Introducing Skylar Anderson



Hi. So, as you can tell, I’m introducing an entirely new character here so I thought you should have some insight on her previous life as this story starts in year six of Hogwarts.


 Skylar is a muggle-born witch. When she got her letter her parents thought it was a prank. Professor McGonagall soon came and sorted that out. She escorted Skylar and her parents to diagon alley and they had some money from Gringotts at hand. When Skylar was getting her robes she ran into no other than Draco Malfoy. He talked to her for a little bit before finding out she was a muggle-born. He then left.


 When Skylar first got to the train station, she met a girl called Vicky Belfast. They became friends and were soon looking for sets on the train. This is when they happened to end up sitting in the same carriage as Harry and Ron. The four of them soon became friends and met Hermione later.


 Skylar was sorted into Gryffindor House alongside her friends. She continued from then on to help Harry and participated in most of his adventures.


 We are now going to skip a few years to reach third year at Hogwarts. In this year Skylar’s parents were killed mid-term. As she had no family left in the world, the weasleys offered to take her in as she was close with Ron and was becoming closer with Ginny. She also enjoyed staying with Hermione on the odd occasion as they had previously lived fairly close.


 In Fourth year, Skylar and Vicky were two of the few people who believed Harry had not put his name in the cup. They helped him with the tasks alongside Ron and Hermione. At the Yule Ball, Skylar and Ron went as friends and so did Vicky and Harry. I’m going to quickly cut into a scene so that you can see what the night was like.




Skylar’s POV:


 Ron had just gone over to get some punch when I heard someone whispering my name. I turned to see none other than Draco Malfoy beckoning for me to come with him. Reluctantly, I followed.


 Once I was outside of the great hall he grabbed my arm and started pulling me down a corridor.


I stopped him halfway, “Get off me, Draco! What the hell do you want?”


He looked stonily at me, “We need to talk.”


 “Really,” I said folding my arms, “Or is this simply another chance for you to call me, and I quote, a ‘filthy mudblood’?”


He took a deep breath, “Look, I’m sorry, okay? I should never have said that, I was being stupid. I’m really sorry”


I stood there, too shocked to even breath for a few moments. Had Draco Malfoy just apologised?


 After a few moments of silence, he grabbed me again and pulled me into an empty classroom.


 “Look,” he said, “I’m sorry I was so awful to you for the past three years, especially since your parents died in the middle of term last year, but the only reason was that I could never tell you the truth.”


 “And what, may I ask, is the truth?”


 “I like you.” He said, “I do and I like you a lot. I always have. You’re smart, funny, sweet and extremely brave. I only wish I could say the same about my friends.”


I simply stood there for a moment, my mouth in a perfect ‘O’, “You notice me.” I whispered.


He laughed then, “Notice you? How could I bloody NOT notice you? You’re always saying ‘Hi’ at any given opportunity, I bet your friends think your slightly mad, and, well, who wouldn’t notice you?” I frowned at this, “What I mean is, your beautiful. Everyone thinks so.”


I turned bright red, “Your lying.” I said, “You’ve got to be. This isn’t real. You’re pretending.” I was backing away now. Then I hit the door.


 Draco moved towards me until he was inches from my face. “Does this feel like pretend?” he whispered. Then he kissed me, soft and slow and I enjoyed every second of it. When we broke away, I was too scared to face my feelings so I left.






 After that section of her life Skylar went on to meet Draco occasionally in the room of requirement. During this time, Ginny, Vicky and Hermione found out about what was going on but they told no one. It was a secret from the boys.


 But when fifth year came and Umbridge took over, she stopped seeing him because he actually liked what Umbridge was doing and Skylar did not. When Umbridge left, Skylar thought things would be all right again but Draco had gone back into his shell.

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