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Disclaimer: Well you know... JK Rowling owns the recognisable stuff. I own the OCs and plot and craziness.



---Chapter 11 – Of Unfinished Business and Truces---

Should I feel guilty?

But then again, there was no reason for me to feel guilty. It’s not as if Justin and I are officially dating or anything. So we snog on occasion and sometimes I like cuddling next to him, especially when it gets cold at night. He’s also kind of funny—in that not meaning to be kind of way. He is really sweet and is always a gentleman around me… and he doesn’t flirt with other girls… 

Oh good Merlin, did I manage to get a boyfriend without me even realising it?

Fuck, that would happen to me though, wouldn’t it? 

I, Keegan Riddell, have the uncanny ability to inadvertently ruin my own love life almost every single time. Mostly due to complete obliviousness and naivety. I mean Miranda was right I wasn’t the type of girl to just go frolicking from one guy to another—not really because of any moral obligation, mind you, but more of the fact that I just wouldn’t know how to do that. Even Barbie Bitch was right. I was a tomboy and I wasn’t used to guys… being… sexually attracted to me… 

Oh God… 

I cannot believe I’ve managed to get a boyfriend and not know it, and then nearly cheat on said apparent boyfriend with childhood friend turned evil Quidditch enemy turn whatever the hell Oliver is now. 

ARGH! How did this happen?

No, more importantly, what the fuck do I do now!

I’ve never had a boyfriend before!


Adam doesn’t count. We were thirteen and the extent of our physical relationship was handholding and we flipping broke up because I hit Adam with a Bludger and his ‘man-ego’ got bruised. So really, Universe, what do I do now

But then again, there’s nothing to do… nothing happened. 

Nothing happened…

Why does that realisation leave me feeling a tad bit disappointed? It’s not like I wanted to kiss Oliver! Eww… that’d be… totally… not sexy and hot…

“W-Wood, what are you… doing?” I breathed.


To be honest, I had no idea how I was able to say anything at this point. I thought the tension building up in the pit of my stomach would have rendered me completely incapable of speech but surprisingly some part of my brain still works.


Merlin knows my body seems to be doing the rest of the thinking.

“Shh…” Oliver said as he moved in to rest his forehead against mine. The feel of his hot skin on mine made me tingle all over, sending shivers down my spine and making me instinctively move closer to Oliver.


This was ultimately a bad idea as Oliver was topless and my skimpy pirate outfit did little to cover me up as well. I could feel every contour of his body, the feel of his abs, the proximity of our bodies and the unbelievable heat that was radiating between us.


His arms wrapped themselves around me and as if we couldn’t get any closer, we did. I could hear his heart beating… Hell, I could feel his heart beating. It was thumping rapidly against my chest and for some inexplicable reason that was extraordinarily arousing. It was taking more self-control than I thought I even had to stop myself from tearing off his clothes.


I have never felt this attracted to Oliver before. Sure, I’ve noticed he was a good-looking bloke, but… but since we started at Hogwarts I’ve refused to even look at him in that way again and back then, it had been a completely innocent crush. Now, now that we’re older, I seem to be noticing a whole lot more—like how much taller he was than me or how his body seemed completely indestructible or the stubble lining his face.


This was not eleven-year-old Oliver Wood anymore, that’s for sure.


Oliver was a man now.


Yet all of the reasons why eleven-old-me had developed a crush on him were still there and it seemed that tonight all he wanted to do was remind me of every single one of those reasons. Reminding me of the splatter of tiny little freckles on his nose from being out in the sun all his life, of how his dark brown hair flopped over his eyes sometimes—like tonight—or the small scar on his left eye from saving me from a neighbour’s mad dog when we were seven. Or how his bottom lip looks so damn delectable…

Okay I didn’t think about that at eleven but I was sure as hell thinking about it now… 

Our lips hovered just mere centimetres from each other—yet there felt like a barrier between us, a barrier I wanted to pummel through. At this point in time, I could care less about the repercussions of kissing him. All I wanted was to feel Oliver’s lips on mine. I needed to taste him… I don’t think my self-control can hold any longer!

“Oliver,” I managed to say, my voice barely above a whisper. It was pathetic how even I could hear the desperation in my voice. I just hoped he wanted this just as much as I did.

I watched as his eyes scanned my face. There was something in them, something that reflected my own feelings, a hunger. A hunger we both knew we were going to regret feeling the next day but that didn’t stop his eyes from trailing down my face to my lips then to my neck…

“I… I don’t know what I’m doing,” he said, his voice low and hoarse. The sound vibrated between us and I knew I was done for.


Screw it all, I needed him and judging by the way he was looking at me, he needed me too.

And that’s when Miranda ruined everything… I mean… saved me.


Fuck. I can’t think of Oliver like that. There’s too much history between us, too much baggage, baggage I refuse to open. 

Plus I like Justin…


I know I lied before but I think I genuinely care about him now. He makes me happy, you know? He’s a bit different from the boys I hang out with, sure. He’s definitely a lot quieter than them; a lot more gentle in demeanour but sometimes gentle is good.


I need to try new things.

Merlin, I make him sound like a bloody product! 

He’s a great guy! 

He is… 

“Keegan? Why are you sitting out here on your own? It’s bloody freezing!” 

I looked up at the sound of my name to stare into the face of the only guy in Hogwarts who I’ve ever dated. 

“Hi Adam,” I smiled. “Just hiding from Miranda. She’s been stalking me all day but I think I’ve managed to get rid of her.”

“Oh, ha, I feel ya,” he laughed, coming to sit down next to me. “To be fair, I’ve been hiding too. I ran into that Potter kid and his two friends so I followed them to Hagrid’s hut for tea.”

I cocked my head to the side curiously.

“Oh, yeah. A bit random but it was nice, he’s a good bloke, big guy…” Adam mused. “Bloody massive guy actually. Real softie though.”

“Kind of like you?” I teased by nudging him in the gut. 

“Shut up, I’m all man and toughness.”

“Yeah, whatever you say,” I chuckled at him. “Anyway, who are you hiding from this time?”

“Oh,” he looked sheepish and raked a hand through his hair. “Well… I might have snogged this girl last night… who had a boyfriend… and… well he wants to kill me so I’ve been hiding.” 

“When have you ever stepped down from a fight?” 

“Yeah, I know but Keegan, I am bloody hanging today,” he groaned. “My head feels like it is being pulverised by a thousand tiny hippogriffs.” 

I started laughing. Adam always had a way of making me forget why I was stressed out or upset, which was why I always loved talking to him. Although, I realised now, I haven’t had that chance lately. It has been hard to have time for everyone this year. I’ve been so caught up in my own life that I think I’ve been neglecting my friends’ lives.

“You were very drunk last night,” I pointed out. “Standard though, huh?”

“Pretty much,” he laughed with me. “You weren’t sober either! Actually from what I’ve heard you got so drunk you nearly ki-“

“Adam!” I scowled warningly, kicking him in the shin. “Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you!” 

“Oh but your life is so much more interesting than mine,” Adam teased. “I mean what’s new about mine? Nothing. I’m hungover. I’m being hunted down by some hot girl’s boyfriend… nothing new, mate. Same old.” 

I chuckled because it was true. Ever since Adam hit sixth year, gained his muscles, grew into his boyish good looks, he has been a force to be reckoned with amongst the ladies. It was quite impressive.  

“Aren’t you tired of one girl after another?” I asked curiously. But as soon as the words left my mouth, I knew the answer. 

“Are you taking the piss, Keegan? Why on Merlin’s beautiful green earth would I be tired of that?” Adam shook his head at me disbelievingly. “Merlin created these beautiful creatures with their soft skin and their supple breasts and… well I’m just appreciating each and every single one of them.” 

He winked and I rolled my eyes.


“So you never want to be in a serious relationship?”

“No! I mean…” Adam mulled this over for a few seconds. “I guess… I’d like to get married some day but only to pass along my seed, you know? Got to have more Adam Nicholsons in the world. Keep this legacy going.” 

“I really don’t think we need more of you in the world,” I sighed. I really don’t. I think if there were more of him, the world would be infested with… breast-shaped buildings and teenage pregnancies. One Adam Nicholson was enough!   

“I’m offended!” Adam pouted at me with his puppy dog eyes. “You dated me once!”  

“We were thirteen,” I told him. “I would’ve dated anyone!” 


“Oh, you know what I mean,” I said, shoving him playfully. “We didn’t really date. Plus you didn’t even really like me… it was just kind of awkward all around.” 

“Are you kidding, Keegan? I had the biggest crush on you for so long!” Adam laughed. “Seriously, since first year, I was like ‘that girl is so awesome!’ If you don’t believe me, ask Elbie and Seamus.” 


“Yeah, of course,” he smiled. “For a long time I thought you were the prettiest girl in school and the fact that you loved Quidditch made you so much cooler. But then you hit me with a Bludger and I realised I was definitely not the guy for you.”

“Why not?” I asked feeling completely elated by this confession. As much as Adam was like family to me now, it is still nice to know that he really did like me back in the day.  

“Because you’re crazy!” he replied. “Seriously, woman. You have this crazy insane temper and I realised I was totally not the guy to be able to handle that.”

I stared at him, not sure whether to hit him or… okay, well I’ll hit him. Stupid git! 

“Oww!” he winced. “See what I mean! Crazy bitch!”

“Prick!” I threw back but we were both laughing. I was glad we had managed to stay friends all these years. 

“Hey but you know who I think is perfect for you?” Adam winked. “Oliver Wood… that guy has a temper just as fiery as you apparently and I hear he’s a hunk!” 

“Adam, I’m dating Justin,” I replied simply, not denying any of that. Oliver was a hot-headed prick and… well there’s no denying that he’s kind of okay-looking.

“Eurgh, Justin,” Adam snorted. “The guy’s a poof! You can do so much better than him, Keegan. I seriously don’t see why you fancy the bloke.”        

“Because he’s nice!” I snapped defensively. “What’s your problem with him anyways?” 

Adam sighed and stood up. “I just think you can do better than him… I know you think he’s nice but if we didn’t work out because I can’t handle your temper… how do you think Justin will handle it? Anyway, it’s freezing, I’m off. See you in the common room.” 

In all honesty, I’m a little bit dumbfounded right now. I sometimes forget how protective Adam really is of the girls and me but even so, I feel like Adam has some deep-rooted hatred towards Justin completely void of me. 

However, now was not the time to figure out Adam (actually I’d probably need a whole year for that). It’s time for me to go have a supremely awkward afternoon. 


“I swear to Dumbledore, Thomas, if you ‘accidentally’ hit me one more time with that broomstick of yours, I’m going to shove it so far up your…”

“All right, guys! How about you go do some laps for a bit!” Oliver quickly interjected, gesturing wildly for the group to escape before I really did some damage to a bunch of second years.

There was a collective chorus of groans but I think the severity of my frown was what was currently fuelling their newfound enthusiasm for laps. I guess maybe a normal girl would feel guilty for scaring a bunch of kids but I could care less about that.


It’s their fault for testing my last bloody nerve! And you know what? You got to grow up some time.

“Honestly Riddell, what the hell do you want to do? Terrify them to death?” Oliver growled, rounding on me as soon as the last person was out of earshot.

“If that means them never coming back again, then yes!” I told him.


I was so extremely frustrated and the anger bubbling inside me was bursting to overflow. I can’t help it that my supposed awkward afternoon turned into more of a ‘kill anyone in sight’ afternoon. And surprisingly, Oliver was not the reason for my anger this time…

“Stop taking out your anger and frustration at Flint on them, they’re just kids!” Oliver lectured me. “Merlin’s sake, Riddell… you’re supposed to be a role model.” 

“Can you just… let me be angry for once?” I snapped. 

It all started when I came down to the Quidditch pitch for the stupid Sunday Quidditch boot camp and Flint cornered me, spouting out all these lies about Lucy. Apparently, Bletchley has been going around the Slytherin common room saying all these perverted things about her. All untrue, I might add! Saying she was a Ravenclaw slut, that she liked it up the… well, stuff in that vicinity of disgusting. 

“I would but you’re kind of scaring away my students,” he retorted. “And I certainly don’t need McGonagall on my arse about proper behaviour just because you let some Slytherin prick get to you.”

“Wouldn’t you? I mean… did you hear the things he said about her? I can’t just let him go around saying that!” 

“I know but letting him get to you is what he wants,” Oliver reasoned with me. “Come on, just get through this session and you can go pick on children all you want, okay?”

I hated it but he made me laugh. Genuinely laugh—the kind that begins in your chest and warms your entire body. 

“So does that mean you’ll play nice?” he asked me. The question sounded all too innocent enough but the way he was looking at me, the way he was moving towards me till I could practically smell the musk of his cologne. All of that made my insides constrict in a rather uncomfortable way.

“I… I… what?” 

“Cat got your tongue, Riddell?” he was teasing. It was as if he knew the effect he was having on my mental capacity right now and he was having way too much fun exploiting it. 

“Wood, you’re in my personal space,” I told him, trying to sound irritated but flashbacks of last night kept me glued to the spot. 

“Really now?” he arched his eyebrow. “So what are you going to do if I move a tad bit closer?” he took a step forward. I didn’t move. “Nothing?”

“You’re pushing it,” I gritted my teeth. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just move away? It was as if he had this magnetic hold on me and that both infuriated and excited me.


Fuck you, hormones! 

“No, love, this is definitely not pushing it yet,” he grinned as if he just won the bloody Wizard Lottery. Oliver took another step forward and leaned in towards me while putting one hand on my waist to keep me there.  

I gulped. Blimey… 

“We have unfinished business, Riddell,” he whispered, his breath tickling the sensitive spot right below my ear. “I just wanted to remind you.”  

Then just as quickly as that happened, Oliver moved backwards, gave me a triumphant grin before strolling away like he owned the place. 

That. Bloody. Git!

I will get him back! I don’t know how but I will… After I quickly demolish all of my hormones because they were going haywire right now.  

Maybe I was over-thinking this whole Oliver Wood hormone-raging attraction thing.


A little over two weeks has passed since that incident at Halloween and the Quidditch Boot Camp and life has gone back to normal for the most part.


I spend most of my free time working in the library anyways, thanks to the obscene amount of homework the professors were giving lately. Apparently November is ‘we hate our students’ month—even us Ravenclaws were stressing balls.


And we don’t stress!


We get our assignments done weeks before they’re due but the amount of work has kept the lot of us stark-raving mad with anxiety. Penny has even begun reciting lecture notes in her sleep and once, I saw Elbie repeatedly slam his head against the wall, a piece of parchment in his hand and a quill in his mouth. Seamus and I stood rooted to the spot at the sight, unsure of what to do but thankfully, Miranda came running to the rescue, grabbing her boyfriend and dragging him back to the library. 

You see, when Ravenclaws stress, we stress. We get whack-job psychotic.

I was no exception to the manic fever infecting the Ravenclaw sixth and seventh years. In fact, I was most definitely adding to the level of stress for the Quidditch team—not that I actually gave a flying hoot about that. In less than a month’s time, we were going to be playing Gryffindor and I’ll be damned if I lost to Wood!


Especially with this bloody bet hanging over my head.


And the closer it got to December, the more pestering I was getting from the boys, the Weasley twins and my boyfriend (oh Merlin, I hated that word…). Justin hated the idea of me being Oliver’s slave; the Weasley twins and the boys though were more than excited.  

I was not. 

In any fricking way. 

… which was why Quidditch trainings have now become like one of those military Muggle boot camps, with the obstacle course and the staff sergeant yelling words of encouragement. Okay, scratch that last part… I was in full on bitch pseudo-fascist mode and I loved it.

“MOVE YOUR FAT ARSE, RICHARDSON!” I yelled at her, watching my team do suicide sprints across the length of the pitch.

“SHUT UP, YOU STUPID BINT!” was the reply I got. 





I smiled at the memory.

So yeah… I might be losing friends… Oh well. I’ll just buy new ones when I’m a super rich Quidditch superstar.

But if my life were a movie montage right now, it would consist of library scenes, quills, parchments, classes and Quidditch. My life was a bloody mess right now and my sanity was on the brinks. 

I looked down at the book in my hands and realised I have actually been sitting here for the past two hours staring at the same page and digesting absolutely nothing of what was written. Frankly, I’ve actually forgotten what I was supposed to be studying for—that just goes to show where my dire lack of sleep and exhaustion has taken me.


I quickly packed up my parchments, books and various other paraphernalia before exiting the library at a surprisingly quick rate. I must be sicker of the library than I had initially thought… humph, that’s a weird feeling.

Making my way silently through the castle, I finally made it back to the Ravenclaw Tower, waiting for the knocker to spout out another riddle at me. 

I am said by one letter. 

I'm spelled with three. 

2 Letters in me. 

I’m double or single, 

Or brown, blue, or green. 

I'm read from both ends, 

And the same the other way. 

What am I?”
I stared blankly at the knocker. My brain completely void of an answer or even an intelligent guess. Oh bollocks! 

“A fucking tired seventh year student who really can’t be arsed right now?” I offered the knocker.

It rattled and the beady bronze eyes of the eagle knocker stared at me disdainfully—if a knocker could do that, which it definitely could.

“Oh screw you! I am not in the mood right now!” 

Silence and just continued disdainful glaring.

“Hey! You’re not out there studying your bum off! All you bloody do all day is irritate children half to death! One day, I swear I’m going to rip off your stupid eagle eyes! Yeah! You watch me! Ever heard of fire? Yeah!”

More silence. 

“I’m going to tell on you, I swear!” 

“Keegan Riddell?”

“WHAT!” I snapped, rounding on the poor fifth year girl standing behind me. She had long white blonde hair and a wistful look in her eyes. Luna Lovegood. 

“Oh I’m sorry, Luna, I’m just a little bit wound up.” 

“Were you yelling at the knocker?” she asked, no hint of mocking or judgement, just general curiosity. 

“Uhh… sort of,” I grinned sheepishly.

She smiled. “Sometimes I talk to objects too.”


“Yeah… they’re… nifty.”

Her smile remained as she walked towards the knocker. The eagle moved its head to look at her.

I am said by one letter. 

I'm spelled with three. 

2 Letters in me. 

I’m double or single, 

Or brown, blue, or green. 

I'm read from both ends, 

And the same the other way. 

What am I?”

Luna thought about it for a second before airily replying, “an eye.” 

An eye?

A bloody eye!

I feigned a smile as Luna walked into the common room but managed to give one last glare to that damned knocker before walking in myself. 

“Merlin, where have you been?” Penny pounced on me as soon as I stepped into the brightly lit common room. A group of sixth years occupied one of the corner tables, avidly studying something or another. Some third, fourth, and fifth years were reading quietly by the sofas, and a pair of first years were playing Wizard Chess. 

The seventh years, however, were sprawled on the carpet in front of the fireplace. Miranda was reading with Elbie lying on her lap while Seamus and Adam were playing some sort of slapping game. Seamus was winning and Adam was sporting a very red cheek. Lucy was nowhere to be found but I assumed she was in our dormitory with her curtains drawn—like she has been for the past two weeks. I hated the hostility between all of us but Lucy, for some inexplicable reason, keeps saying she’s happy with Bletchley even after I tried to tell her about what he was apparently saying in his common room. She insists it's just Flint being a tool.


Whatever, I guess...

“Penny, I’m seriously not in the mood right now,” I told her, pushing past her towards the dormitories. 

“No! You were supposed to be here helping me study for Herbology!” she complained, her voice at banshee-level screeching. I clenched my fists.

“Sorry, I got caught up in the library, tomorrow I’ll help you,” I tried again to be civil, moving towards escape. 

“You said that yesterday! Merlin, Keegan, if you didn’t want to help me then just say so!” she was practically shouting now, definitely reaching banshee-level. 

I clenched my fists tighter. “Penny, back the fuck off.” 

“You should listen to her,” Miranda said, coming to stand in between us. I assume she noticed how close I was to punching Penny in the face—I was damn close. 

“Miranda, this does not concern you,” Penny scowled. “Stop fighting battles that don’t belong to you.” 

“Excuse me?” Miranda spluttered, her face one of shock and anger. “Don’t get on me too. I have nothing to do with this! I’m just trying to help!”

“Pshht… you love a good drama!” 

“Well you love causing a fucking drama!”

“Well you’re a hot-headed drama queen!” 

“You’re a stupid uptight snob!”

“You’re ginger!”

“You have bushy hair!”

“Hey! Hey! What the bloody hell is going on!” I interjected, trying to dissipate the anger brewing in between the two girls. 

“Shut up!” they both yelled in unison, turning their heads to look at me at the same time. The motion was eerie and kind of gave me the creeps. 

“We wouldn’t even be fighting if it weren’t for you!” Penny yelled. 

The whole common room was staring at us now with rapt attention and I could see out of the corner of my eye, Adam, Elbie and Seamus exchanging some Sickles.


What pricks! 

“Yeah! If you’d stop being so bloody selfish and came here on time” Miranda joined in—on the yelling at me bit. 

“Whoa, whoa, what the hell, Miranda?” I frowned at her, now getting seriously angry as well. 

“She’s right, you’re so useless,” Penny spat, pushing me and little did she know, that one action led to the explosion that erupted next—which was me tackling her to the ground and Miranda trying to pry me off, ultimately, leading to me scratching her. Which then led to her kicking me in the shin and Penny tripping Miranda onto the floor. Before I knew it, a full on brawl was occurring inside the common room between my best friends and I. The only thing missing now was… 

“WHAT THE SHIT?” Lucy came sprinting down the corridor from the dormitories and into the common room. “Hey! HEY!”

We ignored her and continued on scratching, slapping, punching, kicking and I’m pretty sure someone was biting me on the arse.   

“OH, FOR THE LOVE OF DUMBLEDORE!” Lucy shouted over the noise. “STOP IT! STOP IT!” 

She made the unfortunate mistake of trying to pry Penny off of me, which like it happened with Miranda, led to her becoming trapped in our circle of fighting and screaming.

It took one small fight to lead to a full-blown scuffle thus it took one small comment to lead to its conclusion.  

“OH MY GOD, PENNY STOP BITING MY ARSE!” Lucy screamed, kicking the Prefect in the gut. 

“She bit you too?” I asked. “She bit me so hard!”

“She bit me too!” Miranda cried out.

The three of us stopped what we were doing and stared at each other before we all erupted into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

“Hey! You kicked me first,” Penny exclaimed, trying to act insulted but soon the laughter that had infected us, infected her too. The four of us were rolling around on the floor, our hands clutching our stomach, unable to control the continuous bubble of laughter. 

“I am so confused right now,” Adam voiced above us. “I didn’t know whether to stop the madness, be aroused or bloody go into hiding!” 

I was turned on,” Elbie smiled, his eyes only on his girlfriend.

“I was… petrified,” Seamus admitted. 

The four of us looked at each other again and another fit of laughter overtook our bodies, and we knew that if we died from laughing at this moment, at least we four died friends again. 


Although, the fight two nights ago ended us all in a truce, a truce where we were not to talk about Lucy, Bletchley, Seamus or anyone in her love life if she should so have another person, it didn’t make us like Bletchley any better. Lucy, smart girl that she was, knew this and kept her time with the git away from her time with us. The boys eventually forgave her as well, coming to a similar truce, but by boys, I only mean Adam and Elbie. Seamus remained impassive throughout any conversation where Lucy was directly involved in and I suppose I was going to have to come to terms with this new dynamic in our group of friends.


For now at least… because there was no way I was going to let Seamus and Lucy not marry each other. I mean it was going to happen. They were perfect. As perfect as Miranda and Elbie are! 

Speaking of couples, Justin has taken a liking to being my seat partner in all of the classes we had together, so that was Potions, Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Potions and Transfiguration were the only two classes I had with only Hufflepuffs so they were fine. He was a smart bloke so he was good company to be with but Defense Against the Dark Arts, I shared that class with all three other houses—including Oliver and the three other male seventh year Gryffindors, and that just made life a whole lot more awkward for me. Justin would sit on one side of me while Lucy shared my other side. Adam and Elbie beside her (Miranda and Seamus didn’t take this class and Penny always sat with Percy in front like the loser that she is). Then Oliver and his three friends sat behind us, with Oliver’s seat directly behind me.


It was awkward. Terribly awkward. 

Today was no exception to the awkwardness. As always I arrived early to the class since it was usually after lunch, with Lucy and Justin in two. We took our respective seats like every other day. Justin snaked his hand around my waist and pulled me into his side, kissing me on the temple. I enjoyed his kisses, they made me feel fuzzy inside but the fuzziness instantly erupted into flaming hot embarrassment when Oliver walked into the classroom at that precise moment.


I don’t know why I was embarrassed though. Justin was my bloody boyfriend.


Oliver was… nothing.


He was one devilishly sexy Quidditch captain that I supremely want to beat—yes, I said devilishly sexy.


He is. He’s just… an imbecile. That’s all. A manipulative little arsehole…   

“Hi Oliver, Jared,” Lucy waved. Jared was Oliver’s closest friend in seventh year but not that close considering Oliver spends most of his time with the Weasley twins and the Quidditch girls. Jared waved back and Oliver nodded politely. They went and took their seats behind us. 

“You ready to become my slave, Riddell?” he suddenly spoke, his voice uncomfortably close to my ear. I could feel his breath tickling the hair at the nape of my neck, making them stand on end. Git!

“Fat chance that happening, Wood,” I responded coldly, trying to make my voice void of any emotion—not that there was much emotion towards Oliver: just hostility and a hormone-raging attraction. No big deal. 

“So arrogant, you are, Riddell,” he laughed. It was obnoxious and smug, and it made my fingers sting to hit him. “You forget how extremely perceptive I am and how well I already know you. After all, I’ve known you since we were kids, I’ve seen all your moves.”

Somehow his use of the word, ‘moves’, seemed a lot more sexual than it should have… wait a second…

He wasn’t trying to rile me up! He was trying to rile Justin up! Seriously, Wood? After weeks of not speaking to me?

“You have nothing on me,” I assured him and simultaneously, assuring my own boyfriend. “You don’t know anything about me.” 

He chuckled softly. “Maybe you’re right, Riddell, but I do know we have unfinished business.” 

Before I could reply and thankfully before anyone could ask what that business was, Professor Lupin walked into the classroom—followed closely by Adam and Elbie—to begin the lesson for today.


I just hoped that Justin forgot about the conversation by the time class finished and I bloody well hope Oliver Wood knows that I was going to kill him!

A/N: This chapter is a bit all over the place, I know. I hope you guys managed to keep track with what was happening, but I really wanted to kind of slow down the story a bit. Also, I really wanted this newfound sexual attraction for Oliver and Keegan to kind of progress, but at a good rate. Ya feeeelz meh?? Haha. 

ANYWAY... WHAT DID YOU THINK?? REVIEWZ MAKE ME HAPPY SO DO IT NOW...  it seriously takes five seconds ;) Haha... but yeah so what do you guys think of Justin? Adam? WHAT ABOUT THE CATFIGHT??? I had a ton of fun writing that part. 

P.S. I will start adding chapter images again to the previous (plus this one) chapters when I have time. Hopefully by this weekend so keep checking back to check out the different characters ;) 


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