That night as I went to bed, my nightmares started coming back. I had thought that I had finally lost them after coming here, but it turns out, they only left for a week. I had woken up in a cold sweat, after every one of my regular nightmares all occurred in the same night. 

I was turning seven that day, and I couldn’t have been happier. My brother and I had just gotten into a major food fight that ended up involving every secret agent currently stationed in the WDB, and my parents were coming home from their mission just in time for my party. After we finished cleaning up the mess, my party was supposed to start in five minutes. My parents were supposed to have been home a half hour ago, but I didn’t worry, they were probably just held up. I was sitting next to Michael on the plush sofa, watching a giant big screen TV in the main lobby part of the WDB where my party was going to be. Suddenly the TV went blank before coming up with a picture of my parents tied up against a wall. A cruel voice was speaking.

“I hope you enjoy watching your best agents die. They have done so much for you, so I figured you might want to witness how they went. We would have used the Avada Kedavra, but that is for people you just want out of your way. It is too fast a way to kill a person, and not nearly painful enough. So that is why we are going to use guns. A gun is used when you want someone to die slowly and painfully. Perfect for this situation, don’t you think?”

Suddenly the sound of guns fire shot through the room. There was a bullet covering every inch of my parent’s bodies, the pools of blood they bleed blending into each other. They slumped forward, their cries of agony the only sound in the room. Finally after about five minutes of their murmured cries, they took their last breaths. The last thing I heard from my mother was a whispered, “I love you both, Skyler and Michael. I’m sorry.” Then the lights went out of their eyes, both of them holding hands. The cruel voice came back on saying,

“That’s right! I do believe its little Skyler’s birthday! I hope this was a great present, Clark. Think of it as a present from all of Command to you.”

A piece of me died that day, and sadly, every time that memory haunted me, a little bit more died too.

Then the dream changed.

I was ten now, and my mission was to protect another little ten year old girl named Savannah, whom people were after. She had special abilities, and like me, if they couldn’t have her, then they didn’t want anyone else to either. We were playing at a park, because I was not supposed to give away my identity, just protect her, so I had to act like any other normal ten year old. We were swinging, and having fun, and I let my guard down for a couple minutes, forgetting why I was there. That couple minutes were enough though. There had been a few boys playing football in the field nearby, and suddenly they were right in front of us. They each pulled out wands and pointed them straight at us. Savannah’s screams filled the air because she had no idea what was going on. They started firing curse after curse at us, I was able to deflect most of them, but sadly, nothing can deflect the killing curse. It hit Savannah square in the chest and she fell to the ground, dead. Her eyes were hollow, and her skin turned deathly pale. That image and her screams haunted me still today.

The dream changed again.

This time, I was fifteen, and I was with Michael and Sammy. Sammy was another boy on the E.T., and we had been dating for two years. We were in an old log cabin in the woods camping out. We had just gotten back from a mission, and we decided to have a little fun. I was almost asleep on the couch, snuggled up against Sammy, with Michael at my feet. We were watching a movie on the TV, and the room was darkly lit.  The door burst open and five bombs were thrown into the room by a mask figure, whom immediately started running. We had set up an anti-apparation barrier when we arrived, so we knew we couldn’t apparate to someplace else. That left us with running, and most likely being blown up depending on how long the timer on the bombs were set for, or we could try diffusing them. We ended up going with that option. Michael had one diffused in under a minute, moving to his next one. Sammy and I finished ours seconds after, and Sammy set to work the last one. Michael finished his and grabbed my arm, pulling me out of the door. I reached for Sammy, but Michael told me he would get out the second he had this one diffused. We got to the border of the apparation barrier and waited for Sammy to come out of the cabin. Something wasn’t right. It never took Sammy more than two minutes to diffuse a bomb, but this had already taken two minutes and ten seconds. Then, the cabin blew up. I took off running toward the cabin with Michael on my heels, and started digging through the rubble, and putting out the parts that were on fire. After endless hours of rummaging through the rubble, I found all that was left of Sammy. Parts of him were blown off, and his clothes were completely charred. It was the most disgusting sight I had ever seen, him being my boyfriend, it was so much worse. I got so sick I had to run over to a tree to relieve myself. I collapsed and sobbed with Michael’s arm around my shoulder. After about a half hour, I stood up on shaking legs, and started back to the rubble pile to retrieve the body for a proper burial. On the way I found a note on a tree. In crude handwriting it read,


Just wanted to show you what happens to those you love. Why do you think your parents died? And your boyfriend wasn’t just a coincidence. Your brother is next. After him, it will be anyone else that you love, and then finally you. It doesn’t have to be this way. Join us, and all the killing will stop. So basically, do it or die. Have fun.


I collapsed into another wave of sobs, while Michael took the note from me and read it. He then made me promise that I would never betray the WDB or myself and do what the note said. He told me that anyone who really loved me would rather die for me than have me die. I promised him I wouldn’t, but I told him I would save him before they killed him. He just hugged me and we went back to the pile of rubble and retrieved the body. Sammy was buried the next day, without a head, or a right arm.  The last thing of him that I had was a ring he had given me earlier the day before.  

The dream changed again.

I was sixteen. I had been held captive for a month now by Command. Every day they tortured me, hoping I would finally crack and give them the information they wanted. Why they even thought I knew the stuff, I had no idea, but even if I did, I never would have told them. I just kept quiet until they left the room, then silently sobbed and tried to heal my broken body. So far, I had damaged a lung, broken all of my ribs, twice for that matter, had every bone in my feet and hands broken, as well as both arms, been under the Cruciatus curse for about ten hours total, and was suffering from a severe concussion. A lot of other things had happened as well, but I would rather not get into the even worse details. I had managed to fix and heal everything, except for the effects of the Cruciatus curse and the concussion. I knew my time was running out, soon they would realize I really didn’t have the information, and then figure I wasn’t worth the time or space. I knew within the next week I would die. So that night I would have to put my plan into action. By this time, they didn’t think I had much energy left, so they had only tied me up with muggle rope, not magically reinforced rope. I broke loose, and waited for my opportunity. I tried to never kill people, and when I had to, I never used the Avada Kedavra curse. The opponent had no defense against that, and even if they were the worst people on earth, no one deserved that unforgivable. I always killed with a gun, and shot them straight in the heart so it was quick and pretty much instant. So that night when the people came in for the torturing, I was pretty delusional and desperate. I launched myself at the first man who entered and quickly knocked him unconscious. I stole his gun and gave him a straight shot into the heart. Four more men were behind him, and I quickly dodged their bullets and shot all four of them as well. I had already killed five men that night, I thought to myself as I quietly made my way down the hallway. In my life, I had only killed ten people, and that was when I absolutely had to. Already tonight, I had killed half that, and all in less than four minutes. I had to kill five more men on my escape route. They saw me and started firing at me, and I barely dodged them. One even planted itself in my upper arm. I finally reached the only spot you could apparate from, and apparated straight to the WDB. I passed out as soon as I got there.

Then parts from other memories started flashing by. Each kill I had ever made, all the people I had to watch die, all the people I couldn’t save from dying. Then I woke up. 

I sat up in bed panting, suppressing my sobs and not letting myself scream. The nightmares had always been bad, but never anything like tonight. Usually there was only one memory, with a sick twist to it. This time though, it was all straight memories, nothing was twisted at all. I had to relive some of the worst parts of my life again, and nothing was in them allowing myself to say it was just a dream. Because it wasn’t, I was the cause of the death of twenty people, I was the reason three people were dead, and I wasn’t able to keep so many people alive. It was all my flaws, laid out for me to see again.

Finally, when I knew sleep would not be possible again, I looked at the alarm clock next to my bed. It was only 2:30 in the morning, but I had an idea. I searched through my trunk before I found what I was looking for.

I stood in the middle of the Room of Requirement with my skates and my figure skating dress on. I had turned the room into a huge ice arena. Funnily enough, I started figure skating when my parents died. I was the only thing that distracted me from all the horrors around me, because it was so beautiful. I took deep breathes of the frigid air before starting to skate around. I did my laps, getting faster and faster. I then started warming up by spins, starting from the simplest thing like the scratch, camel, and layback, and going on to the ‘I’-spin, ‘Y’-spin, Biellmann spin, and shotgun spin. Then I started warming up my jumps, once again starting with the easier things, and working up toward the harder things. I started with the flip jump, lutz, loop and axel, and then started getting into my doubles and triples, then my Russian split jump and my backflip. And for clarification, the flip jump is not actually a flip on ice skates, but the backflip is actually a backflip on ice skates. You just cannot do a backflip in competitions. After I had warmed up all my spins and jumps, I went onto more fun things, like the shoot-the-duck, the spread eagle, and different foot-works. After warming everything up, I did my routine.  I had helped choreograph this one actually, with the help of my coach. I skated to a muggle song, “Smile”, by Avril Lavigne. I know it sounds like I can do anything, but I’ve worked so hard to accomplish these things. I skated for at least three hours every day for almost ten years.  I actually skated so much, and at such odd times, like 2:30 in the morning, that the WDB installed their own ice arena. I had actually broken about ten bones too, trying to learn my backflip on the ice. Whenever I wasn’t in tutoring, on a mission, training, or forced into playing quidditch with the boys, I was figure skating. It also helped keep me in really good shape!  The same thing was with quidditch. We probably played for at least two hours every day we weren’t on a mission.  And I had been trained by professional quidditch players. (That was always the boys’ idea, but I wasn’t complaining.) By this time, it was almost seven, so I changed and got out of my skates and showered in the RoR. I didn’t really feel like walking all the way up to the Gryffindor tower, so I headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast. I was immediately bombarded with questions exclamations from Rose and Dom.

“Where were you!”

“You just disappeared!”

“We couldn’t find you!”

“Why did you leave?” 

“Slow down!” I exclaimed. “ I’m sorry! I just woke up early, and decided to go wander a little bit. I showered before I left, so I didn’t have to go back up. I’m sorry I worried you, but for future reference, I tend to wake up early and go on walks or runs.”

“Oh. We didn’t really know what happened to you. Sorry.” Muttered Rose.

“It’s fine! I just don’t want you to worry anymore!” I said with a smile as we sat down. I was absolutely starving after skating for over four hours. I heaped a mountain of food onto my plate and started to dig in.

The first class of the day was DADA again.  Once class started, Teddy walked to the front of the room and silenced everyone.

“Today I have an announcement. I talked to Professor McGonagall, and you all will be starting to defend random hexes and cursed. They will be spontaneous, without warning, and you will have to know when they are coming and defend them. None of them will be too serious, but will be developing into higher levels of danger farther into the year. You never know when someone wants to hurt you in the real world, so you will be training to know when they will be coming at you in here. Any questions?”

No one raised their hands so Teddy just nodded and turned his back to us, walking back to his desk. Suddenly his wand slashed through the air, and with about a two millisecond delay, I took a rolling dive out of my chair, and shot an expelliarmus curse at Teddy. My chair spontaneously combusted at that moment as well. I caught his wand, and stood up, throwing his wand back to him.

“Not fast enough, Professor. And by the way, what would have happened if I was still sitting in my chair? I thought you said these would be simple and nondangerous curses?”

“Of course they are. The flames wouldn’t have hurt you, you would have just fallen on your butt on the floor!” He responded with a smirk before continuing with the lesson.

So I hope you all like the story so far! I was going to bring most of this stuff up a little later, but a lot of you think that Skyler is too perfect. I just wanted to show early that she isn’t, and things get a little bit more messed up as things go along. Also, with all of her skills, you have to take into consideration that she works hard for these things. She doesn’t just go out suddenly and is great at things, she works hard for them. Also, for those of you who think that she should be socially awkward, think of everything that you would have to do as a secret agent. Just because she never went to school, doesn’t mean she isn’t around people all the time!

Love you all and thanks for reading and reviewing!



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