod and headed towards the door.


'Draco.' I heard Harry say as he passed him. I turned and saw him give a cut nod to Draco who returned it, a bewildered look on his face.


I smiled, 'Thanks Harry.' I said when he got close enough.


He just shrugged as he took the seat next to me, 'It's not like it killed me.' He said, taking a sip of Draco's pumpkin juice.


'Harry—' I started, but stopped quickly.


'What?' He said, looking at me with worried eyes.


I smiled, 'Never mind.' He had already drank from it, no need to tell him now. He was right, it's not like it'd kill him.


I turned back and started to pick at my concoction before remembering my good news, 'Oh, Harry, I forget to tell you. I'm going to try out for the Quidditch team.'


Harry gave a forced supporting smile, 'That's good.'


'Why did you have to say it like that? It's a good thing! Draco's going to help me.' I said, my smiling growing even more if that were possible.


'Even better!' Harry replied sarcastically, setting his elbow on the table and resting his head in his palm.


'To make your day even just drank out of Draco's cup.' I said, giving a little devilish smile as I took another bite out of my porridge.


Harry's eyes widened and he grabbed at his mouth, scrapping his tongue playfully.


I smirked and continued with my breakfast. This was going to be an interesting day.



Classes couldn't give over with sooner. I sprinted threw the halls, throwing 'I'm sorry' behind me occasionally.


I was out of breath when I reached the Pitch. I bent over with a stitch in my side and air escaping from my lungs.


When I looked up I found Draco leaning against the far side of the Pitch, two brooms on the ground next to him. He had already changed into his tan Qudditch pants and green and white striped long-sleeve.


I tilted my head, how had he done that? The bell had just rung!


'Draco!' I called as the air finally came back to me. Draco looked up and gave a half-smile as he pushed himself off the wall and walked over.


'You did bring cloths to change into, right?' Draco said, crossing his arms as he took in my attire, 'Skirts aren't the best thing to fly in.'


I smirked, feeling in a really good mood, 'You know from experience?'


Draco looked taken a back, 'My, my, Luna Lovegood has a real sense of sarcasm.'


I gave a fake curtsy and then chuckled, 'Why, thank you.'


Draco gave an actual smile and walked over to the fire side again. I just followed.


'Good thing I thought ahead. I grabbed an extra pair of pants. Your shirt will have to do though.' He called over his shoulder. He dug around in his bag and pulled out a pair of tan pants, which he proceeded to throw at me, 'They are from my third year so they should fit you better.'


I nodded and held them out. They actually looked like they would be perfect, 'Thanks, but where should I change?'


Draco nodded towards the left, 'Go in there. There is the girl's changing room on the right side.'


I nodded and walked off towards the changing rooms. I pulled off my shoes and stockings before pulling the pants on. They did fit perfectly.


My skirt slid over the pants easily and I pulled my runners out before stuffing all of my cloths into my bag, tie included.


I had remembered my sneakers but not my pants. I sighed, laughing at myself, 'Not the brightest thing I ever did.'


I pulled my cloak off and made my way back to the Pitch. Tossing my bag and cloak off to the side I walked back over to Draco.


'All ready!' I smiled, tucking my shirt into the pants and rolling my sleeves up, 'So what do we start with?'


Draco smirked, 'I suggest seeing how well you can fly.'


I nodded and walked over to the boom, 'Up!' And it was instantly in my hand.


'What kind of broom is this?' I asked, 'It doesn't look like a Cheap-Sweep.'


Draco called his broom to his hand and walked over, 'It's a Nimbus 2000. It's one of the Slytherin practice brooms.'


I smiled, 'Thanks Draco.'


'It was nothing.' He said, nonchalantly, as he mounted his broom.


'No. I mean...well, for everything.' I mounted mine as well, 'Just...thank you.'


Draco smirked, 'Don't thank me till we see if I can actually teach or not. I might have lost my touch.' He kicked off and shot straight up into the air, 'Come on Lovegood, what are ye waiting for? An invitation?'


I stuck my tongue out of the side of my mouth and leaned close to my room, kicking off before I could give it another thought. I flew a bit above him, 'It's Luna, remember?'


Draco laughed, 'Not in Quidditch it isn't!' He took off again and I followed. Copying trick by trick as we flew around the Pitch. In a matter of minutes we were back on the ground. Draco was perfectly fine, I was panting a bit.


'Well, you fly very well. But we need to work on your conditioning.' He walked over to me, his broom in hand.


I was bend over my knees as I smiled up at him, 'Yeah. The Quick-Frogs keep stealing my breath?'


Draco rose an eyebrow but shook his head, learning to just let it go.


'Alright then, let's test you out on which position best fits you. You fly like a Chaser, but your eye is like a Seeker.' Draco leaned his broom against the wall and walked over to the changing rooms, returning a few minutes later with a large, weathered box.


He set it down in front of me and opened it, 'You are definitely not a Beater. That is just not you.' I nodded in agreement.


'Well, I've always wanted to try Seeker. My father said I have the eyes for it.' I said, tilting my head to look inside the box.


Draco just laughed and reached for the Snitch, 'You do have the eyes for it, Lovegood.' Draco kept his glove hand closed, 'Are you ready?'


I mounted my broom and nodded.


'Then let the games...begin!' Draco opened his hand and the Snitch shot out.


I was off the ground before even I could notice. The Snitch was hard to keep an eye on, but I picked up a rhythm with it. I always seemed to be just a step behind though.


I ducked my head and sped up—I'd catch it if it was the last thing I did!


I reached my hand out. If I could only—my fingers brushed the cold metal and I latched onto the small ball.


I skidded to a stop and hovered where I was, 'I got it!' I called down to Draco, holding the Snitch up as evidence.


Draco's mouth was open, 'You are just as fast as Potter, maybe faster!'


I smiled, proud of myself, and flew down to him, 'I told you I was good at flying!' I was still panting a bit, but my pure joy was overshadowing the need for real air.


'You weren't lying.' Draco ran a hand back through his hair, letting out a large breath, 'Well...I guess we know what you are trying out for.'


I just kept smiling. I let the Snitch out of my hand and it flew a few times around my head before hoovering next to me. I burst out in laughter, 'Look Draco! It likes me!'


I spun around, enjoying the moment, and just laughing. I fell back onto the grass and just stared up at the snowy sky.


It was amazing that the Pitch was charmed to stay heated so the snow never touched the grass. And as I lay there I could feel the warmth.


It was odd to feel it and look up at the snow at the same time.


I turned my head to see Draco chuckling and shaking his head, 'Come join me.'


Draco held his hands up and shook his head, 'No. I'm good.'


I sat up and grabbed his hand with both of mine, 'Please? It's really brilliant! The grass is warm and the sky is snow. Pretty please? With a blueberry on top?'


Draco rolled his eyes, pretending to be in true annoyance then fell down next to me. Keeping himself propped up by his arms, 'Ok, it is sort of weird.'


'It's magic!' I laid back down, stretching my arms out, 'It's beautiful.'


Draco kept his eyes on the sky, not saying anything.


'Will you ever share with me what was going on in your head during the War?' I asked. I knew it was a sore subject, but I didn't want him to talk about it now. I just wanted to know if he ever would trust me enough to talk about it.


Draco looked down to me and sighed, his hand running back through his hair nervously, 'Maybe.'


I nodded. That was good enough for me.


Draco turned back to the sky and I snuck a look at him. He was fidgeting with something under his shirt.


I smiled, recognizing the shape of my dribble plum necklace.


Some day, maybe not too soon but not too far off either, Draco would take off his own mask for me.


Some day.






Dedication: All !points in this chapter are dedicated to the LadyMMalfoy = )

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