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credit to flyaway @ tda for another amazing image!

I think I should make a list of things that I absolutely, completely, inarguably love:


1. Lemon tea when you wake up early in the morning

2. Odd times of the day when you suddenly feel weightless; like everything is going your way

3. When Eilley has her hair down and I have free access to mess with/observe it

4. When Medwin’s emotions go beyond the range of a teaspoon’s (Thank you Aunt Hermione for that analogy)

5. Astronomy class


I guess you could say Astronomy was kind of my thing. It’s really what Eilley and I truly bond over; our fascination with the stars. I just find the fact that these balls of gas millions and millions miles away could be gone, no longer existent, yet still have their light shine through the black mass that is space, to be amazing and so perplexing. I can never fully wrap your mind around something so much bigger than myself.

That’s what usually brings us—Eilley, Medwin, and I—to the Astronomy Tower on clear nights like tonight, with the first signs of Spring showing in the form of warm breezes sending Eilley’s blonde locks into my face. When we’re sweating over our exams and stressing over where our lives are going to lead us after school. Its nights like tonight that I would gladly like to lose myself in the sky, in the constellations, and realize how truly inconsequential I am, yeah? Sometimes I forget what truly matters and then I remember, every time, that I don’t.

“I think that this is what I’m going to miss most about Hogwarts.” Eilley voiced, breaking me out of my stupor. I noticed Medwin start from the other side of the girl between us, obviously surprised by her sudden statement, “Sitting up here, just looking at the stars, with my boys.”

She smirked a bit then and pinched both of our sides, causing me to squirm and laugh quietly.

Merlin, Louis.” Medwin said in a slightly amused tone; he was never more than slightly-anything, “You’re like an overgrown child.”

“Aw,” Eilley cooed, pinching my cheek, “but we wouldn’t have it any other way; now would we, Adler?”

“I guess not.” A small smile appeared on Medwin’s lips then and I made a mental note to congratulate Eilley on this feat later, “Every group of friends needs an immature member.”

Oi! How rude!” I exclaimed, reaching behind Eilley to quickly flick Medwin’s ear.

“We really should’ve had another girl in this group. I cannot talk about anything vaguely sentimental with you two.” Eilley sighed, taking a swig from her butterbeer.

“That’s not true!” I protested, “I am very much in touch with my feelings! It’s Winnie here that seems to be allergic to emotion.”

Eilley rolled her eyes and Medwin flicked my ear in retaliation, causing me to wince.

“Well, since I seem to be the mature adult of our trio then I will breach the subject we’ve been avoiding all year.” Eilley said, never making eye contact with either of us. I anxiously watched her profile, “What are we going to do after graduation?”

Right after she asked I realized how odd it was that we never actually discussed this with each other. I knew that Eilley, one day, would like to write for the Daily Prophet, but I didn’t know if she had contacted them or anything. I also knew that Medwin wanted to go into Healing, but he hadn’t said if he’d gotten into any schools yet.

There was a brief silence, no one really wanting to go first.

“Medwin?” I posed.

“Louis?” He answered.

“Your plans?” I asked, tracing the top of my butterbeer bottle with my finger.

“Uh—well—I got into this good Healing school in Glasgow.” He said and, when no one interrupted, he continued, “So, I think I’ll be going there and then I’ll probably try to get a job at St. Mungo’s or a hospital back home, in Germany.”

“I’m proud of you, Winnie.” I said, giving him a slight punch on the shoulder and he just shrugged as if it wasn’t that big of a deal.

But it was a big deal and I pushed away the small pang of jealousy.

“I’m proud, too.” Eilley said softly, giving his free hand a quick squeeze.

“Well, what about you, Byrne?” Medwin asked, tapping his fingers against his thigh, “What are your big plans?”

“I have an internship at the Daily Prophet.” Eilley announced proudly and I realized that she probably had wanted to tell us this for a while now, “Hopefully an actual job will come out of it. I’ll be living in London and you know what, Med? There aren’t many apparition points between there and Glasgow. So, we can visit each other. You’re not escaping me just yet.”

Medwin softly smiled at her and ruffled her hair gently.

“I would never dream of escaping you, Byrne.” He said in a rare, tender tone and when I saw Eilley’s stunned expression I felt a strange kick-in-the-gut sensation.

“Anyone wondering what little ole Louis is going to do, eh?” I asked, interrupting whatever moment that was happening between the two, “And you two call yourselves my friends!”

“Oh, yes, please enlighten us, Mawn-sur Weasley.” Eilley laughed, turning to face me again.

“Hey, hey, calm down. I’ll tell you.” I winked and tugged on one of her wayward curls, “I’m going to work at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes for a bit under my Uncle George, along with Albus, this summer. Then, after that, who knows? Backpacking across Europe? Wait, that’s more of a Muggle thing, innit? Maybe I’ll go see New York City, perhaps Los Angeles. It’s up to the fates, really.”

“So, basically, you’re saying that you have no plans?” Medwin asked, raising an eyebrow in my direction. I leaned over the banister on the side of the tower before looking back up in the sky and spotting Cygnus, imagining the freckles on Eilley’s shoulders.

“Basically,” I shrugged, “but I’ll be in London so I’ll most likely still be your baggage this time next year.”

“Oh thank Merlin for that.” Eilley laughed and I let the sound roll over me in a wave, “Another year of cleaning up your messes.”

She lightly nudged my shoulder with her own.

“But, realistically, what would you like to do?” Medwin asked, looking almost worried.

“I don’t know.” I murmured, but then continued in a normal tone, “I wish there were more jobs that had to do with Astronomy, oui? I wouldn’t mind spending my days sitting outdoors on nights like this and just studying the sky.”

I looked back up at the stars and scratched the back of my head.

“That probably sounds stupide.” I said, shrugging as I swallowed a mouthful of my butterbeer.

“It’s not.” Eilley said, linking her arm with my own and smiling, “It sounds par-fay.”

“Anyways, you’ll need me around to help with that French of yours.” I said, wincing dramatically at her pronunciation. Eilley punched my shoulder with her free hand playfully.

“And, let me guess, you need me to tell you when you’re acting like a complete arse, right?” She asked.

“Well, of course.” I agreed, lightly tapping my bottle against the stone barrier for emphasis, “We also need Winnie here to keep us on track and out of trouble. Think you can do that, Win?”

“I don’t think so. You two can be overwhelming at the best of times.” Medwin said and when we looked at him confusedly he smiled a bit, “I was joking.”

Mon Dieu! Adler made a joke!” I exclaimed, running a hand through my windswept hair, “Lee! Take note of this. Perhaps write an article on the matter for the Daily Prophet! I don’t think Winnie here has made an honest-to-Merlin joke since we were thirteen. That time in Potions, was it? He called Slughorn a walrus and cracked a smile. It was monumental, it was.”

“Oh, quit it.” Medwin ordered, but I could see the smile that usually shone through his brown eyes.

Eilley suddenly turned and sat with her back against the stone railing. It didn’t take long for me and Medwin to follow her example. She was always sort of our leader when we were all together.

“Quote something for us, Lee.” I breathed, my eyes closed.

‘There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.” She recited from the top of her head, just like usual.

“Who said that?” Medwin asked.

“Lemony Snicket, a Muggle author.” She laughed, nudging her forehead against his shoulder for a second before we all went quiet.

After a few moments of silence and star-gazing I sensed Eilley slump slightly into my side, her head falling onto my shoulder and I abruptly felt content—heureux even—and I realized that this is what I would miss most about Hogwarts as well; these moments of peace.

The thing is, the real world scared me, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it or not and it didn’t matter that I was a Ravenclaw, because  there was one thing I didn’t know, in all my Ravenclaw intelligence, and that was what I was going to do with my life.

Louis Arthur Weasley, son of a curse-breaker and a Tri-Wizard champion, had no clue what he wanted or where to go.


“Wake up, little Veela!” Someone with a deep, London accent yelled from across the room, effectively sending me out of my bed and onto the hard, wooden floor.

Merde!” I swore, rolling onto my stomach. I felt someone softly kick me in the side and I attempted to swat the foot away.

“You all right there?” The same voice asked as I heard Medwin’s familiar humming while he exited the bathroom.

“Morning, Asher. Did he fall out of his bed again?” Medwin asked in a calm voice that made me want to smack him across the face. I was in pain here. This was a sérieux situation.

“Ha, yeah. Nothing new.” Asher laughed before kicking me a bit harder, “Come on, Pretty Boy. You have a date today, remember? In Hogsmeade? We wouldn’t want you to miss it.”

Fermer ta bouche.” I groaned as I remembered the promise I made Amelie.

“What did he say?” Asher asked, sounding confused.

“He said: ‘Shut your mouth’.  He says it all the time.” Medwin informed him. I could hear the rustling of clothes as he put on his ritual jumper, “I’m surprised he hasn’t said it to you before.”

“Me, too.” I yawned, my face pressed to the ground.

“How are you feeling?” Medwin asked with a smile in his voice (although I doubt there was one on his face).

“Oh, Tout simplement genial.” I practically spat.

“English, please.” Asher requested, his voice now sounding farther away.

“Just great.” I clarified sarcastically, rolling onto my back, “Ow, I hurt.”

“I can see that.” Medwin said, “Maybe, if you want sympathy, or someone to dote on you, then you should go find Amelie. I bet she’s waiting eagerly in the common room for you.”

I groaned again.

“Are the French always this dramatic?” A new voice asked in a slight Irish brogue. I lifted my head to see the only non-Weasley redhead in my year, Keefe Connolly, walk out of the bathroom, furiously drying his ginger hair with a towel. I flipped him the bird from my position on the floor which only caused him to laugh loudly, “Isn’t Amelie that fit bird from the year below with the dark hair?”

I let my head fall back onto the ground with a loud thunk.

Oui.” I said.

“Then what’s the problem?” Asher asked as he tried to pat down his curly, sandy blond hair.

“She’s a bit—what’s the word?” I asked, looking towards Medwin.

“Overbearing.” He said in a monotone, searching for his shoes and not looking up.

“Yes, overbearing.” I repeated, “That’s what she is. I can deal with her, but I don’t think I can all day. Besides, I was originally planning on going to Honeyduke’s with Eilley before Amelie asked me to help her with sa français.”

“Wait a minute,” Keefe said, holding his hands out in front of him as if to physically pause this moment before turning abruptly towards Medwin, “Adler, are you going with Byrne to Hogsmeade?”

“Err—no. I’m meeting up with Albus and Scorpius.” Medwin suddenly looked up in my direction and we exchanged a panicked look.

We always went to Hogsmeade with Eilley. If I was busy, then Medwin would. If Medwin was busy, then I would. But we usually spent it together, all three of us, and now Medwin and I made plans without her. It can be assumed that she probably wasn’t happy.

“Merde.” I swore under my breath and got to my feet, hurriedly pulling on a pair of jeans and a random jumper that I found on top of the trunk at the foot of my bed.

“So, does this mean she’s free to—I don’t know—spend the day with this charming redhead I know?” Keefe smirked as he leaned against my bed post.

“Oh, sod off, Connolly.” Medwin said in a vaguely irritated tone as he waited for me at the doorway that led down to the common room, his foot tapping impatiently.

When I finally reached him he gave me a look, right before he turned to run down the stairs, which said quite clearly: ‘We’re screwed.’

Fils de salope.


“It’s not a big deal.” She sighed for what seemed like the fiftieth time. We had finally cornered Eilley in the common room where she was placidly reading an old book on the couch, “I’m perfectly capable of handling a day alone.”

“I can tell it’s a big deal. It’s in the way you’re looking at us.” I said as I pointed at her blue eyes before she swiftly whacked my hand away, “You’re angry.”

“I am not angry.” She denied, crossing her arms.

I opened my mouth to retort when I was suddenly interrupted by a pair of arms snaking their way around my waist.

“Louis, I was looking all over for you!” Amelie playfully scolded in a sugar-coated tone that, I could tell, made Eilley even angrier. I looked towards Medwin, desperate for help.

“I’ll—uh—just talk to Lee and—er— perhaps calm her down?” Medwin suggested, looking almost anxious; his sentences not as articulate as usual. He was sounding a lot like me actually.

“But I am calm!” Eilley exclaimed.

“Shouldn’t we get going, chéri?” Amelie whispered in my ear.

“What did you just call me?” I asked, in a daze from the impact of her breath on my neck and the strangeness of her calling me her darling.

“What did you call him?” Eilley suddenly asked.

“Don’t worry about it, Lee.” I said, placing my hands on her shoulders, “I’ll be back at, like, one. Okay? Then we’ll have lunch in the Great Hall together and it’ll be grand, yeah? So, stay calm. Think calm thoughts. Don’t hate me. Please.”

“And I’ll be back around then, too.” Medwin added, “So, yeah, don’t hate me either.”

“I don’t hate you. I’m not angry,” She then turned to me, “and I am calm!”

“Let’s go, Louis. I want to get a good table at Madame Puddifoot’s.” Amelie whined, her face uncomfortably close to the side of mine.



A/N: So, while the queue was closed I managed to write up to chapter five of this fic! Please review! (I always reply!) Chapter title is a song by the amazing band Life in Film (the song is practically Louis' theme song for the first half of this chapter).

Thank you JRose16, Ms V, and raznilla for reviewing! And thank you Ms V, GinnyPotter25, hogwartsfavoritecoupleh, and silver8 for favoriting!

Here are the translations:

Mawn-sure (Monsieur) - Mister

Stupide - stupid

Par-fay (parfait) - Perfect

Mon Dieu - My God

Merde - shit

Fils de salope - son of a bitch

Serieux - serious

Sauve-moi - save me

The next chapter is called The First Days Of Spring!

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