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I woke early from Remus poring ice water all over my bed.

"REMUS LUPIN YOU BASTERD" I screamed quickley changing into a black flowing no sleeve shirt and a pink flowing skirt. I quickly grabed a pair of black shoes and my fav.Green bag. After I looked in the miror to make sure my hair dident look to to bad and I stormed down stairs.

When I walked into the kitchen there was Hagrid, Professer Snape for some reason , my father and Remus sitting there. When I saw Remus I stormed up to hm and smacked him hard accross the face and yelled "DONT YOU EVER DO THAT AGAN OF I WILL FREAKING KILL YOU AND I AM TALKING THE HOLE AVADA KADAVARA YOUR ASS IN YOUR SLEEP KINDA THING."

After my little outburst I sat down my eyes fumming with anger. It was so silent that you could here a pin drop when.


Starttled by the noice I got up and startted to run up stairs with everyone tralling behind me. I opened my door to see a house elf I had known as Kretcher. I walked into my room closing my door and locking it behind me.

"Kretcher...What are you doing here?"

I asked then looked in her hands where my now broken jewlery box that I got from my mom when I was born. When I looked back to the creepy things eyes he droped the box hard on the floor behind him. I walked over and puched him out of the way and picked up my old box. I turned back to him.

"You got five seconds before I kill you 5....." He startted to run."4.....3.....2.....1." I ran out the now unlocked door and chased him puching past the adults at my door.

When he got to the main door he apperated.

I looked around my eyes bloodshot from all of the tears exscaping my eyes as I slid down to the floor still holding my jewlery box. my father came over and nelt down and attempted fixing my box but it diddent work. He looked and me and helped me up.

"Go up stairs and change and make sure you have everything packed...Hagrid is going to take you to platform 9 3/4."I nodded and walked up stairs to change.

When I got back down stairs I was wearing agreen and black stripe shirt and a black half jacket a pair of light blue pance and light, light brown knee lenth boots and my tears were cleand off of my face.

After I hugged my father I left with Hagrid for the train.

When I got to the stachen Hagrid left me to wonder when I saw a fermiluler group of red heads. so I crept up behind them and I saw one that I recinized and fred one of the weazley twins. I grabed him by the sholders and screemed

"I LIKE PICKLES." I then ran towards the wall laughing.

I emerged onto the platform with two minutes to spair so I hurried onto the trainand found a comartment as the train started to move.

I went to take out my gutare when the compartment door slid open.

"Um do you mint everywhere else is full." I nodded as the girl walked in not really wating for my answer. When I finally got my gutar down and sat down the girl spoke.

"Hello Velvit James the name and I'm in Hufflpuff 6th year and you are."

 I looked at her. "Melody Luping Gryfindor 4th year."I told her "Lupin, hey we use to have a professer with the last name Lupin, Remus Lupin I thing his name was"

"Ya that WAS my father."

"Was?" she asked me conffused.

"Ya I ran away in my first year because h dident want me to go to Hogwarts."

"So where are you staying?"

"With my addoption father but I only get to see him like every sunday in and out of Hogwarts."

"So he works at Hogwarts?"

"Wow you ask a lot of questions, and yes but-." I couldent finnish my sentence because the compartment door opened.

The same girl that called me a midget in Diagon Ally came into the compartmentand startted freaking out.

"Velvit! I'm going to die?" Velvit turnd to me

"Sorry about that this is Solstice...She's CRAZY."


 "See crazy?"

"Oh ya I see." With that I picked up my gutare andstartted to play and sing a song that I was trying to compleate that I found in a box in my bacement.

When I was in the middle the damd door opened again and Fred and his twin george walked in

"Um is Solstice in here?" Greoge asked.

Velvit replyed with a sarcastic "No. Dose it look like she's in here?

Fred and George started to leave. Fred turnd to say thankyou to Velvit when light blue met Hunny brown. (MY eyes are blue Freds are brown). He told his twin that he would catch up and he sat beside Velvit.

I eyed Velvit to please leave. I think Fred saw because he turnd a light shade of pink and eyed Velvit until she got uncomfterble and left Fred and I alone.

I picked up my gutare and started to play wile quietly singing under my breath.

"So your the one who likes pickles."

I laughed. He made me put away my gutare so we could get to know each other. I told him that I loved to prank prople and with than we some how become firends.

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