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Chapter IV ~Questioning Draco~
s Harry and Professor McGonagall walked down the street, on the way to Draco's house, there was a drunk driver......driving! The car was swaying back and forth, it was headed straight for Professor McGonagall, Harry ran towards the car, picked it up, and threw it across town. Professor McGonagall, stared at Harry, she was very surprised that he could lift such a heavy thing. Then Harry lost interest in Professor McGonagall's staring, and saw who had been drinkin' and drivin', it was Draco. "Draco?" Harry said. "What?" Draco replied, and then fell to the ground. "I have some questions for you!" Harry said! But Draco seemed as if he was half dead, so Harry took Draco back to his (Draco's) house, to rest. After Draco was "okay", Harry started asking Draco questions. Professor McGonagall, had left quite a while ago, or so Harry thought! She had transformed into a cat, and was watching Harry. "Draco, where were you last night?" Right then Professor McGonagall new Harry had been questioning her last night. She was mad, and wanted to "bust" him! "At the movies." said Draco. "Did you like the movie?" Harry asked. "No, not really, there were these two people a few of rows behind me. Who would NOT, STOP, TALKING!" said Draco. "Oh." Harry said with a sort of giggle, knowing it was Hermione, and himself. "I was about to strangle them, or kidnap them and murder them!" Harry gulped. "Why did you just gulp?" Draco asked. "I was just swallowing!" Harry lied. "Well, I gotta go question some one else now!" "WHAT?" Draco yelled. "You thought I.........did something to........Hermione?" Harry's jaw dropped in disbelief that Draco had actually guessed that he had really questioned him, because Harry thought Draco kidnapped Hermione! Harry ran out the door, as fast as he could!! The cat (well, Professor McGonagall, in deskies,) fallowed him outside. "Feush!" Harry said as he wiped his sweaty forehead. Professor McGonagall (as the cat), was watching Harry around the corner, and then went next to Harry, closed her eye to think for a moment, and this is what she planned: Okay, I am right in front of Harry, he is most likely looking at me, but he will see me when I transform back into Professor McGonagall, and say: "BUSTED!" Then she opened her eyes, transformed into her normal human self, and said: "BUSTE............." "Professor McGonagall, what are you doing?" asked Snape, Harry was not around. "I, don't, know." she replied. Snape rolled his eyes at her, and then they both went their separate ways. After Professor McGonagall went around the corner, she started running away, she was SO embarrassed!! As soon as Snape went around the corner, he transformed back into Harry. "Oo-oo-OOO!!! I love my powers." Harry said with a gigantical smile. Then as he walked, he thought; Okay, next, Draco's Father. I wonder what he'll say. I hope I don't screw anything up, and never ever see Hermione again. Harry was scaring himself!! So, to take his mind off of his scary thoughts, he decided to sing Jingle Bells.

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