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A/N: Okay, so I finished this chapter a few hours after the last and didn't want to be cruel to anyone so I had to post it immediately so no one hated me for the end of the last chapter.


Chapter 20

The End or a New Beginning

Suddenly Harry saw a light at what seemed the end of a tunnel. The light began to get larger and he felt nervous. This isn’t like before. Where is everyone waiting on me? Are they still after the hearts? I hope not. How did this happen? Then Harry began to hear more noise than he remembered from the last time he died.

“Hey kid, what are you waiting on? An invitation? We have some work to do you know.” Sirius said.

“What are we doing this time?” Harry asked, still not understanding what was happening.

James laughed a little farther away. “We don’t know. We just got here. I think stopping all these death eaters is the plan though. Don’t you think you should do your job?”

Harry was completely lost. “But, I died. I can’t go back and fight them now.”

Sirius laughed. “Died? Again? I thought you were alive and well. You should thank your Dad for that stone encasing spell and then get to work.”

Harry shook his head. “I’m not dead?”

“You will be if you don’t start working. We can’t do everything for you.” Sirius said with a smile. “You’ll lose all of that reputation you worked so hard for if we beat you now.”

Harry then realized exactly what happened as he finally let his mind absorb everything. He was trapped in stone. The light and the tunnel were just the spell melting away to release Harry, partially. He was still mostly encased in stone. It was then he smiled at Sirius. “You might want to move over by the aurors.” Then he raised his voice a bit. “Thanks Dad! Glad for your help.” After this he aimed both wands in his hands to away from him as Sirius moved to stand by James. “Reducto!”

Bits of stone exploded around Harry and when the dust cleared Harry moved his neck back and forth a bit then noticed his Mum and smiled. “Good to see you again too. So, back to work?”

Sirius and James walked up next to him as Lily moved to be closer as well. “We’ll take the hundred on the left, you and your Mum take the hundred on the right. Remus and the rest can surely handle the dozen or so in the middle.” James said before he and Sirius apparated to the left of the crowd of death eaters and Harry started sending spells to protect him and his Mum.

“They do have a flair for drama.” Harry said to his Mum. “I bet they waited for that exact moment to announce your arrival.”

Lily laughed as she sent a few spells of her own. “No, it just took us a while. We’ll talk later dear, we should move to the right so the aurors have a clear shot.”

Harry nodded and grabbed her arm and immediately apparated after she sent one last spell. They were opposite Sirius and James and Harry smiled as he saw the death eaters were shocked the two disappeared without a sound. “I love doing that. I have to thank the minister for that again.”

Lily smiled. “It is an amazing trick.” Then her faced hardened. “Let’s get to work now, Harry dear. I hate that these fools are ruining what should be a lovely reunion.”

Harry nodded and his face became serious as well. “You make a very good point. Its time for me to show you what I can do with all my magic in place. Time to get to work.”

Harry got to work immediately stunning as many death eaters as possible before thinking for Jen to hear. How is Rena? Where is she? Harry became nervous without an immediate answer and his spells grew stronger. The giant stunning spells flew from his wand with so much force that the death eaters were flying across the room and smashing into walls and beams. Each second that passed his spells grew stronger. Rena is pissed. She said you saved her life at the cost of two nails. She says you will be cursed as soon as she finishes with the death eaters. Jen thought to him after what he felt was an eternity.

With that known Harry’s tension eased to a normal amount for the situation. His spells flew faster but without the same force, and he would often push his Mum at times he felt that she needed to be somewhere else. Each time he did she just missed being hit with a spell. When it was finally over and Harry was standing by James and Sirius with Lily, she couldn’t figure out how he had done that.

“Normally I would be upset that you are the type of man to push his Mum around.” Lily said with a slight smile. “But seeing as every time you pushed me you saved my life I can’t. I’ll say thank you instead.”

“You’re welcome.” Harry said with a smile. “I figured I owed you for all the spells you sent as I was running out of the temple. I knew Dad and Sirius were waiting to see if something funny happened before I got to the doors, just waiting to laugh. At least my partner saved me.” He added with a laugh, and Lily joined.

“I’ll have you know I sent my fair share of spells.” James said with a huff. “If not for me you’d have died just as you reached the doors.”

“And without mine you’d have died a few seconds before.” Sirius said with a nod and smile as he clapped Harry on the back.

Remus was walking up to Harry as this scene took place. “Harry, who are you… talking……too?” He stopped and stood stunned as he stared at the three Harry was speaking with, which caused his friends and Harry to laugh and Lily to walk to him and pat his shoulder gently.

“He’s talking to his parents and his godfather Remus.” Lily said with a small smile. “Though after all you’ve done for him, I feel you and Sirius should have shared that role. Thank you for taking such good care of him Remus.”

Remus was still shocked. “But, but, but, you’re, you’re”

James laughed and clapped Remus on the back. “Alive and kicking after a little work. We can explain at home.”

“Harry! You broke my nails!” Rena yelled as she stormed over to Harry with her wand drawn. Sirius, James, and Lily were on guard immediately but Harry waved it off.

“I know Rena, but it was an accident. I thought you would stop well short of breaking a nail or ruining your clothes. I couldn’t do anything else to save you.” Harry said calmly.

Rena crossed her arms and huffed. “You will pay for the most expensive manicure there is, because that’s what I had done before you ruined my beautiful nails. Is that clear?”

“Of course Rena, but please take Ginny with you if she wants to go.” Harry said. “I wouldn’t want her to think I was pampering you and not her, now would I?”

Rena laughed at that. “You’re forgiven then.” Then she hugged him. “Thanks for saving me Harry. I owe you one.”

Harry waved the thought away. “You’ve saved me before, just returning the favor. Find Kei and Jen for me, will you? I want you all to meet some people.”

Rena nodded and left as Harry turned to Remus and smiled at him. “They did take their sweet time coming back didn’t they?”

Remus was still shocked to see the three in front of them and nodded. “It’s been years since I’ve seen them.”

Harry nodded. “I know Remus, but they’re here now. Shouldn’t you stop acting like you don’t know how to speak.”

Remus shook his head as if to clear it. “It’s just such a shock. I know you said they were coming, but I really never thought they could do it. I had given up even hoping about it after a while.”

Harry smiled. “They never lied to me Remus.” He said as he put his hand on his shoulder. “Just like you.” Then he looked around. “You’d better start claiming your bounties or else the aurors will take everyone.”

Remus nodded before looking at his friends. “Will you be with Harry later?”

“Where else would we be Remus?” James asked. “We’ve missed enough time with him.”

Remus smiled. “Yes you have. I’ll see you at his home later then.”

James nodded. “Only if we don’t see you first.”

Sirius smiled. “If that happens I hope you’re ready. We’ve missed you Remus. We missed you a lot.”

Remus shook his head. “Maybe I won’t show up.” He laughed. “I’ll see you all later.”

Harry looked around and finally realized the situation. “Much as I want you three to meet my friends here, I think it might be better for you three to go to the manor and wait there. I don’t know how to explain all this just yet, and we might have to talk to the Minister about it all.”

Sirius nodded. “After going to the cemetery. I need to pick something up from what you say.”

“I think I do too.” James said with a mischievous look in his eyes as he turned to Sirius. “Bet I get mine first.”

“You’re on.” Sirius said and they both apparated, leaving Harry and Lily laughing.

Lily shook her head. “Those two will never stop being children, I swear it.” Then she smiled at Harry warmly. “I’ll see you back at home dear.”

Harry nodded. “Bye Mum. I love you.”

Lily’s smile grew. “I love you too Harry.” She said before apparating.

Harry shrugged off who he wanted the other three to meet when they finally came up and said it would have to wait. They finished up their work of getting all the death eaters out of the building and into cells with no wands. Then they finished up their reports and headed back to the manor. Harry smiled when he heard three men talking loudly in the dining room.

“Would you guys like to meet a few people?” Harry said.

“Who are we meeting?” Jen asked.

“A few people who’ve saved my life repeatedly.” Harry said as he walked into the dining room with his friends behind him. “Kei, Jen, Rena, I’d like you to meet my parents and Sirius Black.”

Kei, Jen, and Rena stood shocked as they saw the three sitting and happily talking with Remus. Harry laughed at the three as Lily stood up. “It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. I know who you all are as Harry told us about you and described you all perfectly.” She walked to Kei and Jen and put a hand on each of their shoulders. “I know it must be late, but I have to ask you to bring your brothers and sister here as soon as possible.” Kei and Jen looked confused and she sighed. “I have something all five of you must hear, but I must tell you all. I promised.”

Harry nodded to Kei and Jen. “Do it please. It must be important if she’s asking.” Then he turned to Rena. “Please check on Gin and bring her here if she’s willing to come. Keep this a surprise though please.” Rena nodded. “And wake my git of a best mate and get him to get Hermione out of the library and over here as well.” Rena laughed and nodded again before she apparated.

“Planning a lot of introductions are you?” Sirius said with a grin.

“Of course, but its easier to introduce the younger people before the older ones. I think I’d be here a week waiting on everyone if they act like Remus did.” Harry said.

James laughed. “I believe you are right.” He looked at Remus. “By the way, why a bounty hunter and not an auror? You’d be a good auror, and I wouldn’t have to worry about Lily if she had to go in the field and had you as backup.”

Remus laughed. “Tonks would be just as good, if not better. She trained Harry, Kei, Jen, and Rena up to be the best team there is.”

James’ chest swelled with pride. “Remus, that is because my son is a part of that team. That easily sets them at the ninety nine meter mark in a hundred meter race.”

Remus laughed. “That is true, but all four of them are spectacular James. You have to see them work as a team. They remind me of ourselves when we were all together.”

“I’m so glad.” Lily said with a sigh of relief. “That means he’ll always be safe.”

“He wasn’t once.” Kei said as he walked into the kitchen with Ryo and Takeshi. “I let him down once. I just didn’t know then.”

Harry’s head fell as he shook it. “I told you before. That wasn’t because of you. Truth is that Voldemort acted unlike himself. He stopped acting superior and it cost me.” Harry looked at Kei with a grin then. “It cost him so much more though.”

Kei smiled. “I’m glad for that.” Then he turned to Lily. “These are my little brothers.”

Lily smiled. “Ryo and Takeshi right?” They both nodded and looked at her curiously. Lily went over to them and kissed each one of them on the side of their foreheads. “That was from your mother. She wanted you to know that she loves you as much now as she did when alive. She promises that she’ll meet you all when it is your time, and begs you all not to rush to them. Your father said he is glad to see you all becoming such great men.” She looked at Takeshi. “He said you asked him for forgiveness once, but you shouldn’t have. Everything you did that day was protect yourself, your brother, and as many children as you could. There is no shame in that to be forgiven. He said he is proud of how strong you have become and how far he believes you will go.”

Takeshi smiled as tears began to roll down his cheek. “How do you know that?”

Lily smiled. “He told me when he was helping us to get to the items that brought us back.”

“She is Harry’s mother Takeshi. You should listen to her, as you would Harry. She would not lie, especially not for something as serious as this.” Kei said.

Takeshi continued to smile as tears fell from his eyes easily. “Thank you Mrs. Potter. Is he happy?”

Lily looked at him with sadness in her smile. “He is happy in the way James and I were happy. He is happy you three have a long life ahead of you, that you can go so much further than he managed to see, and that he is not separated from his wife, but he is sad that he can’t be here to watch over you anymore. It is hard for a parent to leave a child, especially a young one, because they feel like they left before they could prepare you for the world outside of their protection. It makes your parents very happy to see the new family you have formed in their absence though. They don’t worry so much now as they know you will always be safe and have a place to call home with those around you.”

Takeshi nodded slowly. “I will wait to join them. I learned from Harry, Kei, and father how to be strong. I will protect myself so he doesn’t have to worry that he didn’t protect me enough.”

Lily placed a hand on his cheek and smiled brightly. “That is what a parent who leaves hopes for the most, so you will make them even happier that way.” Then she turned to Ryo and put a hand on his shoulder. “Your father says you are the strongest of his sons in a way that not even Kei can match.

“When your family was at its worst two years ago, you brought it back to the best of all times. You saved your older brother, took care of your little brother when Kei couldn’t, and always remembered what it is and means to be family. When Kei couldn’t take what had happened you did, and that is something he is most proud of. Even now he sees that you still look after Takeshi in school since Kei can’t. He wants you to remember that your family is not just the three of you but all the people who live in this house. When they have to fall down like Kei did, you will have to remember that strength and be there for them the same way.”

Ryo bowed to Lily. “I promise I will never let him down.”

Lily nodded. “He knows you won’t. He has faith in you.” Lily went to Kei and hugged him. “Poor boy, I know how much pain you’ve suffered from talking to Harry as well as your parents. Your Mum says thank you for continuing to bring your brothers to see the lights, and honoring her by telling them stories so they know her in some way. Your father wants you to know that you should stop feeling the way you do. He knows you feel you dishonored him many times in the year he died. He says most of your emotional problems were his fault, as he hid from you all that he himself had to see someone after your mother died.

“He felt that if you knew he was weak then that you would all get weaker, but now he realizes that he made you weaker by not admitting that he was. Had you known you might have seen the councilor and made progress the right way. You didn’t dishonor him by not avenging him, he is sad that anyone had to. He is grateful that Harry took your place because he didn’t want you to take a slippery path in the darkness.

“What happened with Harry was an accident, and you cannot be blamed for an accident. Also, no one could have known what would happen with Harry. Even we, the dead and gone, could see no sign of the outcome. When no one can see what will happen, one person can’t take the blame. It was not your fault. Your father says instead of the dishonor you’ve thought you brought, honor is what came to the family name. For many years people will speak the name of Mori with pride and honor because of the shining hero Kei.”

Kei began to cry silently. “Thank you Mrs. Potter. You have no idea what that means to me.”

Lily shook her head. “I do, because your father told me how important it was for all of you to know these things. He also wanted you all to know that if any of you were near as torn as Harry was he would have come himself, but he could see his sons standing bright in the dark and he knew he didn’t have to protect you any longer. When he saw that you could accept what happened to him and still stand tall he knew he did everything he could for you no matter what anyone might think. He told me he could only have been more proud if he could have seen you three fight side by side himself, instead of just in a memory of Harry’s.”

Kei smiled sadly. “I would have felt a lot better if he were there too, but I’m glad he’s happy.” He turned to his brothers. “You can go upstairs and sleep. I’ll take you to school tomorrow. I won’t leave your emotions bare to your schoolmates tonight. Just remember that we have to make sure to keep on making Father proud and Mother happy.”

Ryo nodded. “I will Kei.”

“Me too.” Takeshi said with a nod.

Kei smiled at them. “Good. You know where your rooms are so go ahead and get some sleep you two.”

Ryo nodded and looked at Lily. “Thank you again. Goodnight everyone.”

Takeshi hugged Lily. “Thank you Mrs. Potter.” He pulled away from her and followed Ryo.

Kei waited till they were out of earshot before he turned to Lily again. “You have no idea what it means to me what you’ve said to us three. If you ever need anything I’ll be there.”

Lily smiled and went back to sit by James. “Of that I have no doubt. If you were not an honorable person you’d never have been the friend, then brother, of my son.”

Kei nodded. “Thank you.” He said as he sat near Harry.

“He told you just what you needed to hear all this time, didn’t he?” Harry said.

Kei laughed. “He always could, no matter what the problem. No matter how hurt, in pain, or scared any of us were, Father could always make everything better with a few words or the right training.”

“He is a good man Kei.” James said. “He protected Lily when we were in the second temple. He risked everything to save her. I owe Setsuna my world, and that is something I can never pay back.”

Kei smiled again. “I’m glad he is still the man he was here. That gives me even more reason to drive myself to be better. I have to show him I earned the right to use the sword of our family, and didn’t just take it because he couldn’t keep it anymore.”

“I’m sure you already have by the way he speaks of you.” Sirius said. “I’ve never seen a more proud parent in my life, save James.” Then he smiled. “You have to expect that though. Your father doesn’t have half the over inflated ego of that one.” He nodded to James with a laugh. Sirius was surprised when Kei spoke next.

Kei shook his head. “You are wrong. For having a son like Harry he deserves more pride than any other in existence. If not for Harry every one of the people we care about would have fallen apart. Even Rena’s parents are only alive because of Harry’s quick thinking. Me and my brothers are only able to stay together and keep what was my parents’ with his help. Jen’s sister would have had to go back to America because no one would hire her, and then Jen would have no family here. Jen herself might not have survived through her parents’ death without Harry. All the Weasleys are safe because of him as well as Remus getting a second chance at a happy life. Your very own cousin is happy because of Harry’s actions.

“That doesn’t even mention that the world itself is only safe because of Harry and his sacrifice.” Kei continued. “To say a person has an over inflated ego for being his friend can’t even be true. For one of the people responsible for bringing him into this world I would say there is no other way than for a person to burst with pride. I, myself, have nearly the same pride just because he came to trust me so much as to call me brother.”

Sirius was speechless at the statement. “Kei, you are a most wonderful man.” Lily said. “I am proud my son knows you.”

“Me too.” Harry said with a smile. “He is one of the best brothers you could have, and the rest of the best are mine as well.”

Remus laughed and nodded. “I would say you are right. The boys and the Weasleys are the best family you could have Harry.”

“Hello Harry. Who are your friends?” Anna said as she walked in and sat at the table with Jen.

“Anna, these are my parents, Lily and James, and my godfather Sirius Black.” Harry said as he pointed to those he introduced. “Guys, this is Anna, Jen’s sister.”

Lily nodded. “It’s an honor to meet you both. I have a message from your parents.” She said as she leaned forward and looked Anna in the eye. “Your Mum and Dad want you to know they are proud of you, and they’re very happy you chose to stay close to your sister. They are also happy that you two haven’t changed a bit from who you are.” Then she looked met Jen’s eye. “They are happy you managed to go back to school when they died. As Kei’s parents’ said they would have come back but they worried they’d hurt you both worse. They said as much as they told you both to be careful they rarely were and if they were to come back there was a chance they might die quickly, and they worried you would blame yourself because you’d feel they were helping you in your job. They both know you wouldn’t survive that kind of sadness. You or your sister. But they promise that when your time comes they will wait for you as we were waiting on Harry.”

Jen smiled. “Then they’re happy and safe? Harry said what he was doing was dangerous.”

James nodded. “It was. We never realized how hard it would be without Harry till we were there. If not for your parents and Setsuna we might have disappeared. In return we made sure everyone got back safely before we got back in our bodies. That’s why Lily has the messages. They asked us to pass them on to you all and we couldn’t do enough to thank them.”

“Is that what took you all so long to get here?” Harry asked curiously.

Sirius snorted. “No, we had to wait on Godric and that bloody snake of an old man to figure out how to throw my body out of the veil of death so I had a body to wrap the cord around. It took them forever to do it too.”

Lily smiled. “Also, James and Sirius took longer learning how to do what you did than you and I. In that we learned you get your willpower from me Harry dear.”

Harry laughed. “So I got your eyes and your willpower.”

“And her compassion.” Remus said. “Your father was never a very forgiving person.”

“I forgave you for lying to me for two years.” James said indignantly.

“After pranking me for a month.” Remus said seriously, though he was smiling. “You never even paid attention to the fact that Dumbledore said I had to tell everyone, even you and Sirius, the same lie so I could go to Hogwarts.”

“That should never keep the truth from a true friend, Dumbledore or no.” James said, before he grinned. “That was a fun month too. You never saw the pranks coming.”

“Speaking of the past, where is the rat?” Sirius said with his face showing his anger.

“Peter Pettigrew?” Harry asked his friends.

“Dead by the cutting curse you gave him at the last battle.” Jen said. “It was in the prophet for days since no one really believed the Minister that Sirius wasn’t lying until then.”

“Fudge finally admitted he was wrong?” James said. “I’m amazed.”

Harry sighed. “Did you forget I told you Fudge was kicked out of office? Rufus Scrimgeour is the Minister now. Bloody good one if you ask me too.”

James shook his head. “I did forget that.”

They talked like this a while longer before they heard Ron grumbling about being woken up and Ginny and Hermione talking about having important business the next day. Harry couldn’t help but laugh as he heard all of that and began smiling as they walked into the kitchen and Ginny came into view.

“Mum, Dad, I would like you to meet my fiancée Ginny.” Harry said as he motioned his hand toward her. “Ginny I would like you to meet my parents. You already no Sirius though, so no introductions needed there.”

Ginny stared at Lily and James in shock as Lily and James walked over and hugged her. “Welcome to our family Ginny.” Lily said.

“If you are anything like my darling wife Harry is lucky to have you.” James said and smiled at her.

“She is very much like Mum, and I am luckier than you can imagine she’s willing to deal with me being very much like you.” Harry said with a laugh.

Ginny nodded to all this dumbly before she finally found her voice. “I’m pleased to meet you. Sorry for the shock but, I mean Harry said you were coming, its just that I couldn’t, after all Harry was the only one who ever, well now there’s you three, but before, I mean,” Ginny sighed. “Never mind.”

James laughed. “You couldn’t imagine anyone but Harry managing to come back.” He said. “We can understand that. After all the time it took I’m surprised we managed it myself.”

“How long did it take you to learn to affect the living world?” Harry said curiously.

“It took me fifteen years.” Lily said. “You know how time is there. That wasn’t much fun.”

Harry smiled. “And you two?” He said to Sirius and James. They mumbled something and Harry looked curious. “What was that?”

“Thirty five years.” They whispered in unison.

“What? I didn’t quite hear that.” Harry said with a smile, enjoying teasing them after so long.

“Thirty five years, all right?” James said as he looked Harry in the eye.

Harry laughed. “I can’t believe it! Thirty five years!” He said. Then he looked at his Mum with a smile. “I would have thought seventy easy.”

Lily and Remus laughed as they saw what he was doing. “I am quite surprised myself Harry. I thought they were going for a century of learning.” Lily said. “I thought that even with them having constant training they wouldn’t drop below the eighties.”

Harry laughed a moment then suddenly stopped. “I just realized it. I finally got my perfect life.”

“What do you mean Harry?” Ginny said, with a slightly pained look in her eye, which Harry noticed.

“This isn’t to do with you at all Gin.” Harry said. “All my life I wanted my parents, later Sirius as well, a woman who I loved more than anything, and a huge family all around me.” His smiled brightened then. “I just got everything I ever wished for. It’s like all the horrible birthdays with no cake to wish on finally decided I could have all my wishes.”

“A better wish I could never imagine.” Remus said.

“Me either.” Harry said as he leaned back in his chair with the largest, brightest smile he ever had. “After all the trouble, all the darkness, all the pain, I can’t imagine a minute of it not being worth it now. I don’t have the weight of the world on me, no Voldemort hunting me, I have a wonderful family, my parents, my godfather, and very soon a beautiful redhead, who has yet to make her way to me tonight, is going to truly make me the happiest man in the world and become my wife. There is no past after tonight. Tonight shows me that finally, life is perfect.”



A/N: Okay, This chapter may be pretty much fluff but its needed. I couldn't figure out a way to bring back every single person who died, and knew there had to be a reason for the others not to try at least. So now the answers are explained. There will be more questions and answers in the next chapter of course, because I didn't answer all the questions. The rest just didn't fit with this chapter, and it was already over 5000 words. I hope you like it and, as always, reviews are well appreciated. 

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